tagNonHumanOne Full Moon Ch. 03

One Full Moon Ch. 03


It's time. One's Full Moon shines all over the land. Luna's situation is a small pond near an ocean into which One stone has crashed. What follows is a mere glimpse at those ripples.


It's not his seed. What does that mean, it's not his seed. Of course, it's his seed. It HAS to be his seed, there isn't anyth- "Stop it! Stop it, please! One can fix this! Please stop hurting yourself Luna!" My hands are covered in blood as the demon tries to hold me down. I can see them ripping and tearing their way into my belly. The echo deep inside me is getting colder while a river of fire burns through my guts. The demon keeps shouting at me, the few glances of my vision that cross his face show true fear. Fear for me. 'That's strange. He was so much stronger than me before. Why can't he even hold my hands?' Wherever we are, we need to leave here soon. I can hear a pack of wild hounds snarling as they butcher some prey. They seem to be playing with their food though, it's still shrieking.

~ ~

Stop it. Stop it, stopit stopitstopitstopit! One's power finally returning, One pins Luna's hands above her head, pressing her face to the side as she keeps fighting. 'One has to act quickly. Too much blood. Star's don't have that much blood in them, must heal. Must make her stop!' Seizing her shoulder with One's fangs, Its venom pushes her into the grey quickly. Luna's body finally quiets and stills. The noise the sweetling makes now is worse somehow. One's chest must have been damaged from her struggles, It burns-

"One must keep focused. Tasty is asleep now, must stop the blood." Finally able to survey the damage, One must ignore Its own wounds which ache as One calls on Its power. One's world turns red as Its eyes blaze and whirl. The air thickens, laden with heat and darkness, as One's nightfall gland coagulates for Its purpose. The ambient light seemingly devoured by the pits of Its eyes, the crescendo coalesces with a deep breath. One bends Its face down to the wound on the pretty's stomach, mixing the light and breath and blood, One sighs over the gouges marring her perfect flesh.

Focused more than any time before, One strives to perform without flaw in Its task. Over many long minutes the blood slows and stops, the wound subtly drinking its life back. The mangled chunks of flesh regrouping and joining anew with their siblings and neighbors. One maintains the flow of healing even after the red fades from Its eyes, and past when Its own body begins to shake and shudder and Its vision folds in shapes not meant to be seen. Finally completing Its work, One collapses to the side, making sick as It struggles to breathe once more. Impatient with Its flesh's failing, One places Its ear against the pretty's stomach and doesn't relax until It hears the steady thrumming of life inside.

"If Luna had only listened to One. One explained that It would not fail her. Warriors are silent and sleep now. One will take care of Luna, Luna safe with One," crisis adverted One collects the wrapping cloth and redresses the pretty. Taking care to not disturb her, One rebinds her breasts but something nags at the back of Its head. Taking one into Its hand, One feels the weight and give, then turns Its focus on the rest of her body, "Is Luna ill? Tasty is missing some meat. One will ask after Luna wakes. One's mind just lying to Itself again."

~ ~

~ ~

A man clad in armor so very similar to One's own storms through the hallways. Runes etched into the tile beneath him flare in his wake. Unfamiliar with the location, the man must stop and check the brilliant symbols adorning the walls to orient himself. Finally, coming to the doorway, he strides through past the other vistors, the shining four-sided star lighting the entrance to the infirmary. His rank and more probably the aura of crackling power giving him a wide berth as he searches the rooms. The third ward on the left catching his attention, its signature resonating with his memory.

Entering the healing chamber the man removes his armor. The silver plate cast aside like rubbish as he intrudes on the patient inside. He walks up to a bed and its occupant sits himself up, slowly, gingerly. Getting fully upright on the bed the man holds his head and wavers slightly, "Hey there, bro. How you doing? Heh heh, better than me I hope." The wards in the room ignite at the glut of power and rage given off by the visitor. Reaching through an ocean of pressure the man grabs his brother by the collar of his shirt, not even able to shake him from the defenses in place, "How fucking dare you! Thinking of leaving Sis to my care! I just got back in the regiment, I'm not even through the Rebirthing yet! I live on a fucking bunk and you think its all right to just fucking die and leave me to deal with that shit!"

Not managing more than a light breeze of a shove, the soldier backs away, the wards still burning brightly, but no longer restraining his movements. He paces back and forth in front of his brother. Anger at the Well Mage unabated for his transgression, "I may have earned that, but you got to hear me out, bro." With a snarl the younger man whips around, "Don't try to pull any of that mind shit with me, Brother. I've already read the report. You forget that I've got no qualms using every dirty trick I've learned when doing something that matters."

