tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Hell of a Summer Ch. 04

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 04


This is one of a series best read in sequence.



My hands slid down Laura's smooth thighs, to where my cock disappeared, deep within the wet folds of her labia. I stroked her clit and could feel her inner muscles tighten around my semi-hard tool. The young beauty looked exhausted but contented. She ought to have been - we'd been going at it for better than three hours.

I pulled her down on top of me and she stretched her body out on mine and we dozed off. I awoke with my cock still wedged in her body. I rolled us over and pulled Laura's arms up over her head. Her breasts were pulled up and I began to slide into her warm, sleeping body. She started to moan and awaken as I gently fucked into her tight pussy.

It was late in the afternoon and we only had time for a quickie before everyone returned from the field trip. I pumped into Laura's lush, young body until she began to respond to my thrusts. She raised her legs up around my hips and locked her feet over my back. She seemed to be pulling me deeper and deeper into her tight, wet pussy. I reached under her thighs and pulling her legs up further, bent her young body over, so I could get maximum penetration into her tight, young pussy. As I pumped my shaft into her body, her huge tits began to bounce in every direction. I thrust hard into her tight pussy and felt her body go rigid as she bit her lip and creamed herself. The warmth of her cum engulfed my penetrating cock and she clamped her muscles down around my impaling shaft.

I lowered her legs to the mattress and then wrapping my legs over hers, forced her legs together as my cock hammered into her flooding pussyflesh. My hands came up to massive breasts and I kneaded her heaving chest as I kissed her deeply. My tongue pressed between her soft lips and probed her mouth as I felt her suck more and more of it into her mouth. My hands reached for hers and pulling her arms over her head, I raised my body and holding her hands pinned to the bed, fucked her hard. She'd never been held down before today except when she was younger and some boyfriend managed to pin her arm under him, keeping her from being able to take his hand away from her breasts. She was excited by the sensation of being held down and her inner muscles clamped down hard around my invading shaft and I felt my balls were ready to explode. I bent my knees and straddled her body as I held her pinned to the bed. She seemed to respond to being held down as my cock rammed deep into her loins. I could feel her body tremble and then she went rigid and I felt her pussy flood with cum.

Just as my balls were about to erupt, I pulled my cock from between her engorged pussy lips and leaning forward, aimed my cock at Laura's mouth. She didn't want to open but feared what I would do if she didn't. Her mouth opened and I shot my load across her tongue. Laura gulped and swallowed as she tried to keep from choking on my sticky stream. I pressed my cock into her mouth and felt her tongue go to work along the length of my spurting shaft. As I slid into her mouth, my thighs rubbed over her massive tits. Her tongue licked my shaft as she sucked all the cum from my cock. I waited as my cock began to soften in her mouth and she looked up at me, her hands still pinned to mattress above her head. I smiled down at her as she lay naked and used below me.

Lifting off of her, I stepped off of the bed and put on a robe before sitting down on the chair. Laura remained on the bed and reached for the sheet to pull it up over her naked body.

"Don't." I said and Laura left her naked body exposed. "Reach down between your legs and feel how wet you are." I instructed. The young beauty reluctantly slid her hand across the top of her thigh and then let her fingers slip down between her legs. Her fingers brushed through her soft but matted, pubic curls and she felt just how wet she really was. She was amazed at the wetness that oozed from between her pussy lips, especially since I hadn't cum there. It dawned on her that it was all hers.

"Come here." I instructed and she slid off the bed and walked over to me. Her huge breasts swayed beautifully with each step. As she came close to me, I pressed my hand between her firm thighs and slid my palm up to her oozing pussyflesh. Laura felt humiliated as I caressed her naked flesh as she stood before me. This was my mastery over her body, not the joint pleasure of lovers in an embrace. My fingers grazed over her drenched labia and then my fingers probed deep into her seething pussy. Laura turned her head, feeling humiliated as she felt my fingers slide deep into her body.

