tagInterracial LoveOne Hot Afternoon

One Hot Afternoon


Sometime back, when I had been married only for a year or so, I found myself out for the afternoon with Arlene, a girl that I went to class with daily. We were let out for some reason, and we decided to run some errands.

After a couple of stops, Arlene asked if I minded if we stopped at her boyfriends place for a few minutes. It wasn't a problem for me, so we did.

Arlene was always mentioning this guy, and saying how nice, and sweet, and how sexy he was. Once, she even mentioned how good he was at, well, eating her pussy. There! Wasn't that interesting?

I was certainly interested, and, thank goodness I was dressed to visit a man. I had on a little pair of cut-off overalls. They fit just snug enough, and, since it was so hot, I wore them without a shirt. Hey, they were snug enough to contain me, but they did say something, you know?

He answered the door and let us in. The house was cool and comfortable, and he seemed like a nice guy, but Arlene hadn't mentioned what a big man he was. He was tall and solid, and he was very black. What a surprise to me, since Arlene was a kind of skinny, pale white sort. He was nice and seemed to be a gentleman, so no problem.

His mouth was interesting to me. Maybe Arlene's talk about his special talent got my interest, and I just kind of checked out his mouth and tongue as he spoke. Besides, a big, solid black man might have some other things going for him, you know?

Arlene went out to the kitchen with him to get some cokes. She stayed a little while and came out without the cokes. Arlene asked if I liked him, and, well, I told her that he seemed nice. She said that he thought that I was very sexy.

Arlene asked if I would like to spend a little time with him, and I told her that it would be fun, so she picked up her purse and said she would be back in a little while.

Almost immediately, Coley came out of the kitchen. He put his arm around me and led me to the sofa. I started to make conversation, but he put his finger to his lips and put his arm around me. He sat down and kind of lifted me into his lap, picking me up easily, arranging my legs so that he was between them, with me on my knees, facing him. He put his arms around me and put his face against my chest, moving his head back and forth against my breasts. I moved forward, rubbing against him while sticking my butt out. He held my ass in his hands and massaged as I rubbed against him.

I unhooked the fasteners to the overalls and let the bib down, allowing his face and mouth to have my tits. He did have a nice mouth, and a nice slow way of kissing and sucking them. His teeth would take my nipples and pull gently, hurting just a little. I couldn't catch my breath as he did it.

I rose up and pulled my top down some more. It just wasn't down enough, and I stood up and stepped out of the overalls. As he put his hands in my panties, I fell to the sofa. He pulled them off, leaving me naked and hot, lying down, waiting for him.

He pushed me to one end of the sofa, got down on the other end, crawled between my legs and rubbed his face into my cunt, kissing and making all kinds of noise, nice noise. He kissed her just enough to get her nice and wet, and get me all antsy and excited, and then he sat up and rolled me over.

He started his attention at the top of my butt and didn't miss a bit. He ended up with his lips and tongue paying special attention to my asshole. It was so wonderful, I couldn't breathe. I was shaking around and I needed to come.

He helped me turn again and I spread my legs while ask him to please fuck me. He pulled off his slacks, and while he took off his shirt, I put my hand around his dick. He was big guy in every way. I sat up and took it into my mouth. It seemed to grow as I did so. He moved in and out slowly, but I could sense his excitement and his need to move faster. I relaxed myself and let him move it in farther and farther. I managed to get it into my throat and stop his movement, and then start to move the muscles in my throat and neck as much as I could. His reaction was to want to slide in and out faster, but I wanted him inside my cunt, soon.

I backed off from his dick and lay back down on the sofa, pulling him to me by pulling him to me with that dick. He got between my legs and I helped him slip it in. His weight and his excitement were all over me. He moved in and out, filling me and emptying me. That sensation and his excitement was almost overwhelming. He came in a rush, and he just avoided collapsing on me completely.

After catching his breath, he slid down between my legs and began kissing and licking me gently. He would take my clit in his mouth and kind of roll it around gently, sucking it. He cleaned all of his cum up. It felt so good. My climax consisted of cumming three or four times in succession. As I did, he held my pussy to his lips and gently rubbed his lips against me. How nice, I was exhausted.

Arlene returned and found us dressed, sitting on the sofa with the TV on. She looked at Coley and smiled and looked at me and really smiled, asking me if I was ready to leave. I asked her to help me up and we could go. Laughing, she held out her hand and helped me. Coley stood up for a big hug goodbye and the hot afternoon and was over. M

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