tagNonHumanOne Fine Mess Ch. 03

One Fine Mess Ch. 03


"What the fuck," Bee shouted, "Does he really think I am going to sit back and let that happen?!? How long will he be gone any fuckin' way?" she asked.

"He didn't say, I just know that there is a very pissed off vamp back there and if she as so much breaks a nail it's all of our asses. Delta one is behind us, and we are approaching the safe house." Alexxus said rather snippily to her. So I was once again being moved to an unknown location, at least this time I knew why...

"So why am I so important?" I asked them.

"Well your gonna have to ask Walter that one he seems to think your some kind of answer to all his life's worries. Personally I think you two are taking it way to fast. I do know that when you met him was not his first time meeting you." Said Bee.

Those last words kept me thinking until we pulled into another underground garage. Three or four other SUVs pulled in behind us. The door was latched into place and I was led into a lighted room just outside the house. Alexxus was barking orders in what sounded like German for the ones that followed us. The others rushed into the house. He then came into the room followed closely by Bee.

"They are going to check the house to make sure that no one has been here ahead of us or is there waiting to ambush." He said.

I nodded in response. Bee came and flopped down on the floor beside me.

"So how does it feel?" she asked.

"How does what feel?" I countered.

"How does it feel to be a vamp?" she asked sounding slightly annoyed. I could tell that she was at least trying to warm up to me.

"It feels great," I said smiling, "I feel better than I have in years."

She grinned, "So have you figured out what I am yet?" she asked.

I looked at her confused. "I thought that you were a vampire." I said with a sideways glance.

"Nope you got it all wrong. Both me and Lexxie-pooh here are were-wolves." She said with a cheerful gleam in her eye.

I blinked, "Really? That's awesome...would you change for me?"

She looked at me as though she was surprised "That's not how I expected you to react but sure if you show me yours I'll show you mine." She said with a real smile.

"I don't know how to change." I said looking down.

She looked at me seriously, "You don't? I would have thought that would one of the first things he taught you." Grumbling she got up and walked over behind me. Placing her hands on my shoulders she said "Think of what your animal is and focus breath deeply, and it should just fall into place."

I tried and to my delight I immediately felt that familiar shrinking sensation. When it was over I looked around to see Bee standing over me looking like she was in love.

"Awwwww, how cute are you," she gushed picking me up, "You're a baby!" I mewed looking up at her. "To get out of that just think about your human form." She told me. I did and changed right back...but I forgot about the naked part. It didn't even seem to faze them but I was embarrassed out of my mind. To my relief Alexxus came to my rescue and threw me his hoody.

"Thanks," I murmured, "Now you show me." She looked at me and with a flash I was looking at the biggest wolf ever. She had to be at least twice the size as a regular wolf. I was amazed. Walking around her a complete 360 degrees looking at her all over I asked, "Can I touch you?" in her response she bowed her head. I walked closer to her and ran my hand through her ultra soft fur. She opened her mouth and yawned and I noticed that she had the biggest teeth...ever! I took an instinctive step back and there was another flash, then a naked Bee. Her nakedness didn't affect her at all. I assumed because she was used to it.

We both looked over to Alexxus, "Why don't you show us yours?" she asked him. He looked at her like she had said for him to cut off his left nut.

"And why may I ask you would I do that?" he said back. Bee walked over to him and grabbed his arm.

"Please Lexxie-pooh just this once???" she said with puppy dog eyes. He sighed deeply and took off his pants. I averted my eyes until I saw the flash. When I looked standing in front of me was a bright white wolf even bigger than Bee.

"Wow, he's beautiful, I said stepping forward. I was going to touch him but I heard a growl. At first I thought that it was coming from Alexxus but when I paid closer attention I saw that it was Bee.

"Look but don't touch Tippi." She said bluntly.

"So I take it that you two are like a couple or something." I said not intimidated in the least.

Alexxus changed back and addressed me. "No, but she is hell bent on winning my heart and will mow down any female that tries to touch me." He said with a twisted grin.

"So how in the hell am I supposed to feed off of you?" I asked seriously. They both just looked at me Bee was about to say something when one of the guards, a Goth who looked no older than 16 came into the room and said several words in German to Alexxus. Alexxus then looked at us, "It is safe to enter." He then led the way with me in between him and Bee. As we entered the house I was surprised by its sheer size.

This one was also mostly black with random splashed of red or white. I wondered around for a bit before they showed me to the master bedroom. This room was fucking huge like for no reason at all. I zipped back and forth around the room looking at all the amazing things in the way for me to break.

When I opened the closet I was extremely happy to find that someone had bought a few clothes that I could wear. I looked over to the gothic guy that had followed me in, "So what are you?" I asked. He looked at me eyebrows up.

