tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Good Man (Complete)

One Good Man (Complete)


She sat in her car, watching and waiting. Shortly, the door of the house under observation opened and a man stepped out. She knew his name was Alex Hall, and a great deal more about him.

Her eyes narrowed as two young children run down the steps, laughing and waving. Alex bent down and scooped them both up into his strong arms and kissed their cheeks. He began walking back to the house and deposited his kids next to their mother, who had now come to the doorway. She and her husband kissed and said a few words to each other, which the watcher in the car could not hear, before he got into his BMW. Clare, Alex's wife, waved once more then ushered Ben and Chloe back into the house.

Amanda, the woman in the car, glanced back at the pretty, detached house and then began to follow 'her' man. She followed him all day in fact, to the office where he worked as an architect, when he went out for lunch, when he got off and went to visit his mother at her old people's home. She had done this several times before and figured that she would never get tired of the tingling thrills that emanated from her pussy as she watched him.

He was going to be her biggest challenge but the reward would be worth it. She would complete the mission given to her by her boss, but really the task was more pleasure than business. Just thinking about it got her hot and she couldn't resist slipping her fingers down her panties and into her wet hole, her other hand stroking a sensitive nipple through her silk blouse. She didn't care that she was in the car park of a nursing home and that any passers-by would be able to see what she was doing.

She orgasmed twice and was so sated that she nearly missed Alex returning to his car. She started her car and began following him home, licking her pussy juices off her fingers and steering with one hand.

Amanda pulled into her drive away. Her house, specially selected for the job, lay on the street next to the Hall's. She stripped naked and turned on the monitors that filled her living room. Here she could watch everything that was going on in 'her' man's home. She had expertly broken in several weeks ago and fitted all kinds of the latest surveillance equipment. This was how she had confirmed her theory that Alex was the right man for her.

She now knew that Alex had a happy home and that he loved Clare, Ben and Chloe. He was a good father, attentive, reasonable and fair. Amanda had watched as he read his kids bedtime stories or treated their childhood scrapes and bruises. He was also a good husband. He and Clare were never short of conversation, and Amanda hated the fact that they laughed a lot. The times Amanda had watched their lovemaking had bored her completely...it was always slow, gentle and intimate. Alex and Clare would even cuddle afterwards and talk. The only thing that Amanda liked about these sessions was how much she saw of Alex. He was a good-looking man with brown, compassionate eyes and wavy brown hair. At 35 he had a body that was slender but muscled with a light spread of body hair. His uncut cock must have been nine inches long and thick. Amanda was looking forward to finding out in the flesh, so to speak.

Tonight he and Clare were going out to watch 'Waiting for Godot'. Too intellectual for Amanda's tastes for her to tag along. Amanda watched as Tina, the pretty babysitter arrived and chatted with the family for a bit. Amanda raised an eyebrow when Alex had quickly glanced at the sitter's pert ass, which was excellently displayed in a pair of tight jeans. It had been just for a second but enough to make Amanda smile thoughtfully.

After the Halls had left for the night Amanda emailed a report to her boss and then decided to have some fun. She went down to the basement and looked at the three slaves she kept down there. Their names had once been Joe, Sarah and Greg Brown but now they responded to numbers One, Two and Three, respectively. Once they had owned this house, but they had been acquaintances of her boss and she had taken them, completely.

Joe Brown had cheated on his wife many times, often with prostitutes and had been embezzling from his firm for years. His wife, Sarah, was a malicious gossip, filled with bitterness. Their son Greg, aged 19, had fallen into the wrong crowd and had taken up drugs, got a habit, and had taken to robbery to fed it.

Amanda watched them now. They were as docile as cattle, hooded and chained to the walls beneath their former house. She picked Joe and Greg for her amusement tonight.

Leading them upstairs she told them to take off their hoods and gowns. They did so and stood at attention awaiting instruction. Their rather average dicks were already 'at attention' too.

"Kiss each other" Amanda said.

The two men hesitated, some lingering inhibition or will still remaining. Amanda could have been angry but instead Amanda smiled, it was the first time she had played this particular game with them. She delighted in the knowledge that she hadn't yet broken them completely. Broken toys are useless, after all.

