tagIncest/TabooOne Happy Family Ch. 1

One Happy Family Ch. 1


It all started about five years ago when I was 41 years old and my wife and her sister plotted to seduce me. That didn't need much of a plot, as I am very easy. Alex and I had been married for 17 years at the time and enjoyed a fairly active sex life that, I must admit, was losing some of its zip. Her sister, Tami, was spending the weekend with us and the girls had gone out for dinner. Tami is a couple of years older than I am and married her husband Greg two weeks after we were married. She looks a lot like my wife and has kept herself in decent shape after her three kids. Both gals are about 5'8" with just a little extra weight. Big tits don't run in the family, but they both have about 34B's which I don't mind. I am about 5'10" and have acquired a little beer gut over the years. I am not large by any means in the penis department with just a 5-inch length and average thickness.

I was on the couch watching TV when they came home at about nine. I could tell they had been drinking by the giggling. Alex always gets horny when she's had a few so I had my hopes up to get lucky tonight. We usually have sex sometime during the weekend, but with company here you never know. Last weekend Alex was having her period, which usually results in a blowjob or at least a hand job in the shower. She wasn't feeling well and I had to go into work both days so nothing came of that. We decided early in our marriage that we probably wouldn't have kids and I had that taken care of for good when I turned 40. Back to that memorable evening.

"Did you miss me?" Alex said as she leaned down to give me a kiss and teasingly ran her hand over my dick. I was just wearing a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt, so the stirring in my groin was pretty obvious. "Why don't' you mix us a drink."

"Sure and yes I did miss you," as I kissed her ear and copped a feel of her tit.

"Hey you two, you have company," Tami interrupted.

I mixed us drinks and we sat on the couch and visited. During the second drink the topic of sex came up when I commented on Alex getting horny when she drank.

"Sometimes it's a fine line between being horny and tired so I have to know when to cut her off."

"I'm to the horny stage now, and I slept late this morning so get ready."

"You guys have it made. With no kids around you can just do it whenever you want. Having three kids in all kinds of activities puts a damper on things at our house. It's been months since we've had more than a quiet, late night hump."

"So we have a moaner here," I laughed.

"No, no. But it's nice to be able to express yourself a little bit."

"Mix us another drink. I'm going to go get into my PJ's," Alex said as she handed me her glass.

"Me too," Tami said as she set her glass on the counter and went down stairs to change.

Alex emerged quickly from the bedroom in her modest nightgown that reached her mid thighs. She met me at the counter and gave me a passionate kiss, taking my hand and putting it on her butt under the nightgown. I was surprised to find that she wasn't wearing panties as she always does. I went for her pussy but she pulled away.

"Later," she said as she grabbed her drink and headed for the couch. "You better hide that thing before Tami gets here or she might not be able to resist," she said pointing to my boner sticking straight out from my running shorts.

"It's been a couple of weeks so I could probably handle you both. Besides, it's not something she hasn't seen before."

"Probably not that small though."


"Sorry, you know you have all it takes to satisfy me. It's not how deep you plow, but how many rounds you make."

"If you keep teasing me like this, I may not make too many rounds either."

"The first time maybe," she said as she reached into the leg of my shorts and squeezed my dick.

She released her grip when we heard Tami coming up the stairs, leaving me with a very obvious hardon and no place to hide it. Tami had on a very similar nightgown and I could notice her boobs jiggling as she approached the love seat across from the couch. That didn't help my condition any either. Alex scooted to the other end of the couch laying her foot in my lap to cover my situation. That worked fine until she started to gently rub my dick with her toes. At the same time she bent her other knee and let her legs drift apart showing me her hairy bush. She did all this while talking to her sister and never looking at me. I tried to stay in the conversation, but that wasn't easy. At first I thought Tami hadn't noticed, but then I caught her glancing at the foot action every once in a while. This went on for a good ten minutes and I was getting very close to losing it. The girls were talking about Tami's kids and my wife was giving me a foot job. Tami shifted on the couch and kind of sat on one leg. As she did this I got a brief peek up her nightgown right to her hairy bush, because she wasn't wearing panties either. Just as this happened, Alex slid her foot into the leg of my shorts and rubbed my cock directly. I couldn't contain my groan and noticed that Tami was openly looking at my crotch. I looked down to see that Alex's foot action had moved the leg of my shorts to expose my prick, which was oozing precum. Alex grabbed my hand and moved it to her pussy as her other foot joined in the foot job. We both looked at Tami who had moved a hand between her legs and was obviously playing with her pussy. That was all it took for me as I started shooting come all over Alex's feet and onto the couch.

"You're lucky you have a leather couch or you would have really made a mess," Tami said as she got off the couch coming toward us. "Let me clean this up a little," she said as she pulled her nightgown over her head and started wiping Alex's feet and the couch. I sat there dumbfounded looking at her nice tits as she knelt down and started wiping my softening cock with her pajamas. She leaned over and sucked my cock quickly forcing the last drops out of the sensitive head.

