tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Hell of a Summer Ch. 08

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 08


This is one in a series best read in sequence.


Alicia stood next to the big bed facing me. I gazed at her naked body and smiled at her. I picked up a large towel from the night stand and tossed it to her. She caught it and looked at me quizzically.

"Spread it out in the middle of the bed." I instructed and Alicia opened the towel and spread it over the turned down sheets. I climbed onto the bed and lay face down on the huge towel. Alicia was a bit surprised.

"Since I just had the pleasure of cumming in your mouth, it will be awhile before I am ready to cum again. I've watched you and the other kids giving each other massages around the cabins." I said. "I want you to give me a massage now and I want it to be a very thorough one." I said. "There's a bottle of oil on the night stand." I added. Alicia looked down at me and then at the bottle of oil. She had expected me to be rubbing her body by now, in fact, her body ached to be touched but that wasn't to be just yet.

"Climb on." I said without even looking up at her. She picked up the bottle and climbed up onto the bed. She looked down at my body and then straddled my lower back and lowered her naked and as yet untouched pussy onto my body. Alicia gasped when she felt her moist pussy lips touch the warm skin of my lower back. She wasn't used to spreading her thighs this wide, especially when she was naked.

I felt her squirt some oil onto my back and then I felt her fingers begin to massage the muscles of my shoulders and upper back. I moaned to let her know I was pleased. I could feel the moistness of her pussy as it pressed against my skin and I felt her rub her aching pussy against my back as she leaned forward.

"You have a good touch. In the future, you should squeeze the oil into your own hands and then rub your hands to warm it before rubbing into my body. Now, let's see if you're as good as Laura at this." I said as I closed my eyes and relaxed my body. The two of them were good friends but there was still an element of competition between them and Laura who was a bit more daring was generally more experienced.

After several minutes of excellent massage, I lifted my head slightly. "I want to feel your nipples rub against my back." I said and Alicia was a bit surprised by my request. She leaned forward and lowered her beautiful tits to my body. She felt her tender nipples press against my skin as her hands grasped my upper arms. "Now rub them up and down my back." I said and the young beauty pressed her body back and forth as her sensitive nipples slid over the oil on my skin. It was a beautiful sensation for both of us. "Use your tongue also." I said and I felt Alicia's tongue dart across the back of my neck. She continued to drag her taut nipples across the oiled skin of my back and I heard her gasp as she lifted her body just enough so that only the tips of her tender nipples touched my skin. The sensation was exquisite – for both of us.

"How about the rest of my back and my legs?" I teased. Alicia slid her body back down onto the backs of my legs as her nipples slid down over the swells of my ass. There was no oil on my lower back or ass and the sensation in her nipples changed. She lifted her upper body and taking the bottle of oil poured some into her hands and warmed it and then spread some over my lower back.

"Ahem." I taunted and then I felt her oily fingers spread the liquid over my ass. Alicia massaged my lower back and then I felt her fingers caress my ass. I moaned with pleasure. I spread my legs apart a bit, hoping that Alicia would get the hint. I felt her fingers slide over my ass and then down over the back of my thigh as she slid her hand down between my legs. I felt her long fingernails graze against the bottom of my scrotum and I moaned deeply.

After several minutes of massaging my ass, I felt her slide down further on my legs and then I felt her lean forward and rub her nipples over the cheeks of my ass. Again I moaned with pleasure. Sitting back up, she continued to massage the backs of my legs. I felt her hands slide up between my thighs and she massaged my balls. I felt my cock begin to stir once again. Alicia slid back on my legs and then leaning forward, lowered her beautiful breasts to my legs and slid her hard nipples up against my thighs. I felt her lips kiss my ass and I moaned loudly as she flicked her tongue over the skin of my cheeks. I felt her nipples press against my legs and decided it was time to turn over.

Lifting my body slightly, Alicia realized what I was going to do and she rose on her knees as I turned my body over. She looked down at my cock and could see that it was getting larger but was not yet fully hard.

