tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Hell of a Summer Ch. 05

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 05


This is one of a series best read in sequence



During dinner Laura kept a very low profile. Every time I looked at her she quickly looked away. She was fascinated by my control over her, yet humiliated by her own willingness to succumb to it and the knowledge that I had really ravaged her body as no other man ever had. She was also disturbed by the way her body responded when she was held down. She also remembered how it felt when I'd punished her body, pinching and twisting her nipples. She'd never been controlled that way and her body's response to it surprised her.

After dinner I found her sitting on the porch of the radio shack. I motioned her inside. She looked scared but excited. She wore running shorts and a half T-shirt. Once inside, I closed the door. I approached her and reaching up under her shirt squeezed her massive tits. She was not used to such a direct approach to her body. This was not foreplay this was submitting. She wasn't used to being submissive. Leaning against the table, she parted her thighs and I stepped up close to her. I wedged my crotch against hers and she gasped as she felt my cock rub against her pussy once again. Once firmly pressed against her sheathed quim, she ground her crotch against the huge bulge in the front of my shorts. Her pussy pressed tightly to my sheathed cock as she gasped. I continued to rub my ramrod against her most intimate flesh. She felt her body responding to be dominated.

"Suck on me." I said and Laura turned me to lean against the table and proceeded to unzip my shorts. She squatted down before me and reaching into my open shorts, retrieved my ramrod. Opening her mouth, she enveloped my shaft and started to suck. I felt her fingers slide up into the legs of my shorts and massage my heavy balls. Her face slid up and down the length of my cock as her long, dark hair bounced gently. I felt my cock bounce against the back of her throat as she sucked on me. Laura was eager to please me.

As I felt my balls about ready to explode, I wrapped my fingers through Laura's thick hair. She knew what was about to happen and she knew that she was powerless to stop it. This excited her. My cockhead pressed against her tonsils and her throat convulsed. As I started to cum, I pulled her head back, until only the tip of my cock remained between her soft lips and my cum exploded into her mouth and filled it completely. The taste on her tongue was salty as the young beauty looked up at me, her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. A more beautiful sight did not exist.

"Swallow." I said and she reluctantly gulped down my load. "Now suck." I said and Laura went back to work. Finally I eased her mouth from around my cock and slipped my cock back into my shorts. I sat down in the DJ's chair and turning around, lifted my feet up onto the desk.

"Climb on." I said and Laura stood up and then straddled my hips and lowered her ass to my crotch. She felt the lump of my cock as it pressed against her seething pussy. She leaned back against my raised legs as she braced her feet on the floor. I could feel the heat in her loins as her warm crotch pressed against my recently pleasured cock.

"Put your hands behind your head." I instructed and Laura complied as she raised her arms. Laura's huge breasts hung loosely in her bra as both hands clasped behind her head. Her arms framed her beautiful face. I slid both hands up under the front of her T-shirt and began to knead her full breasts. I loved her tits and would enjoy them at every opportunity. I pinched her nipples through her bra and she gasped. I could feel them harden as I touched them and Laura rubbed her pussy against my cock. I nodded to her. Laura reached down and crossing her arms pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it on the console. Then reaching behind her, she unsnapped her bra and peeled it from her massive tits. She lay it on the console and then brought her arms back up over her head. She was excited as she felt her body open and available for my pleasure. I brought my hands back up to her huge tits and began to squeeze and play with her naked breasts. Laura ground her pussy against me as my fingers closed around her taut nipples. I pinched and pulled on her tender nubs and shook her huge tits gently. She gasped. I began to slap Laura's massive tits gently and her huge orbs bounced on her chest. It didn't hurt exactly but she did wince a few times. I had made the point that I could do with her what I wanted and so I caressed her massive titflesh and then pulled her forward and licked her rock-hard nipple. The bare-breasted beauty gasped.

"You know, I really like this arrangement. You have a magnificent body and I plan to take my pleasure in it at every opportunity. This really is a better idea, for me to enjoy you, rather than to turn you over to the sheriff and the dikes." I said as Laura shuddered. "There is only one problem for you now." I said as I pinched her nipples. Laura looked puzzled.

"What are we going to do about Alicia?" I said as I continued to maul her massive tits. I pinched both of her nipples and lifted her massive tits by her nipples. Laura winced as she felt the strain on her aching nubs. I shook her tits as I held her nipples and her face contorted with pain as I felt her pussy grind against me. I was pleased that she was responding to the mild abuse of her luscious, young body.

"You see, she's as guilty as you are. I can't let her off and if I turn her in to the sheriff, I'll be forced to turn you in, too." I explained as I continued to tease her titflesh. Laura turned white.

"But we had a deal." she pleaded. "I agreed to let you do whatever you wanted to me and I'm here now, aren't I. I'm being your slave." she added. I continued to tease her tits.

"Why don't you make her be your slave also?" Laura blurted out as she squirmed under my hands. I looked thoughtfully as I considered the possibility. This was the solution I was hoping for.

"Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have Alicia as another sex slave. Then I could enjoy both of you and watch you enjoy each other for my entertainment." I thought aloud. Laura had not considered the possibility of making love with another woman but the fear of jail weighed more heavily for her. Besides, she and Alicia had kissed each other when they were younger as they tried to prepare for their future boyfriends and didn't want to be too inexperienced.