She reached out and stroked their faces and looked into their desperate eyes.

"You want to please me?" she asked, rhetorically, because she knew the answer. "Then kiss one another"

The two men kissed, slowly at first but then with more determination. At Amanda's command they began to stroke each other's cocks. They struggled to breathe, between the kiss and the sexual excitement coursing through their bodies. Amanda circled them, watching, then stopped, stooped down and forcefully inserted a finger in each of their asses. The shock, the pain or maybe the pleasure made the two men break from their kiss and ejaculate simultaneously. Amanda watched as their semen shot onto each other's stomachs and began dribbling down to the carpet.

Their dicks stayed hard. Amanda had ways to keep her playthings in good condition, at least until she was done with them...

She sat down on her sofa and spread her legs. The men watched the sexy redhead fondle her large breasts and run her hands over her long legs. Had they been more than semi-conscious they might have been amazed how quickly an innocent appearing beauty had transformed into a brazen whore. As it was the two men watched, silently, as she opened herself to them.

"Fuck me number One," she said huskily "Number Three, you take your father's ass".

There was no hesitation now, just animal passion. The pounding went on through the night and when Amanda was satisfied, the slaves were returned to their captivity.


It was perfect. Alex had gone to the gym and Clare had taken the kids to see her mother. Amanda left her house and walked the short distance to the Hall's residence. She let herself in using a key that she had had cut.

She knew that Alex would be back shortly, so she would have to work quickly. She walked through the house, lighting candles and releasing a special fragrance into the air. When she got to the master bedroom she went to the closet and found Clare's sexiest piece of lingerie. She slipped it on and admired herself in the mirror.

Amanda was slimmer than Clare, but not by much. The main difference was that Amanda's tits were so much bigger and she had longer legs. It meant that she looked so much sexier in Clare's red lingerie than Clare herself. Despite her cockstopping body, Amanda knew that her most attractive feature was her wide brown eyes, freckles and innocent smile. How could Alex resist?

She lay upon their marital bed and played with herself, making the room smell of her sex. A short while later she heard a key in the door and Alex enter.

"Clare? I thought you were going to your mother's?" Alex called into the house.

"Not that I'm complaining if you're up to what I think you are..."he said when he noticed the candles and smelled the subtle aphrodisiac aroma throughout his house and bounded up the stairs. Amanda could hardly contain her excitement when she heard him approach his bedroom door.

"Shit! Who are you and what are you doing here?" Alex exclaimed when he walked through the door. He hadn't been able to stop himself from looking the stranger up and down when he came in. Her huge breasts alone had nearly taken his breath away, and he had to shake his head to feel a little more in control of himself.

"I thought that we could be friends..."Amanda said sweetly.

"A semi-naked stranger on my bed wants to be friends?" Alex asked disbelievingly.

"I meant very good friends," said Amanda as she slipped off the bed and began to walk towards Alex coyly. He stepped backwards but hit the door that had closed behind him. Instinctively he looked behind him over his shoulder. When he looked back Amanda was in front of him.

"Hey..." he gasped.

Amanda leant up and kissed him softly on the lips and lightly rubbed her hand over his crotch.

"h...." he could barely utter.

"Please..." Amanda whispered into his ears and kissed him again. She loved the way he smelled. All clean from the shower at the gym. He was now pressed against the door, his hands out to the side in shock. His brain had temporarily shutdown, unable to cope with such an unfamiliar event.

Amanda lowered herself to her knees and unzipped his fly and lowered his pants. His cock was at semi-hard but Amanda was pleased she had guessed right. Nine inches in all. Using her hand she traced its tip around her lips then pulled back the foreskin and touched it with her tongue.

"Don't" said Alex. He wanted to tear this woman away from him, but he would never manhandle a woman in that way, it wasn't his nature.

"Please stop that" and put his hand on the shoulder on the woman before him. Whatever he intended to do with it came to nothing. Amanda was working her magic on his cock. The sensations were unbelievable. His head was clouded. All he could focus on was the thought that not even his wife had blown him this well before. Thinking of Clare made him look down. This stranger had taken his whole length and her face was nestled in his pubic hair. He could not stop himself and his hand moved to the back of her head.

