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One Hot Fuck


She removed her panties, smoothed down her skirt and got out of her car.

It was the first time she had seen him in about five years and she had been thinking of little else all day. Whatever happened between them tonight, even if they didn't hit it off, she had to have a shag with someone.

She looked around the busy restaurant and there he was. Slightly older, a little grey round the temples now, but still the handsome guy she had intended to marry. She had decided there was little point in going over why he jilted her yet again. They both had new lives now, their paths had crossed again accidentally, he'd decided "a drink, for old times sake", and here they were. Leave it at that, she'd decided, and try to get that fantastic cock of his inside her one more time.

He kissed her lightly on the cheek as they met, they sat and he ordered wine and some food. As the meal progressed, they relaxed more and more with each other. She toyed with her hair, he held eye contact with her almost too long, as they swapped stories about their families and mutual friends. As they sipped coffee, his hand brushed against hers across the table and she didn't move it away.

"Drink at the Mojo?" he asked, referring the hottest club in town.

She nodded and his hand brushed her waist as she led the way out of the restaurant.

Outside she stopped and turned to face him.

"The Mojo will be a bit noisy, don't you think?" she asked.

"Well," he replied as if he didn't quite believe his luck, "I have my place to myself tonight. If you…"

"OK", she replied before he could finish. "I'll follow you."

Their cars parked outside, they kissed as soon as the front door of his house closed behind them.

She pressed her pussy hard against his groin, desperate to feel the warm, hard cock pushing back against her. She wasn't disappointed. Her hand moved to touch it and rub it through his trousers.

He broke free from the embrace and led her through to the lounge, taking his jacket and shoes off before beckoning for her to sit beside him on the sofa. She stood above him and slowly peeled off her jacket, skirt and bra and stood there naked apart from the 5" patent heels. She remembered how he loved to fuck her while she kept her shoes on.

She knelt in font of him and undid the zip of his trousers. Pulling his trousers and pants down to his needs, she plunged her mouth over his rock hard cock that was already beginning to ooze drops of pre-cum. Encasing all of it, she took it in until she felt the top if the helmet tickle the back of her throat. She looked up twice into his eyes as she sucked and sucked. He could hardly catch his breath as he felt the sensation overwhelm him. The spunk tremor that began somewhere in the pit of his stomach, made him shake and tremble.

"I – I'm going to cum," he stuttered, as it to warn her as much as anything else as his cock was still being worked and wanked by her mouth and tongue. She paused but only to let her tongue play around the knob of his helmet, before crashing her soft mouth round it again and again as her head bobbed up and down and she sucked him harder and harder, faster and faster.

He came with a rush, shooting hot spunk deep into her throat. She gulped and swallowed all but the faintest dribble that trickled down her chin. When he was spent, she wiped her face with her hand and licked that clean.

She then lay back on the floor and spread her legs wide in front of him, showing her shaved and glistening cunt. Her fingers played around it as she stared at him, allowing her own sensual being take control. With one hand stroking her tits and the other pushing two, then three, fingers into her pussy, she was about to make herself come with a surge as strong as anything she'd felt before. Her legs trembled, her knees want week and she felt her tummy tighten. Then it hit her, wave after wave of shuddering orgasm, her eyes screwing up with the sheer pleasure.

Watching this, he grew hard again. Fumbling in the jacket he'd thrown to one side he found the condom he'd taken with him more in hope than expectation. Sliding it on his erect cock he stood, shook off the rest of his clothes and fell to his knees between her legs.

They maintained continuous eye contact as his cock slid into her gaping, wet hole. Oh yes! This is what she wanted. Not necessarily all the time, but now and then, and he owed it to her after splitting with her the night before they had been due to marry.

Now he was buried deep inside her and she tightened her cunt walls around his engorged prick. As he pushed in and out, in and out, so she wanked him with her cunt. She knew it would take him longer to come the second time around, but that didn't matter. Just feeling that huge, hard, cock deep inside her again was worth it in itself.

Then she knew he was close again, and she wanted to make it with him. She slipped her forefinger between his stomach and her own and rubbed her mound. Wanking him with her cunt as he fucked her she was also rubbing herself towards climax and then, as she felt him pumping and throbbing inside her she let herself go too and they came together.

He rolled off her onto his back and was still catching his breath as she stood and got dressed.

"Thanks," she said. "I needed that. Call me sometime and maybe we'll do it again."

She blew him a kiss and walked to her car, the air finding its way under her skirt to cool her hot, wet pussy.

She checked her hair in her rear view mirror and tidied her make-up. Checking her watch, it occurred to her that the night was yet young. Maybe a drink at the Mojo wasn't such a bad idea. Didn't that young guy from accounts say he was going there with some mates? Why settle for one fuck when there's more out there, just waiting for you.

In the club, she went straight to the bar and was immediately hit on by a couple of guys offering to buy her a drink. Not her type, either of them. Too old and smelling of stale booze and tobacco. No thank you.

Across the bar, sure enough, there was young Dominic with a group of friends. He spotted her, smiled, said something to his mates who laughed as he came round to her.

As he paid for her drink, she asked, "Did you tell them you were going to shag me?"

He went bright red and struggled to answer.

"Don't worry," she whispered, "I want you to."

Leading him with one hand and sipping her drink with the other, she took him into a darkened corner, usually occupied by smooching couples at the end of the night, but almost empty now. The only other people there, an older guy with a very young girl, who through the gloom could just be seen to be wanking him with her hand in his fly.

"The difference between us and them," she said, whispering in his ear again, "is that he is probably paying her for that, whereas I am going to give you something better for free. Got a johnny?"

Still speechless, he nodded and produced a silver foil packet from his pocket. She ripped it open, unzipped his trousers and slid the condom onto his hard cock.

Impressed and please by the size of it, she kissed him deeply as she pulled it out and lifted herself onto it.

Leaning back against the wall she pulled him into her with her hands on his hips and pushed slowly against him so that he started to fuck her.

God he was big and it felt so good. The exciting, dirty nature of the situation and the size of his cock meant that she knew she would come quickly and she reckoned on him doing the same anyway. He didn't let her down.

She bit into his shoulder as she felt him pump inside her and her own wave of orgasm swept through her.

As he pulled out of her a wave of panic struck as she felt the condom slip off. She reached down and grabbed it from inside her cunt, the shot sticky spunk spilling onto the floor.

"You stupid little fuck!" she spat at him. "If any of that has leaked inside me, you are in for real trouble!" He almost ran away from her, back into the main part of the club, his head spinning with what had happened and reeling from what the consequences might be.

"Oh shit!" she said to herself, immediately realising that the only thing for it was to let her husband fuck her without wearing one – just in case. Not that he satisfied her, but others already had that night, so what the hell.

A month later, she sighed with relief that she had got away with it, but she didn't tell young Dominic and proceeded to have fun at his expense – fun and pleasure at one and the same time.

She arranged any number of situations where they would be alone together and she would make him lick and suck her cunt until she came. From time to time, she gave him a reward by wanking him with a promise that, when she knew the 'pregnancy' was safe, he could fuck her again.

Dominic finally caught on, and one of their assignations, took her by surprise by fording her to let him fuck her. It was rough, almost violent and she loved every minute of it.

Two months later, she left her husband, both she and Dominic quit their jobs and they now live in Spain running a singles bar with swinger's nights on the Costa Del Sol. They have never been so happy and, despite the nature of their business and her natural hunger for sex, neither of them has been with another partner since.

Eight years older than him, she knows time is not on her side if she is going to have a family and she is now pregnant by Dominic and looking forward to bringing up their family in the sun.

I know all this because my name is Dominic and she is just one hot fuck…

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