tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Hell of a Summer Ch. 06

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 06


This is one in a series best read in sequence.



Just before curfew, I had Laura come to my office. The office was deserted when she came in and she sat down as her huge breasts bounced gently under her tight T-shirt. I motioned her to come around the desk and she leaned against the edge as I stood next to her.

"Well?" I asked.

"First, I swore her to secrecy about what I was going to tell her. Then I spoke to her about the situation and that I had managed to keep myself away from the sherrif by letting you fuck me. I told her that since she was also involved and in the pictures that she would have to make the same choice. I didn't tell her about being a sexual slave or what you made me do. I was afraid it would be too much for her to take in. To be honest, I'm not sure if she's going to agree. But at least, she hasn't said no." Laura said.

"Good. You've done well for yourself in your first task as my slave." I complimented her. "When will you know more?" I asked.

"Well, she's really afraid." Laura explained. "She may look like she knows what's going down but she's still very inexperienced. Actually, I had to do a lot of convincing to get her this far." she confided.

"What do you mean?" I asked as I came around behind her and stroked my fingers through her long, auburn hair.

"She's actually only had sex once and it was a disaster." Laura explained as my hand drifted down her neck and across the tops of her swelling breasts. She was wearing a bra. I heard a soft moan escape her lips.

"Tell me more." I said. I had other reasons for asking.

"She'll kill me if she finds out I told you about this." Laura confided. "She has always been a real tease but she knew how to keep guys just far enough away. She let them feel her up but that was about it. Then, just before camp, she got drunk at a party and her boyfriend took her upstairs and she didn't stop him. He really hurt her and then, to top it all off, he dropped her cold the next day." Laura told me as my hand slid into the neck of her top and under the cup of her bra as I caressed her full breast. I could feel her body tremble as my fingers grazed over her erect nipple.

"She's been scared to death ever since. She still plays the tease but is afraid to let anyone touch her. That's what I used as a reason for her agreeing to your demands." she said as my fingers closed around her erect nipple. "I told her about how you had made love to me and how wonderful it was and how many times I came and how she should trust you to show her that sex doesn't have to be painful and that it can be wonderful." she said blushing as my hand slid out of her bra and then moved across her chest and slid around her other breast. Her nipples stood out hard.

I pulled my hand out of her top and sat down. Laura remained motionless as she stood next to me. My fingers touched her leg and then slid between her firm thighs. Laura parted her legs slightly to allow me better access to her womanflesh. I slid my hand up the length of her smooth thigh and let my fingers graze her warm pussy. She moaned as she felt me press my hand against her crotch. My knuckle rubbed hard against her pussy lips and then I hooked my thumb under the edge of her shorts and then slid it into her drenched panties. Her legs shook as my thumb slid through her soft, dark curls and caressed her erect clit. I gently flicked my nail across her sensitive bud and her body stiffened and she flooded my fingers with her powerful orgasm. I slipped my hand from between her legs and smelling the potent scent of her love juices brought my hand to her lips.

"Lick them." I said and she obeyed as her tongue snaked around my sticky fingers.

"You talk to Alicia again and get her to agree. I'll start out gently with her if she's that inexperienced but make sure she understands what I mean by a sex slave." I told her. "Now you and I have some other business to attend to." I said. Laura looked puzzled.

"Do you remember what I told you this evening about bras?" I asked.

"Yes, but I haven't been back to my bunk to change yet." she explained.

"That's no excuse." I said, "and you are going to be taught to obey me." I said. I stepped over to the desk and leaned against the tabletop. "Come here." I instructed and Laura quickly moved to stand before me. "On your knees." I said and she sank to her knees. Her eyes riveted on my crotch as her face was scant inches from my bulging crotch.

"Pull your shirt up." I instructed and Laura quickly pulled the front of her T-shirt up over her huge tits. I stared down at her deep cleavage as he knelt before me. "Now over your head." I said and the young beauty lifted the shirt over her head and it wrapped around the back of her neck. Her shoulders were pulled back and her huge tits thrust forward. I reached down between her tits and hooking my finger around the elastic of her bra, pulled her body up to an erect position as she knelt. I wrapped my legs around her body as she knelt between my knees.