"Up here." I said and Alicia began to crawl across the bed as she straddled my body. I watched as her beautiful, young breasts bounced gently as she moved. She straddled my waist and then sat down pressing her moist pussy lips against my skin. "You may continue." I said as I lay my head back and felt her hands move up to my chest. Alicia massaged my chest, shoulders and neck as she crushed her pussy against my abs. Then she leaned forward and lowered her breasts to my face. She rubbed her firm tits across my cheeks and then lifting her body slightly, lowered her nipple to my lips. I kissed her taut nipple and then flicked my tongue across her tender nub. I heard her shudder as I felt her young body tremble. She moved her other breast to my mouth and I sucked her nipple between my lips and flicked my tongue over her excited nipple. I felt her grind her pussy against my body.

Alicia braced her hands on the mattress beside me and then slid her body down further, until her pussy slid across my cock – it was hard as steel. She lifted herself slightly and began to rub her engorged pussy lips across the length of my ramrod. Her lips were drenched both with the oil and her own sweet flow and they glided across the length of my cock. She could feel her erect clit sticking up and she gasped as it rubbed against the hardness of my shaft. When her pussy reached the base of my cock, she ground her quim hard against me and then gasped. Her face flushed as she let go with a powerful orgasm. This was her first orgasm ever that wasn't the result of her own fingers and she realized that I wasn't even inside of her body yet. Again she rubbed her clit against the base of my shaft and my cock spasmed as she teased it with her open pussy. She got this very determined look on her face. She ground her pussy hard against me and again her loins flooded with hot cum. She was ready and I was loving it.

"Put me inside." I said and Alicia quickly lifted her pussy up and reached between her open thighs and placing one hand around my shaft, lifted it up and aimed it at the entrance to her oozing pussy. She rubbed the tip across her engorged lips as a gasp escaped her lips and then slipped it into her tight, wet pussy. Placing her hand down beside my shoulder, she leaned forward and then gazing down to where my cock rose up between her spread thighs, she slid her body back and down onto my shaft until I filled her to the hilt. I thought that I'd died and gone to heaven. She was unbelievably tight - and extremely wet inside. I smiled up at her. This was so very different then her previous experience.

"Now ride me." I whispered and slowly Alicia began to ride my cock, sliding her body up and down the length of my shaft. This was something totally new to her and she caught on fast. Her tits bounced gently above my face as she impaled herself on my ramrod. I reached up to Alicia's chest and caressed her glistening tits as she rode my cock. My fingers closed around her taut nipples and I gently pinched and pulled on her tender nubs. She looked down at me, her eyes filled with lust. My hands slid down to her hips and I watched as she raised herself and my cock slid almost out of her pussy before she dropped herself back down hard onto it. I was thoroughly enjoying this and from the looks of it, so was she.

I reached up for the rails of the headboard and pulled myself up. Alicia slid forward with me, until I was sitting up against the headboard and she still straddled my hips. I raised her arms to the top of the headboard and she grabbed it tightly as she continued to pump her tight pussy up and down on my ramrod. After several thrusts I reached down to her legs and pulled on her ankles. She got the idea and shifted her position so that she was squatting over me, her feet resting on either side of me on the mattress. Holding the headboard, she began to impale her drenched pussy on my shaft. Her breasts bounced gently before my eyes and I began to nip and bite at her tits playfully. Alicia worked herself into a rhythm as she fucked me and I let her enjoy herself as she pleasured me.

"Rotate your hips." I said and Alicia began to rotate her hips as she impaled herself on my cock. As she was fully impaled, she ground her hips hard, bringing her clit flush with my body and she creamed herself again. I could feel her insides flood my cock as she rose once again to ram herself down hard onto my impaling shaft. She was so tight and the movement of her pelvis was unbelievable. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I decided on a change in plans.

Placing my hands on Alicia's hips I stopped her up and down movements on my cock. She looked down at me wondering why I'd stopped her. Then she felt my hands begin to rotate her hips and she got the idea. She began to rotate her hips as she sat impaled on my ramrod and smiled down at me as she felt her pussy filled so completely. My hands came up to her panting titflesh and I began to pinch and pull on her very hard nipples. Then my hands released her sensitive nubbins and slid down between her open thighs. My palms pressed the insides of her upper thighs and Alicia spread them wide for me. My fingers slid down to the center of her sex as she sat impaled on my cock. Holding her thighs open, my thumbs slid across her engorged pussy lips as she gasped. In an instant, my thumbs slid up the length of her dripping pussy and then pressed firmly against her erect clit. Alicia gasped. I could feel the oil on her open thighs from when she had straddled my body and it made my caresses that much more powerful to her naked body. Gently applying pressure to her standing love button, I teased it, rolling it like a pearl in oil and her body convulsed in a powerful orgasm. Alicia gasped on looked down at me, her eyes filled with lust as the pleasure of her orgasm washed over her. Before she had time to recover from it, my thumbs again caressed her clit and another orgasm ripped though her lithe, young body.