I slid my fingers out of her pussy and then pressing my thumb into her drenched lovehole, I pressed my finger into the crack of her violated ass and then into her recently ravaged asshole. Laura bit her lip as she again felt the double assault on her twin holes. She felt humiliated, yet excited, by the way I was able to just force her to endure my probing of her young body and by the way her body responded to it. Cum still oozed out of her loins onto her smooth thighs.

"Pretty good. I must say." I taunted the young beauty. Laura smiled with a real sense of relief - she'd succeeded and thought she was off the hook. I was about to lower the boom on her. I withdrew my hand from between her thighs. She turned and began to pick up her clothes.

"Not so fast." I said as Laura stopped and held her clothes up in front of her huge breasts. "You think that one fast tumble in bed and you're off the hook, don't you?" I taunted her. Laura looked at me in astonishment. "Sit down." I said and Laura sat on the end of the bed.

"You intrigue me." I began. "You come in here, do whatever you please, don't give a flying fuck about the rules or anyone else and then, using your body as payment, think that you can walk out of here like nothing ever happened. You think that you can control everything and everyone, just to get what you want. Well, sweetheart, it doesn't work that way anymore. This afternoon you showed me what you were willing to trade in order to keep your ass out of jail. I'm convinced now that you have something worth trading. Now I have to decide if you're worth it." Laura was white with anger and I could see her shaking. She'd never lost control of a situation like this. She was speechless.

"You don't control this bargain - I do!" I said sternly. "You were very good this afternoon, except for that one mistake. But maybe I should turn you over to the sheriff anyway. After all, what else have you got to offer me. Besides, I like to stay on good terms with the sheriff and he'd just love to shove his cock into a piece of ass like yours. He'd be indebted to me for a long time.

"Do you have any idea what he would do with you?" I asked. Laura shook her head silently. "First he'd handcuff you with your hands behind your back. Then he'd frisk you - thoroughly and then do a strip search in front of his deputies. Just to make sure he didn't miss anything, he'd let each of them search you too - inside and out - and believe me they wouldn't miss a hole.

"They don't like rich city kids up here. They'll hassle you and paw you all the time. And if you give them any trouble, they'll do to you what they did to a young hitch-hiker last fall. They tied her to the cell bars spread-eagle and took a leather strap to her, front and back and I mean everywhere, especially her tits and her pussy. Then they gang-banged her for an entire weekend. She was a mess when they were done with her.

"And if you're convicted and you get sent to prison, the guards and the dikes are going to have a field day with your cute, little ass. They'll eat you for breakfast. Any protection you want, will be paid for with your body - so will any privileges. Jail guards are horny as hell and usually pretty sadistic whether they are men or women. They'll use you until there's nothing left. You think you could handle that for ten to fifteen years?" I threatened. Laura was shaking with fear. I traced my hand over her shoulder and grabbing her full breast squeezed it hard and shook it. She screamed softly in pain and surprise. I could feel her trembling under my touch.

"I think I may be willing to work out a deal with you." I said and Laura looked relieved. "You are going to earn your protection, you're going to become my sex slave for the rest of the summer." Laura looked at me a bit perplexed.

"You are going to be my sexual slave. You will be available to me, on demand, at any time or place that I desire. You will perform any sexual service I ask of you, without hesitation or complaint and you will tell no one about any of this. In addition, you will stop being a pain in the ass around here or I will punish you as my slave." I said. Laura looked defeated.

"If you do not accept this agreement or if you break this agreement or even if you displease me, I will punish you and then give you over to the sheriff and his boys." I said. "Do we understand each other?" I asked. Laura nodded.

"Do you accept?" I asked. Laura nodded. "I can't hear you." I said to her.

"Yes." she said with a strong tone of defeat in her voice.

"Good." I said with a suitable amount of satisfaction in my voice. "Now remember, one screw up and your ass is grass." I hissed. Laura nodded.

It was time to emphasize her new slave status to the young beauty. A test to see her willingness to obey her new master.

