One Full Moon Night Ch. 02

byRob Conner©

Nadia laughed at her friend. "What did I tell you girlfriend? Jim is the best."

She looked at Jim, her eyes and face full of lust. "Fuck her Baby. Make this cunt scream for mercy. Fuck her hard. She hasn't had a dick in years. Fuck her now. I want to enjoy seeing her beg you for your dick." Said Nadia

Jim turned her over on all fours. He positioned himself at her opening.

He gently asked her, "Hard and fast or slow and soft. It's up to you. I don't want to hurt you."

Beth looked at him, struck by his soft voice and concern for her. That turned her on even more.

"Fuck me Jim. Whatever you want. I'm your slut. Just put that dick into me and FUCK!

Jim entered her somewhat slowly, not wanting to hurt her. But she was nice and slick. He began a slow steady rhythm. In and out. But he also sometime went sideways. He picked up the pace and soon had Beth squealing.

Nadia had slid under Beth's stomach and was licking Beth's clit and Jim's dick as it moved in and out. Soon her face was covered in Beth's juices.

Beth thought she was losing her mind. She had never felt like this before. Like her entire world was spinning. Lust was all she knew. She came and came. Big one's, small ones She didn't know if she could go on much longer.

Jim shouted as he pulled out of Beth's well fucked pussy, "Her it comes. Nadia Baby, Drink my Jizz. Yeah Let me come on your face.

Nadia moved her head and took his full load on her face and some in her open mouth. Load after load of sweet man juice.

Jim rolled to the his side exhausted by the two the two times he came so close together.

Beth rolled over on her back.

Nadia crawled up to Beth's face and French kissed her letting part of Jim's load slide into Beth's open mouth.

Beth rolled the juicy treat around and around her mouth before swallowing it. She then began to lick the cum from Nadia's face too.

Nadia groaned, "Lick my face cumslut. Lick it clean. Don't waste one drop or I'll spank you're ass so you can't sit down for a week, my little slut."

"Yes Mistress Nadia. As you say. Please don't spank your slave." Beth answered.

Jim rolled over and looked at the two women. suprised at what he heard, but then he really shouldn't be. Nadia had said she was into several different kinky things. This must be another one of them.

"Like my little suprise, Honey. Beth is my little slave girl when I want her to be. She'll do anything I tell her to do. If she hesitates or refuses, I won't let her eat my pussy. And now I won't let you fuck her again. Cool isn't it!" Nadia laughed

"Isn't that right my little slave? Do you like Master Jim's dick? Do you want it again? Tell Master Jim that you're his slave too." Ordered Nadia in as stern voice.

Beth looked at the ground. In a meek little girl voice, she said, "Yes Mistress Nadia. I'm Master Jim's little slut slave. I love his dick. I'll do anything to have it in me again. What ever he tells me to do."

Jim looked at her. "Alright slut. Get over here and suck my dick clean. Don't miss a single drop. If you do, I'll wear that slut ass out. Go to work slut."

Jim felt a sense of power and control like he never had before.

He turned to Nadia. "Who's your Master Baby?" He asked her.

Nadia looked at the ground. "You are Master Jim. I am your slave. I belong to you. Now and forever. Always have. Your wish is my command Master. Do with me what you will." She answered

Jim lifted up her face, and looked into her beautiful eyes. "If I'm the King you are my Queen. I love you always. More than life itself. I'll be a benevolent Master. In most things we'll still be equals. My partner. Only when you choose will I be your superior. This bitch however, will always be our slut. I will take great pleasure in wearing her ass out." He said

"Thank you Honey. I love you too." She said.

They hugged each other, looking down as their slut cleaned his dick.

They both sighed and said at the same time, "Life is Good!"

The End

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by Anonymous

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by desertdog4304/29/18

life is good....?

fucking 2 women who have screwed 100's if not 1000's of cocks....shit

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by Anonymous03/07/18


Like the story alot. The ending was a little off. Would have like it end with just them. MoreMore please.

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