Reaching behind me, I picked up a large camping knife from my desk. Laura turned pale as she saw the huge blade and the glint of light reflected into her eyes. I held it close to her face and she started to shake slightly.

"When I say I don't want you to wear a bra, I mean that I don't want you to wear a bra." I said as I held the knife in front of her. "If you are working out or at a strenuous activity, it's okay. But just walking around, I want your tits available for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of any men that see you." I said as I slid the tip of the blade under the thin strap that ran over her shoulder. Laura felt the sharp point of the knife against her soft skin and was petrified. She looked down as the sharp blade sliced through the soft material and then the strap fell away revealing the top of her full breast.

"You had better learn to obey me when I tell you to do something." I said as I slid the point of the blade over the tops of her swelling breasts and then under the second shoulder strap. She watched as the blade sliced through it and then it snapped away revealing more of her huge tits.

"I understand that you don't relish the idea of bouncing all over camp as all the guys stare at you." I said. Laura nodded, her eyes still glued to the knife as I held it close to her panting breasts. "I think I have a solution for your problem." I said as I scraped the point gently over the firm swell of her breast and then down into her deep cleavage. She tried to pull away but my legs tightened around her body and she couldn't move. Laura tried to stop shaking as she felt the tip of the knife slide under the elastic band that ran below her breasts.

"Next time, obey me." I said as I pressed the knife and the elastic sliced open and her bra exploded from around her huge tits. Laura was relieved that she hadn't been hurt. There wasn't a mark anywhere on her tits. I placed the knife on the desk and wrapped my hands around her huge tits as I squeezed them firmly. Laura felt my grip tighten around her massive tits as my legs released hers and then as I began to pull up, she quickly changed her position so she could stand up. Now she stood bare-chested before me as my hands mauled her huge tits.

"You need something to hold your tits while you walk around." I said as I continued to pinch and pull at her huge tits. "I have a perfect solution for you that I will give you tomorrow. In the meantime I have temporary solution to your situation." I explained.

"Step back and put your hands on the desk." I instructed and Laura was quick to obey me. The young beauty bent her body forward, until her huge tits hung heavily below her chest. She lifted her head so that she could see what I was up to. Reaching around to a box on my desk, I opened it and extracted several thick rubber bands. Laura stared at them and realized that I planned to wrap them around her huge tits. I pulled the first elastic open and then stretched it around her hanging tit. I slowly let it retract around the base of her tit and Laura relaxed when she realized that it didn't hurt. It felt a bit snug but it didn't hurt her. Picking up another rubber band I fit it around the base of her other tit. Laura looked up at me.

"This will take some of the bounce out of your walk." I said as I fitted another elastic around her tit. As I continued to wrap the rubber bands around her massive tits, Laura began to feel the tightness. After placing several bands around each breast, I touched her shoulder and she lifted her body to stand straight. She looked down and saw how her huge tits stood out from her chest as the bands held her tits tightly.

"Walk a little." I instructed and Laura turned to walk around the office. She could feel that her tits didn't bounce freely as she walked but she could feel the snug grip of the bands around her tits. She walked in front of the mirror on the door and saw her bound tits in the reflection. She could see that her nipples were drawn smoothly against her breasts as her huge tits were bound tightly. Actually, the bands were not tight and she would be able to wear them for several hours without loosing sensation in her tits.

"That should hold you." I said as I reached up to her taut tits. "Tomorrow I'll give you something else to hold your tits for you." I said. "In the meantime you can wear this while you are in public and you'd better learn to obey me." I said as I picked up another rubber band and drawing it between my fingers snapped it against the firm skin of her right breast.

"Ahhh!" she screamed softly as she felt the band sting her tender breast.

"Now, pull your shirt down." I said and she raised her arms to obey when she felt the rubber bands tighten around her breast as she moved. She quickly realized what she had to look forward to and regretted not obeying me earlier. I had plans to bind her tits in a variety of ways in the days and weeks to come but for now this was a good beginning.

As Laura pulled her shirt down over her tits, she looked in the mirror and realized that her huge tits stood out firmly as if she were wearing a bra but that the bands were not visible through the shirt. She relaxed a little.

