tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Fine Massage Ch. 8

One Fine Massage Ch. 8


I must admit that that was quite a time! Lee and I had received a dual massage from this attractive couple who owned the Motel. It had developed into a wonderful session, there is nothing quite like watching Tom lap at Lee's pussy, while his wife stroked away at my rock hard cock!

Sure, Lee and I had had a few experiences, but this one was right at the top of the list!

After Tom and Kathy left, Lee stretched out on the bed, still nude, to catch a short nap. I got a cold beer, and nursed it a bit, then decided to take a walk around outside. It was getting on towards evening, that time of day on the Oregon Coast when the wind dies down, and the chill comes off the air. The Motel room we had faced to the West, so the setting sun shined right on our front door. I was sitting in a chair outside when it hit me, if I opened the drapes, anyone walking by would have a clear view into the room!

I carefully opened the door, checked on Lee, she was sound asleep. I opened the drapes about a foot, the sunlight hit the bed, so I opened them another couple of feet.

This put the sunlight shining directly on Lee's lower body, I knew that as the sun set, she would shortly appear to be in a spotlight!

I went back outside, quietly closing the door, and checked out the view through the window. WOW! Lee lay there on her right side, knees curled up, her left breast peeked out from under her arm, and her entire fanny and pussy was in clear view.

I then wandered across the lot, and took a seat. I had no idea if anyone would even come by, but just the thought got me hard again.

Soon a young couple drove in, and checked in. In a few minutes, they walked right by our window, but neither one seemed to notice. They went into their room, but in a few seconds the young man emerged, and walked back to their car. He noticed this time! He slowed, then walked on to the car, grabbed a suitcase and walked back by. He stopped, glanced around, and then approached the window. He stood there for a few seconds, drinking in the view, and went on to his room. He must have said something to his wife, because she stepped out, and walked over to our room to take a look.

She got a big grin on her face, obviously she wasn't offended, and went back to their room.

Soon the husband came out, and walked over to take another look. This went on for several minutes, then they went into their room and closed the door.

I got up and walked over, Lee was still lying there, but now she was on her back.

I went in and sat on the bed, she opened her eyes, looked at me, and giggled. "That was fun!", she said. "Let's take a walk", I told her.

Lee threw on that thin pullover, and off down the seawall we went. There were a few people walking along, enjoying the evening, some kids down by the beach were flying some kites in the fading wind, and we were getting noticed!

Of course, Lee's dress was all but transparent if one happened to be standing where the setting sun shone through it. We walked closely to the wall, stopping here and there. I noticed a car with 3 young men in it drive by, they got quite an eyefull, soon they drove back around, and parked across the street, staring at Lee. There was a drinking fountain across the street, so I left Lee by the low seawall, and wandered over. I glanced back at her, to see how much the guys could see. I was almost shocked myself, Lee may as well have been naked! As I walked back towards her, she turned sideways, I could even see the tiny bumps on her nipples!

We ambled slowly back towards the Motel room, and once inside, we literally jumped on each other! We were starting to have FUN, let's face it, at 57, getting my cock up and hard 3 to 4 times a week is doing real well, I had already gotten off once, and here we were, rolling around on the bed, and I could have put a 25 year old to shame!

Lee was on her knees and elbows on the bed as I hammered away like a teenager, she was grunting and we really didn't notice that we were making quite a racket.

Finally we finished up, and we just curled up and snuggled for awhile. Lee started giggling, and told me that now she had a new trick to get me going!

After almost 30 years of faithful marriage, with just one different partner for each of us, here we were acting like kids again, it was wondeful.

"So what do you want to do now", I asked Lee? "Let's go seduce that couple next door!" Lee giggled.

"Yeah, sure!" I thought. Here I am 57 years old, Lee is 46, and even though we are both in darn good shape, just what is the odds that we would have success with a couple that couldn't be more than 30 or so.

Lee read my mind, giggled again, and said, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!" "So just how do you plan on us doing this?" I asked her. "Let's just go knock on their door!" Lee answered.

Well, just damn, this will take courage, but off we went. I grabbed a small cooler and a few more beers, perhaps to help start a conversation. We knocked for awhile, but no answer. So disappointed, we wandered down to the beach. It was still warm, the wind was completely gone, and as we made the turn down to the beach, here sat the young couple on a blanket.

We did the usual "Hi!" "Sure is a nice night", etc, then offered a beer. They readily accepted, and invited us to join them. They introduced themselves as Barry and Janet, and we chatted like the neighbors that I guess we were at the moment. Lee sat opposite Barry, and after awile, I noticed that she pulled her knees up. Now I knew that she was naked as a jaybird under that dress, I saw barry's eyes dart down, take a look, then he looked away. I took the opportunity to check out Janet, she was heavier in the bust than Lee, Medium length dark hair, a tiny bit extra around the waist, wearing a matching yellow haltertop and shorts.

Barry broke the ice by saying with a grin that we had made quite a racket a while ago. Lee giggled some, and parted her knees a bit more. "Damn", she is being blatant, I thought!

Janet realized where Barry's attention was, and they exchanged glances. Then Barry looked at me directly, and said, "Lee is a lovely woman." "So is Janet", I responded. "I hope you won't be offended", Barry said, "But Janet and I had a conversation after we heard you two. We thought perhaps you might like to spend some time with us!" I started laughing, and said "Sure!"

Here we were, planning on seducing them, and they were planning on seducing us!

I reached out to take Janet's hand, and we stood up. "Here", Barry said, fishing in his pocket and tossing me their room key. I reached in my pocket, and handed him ours. "This is going to be different, too", I thought, as we all headed back to the Motel...

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