tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Fine Massage Ch. 5

One Fine Massage Ch. 5


Please see my earlier stories to help make sense of this one.

* * * * *

After I finished my massage session with Lynn, I left her to relax on the massage table, and collect her thoughts.

As I stepped out into the living room, my wife Lee smiled up at me, I saw the look in her eyes, she has obviously heard Lynn in the throes of her orgasm.

Lee is a fine woman, she has always known that I would happily service my female clients in a sensual manner, and had no problems with it. But this was different, this was the first time I had done so in my home office, with her present in the other room!

Usually I would either take an outcall to a home or Hotel, or she would leave on one of her famous shopping trips. She came and hugged me, knowing that I had offered a special moment to another person.

This had been quite a week, first Lee had allowed Carey, my student, to massage her, then service her orally. Then she had allowed him to pleasure her, the kind of sex that one does eagerly, greedily, right in front of me!

She had wanted me to watch, Lee knows me so well, and is very aware of my enjoyment of women.

Lee asked me, "Is Lynn the one?" I told her no, it was just a session. I still had reservations about making love to another woman in front of my wife, even though she had pointedly asked me to. I could not deny her wanting to make love to Carey, he did have that gift with women.

But for me, I just wasn't that eager to go that far with just anyone.

I came home a couple of nights later, Lee told me we would be having company for dinner. "Ohoh", I thought. Then she told me it was Tammy. Tammy is one of our long time friends, we had shared many a meal and good time, never anything out of the ordinary. I thought nothing more of it, and just hit the showers.

Tammy was there when I came out, I said "Hi!", then did a doubletake. She was dressed in a loose button up the front white blouse, and a light blue skirt, her hair was soft and flowing down to her shoulders, she had on that perfect makeup that knowledgeable women wear, the kind that just adds to them, without really being noticeable.

I glanced at her breasts, involuntarily, I could detect the bumps of her nipples in her blouse, it was obvious she was braless.

Now I like that, Lee is well aware of how much I adore a woman who will shamelessly display herself. It is why I became a massage therapist in the first place, it seemed to be a natural way for me to see and touch women in an acceptable environment.

Tammy and Lee and I made the usual small talk, I was taking note of Tammy's legs, when Lee dropped the bomb! One thing about my wife, she will say what pops in her mind, right to the point, no messing around.

"Tammy wants to learn how to give a massage", she said. "Will you be the subject?"

I laughed, "Sure", some things one doesn't need to ask this old man twice, I love massage. In fact, I go once a week or so to my own therapist.

I went into my home office, undressed, and got on the table face down, pulling the drape over my buttocks and lower body. Tammy came in, followed by Lee! Tammy oiled up, started the primary strokes, I was giving her some instruction, when it became obvious that she really didn't need my instruction.

She worked my leg muscles, sweeping strokes, firm then soft, alternating. Then she moved to my back, I soon shut up, curious now to see what she would do. After about 20 minutes, I was in heaven. I heard her say, "Hot in here", then the rustling of cloth, then felt the unmistakable feeling of bare breasts on my buttocks! Her hand slipped up, she let her fingers stroke across my penis, then again, I was starting to sport a nice woodie.

She had me turn over, I got my first clear view, beautiful bare breasts right in my face! She slipped the drape off, exposing my now impressive even to me erection. She ran her hands over my chest, then her fingers encircled my cock. I glanced over at Lee, she was just sitting there, with a huge smile on her face.

Tammy sped up, slowed down, none of this eagerly pumping for orgasm, she knew what she was doing. She would bring me to the edge, pause, let me hang there, begin again before I could come down, finally, finally, she allowed the first spurt, then paused, my cock was rock hard, then she stroked again, just a couple, another spurt, more powerful. Finally a huge orgasm hit me, I shuddered, she paused again, I came again even stronger.

I was almost in shock, here was this lady friend, who we had known for years, naked to the waist with my cock in her hands, doing to me what I had done to so many ladies. She kept firmly grasped, knowing somehow that I don't go overly sensitive after climax like some do. I looked at her, I had blown so hard that there was cum on her face, her hair, all over me. Lee was grinning ear to ear! "Damn!" I thought, that was something!

Tammy stepped back, smiled sweetly, and said, "My turn?"

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