"I have an idea." I said. Laura looked relieved. "You will go and talk to her. You will tell her how you both were caught and that I have pictures of it all. First, you will have to explain how much trouble you are both in and what the consequences of the sheriff and prison will be and then you'll have to convince her that she must become my sex slave and make sure she delivers to the fullest, as you are learning to do. Then I can enjoy you both and keep both your asses out of jail." Laura knew she had no other choice. She would have to find a way to convince Alicia to join her in serving me.

"I'll give you two days to convince her." I said.

"This isn't fair." she said. "First, I let you fuck me and then you made me agree to become your slave and then you took those pictures of me. I agreed to what you wanted and I'm keeping my end of the deal. Now you just changed it."

"That's right." I said. "That's because I'm the master and you're the slave. Slaves don't negotiate. Besides, you seem to have managed to enjoy the arrangement so far." I said. Laura knew I was right. She had never been so excited or aroused as she had been in the last 6 hours. I continued to pinch and squeeze her tits as she tried to think about how to convince Alicia. I pulled her tits and she raised her back off of my legs. I pulled her forward by her massive tits and then kissed her. I felt her pussy grind against me as I buried my face between her pendulous breasts and began to suck and tease them. Laura moaned deeply as she felt my mouth on her magnificent mams and then grabbing me by the hair, pulled my face from her massive titflesh and pressing her lips to mine, sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. My hands closed on her panting titflesh and I held her tightly as we kissed.

"Up you go," I said as I released my grip on her massive breasts. Laura lifted her body and reached over for her top. "Not so fast, slave," I said as I took her hand. Turning her body around to face the large table, I placed my hand in the middle her her shoulder blades and then pushed her forward. Her hips touched the edge of the table and her upper body bent forward until her elbows touched the table and her huge breasts dangled below her chest and brushed against the cold, wooden tabletop.

"I'll bet you're just drenched," I teased as Laura felt my hands on her slender waist and I slid my fingers under the elastic waistband of her shorts. In an instant, her shorts and panties were down around her knees as she bent seductively over the edge of the table. Laura knew what was coming.

Placing my hands on her hips, I moved behind her bent body and she felt the tip of my cock brush across her naked thighs. My ramrod stood straight out and easily slid between her slightly parted thighs. She was drenched. I could smell her sweet juices and then felt them as they coated the tip of my cock.

"We'll have to make this a quickie," I teased as I shoved my cock into her warm, wet pussy in one thrust.

"Ahh." Laura gasped as she felt my ramrod stretch her open in one thrust. She'd never been taken so directly before. It was exciting to her as she felt my hands on her hips and I began to ram my cock into her juicing loins. Laura felt her huge tits begin to swing back and forth under her chest as my cock ravaged her drenched pussy. Each thrust forced her thighs against the edge of the table and then as she body stopped its forward motion, my cock thrust deep into her dripping pussy and her huge tits swung almost violently below her chest.

I fucked her hard and fast as she was draped over the table and finally, I rammed deep into her body and let loose as my cock emptied in her sweet loins. Laura gasped as she felt the power of my load spray into her loins and she too let loose with a powerful orgasm.

Satisfied, I pulled my cock from her dripping pussy and turned to lean against the table beside her. Laura remained draped over the table, her shorts and panties down around her ankles.

"You know what to do," I said and Laura was stunned. She'd never been used like this before and now she knew what she would have to do. Raising her panting titflesh from the table, she stood up and then stepping back, she tried not to trip over her panties as they wrapped tightly around her ankles. Bending her knees, she knelt before me and then grasping my cum-covered cock in her hand, tilted her head and wrapped her soft, wet lips around my spent shaft. I gently stroked my fingers through her long, dark tresses as she sucked my cock between her soft lips. I moaned softly, I stroked her hair and felt her lips and tongue pleasure my manhood. I liked this arrangement and it appeared that it was going to get even better.

"That's a good slave." I said as I released my grip on her head. "You may go." I said. Laura got up and began to put her clothes back on. She was disappointed that I had not made any effort to lick her pussy or give her any pleasure. She began to realize that her status was that of slave not lover.

"What if she won't agree?" Laura asked.

"She'd better - for your sake." I threatened. "You'd better be convincing." Laura nodded and walked to the door.

"By the way, I don't like bras. I don't want to see you wearing one anymore." I said.

"Are you kidding?" she asked in astonishment. "Do you have any idea what I look like when I walk around without a bra?"

"Yes, I know exactly what you look like." I said. "You seem to like being the center of attention - I'm just doing my part to help." Laura knew I was right about being the center of attention but going braless with her chest, would be hard even for her to endure. I didn't care and looked forward to watching her bounce around the camp for the enjoyment of all the men and boys.

The young beauty left the radio shack and I watched as her sculptured ass moved out onto the porch and then she bounced delightfully down the stairs. I sat for a moment on the railing of the porch and watched her magnificent, young body move across the road. I sat and imagined all of the wonderful things I was going to do with and in her body.


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