tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Hell of a Wedding Night

One Hell of a Wedding Night


It had been a long time waiting for Rob and Emily. They had been engaged for almost seven years, and the day of their wedding had finally arrived. Rob had waited for this day more than anyone, because he would finally be able to have sex with his bride, who was a virgin. Now, he had had sex before with other women, but something turned him on about waiting for Emily. She was a cute, petite brunette with fair skin and a beautiful face. Her breasts and ass were as tight as could be, but it was now time to explore inside of her body.

Now, Rob was always a sexually active, extremely horny guy. He was very well endowed, and loved to show the other ladies that he could stay up all night. He was only about 5'10, with short black hair and a goatee. Now, he vowed to be faithful just hours before at their wedding ceremony, but to him, that meant no sex with any other women after they had sex on their wedding night. That gave him just enough time to execute his master plan.

Emily had three bridesmaids: 2 of her hot sisters, Caroline and Pressley, and her friend, Julie. All three were gorgeous, but Rob had a thing for blondes, and that made Caroline and Julie ripe for his pecking! Caroline was the taller, and fairer of the two. She was about 5'7, with big, pouty lips, big blue eyes, great perky breasts, and long legs. Julie was a couple of inches shorter, but very tan. She also had long legs, and slightly smaller breasts, but was much more on the wild side. Rob knew he had to experience both of them firsthand, even though Caroline was married with four children. This was going to be one hell of a night!

The wedding reception had been going on for a few hours, and due to the open bar, everyone was getting a little drunk. This was going to be easier than Rob thought. He knew Julie was the bigger lightweight when it came to alcohol, and that she would probably be passed out first. This would work just well.

He had watched Julie then entire night, and knew it was almost time. While dancing with her, he slid his hand lower and lower down her back, and gazed into her glossy eyes. She could barely keep them open, and never once objected to him groping her tight little ass. They were in the corner of the dance floor, so he slowly and discreetly slid his hand up under her light blue dress onto her creamy, silky, nylon covered leg and gently caressed her outer thighs and ass. He knew he could not wait much longer, because he still had great plans for Caroline, who was beginning to stumble a bit when she walked around. But first, it was time to add Julie to his "Did Her Long and Hard" list.

When no one was paying attention, after all there were other things going on, Rob helped Julie outside. He had paid the limo driver to stick around and leave it unlocked. He opened the back door and helped glide her in. When she hit the seat, she passed out completely. She was sound asleep, and Rob knew he could do whatever he wanted to her. This was always a dream of his, to have sex with a girl passed out. She was asleep, with her ass to the air and her head face down on the seat. Rob began to remove her nylons so he could have a better feel. He kept her face down, and began to lick between her legs. Now even though she was asleep, he could taste her getting wet. Now, he knew he was running out of time, so it was time to start. He turned her head to the side, and slid his large penis in and out of her mouth slowly. She was now moaning but was still out of it. After he felt some precum on its way, it was time to invade her, but it was going to be hard. He had to do this fast, so going in anal was the best way. After removing his dick from her hot mouth, he lifted up her silk dress and inserted him self up her ass. She still bucked her hips, so he thought she may have been coming to. After fucking her ass for about five minutes, it was time to lose his load. He shot all the way up her ass, and she gave out a little squeal. After cleaning himself up, he helped her dress, and kept her nylons as a souvenir, figuring they would come in handy a bit later.

Rob returned inside and danced with his new bride. After a quick dance and the tossing of the bouquet, it was time for number two. He saw Caroline stumble and stagger into the champagne room to try to regroup. Rob went in after her, and wanted to keep this sex anonymous. H snuck in and locked the door behind him. Caroline was dozing off on the couch, and Rob took out his blindfold. He tied up Caroline's hands, using the pantyhose as the rope and cuffed her to a hook on the ceiling. This was ideal because the pantyhose stretched enough to raise and lower her to different levels. First, he dropped her to her knees and forced her mouth open. Tears were coming down her face, but it was no problem. The blindfold soaked them up as much as possible. He held the back of her head and slid his dick in and out of her mouth...so far into the back of her throat that she began to gag on his massive erection. He stopped the oral sex and gave her a big wet kiss on her pouty pink lips.

She was moaning the whole time, but that just turned Rob on even more. He now raised her enough so that she was sitting on the couch. He sat next to her and lifted her onto his lap. Rob sat facing her and placed Caroline right onto his lap and slammed his giant cock into her small pussy. He gyrated her all over him and was getting hot, but heard the announcement for the upcoming last dance. He had to make this quick. He fucked her hard for about 2 more minutes when he realized he couldn't shoot his load inside her, just in case she and her husband were trying to have another child. He did not want to impregnate his new sister in law, so he pulled out just in time. He stood her up and lowered her onto her knees again. He stuck his dick in her mouth one more time and held her head all the way to his pelvis. Rob wanted to cum in Caroline's mouth and force her to swallow it all the way down. She coughed it up a bit, so he kissed her hard again, and stuck his tongue down her throat to make sure she swallowed it all the way.

Rob was done with Caroline and Julie, and now it would only be a matter of time before he popped his new bride's cherry. Ah, what a wedding!!

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