"Stop" he moaned, but was really thinking 'oh God yes'. He shut his eyes and pushed his head back against the wall. He could hear himself breathing heavily and groaning loudly.

"Please stop, ooooo, muuuugh, please don't stop, aaaaaa, uuuuugh, yeah, that's it" was all that he could utter as he came.

He was spurting his sticky white cum into her mouth, cumming more than he had thought was possible. The redhead before him swallowed it all, spilling not one drop.

He sank down the wall, with his eyes still shut.

"Get out of my house" he whispered.

"Whatever you want, lover. I'll be seeing you"

With those words she threw on a long coat and left. Mr Hall sat there for an interminable time, his head in his hands and tears in his eyes. Finally he was able to pull himself together and took a shower.

By the time his wife had returned home he had cleared the candles and aired the house. She noticed that her husband was unusually quiet that evening.

"Baby, what's up? Something wrong?" enquired Clare.

"Oh, umm I had my wallet and keys stolen at the gym. I guess I'm just blaming myself.". This was the first time that he could remember ever lying to his wife.

Clare hugged him and told him that it wasn't really important, that they could cancel his cards and change the keys. The idea of changing the keys seemed to cheer Alex up a bit.


Over the next couple of weeks Alex Hall tried to put his infidelity behind him. He knew he loved his wife and would never do anything to risk his family. It had been one insane situation and he'd never repeat it. This didn't mean that he'd been able to forget the incident,

One time, he had finished putting the dishes away and Clare was tucking the kids in for the night. He went upstairs and to his bedroom. Clare was lying on the bed in her red lingerie.

Clare was pleased to see her husband gape as he entered the room. Ten years of marriage and he still gaped at the sight of her, ready for sex... Little did she know that a small part of Alex's mind had brought up Amanda's image. He had to admit that the sight of his wife before him compared unfavourably. He lay down on the bed and kissed his wife, first on the lips, then the neck, deftly slipped off her teddy and began to caress her breasts. When kissing and licking his wife's breasts he had flashbacks of Amanda's tits. He couldn't clear his mind of them. He shut his eyes and imagined they were hers. He squeezed them and tried to swallow as much of them as he could. He bit a nipple and his wife cried out,

"Alex, what's got into you?"

Alex looked up sheepishly then he leant up and kissed her to apologise. He returned to her breasts with gentle, butterfly kisses now. He moved a hand down to the moistness between her legs and was rewarded with soft moans of pleasure from his wife. She put a hand to his shoulder and lightly rolled him onto his back. Clare crawled between his legs and took him in her mouth. She kissed his erect penis all over and used her tongue on all of his sensitive bumps and ridges. Clare gave good blowjobs, but tonight Alex couldn't help but think that she went down too respectfully, too sweetly. He wanted to focus on his wife but again his thoughts returned to Amanda.

"Come up here" He whispered to Clare.

She glided up his body, letting his cock feel her neck, breasts and the smooth skin of her belly. When she stopped his cock could feel the heat of her hole and he ached to enter her. He looked into her blue eyes, at her button nose and cute smile and she mounted him. The two of them kissed and she looked down at him until they came together. Afterwards he lay by her side, holding her and he knew that he didn't want anybody other than Clare.

On another occasion he had come home to an empty house. A note from Clare told him that she had taken the kids to a friend's party and they'd be gone all afternoon. They hadn't had sex the night before and Alex was horny. His dick had been getting hard on and off all morning. Re-reading the note he absentmindedly stroked himself. It wasn't long before he was sitting in the living room with his cock in his hand, pants around his ankles, pumping up and down. He rarely masturbated, and never during the day but when he did all his thoughts would be of Clare or some vague composite woman. This time it was Amanda. He imagined he was fucking her. This time she was against the wall and he was ploughing into her. Hard and fast, fucking, not lovemaking. He hadn't seen her vagina but imagined it was shaved, shaved and tight. Breathing hard, he continuously pumped his cock up and down and came so hard that some splashed onto his face. Opening his eyes and looking down, he could see his semen all over his hairy chest and through the guilt, wondered if he'd ever see her again. He thought about her last words to him .He thought he needed closure or something.