Staring at the man sitting on the bed, wards shining, the snarling visage breaks as the boy collaspes to his knees, "It- it said... They said you could have died. Th- the report said you've been careless with the Veins. The healer said... he said you almost left us man." The mage pulls himself out of the bed and hugs himself around the smaller man, "God, man no. That's not what happened, you know that's not true. I would never leave you, Brother. I wouldn't do that to you, nor would I hurt Sister like that. You know that, right?"

The solider stays hunched over, great wracking shudders accented by his sobs as his sorrow and what remained of his power bleed from him, "Sshh, its okay. Brother's here for you man." The two just sit together as the strength fails the young man. They sit together and hold tight to one another while the soldier tries to repair the pieces of his soul. Rubbing his brother's back, "I've been talking to the Thoughtdoc. I think we need a change of scenery. You, me and Sis, we should leave this city and head to one of the towns, dirtside. There's a new sect forming in the lowlands and I think this would be a good opporunty for us. No more dangerous work on the Veins for me, and it would get you out of the infantry. You're better than that and you know it. Sis... Sis should be alright too. Maybe some fresh air would help, and the lowlands have more and better healers close by, than up here."

"You mean it, Brother? You'll come to the lowlands with me?" the soldier finally collects himself enough to ask. "Aye, Brudda. Wheel harve areselves a gewd time," they chuckle together, "It was a good plan. I'm sorry I didn't agree to leave sooner. This place is no good for the likes of us. We need to leave this city, where power holds more weight than duty," The two get back to their feet and clasp each other in one last back popping embrace, "Thank you, Brother. Don't ever think about leaving us again." A tighter embrace all the answer either needed.

~ ~

~ ~

One pauses in Its travel, a groan from Its precious cargo drawing One's attention. Luna has slept this long day after her... incident. One hasn't wanted to wake her even though Its needs have been amplified by the use of the Warrior seed. One can feel the churning in Its harvest pouch, new wolvens are replicated for One's purpose and begin to corrode their birthing sac, One's Breath unable to pierce Its own skin. 'Maybe Luna had a good idea... Trying to dig them out.'

One has heard the stories, witnessed the aftermath of scavenger's like One who failed to perform their purpose. Those stigmata suffered far worse than the Defects they fed upon. Scavengers burst like a balloon, a pack of runts vivisecting their progenitor while it tries to slash and punt them away long enough to heal. They never succeed. One is too far from a battlefield to mimic Its cousins to relieve Itself, and something just seems... off, about taking a village or family to ease the burden.

"Jai? Chrysanthos? Is that you?" One coos and lays the pretty down, petting her hair, "I had the worst dream. I fell in battle and this demon cau-" Luna's eyes snap open, locking with One's own, "Welcome back to your dream. One fixed your stomach and quieted the wolven inside you, they should sleep so long as One sings to them once in a while." One is pleased with Luna's strength, waking to a nightmare, her mind adapts quickly to her new life, facing the truth rather than hiding with the lies of the weak.

"What happened to me, One? I don't remember what you're talking about," she stands up with One's help and surveys the land around her. "We were having sex, and you took my- my rear. I remember that, but then I woke up in your arms. What happened to my stomach, what are wolven? And where are we? This looks like nowhere I've heard of before," One enjoys the passive attention being paid to It. Luna says she doesn't recall the events of the incident, but her body leans towards One's own, and her voice has softened exquisitely, echoing her acquiescence.

One takes the pretty hand in Its own and starts walking again, holding her casually as they continue their journey. As they walk One explains what Luna forgot, and what it means for her new place in Its life. Luna seems to accept the truth of her place at One's side as they talk with each other for the first real time together. One ignores the scouring urgency in Its guts as It enjoys the connection growing between Itself and Luna with more... rightness.

~ ~

Don't let It touch you! Let go of Its hand! You have to get out, you need to run! Its disgusting, tainted, demo- 'Shut up.' I shake that small voice away. I used to tell myself about how vile One was for doing what he does to me. Those thoughts aren't helpful now, not anymore. Before, I needed to remind myself of who I was, what I was supposed to be, in order to survive One's attentions. Now, I know who and what I am, I'm his.

He told me that I shrieked and wailed, ripping into my stomach with my bare hands to dig out the wolven, and possibly our child, from inside me. I don't remember any of that, but I can recall how it felt when he made love to me. Our child growing within me, and the devotion and reverence he's shown me has been more than enough to secure a place for him in my heart.

I think I must have died earlier, because I feel like I've been Rebirthed. I'm not the girl I was before, I'm not Luna. My name is Moon. A simpler name for a simpler woman, One's pretty. Luna was a pious and devoted soldier to the Sky, Moon is a demon's consort and the soon-to-be mother of his child. The old me is dead and buried, even if only in the recesses of my mind.

We've been walking in the same direction these last... 'Four days? Is that all the time it took to surrender my soul to a demon, to One?' I shrug, 'It doesn't matter, not like I was using it for anything important. Luna was only a two name soldier, not important enough for anyone to mis- "Moon," My head snaps to One at his use of my old name, "My name isn't Luna, its Moon. Luna was a dying girl you found on the battlefield. Moon is the mother of your spawn," a shudder races through me, all the way up my spine, and my vision blurs for a moment. "Whoa- head rush."