"You take those off when you go to sleep tonight but tomorrow you either wear them or wear nothing." I instructed as I wrapped my arm around her slender waist and walked her to the door. I turned to face her and kissed her deeply as I ground my body up against hers and pinned her to the wall. She felt my ramrod rub hard against her crotch as my chest mashed her bound tits firmly against her ribs. She rubbed her crotch hard against me as she sucked my tongue deep into her hungry mouth.

Laura had thought that I would fuck her again tonight but it was late. I gripped her firm asscheeks and humped her as I pressed her to the wall. Then easing my grip on her buns, I stepped away from her and turned to open the door. As she stepped out onto the porch, Laura felt the cool air on her moist thighs and she realized just how excited her body became when I handled her. She hoped no one would notice the moistness between her legs.

In the morning most of the camp left for field trips. Laura and Alicia stayed behind as instructed. They put on their bathing suits and headed for the lake. I watched the two young beauties from my office window as they smeared tanning oil on each other's bodies and lay in the sun. They both looked delectable.

Around eleven, I decided to go for a swim and coming out onto the dock, dove into the lake. Except for one lifeguard, at the far end of the dock, the lakefront was totally deserted. I swam a lap or two and then catching Laura's eye, nodded in the direction of the raft in the middle of the lake. Laura swam out to the raft and I swam a few more laps. I then swam out to the raft. Laura lay on her back on the raft, her luscious, young body glistening in the sun. I looked around. Alicia was lying on the grass, facing away from us and the lifeguard was staring at her beautiful body. No one else was around.

I climbed up onto the raft and gazed down at Laura's beautiful body. The raft had two ladders, one on each side. I sat down between the uprights of the one facing out to the middle of the lake. Placing my hands on the two uprights, I gazed down at Laura's body. She felt my shadow cast over her face and opened her eyes. "In the water," I instructed and Laura sat up and slid her body into the lake. I motioned her to move around in front of me, realizing that she could not be seen from the shore.

"Put your feet on the ladder," I instructed and Laura moved between my legs and grasped the posts of the ladder, placing her feet on the bottom rung. "Now the question is, can you suck me off before anyone on shore notices what you are doing?"

Laura looked up at me in disbelief. She couldn't imagine that I'd have her suck on me in such a public place. She was mortified. "You know what I want," I said as I reached down and slid my fingers through her wet hair. She felt me pull her face to my crotch and rub her mouth against the huge bulge in the front of my swimsuit. Laura, tried to pull away but realized that she could not.

"Do it," I commanded and Laura kissed my crotch through the thin nylon of my swimsuit. She reached up with one hand and slid it into the leg of my bathing suit. I felt her fingers wrap around my cock and pull it out so she could suck on it. She looked up at me, terror in her face and kissed the tip of my ramrod. I smiled at her. "Don't worry, no one can see you here and if you are quick, no one will ever know."

Laura licked the tip of my cock and then parted her lips and sucked the head into her mouth. I moaned softly as I held onto the ladder and watched this magnificent, young beauty pleasure my manhood. I eased my grip on her head and only guided her on my ramrod. She sucked as her hand reached between my legs and massaged my balls. I could feel myself getting close.

"Make sure that you swallow it all," I instructed as Laura felt my hand tighten on the back of her head and pull her face onto my cock. "Aahhhh," I moaned as my cock exploded in her mouth and Laura swallowed to keep from drowning in cum. I eased my grip on her head and Laura slid her mouth off of my spent cock. I smiled down at her.

"That was excellent," I said. "Now, put me back in your mouth." Laura obeyed. She continued to suck on my cock, afraid that someone might see her but more afraid that I would get angry with her and punish her.

"That's enough for now," I said. "Put my cock back inside," I instructed and Laura eased my spent cock back into my trunks. "You can swim back to the dock now, but stay in the water," I instructed. Laura began to swim back to the dock as I watched her magnificent ass as she did so. Her long legs and firm ass were truly a sight from this angle. I lay back for a moment, savoring the pleasure I had just enjoyed.