"Over there." I instructed and Laura walked over and sat in the armchair. The large throw pillow sitting on the chair forced her to arch her back and her huge chest was thrust forward. "Put your legs over the arms." I continued and Laura flipped her long legs over the arms of the chair. Her thighs were spread wide apart and raised. Her pussy still glistened with cum. "Arms above your head." I said and Laura lifted her arms and draped them over the back of the chair. She looked great. I walked over to the TV and picked up the small camcorder.

"What do you think you are going to do with that?!!" she asked in a demanding tone of voice.

"Shut up slave." I said as I slapped her face. Laura was stunned. "I am your master and I can do anything I want, slave." I said as I emphasized the work 'slave'. I pointed the camera at Laura and she turned her beautiful face away from me. I reached down to her firm breast and pinched her nipple between my fingers. As I increased the pressure on her tender nub she bit her lip and then turned to face me.

"Much better." I said as I let go of her bruised nipple. I leaned over and kissed her abused nub. I felt her body shudder.

"Smile." I said as I stepped back and began to photograph her open nakedness. I focused in on her breasts and then down to her open pussy.

"Now play with yourself." I said. Laura hesitated but when she saw me put down the camera and pick up a belt, she plunged both hands down into her open pussy. I picked up the camera and continued to film her as she masturbated for my enjoyment and the camera. I watched as she caressed herself and then slowly succumbed to her own fingers. I continued to film her as her face glazed over with the ecstasy that comes with orgasms. Cum just oozed out of her young body as she played with herself for my pleasure and it seemed, her own.

"Here, use this," I said as I picked up a dildo shaped vibrator and handed it to the young beauty. Laura had never used one before but she grasped it in her hand and slid the vibrating cock down between her raised and open thighs. She gasped as the vibrations touched her dripping pussy and then slid the tip between her open labia. I sat back and filmed her as she began to pump the plastic prick deep into her dripping pussy. I waited until she exploded in a powerful orgasm and then collapsing back onto the chair, she let go of the plastic prick and it slid out of her dripping pussy and dropped to the floor.

"Come here." I said and Laura slipped her fingers out of her wetness and putting her feet back down on the floor, lifted her drained body out of the armchair. She walked towards me, unsteady on her feet, her beautiful breasts bouncing gently with each step. She stood in front of me.

"Put your foot up here." I said and Laura raised her foot up onto the arm of the sofa, splitting her thighs wide apart. I tilted my head back onto the arm and nodded to Laura. She lowered her seething pussy to my lips and I licked her pubes, sucking her sweet nectar into my mouth as her body trembled. I sucked on her pussy as I heard her moan deeply with pleasure and her loins continued to flood. I licked and probed her dripping pussy as her hips gyrated and she tried to get my tongue deeper and deeper into her loins. Her huge chest heaved almost violently as orgasms rippled through her naked, young body every few seconds. Her hand came up to hold her huge tits as they started to hurt from the strain. Finally, I patted her ass and she lifted her body off of my face. Sliding out from between her open thighs, I reached for her clothes and handed them to her. She got dressed and when she was ready to leave, I touched her shoulder and she turned to face me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply.

"The busses should be returning in about 15 minutes." I said as I gazed at her beautiful young body. "I really enjoyed this - and I gather you didn't exactly mind either." I teased. Laura blushed and smiled. "Remember, you may tell no one about this, or else." I said. Laura nodded. I walked her to the door.

"Kiss my cock." I said and Laura bent down and opening my robe, kissed the tip of my cock. As I wrapped my fingers through her long, auburn tresses, she opened her mouth and slid my cock all the way into her warm mouth. I moaned as she sucked on my shaft and then released my grip. I was too worn out for another round and besides we'd run out of time. I sent her on her way with a swat on her cute, little ass. As she stepped out onto the porch, she could feel the cool breeze against the moistness of her inner thighs and she gasped as her pussy felt chilled. As she walked back into the main part of camp she began to relive her experience. She'd never cum that many times in her entire life.


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