One stops our march and holds me gently, he lifts up my chin and seems to get lost in my eyes, "Come on, One. You're embarrassing me. My eyes aren't any different than all the other times you've looked at them." One's hand slides up to my cheek as he leans in for a gentle kiss, one I return with relish and hunger. "That is where Lu- Moon, is wrong. Luna's eyes never changed, always full of fear, horror and loathing. Moon's eyes are glowing with... love? And they shine like One's own when in Need."

One draws his shield and polishes a flat surface on it, handing it to me, "See Moon. See how One's Full Moon shines." Still blushing, I turn from his gaze to the makeshift mirror, surprise amplifying the contrast of my memory versus my vision. "Moon's eyes blushed from her truth. They burn with her resolve, as true eyes should." And he's right, my eyes aren't the pale blue I've seen reflected in every face I met in the Sky. My eyes are a rosy pink. Not quite the crimson stare of a demon, but closer than one as pur- "I like them. A demon's lover should have a demon's eyes. Do you like them, One?"

A glance to my side roots me in place as all I can see is overwhelmed by two gates into the very depths of the Core blinding me. A clawed hand catches the back of my head as strong talons clench in my hair, pulling it taut. A voice rasps from beyond the twin flares, "Armor... Off... Now..." I'm digging and tearing at the fastenings as fast as I can. Quiet whimpers of fear and need all that I can hear over the panting of an eager demon, One about to feast.

The claw on the back of my head tightens with each passing second. My eyes adapt to the light enough to witness the most perfect body shaking with Need, One's thick cock drooling its seed. I give up on my chest plate and sink to my knees, having shucked my leggings with ease. I surprise even myself when I swallow as much of his beautiful flesh as I can. His spear crashing into the back of my mouth as I fight against the fit of gagging and coughing to suck and lick and drink his essence down.

I fuck my face on him desperately, his cum shocking and bubbling in my mouth and throat as I gulp him down. His hand finally loosening on my head when I grunt and shove him past the point of no entry, having seen and heard of others swallowing all of their lover I strive to please mine. Unable to hold him there for more than a second I have to pull back and hack and sputter while trying to suckle on his tip to drink more of the delicious sap from this mighty tree.

Freeing my chest, I rip the cloth from my hips and breasts as I throw myself to the ground. Bracing on my forearms I present my spread legs and raised ass for his ravishment. A steel band welds to my hip as a fiery brand digs five points into a breast, "Moon... want..?" A moment of inner peace soothes and relaxes my flesh, "Its oka-AAHHHHH!!!" I thought I knew when he was fucking me, but nothing he'd ever done could prepare me for that first brutal thrust, nor the next nor the next. His fervor driving his dick into my squelching cunt like a ten-armed punching champion.

I know I will never forget this. He said I screamed and dug my nails before, but this is true release. I shriek for him, my braced arms meaning nothing against the force of his lustmaking. I writhe and scream my ecstasy to the Sky, while my hands digs troughs for the Core. Even this was not enough. Mid ejaculation he pulls out of the maw he has made my pussy, a deluge of his cum bathe my lips, thighs, stomach and back before he switches to my still unacclimated ass. My ears deafen from the decibels of my screech and my eyes blur as my vision dims from his vicious sodomy.

~ ~

One knows It can't be this rough with Moon. One knows that her change of soul is too new and fragile to complete a true demonic mating. One even knows that It still has plenty of time to disgorge the wolven before they threaten One's life. One still can't even slow Its pace. Moon screams and thrashes beneath One as Its right hand holds her sexes immobile while Its left spews the overflow of venom into the gouges in her breast. Her blood and the excess drug saturate Its claw as One slashes lines of fire and ecstasy across her back. One's passive Breath enough to keep her whole while Its strength rends her for One's pleasure.

One cannot tell if Moon is begging for It to stop. Moon's noise too intense and cacophonous to discern any meaning. One approaches Its climax and fully sheathes Itself inside the pretty. The wolven's release triggering the disc of muscle and blood to swell, just beyond her clenching door, locking his girth and the wolven in her bowels. Pulsing within her, Moon finally begins to calm, her aura a deep grey, barely sparkling with awareness as she is filled once more. One's song quieting the violence and hunger in the Warriors as they swim amongst their brethren harmoniously.

"I love you, One."


Not as long as I was initially imagining, but the scene ends here on its own. Hope you enjoy and Please- Please give me some comments! I love the votes, but if the story isn't good enough, tell me what it's missing to make it great, even if only to help with some of my other ideas. If you love it, tell me why!! Let the trend continue. Again- Enjoy; Please and Thank you!

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