My hands continued to tease her open loins but by changing the way I touched her clit, I got her to begin to rotate and piston her pussy on my cock. Her magnificent breasts bounced beautifully in front of my face as the young beauty began to ravage my body. Life is good. As her gushing pussy began to pump up and down on my cock and her hips rotated with each downthrust, my thumbs continued to tease and pleasure her clit as it stood erect between her open thighs. Again and again my thumbs brought her to orgasm and her face was flushed with arousal as she pumped her tight pussy up and down my cock. She was just too tight and the added rotations at the end of each of her thrusts was too much for me. I pulled myself forward and biting her tit gently, shoved my cock up hard into her body and exploded deep inside her tightness. Alicia screamed softly as she felt my seed fill her tight pussy and she too exploded in a powerful orgasm and then collapsed onto my body. We rested for several minutes as I felt her heart pounding against my chest.

I rolled her over onto the bed and then slid between her open thighs. Alicia wrapped her arms around my neck as I pressed my lips to hers and slid my tongue into her hungry mouth. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she sucked my tongue into her mouth.

"I look forward to many more sessions with you." I said as I smiled down at her. Alicia's face was flushed with excitement and satisfaction as she felt my cock still buried in her tight pussy. She nodded as she smiled at me and then kissed me full on the mouth, pressing her tongue between my lips.

Sliding my cock out of her tight pussy, I climbed up onto her body and straddling her panting breasts, rested my cock against her chin. Alicia could see the sticky cum that coated my shaft as I pressed the head to her lips. She could smell the powerful scent of sex on my cock. It was a sweet smell and not at all unpleasant. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and I slid my cock between her soft lips. She had tasted my cum before and she could taste it again but she also tasted the sweeet taste of her own cum as it coated my cock. Leaning forward, I filled her mouth with my spent tool. I felt her tongue snake around my cock and I moaned deeply to let her know I was pleased. The young beauty licked and sucked all of the cum from my cock. It was a glorious feeling as her tongue snaked around my shaft. After several minutes, I eased my cock from between her lips and raising up on my knees, I moved forward a bit and pressed my balls to her soft lips. Alicia kissed them and then sucked them into her mouth. I moaned deeply as her lips closed around my sack and I felt her tongue press against them. She could taste her own cum on my balls and realized just how much she had cum. She sucked and teased my balls until I eased them from her lips. She looked up at me and then kissed the tip of my spent cock. I moaned deeply and then felt her lick the tip and then wrap her soft lips around the crown as she sucked it into her mouth. I let her suck on my cock for a few minutes before slipping my cock from her lips and I helped her to sit up on the bed. I slid off of the bed and pulled her to her feet.

"Time to shower." I said as I took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. Once inside we stood under the hot water and soaped each other's bodies thoroughly. I stepped out and picked up a towel to dry myself off. "Clean yourself out thoroughly." I said as I reached back into the shower and handed Alicia the hand grip of the shower. She reached down between her satiny thighs and directed the warm water into her oozing pussy. She revelled in the sweet sensation of the warm water as it washed and caressed her recently satisfied pussy.

When she turned off the water and opened the curtain, I handed Alicia a towel and she dried her beautiful, young body as I watched. Then she wrapped the towel around herself and tucked the corner between her firm breasts to hold it in place. I led her up onto the balcony overlooking the livingroom of the lodge and walked her down to the corner. The railing of the balcony was made of wooden boards about fifteen inches wide. There were notches cut in the sides of each of the boards, forming diamond shaped openings about 6 inches square.

"Sit here." I said as I motioned her to the floor. Alicia bent down and knelt on the floor. "All the way down." I said and she eased her body back onto her ass and crossed her legs. She realized that she could see through the opening in the slats and watch the livingroom, with little chance of being observed.

There was a knock at the door and Alicia quickly tried to get up. I placed my hand on her bare shoulder and gazing down at her shook my head.

"You are to stay here and don't make a sound." I said as I widened my eyes to emphasize my point. Alicia nodded.

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