After a few minutes I swam back to the dock and moved over to Laura, who was standing in the water next to the dock with her arms folded on the planks as she talked with Alicia, who was lying on the grass nearby. When I arrived Alicia stopped talking.

Laura's huge breasts were just below the waterline as she stood, leaning against the dock. I looked up at Alicia's magnificent body, imagining what it was going to be like, a little later, when I'd get to fuck the shit out of the young beauty. Turning around with my back to Alicia, I leaned against the dock next to Laura. I let my hand touch her stomach under the water and she gasped softly at my touch.

"Any news?" I asked in a whisper.

"Almost." she answered softly. I scraped my fingers across Laura's firm stomach and then let my hand slide down her body. She moved her feet apart and I slid my fingers down across the front of her bikini bottoms and she gasped. Alicia heard her and looked up. Laura's bikini was a knit and the bottoms barely covered her dark bush and were held in place by two strings that rode high on her flaring hips and accentuated the length of her tapering legs. I slid my hand into the front of her bikini and she fought to keep her composure as my fingers teased her pussy. The water was cold as I pressed my fingers into her love hole and the cold water seeped into her steaming pussy along with my fingers.

Alicia watched Laura's face as her breathing became heavier and she began to whimper in excitement as my fingers aroused her. When they finally closed around her erect clit, Laura almost lost it. She gasped loudly and Alicia could see that her body stiffened as her face flushed. Alicia was fascinated as she watched her friend writhe in passion before her. It excited her. I slid my fingers out of Laura's pussy and then removed them from her bikini. I smiled at her as I pinched her thigh just below her seething pussy and swam away as Alicia stared first at her friend and then at me.

"Did he....?" Alicia asked.

"Yes, he can make me cum almost at will." she confessed. "Actually, I've never cum so many times in a row as I have with him."

That seemed to have done the trick. The girls spent the rest of the morning discussing sex and Laura explained to her the part about being a sex slave and how it annoyed her to be forced to do things or to have to allow herself to be touched in any way that I wanted, regardless of how she felt about it but how it excited her beyond belief when it happened. Alicia decided to accept my proposition.

At lunch Laura walked past me and nodded. I smiled at her as I watched her magnificent tits bounce gently as she walked. I could see that Laura was wearing a top that tied under her breasts and held her huge tits as if it was a bra. I smiled to myself as I looked carefully and it appeared that her nipples were standing out hard against the soft material and she wasn't wearing a bra or she did wear the rubber bands and I would check that later.

As I left the dining room, I saw Laura on the porch. She was sitting on the wooden railing, her foot resting on the crosspiece as her knee stuck out and her thighs were slightly parted. I approached her and saw a big smile come over her face.

"That wasn't fair what you did to me in the lake before." she chided me. "Do you know how cold that water feels when it gets inside?" she asked.

"What are you complaining about?" I teased her back. "All the important parts on you are on the inside. All the parts that count on me are on the outside." I joked. She laughed. "Do you know where Crocket's lodge is?" I asked her.

"Yes, we used to hike over there to skinny dip in the evening." she confided. "But I've never been inside."

"Good. I want you to me there at 3:30." I instructed. "And tell Alicia that I want to see her in my office in 15 minutes." I added.

"Is this going to be her initiation?" Laura asked.

"Partly." I answered with a smile as I touched her thigh. I felt a shiver run through her body.

Fifteen minutes later Alicia appeared on the porch of my office. She wore her blue string bikini and a T-shirt that barely came to her slender waist. I licked my lips as I gazed at her beautiful, young ass through the window, knowing I would be enjoying it fully within the next few hours.

"Do you know where Crocket's Lodge is?" I asked the beautiful, young girl.

"Yes, Laura took me there last week." she said.

"I want you to meet me there at 2:00 and don't tell anyone about this." I instructed. "Not even Laura."

"I've never been in the lodge." she said.

"Don't worry, it's not occupied and I'll leave the door open for you." I said. Alicia was terrified about what she was about to do and she was relieved that I hadn't touched her right then and there in the office. I watched her magnificent ass as she walked across the room and then as she bounced down the stairs of the building, her tits jiggled gently in her bra. It was going to be a fine afternoon.

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