This little wank session had not gone unnoticed by Amanda, nor had the slight hesitancy when making love with Clare. She had decided to let Alex 'ferment' as it were. She had her plans and her employer was content to let her make progress at her own pace.


Alex was home alone, working in his study. Being his own boss meant that he could often work from home. Clare was working part time at a garden centre, which she loved and the kids were at school. Suddenly he heard the backdoor opening. Puzzled he got up from his desk and headed downstairs.

He entered the kitchen and stopped when he saw Amanda perched on the counter.

"This is not happening," he told her. He meant it too.

"Really? That's too bad. I thought that you'd be all worked up for me. I thought you would be thinking about me. I thought you'd want to fuck me hard..."She said this whilst running a delicate finger up and down her thigh. Quick she raised one leg and flashed her naked, shaved pussy at the married man before her.

Alex noticed and oddly, felt pleased that he had been correct about that. Would she be as tight as he hoped? He tried to ignore that little voice in his head.

She jumped down and effortlessly slipped off her short red dress at the same time. She was completely naked. Alex was dumbfounded at this gracefulness. She walked up to him and kissed him. He hesitated but found his lips were kissing back. He pulled back, with effort.

"I love my wife, my family. Why are you doing this, who are you?"

He fell back onto a chair. He was trying to look at her face but couldn't resist stealing looks at her body. Again, she approached him, not looking at his face but admiring the growing bulge in his trousers.

"Lover, my name is Amanda. Why is unimportant. I want you and I know that you want me. Why fight it? No one needs to know. I'll be your mistress, your whore..."

She slipped two fingers into her pussy and rubbed herself in front of him. Withdrawing her slick fingers she put them to his lips. Shocked, Alex gasped and she slipped them into his mouth.

"Hmmm" he moaned, as he tasted her juices.

"You like that don't you? Tell me you don't"

"Stop" Alex whispered. His cock was uncomfortably hard in his pants and made it difficult to think.

"Just say that you don't want to taste any more..." Amanda was leaning over him now, talking quietly in his ear. His face could only look at her tits hanging in front of him.

"I can't..." he mumbled.

Amanda withdrew and sat opposite him. "Watch me, lover."

From somewhere she had produced a dildo. It wasn't huge but Alex couldn't look away was Amanda circled her pussy lips with it and then inserted it inside herself. He could see that her lips swallowed the fake phallus like a glove on a hand.

"I'd much rather have your cock, Alex"

Alex stood up, torn between fleeing the house and walking over to Amanda. He gave in. He tried to conjure up images of Ben, Chloe and Clare but they fled him. He walked over slowly, still disbelieving his own actions.

"Strip and kneel down" commanded Amanda

And he did. Amanda watched him drop his pants and pull his t-shirt over his head. His body was hotter than she'd imagined from the monitors. Amanda smiled her wicked smile.

"Taste me, make me cum with your mouth."

Alex put his hands on her thighs and lowered his head to her pink hole. He paused and Amanda could feel his warm, rapid breathe on her pussy. He was so nearly hers and the thrill of it meant Amanda knew she would come quickly.

"Lick it with your married tongue. Don't keep me waiting. Kiss it and stick in deep."

Alex couldn't pull away. The smell was all he could think about. He wanted to taste her more than anything. He stuck his tongue out and licked. Delicately, at first, feeling odd about the unfamiliar hole before him. She could barely feel it at all, but then he got to it with much more enthusiasm. His tongue was right inside, but he wanted to go deeper. He wanted to lick all up, every drop, till it was gone. He turned his this way and that, trying to please her from every angle he could. Amanda looked down, but could barely keep her eyes open from the pleasure she was experiencing. She noticed he had three of his fingers inside her. She screamed loudly, cumming when she saw his wedding band glistening with her wetness.

He looked up from between her thighs and smirked, glad that he had pleased her. He stopped licking her clit but left his fingers inside her. He lifted her up and swung her down to the floor. Her crawled up her and kissed her.

"If you don't ram that married cock in me..." Amanda pleaded desperate for release. "Call me a whore"

He shifted so that he was over her body, put his hand down to his swollen hard-on and guided it into her gash.

"This is what you want, isn't it whore? You bitch" Said Alex panting. He shocked himself with those words. He never usually swore.

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