"I think we could all use a shower before we go to bed. There's room for three in our bed," Alex said as she helped her sister to her feet and gave her a hug from behind. She grabbed both of her tits, squeezing her nipples hard as she held her. Tami closed her eyes and moaned. I leaned forward and quickly got my first taste of my sister-in-laws pussy. She spread her legs and I slid off the couch to get a better angle at my attack on her dripping cunt. It didn't take long for her to start shaking with her first orgasm of the night as my wife continued to play with her nipples while I sucked her clit.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this Alex?" Tami said as she turned toward my wife.

"What do you think?" Alex asked as she grabbed her sister's hand and guided it to her wet pussy. Tami tentatively allowed her hand to feel her first pussy other than her own. It didn't take her long before she started fingering my wife slowly while standing in the middle of the living room. I moved behind Alex and lifted her nightgown over her head. "Harder, I'm almost there," she said as she hugged her sister and kissed her passionately. She went over the edge and I had to hold her up from behind to keep her from falling to the floor.

We proceeded to the shower where I was the gentleman and let the girls go first. We have an open shower but only big enough for two to fit comfortably. This did give me a very good view of the sisters washing each other. They started with their backs but soon progressed to cleaning each other's tits. As far as I know, neither had ever been with another woman before. There was a great deal of moaning as they soaped their tits. Soon they had their fingers deep inside each other's pussies and both were approaching orgasms.

"My turn," I said as they were coming down from their high. "Which one of you is coming out so I can get in?"

"I will," my wife said quickly as she reached for the towel I was holding. "But don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Does that mean I can't kiss her tits or lick her pussy?"

"Of course you can do that, because I certainly plan to as soon as you two get to the bedroom."

As soon as I stepped into the shower, Tami grabbed my already hardened cock and began to soap it up. We kissed and played with each other for a good five minutes before we heard a call from the bedroom.

"Get in here before I make myself come again."

We turned off the shower and dried ourselves, then headed for the bedroom. Alex was lying on the bed casually playing with her pussy. She had set up the video camera on the tripod and had connected it to the 27 inch TV. I was zoomed out so the entire bed was in view.

"I thought we might want a keepsake of tonight."

"That sounds like a great idea," Tami said as she crawled into bed hugging her sister and giving her a big kiss.

"How about I just run the camera while you two play?"

"I've never been with a woman before, but I think I want to try it," Tami said.

"Me either. Let's just do what feels good and stop if either of us is uncomfortable."

With that they proceeded with a passionate kiss as I removed the camera from the tripod and zoomed in on the action. They soon had their thighs rubbing their sister's pussies and were playing with each other's tits. Tami took the initiative and moved down and started sucking her first breast since she was a baby. At the same time Alex moved sideways on the bed and positioned herself under Tami's swaying boobs and started sucking. Alex moved her hand to Tami's pussy and played with her clit. She was rewarded with two fingers deep in her pussy. Soon both girls were cumming again. Alex removed her fingers from her sister's pussy and licked them off.

"I want to eat your pussy," she said as she moved Tami's pussy over her mouth. They both licked tentatively at each other's cunt in the traditional 69 position. After getting their first taste of pussy, they reacted much like I had twenty years earlier and began attacking each other. That was about all I could take as I put the camera back on the tripod and moved to the other side of the bed where Tami's ass was sticking in the air. I started rimming her asshole as my wife ate her pussy.

"Move closer to the edge of the bed so I can fuck her," I said as I withdrew my tongue from her ass. They both scooted my way and my wife grabbed my cock and gave it a quick suck before she guided me into her sister's dripping pussy. She continued to lick her clit as I pounded Tami's cunt from behind. Tami tried to keep her mouth glued to Alex's cunt but was having a difficult time as she was moaning from the fucking and licking she was getting. Surprisingly I felt my second come of the night approaching much more quickly than normal. I unloaded into Tami's pussy as Alex sucked on my balls. What a feeling that was. As I withdrew from her cunt, Alex locked her mouth to Tami's soaking pussy and sucked our juices eagerly. I moved to the other side of the bed and kissed Tami passionately. Her face was smeared with pussy juice from my wife and I licked it off. She rolled off her sister and collapsed on the bed. I collapsed beside her.

"Don't think you guys are done for the night. I haven't been fucked and it looks like I'll need some help getting Stan hard again."

"Give me a little rest and I'll give you the fucking you deserve. I don't want this night to end either."

"I don't plan on leaving until late tomorrow afternoon either, so we will see what kind of man you really are."

That was the first time I had come three times in a night for many years and both of the girls got a good long fuck before that third one happened. The next morning we continued our playing and the two sisters got two more good loads from me before Tami left for her four-hour trip home.

And finally the girls plotted how they were going to seduce Tami's husband, Greg, like they had me. I'll save that for part 2.

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