"Well that is very simple to answer." He said. With that he let his fangs extend then he flashed into a bat. When he changed back I saw that he was still clothed. I wanted to ask how he managed that but he started to talk before I did. "I am one of the oldest vamps here, apart from your Walter. I am called Ravvi." He said.

That explained a lot. More years more experience more power. "So how old are you guys?" I asked.

He looked at me like he thought I should know ,somehow I could sense that this is the one I should have been getting information from all along. "Both your Mari and I were turned on the same day, I am 453, and he is 459." He said clearly enjoying the shocked look on my face.

"But you don't look any older than 16." I said stupidly.

He just laughed and said, "Well you won't age either." Well that did make sense.

"Well Tippi I'm going to leave you now. Walter would kill me if he knew that I was in his room with you in it. Do us all a favor and put on some clothes. He could come in any minute, get the wrong impression and burn the whole fucking place down." With that he walked out leaving me with a smile on my face. < I do hope he does come home tonight >I thought to myself.

I found the bathroom took a bath then changed into a black silk night gown and slipped into bed. I was awakened by the sound of someone entering the room. When I opened my eyes I was hoping to see Walter but instead was greeted by Alexxus.

"I am here to offer you my vein." He said sitting on the bed and extending his neck. At first I was going to refuse him but then I noticed a new feeling in the back of my brain it was almost as if my brain was pulsing to the beat of his heart. Before I knew it I had flashed forward and latched onto his jugular. He let out a tiny barely audible moan and I quickly let go. He looked at me with dream struck eyes.

"Is that all you need?" he asked me sensing I didn't complete the feeding.

"Yeah that's it." I lied he had to have known I was lying but he just got up and left. After he was gone I couldn't get back to sleep so I just stayed up and waited for Walter to come in. I stayed up for hours and he didn't come in, and eventually in spite of myself I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning I looked around eagerly for Walter, and to my dismay he was no where to be found. I then set out to find the kitchen. This at least I was able to find. My spirits were lifted a little when I saw Ravvi sitting at the extra large table.

"Good morning Tippi." He said not even turning around. "I bet you want to ask me about everything that is going on. And I just want you to know that I was given orders to do so anyway" he finished turning around. I looked at his and nodded. "Very well then from the top, Kasha and Walter are brother and sister by the blood." He paused for my dramatic intake of breath. "Somewhere along the line they just broke apart and stopped talking. That, for whatever reason, turned into the full on hating each other. They then decided that they where enemies and that one of them had to die. They have been fighting tooth and nail ever since then, but their powers are to well matched along with their armies. This battle has raged on for way to many decades. They both began to get desperate and went to a spiritual witch. The woman gave them both the same prophecy. There will be one vampire that will stand above the rest. She will be the only one that can resolve this conflict. She will take no sides unless greatly moved, and neither of you will be able to shake her. Her young beauty will enthrall you both and lead to one of your demise. Both he and Kasha went in search of you and well they clearly found you. I don't think that he expected to be your soul mate though. The old crone left that part out. Now they have dumped you head first into this quarrel, they are fighting over you because your powers are supposed to be the most magnificent that all of us vamps have seen in a very long he time. I personally believe that you won't be killing either one of them you look like the sit down and talk it out type to me." He said with a little frown.

I was slightly brain dead from the knowledge that I had sucked up. Well it was just another thing for me to add to my weird ass shit list. I just sat down and ate an orange while my brain digested what Ravvi told me. At some point he got up and left leaving me alone with my thoughts.

You know really this shouldn't have bothered me much; I was always solving other people's problems. My only issue came when he told me that one of them had to die. The entire rest of the day went oh so slowly. I stayed up in my room for a vast majority of the time. As the hour ticked away I grew more and more wary about Walter's absence finally it was night and Alexxus came up to my room and offered his vein once more.

"Please just feed! Walter will kill me for real if he comes back and you aren't well." He looked at me with pleading eyes. I didn't want to do it but I knew I had to it just felt wrong, but I lifted his head back and landed a strike directly on his jugular. Once again he moaned and I was going to let go but he reached his hand around and held me there. Stubborn as I am, I continued to struggle, but he was too strong and I just had to give in and drink. As I was feeding he started to writhe as though in intense pleasure... or pain. I panicked and withdrew violently.

"I really think that you should go now." I said unable to look at him. He didn't say a word he just got up and staggered out. I flopped back in the bed thinking about how awkward that was when I heard the door open again. I lurched up expecting to see Alexxus slinking back into the room. I blinked a couple of times just to make sure I wasn't seeing things, I wasn't Walter was back!

He stumbled a few times towards me then he fell to the floor. I screamed for help rushing to his side. He had multiple lesions on his side that looked like they were caused by some sort multi-bladed weapon. Two vamps flurried into the room one of them was Ravvi. They instructed me to step back, I didn't know what to expect I just knew that I for damn sure was not going to just step back and watch this happen.

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