tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Hot Summer Night

One Hot Summer Night


It was a hot summer night and I woke up in a sweat. My long red hair was soaked and so was the long white cotton men's shirt, I had chosen to sleep in, revealing my hard pink nipples. I opened the bedroom window to allow a breeze to flow through and then decided on a glass of water because I was so dry from the heat. I didn't turn the lights on because I knew my apartment well and didn't need them and continued down to the kitchen. I let the water run for a few minutes to let the water get cold and then placed the glass under the tap to fill it. I guzzled down the first glass and then poured another to take with me to my bedroom incase I woke up dry again.

On my way back to my bedroom I stopped to take a piss and groaned when I realized that I had forgot to get a new roll of toilet paper in the hall closet. "I guess I have to drip dry" I said to no one in particular. After I was done I stood in front of the mirror at the sink and was impressed to see that I didn't have the just woke up look "yup that is my luck, I look good when I am alone" I said with a chuckle and then I picked up the wash cloth to wash myself from drip drying.

I turned out the bathroom light and continued down the hall to my bedroom, the door was open and I could feel a soft breeze coming in from the window within. I suddenly felt uncomfortable and the hair on the back of my neck stood up as though I was being watched, "I am just being silly" I told myself, it is just nervousness from being alone just after bad break up. I entered the room and felt a cool breeze from the window wash over my skin leaving a trail of goosebumps, just then I heard a slight sound behind me and I went to turn around. Before I could turn fully around I found a large hand over my mouth and a sharp knife at my throat, I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and he whispered "Don't scream or fight and u won't get hurt." I felt fear grip me and a tear rolled down my cheek as I nodded my head in agreement.

He removed his hand from my mouth and roughly pushed me onto the bed and I landed sprawled out on the mattress, then he pinned me down with weight by straddling my chest so he could tie my hands to the head board over my head. "No" I whimpered as I felt him start to unbutton my shirt, he just looked at me and sneered then continued undressing me, once he had undone all the buttons he gently pushed the material aside rubbing my nipples and making them stand up. I looked up at him saw nothing but a mask which revealed nothing but cold eyes and an evil smile and I began to cry silently. He leaned down to take a hard pink nipple in his mouth and he began sucking on it, his hands began squeezing my tits roughly as if he were milking a cow and I tried to move away but the ropes he had tied me with restricted any movement. His mouth moved to my other breast and repeated the assault and I felt his other hand slide down my stomach to my hip and then to the inside of my thigh and finally to my pussy where I felt his finger start to flick my clit gently.

"Oh god no please don't do this" I begged in a whisper and he replied with a slap across my face and I heard him say "bitch you are nothing but a tease with that long red hair and long legs, but tonight I am going to show you what happens to sluts that like to tease" and then as if an after thought he added "and it will be an all night lesson."

He forced my legs open with his and then began sliding down so that his face was between my legs and he was holding my legs apart, he was to big and strong so I didn't have the strength it would take to fight and I could feel his hot breath on my pussy, then a moan escaped me as I felt his hot wet tongue slip between my pussy lips and begin to massage my clit softly. I felt a wave go through me and I realized he was going to make me orgasm, I tried to fight it but his tongue was working me so gently that my body exploded into orgasm and my cum squirted out all over his face. I looked down as he looked up at me and he said "I knew you would be a good little slut and cum for me, but I never imagined you to be this good" with that he began stroking me with his tongue making my hips buck every time cause I was so sensitive from the orgasm. His tongue found another slightly different spot on my clit to concentrate on and I heard a loud moan of pleasure and realized it was my own voice I heard and again attempted to protest with a more than feeble no, and my body convulsed into another orgasm.

I shook my head at him when he got up on his knees and moved himself up so he was straddling my chest and he unzipped his pants releasing a very large, thick and hard cock. He looked at me with a mean and cold look and said "oh yes cunt, you are going to suck me off like your whole life depends on making me cum. And you're going to start by licking me all over, stroking me with your tongue," He laughed and then a sudden serious look and added "and your life does depend on how good u can make me feel bitch, now start working my hard cock baby.. you'll like it."

With tears of humiliation running down my cheeks I lifted my head to him and began stroking his cock gently with my tongue, nuzzling his balls and leaving little kisses in this spot and that. I heard him moan and I started stroking the length of his cock making him wet from my spit. Suddenly he growled "Take it in your mouth now bitch, I have to fuck your face," I slid his cock in mouth slowly until I couldn't take anymore and he took over by moving his hips and pumping in and out of my mouth "I'm gonna fuck your face good slut and then I am gonna cum all over your face" his comment seemed to turn him on and his hips moved faster " Then you are gonna suckle on my cock until you get me hard again and then I am gonna fuck you all night long in all kinds of positions."

I felt his cock start to pulsate and I knew he was about to cum, just then he pulled his cock out of my mouth so fast that there was a popping sound and his hot salty cum shot all over my mouth and cheeks. His hand on his cock he pushed the head of it back into my mouth and he pumped some more. And then just stopped, breathing heavily. "O.k bitch u can suckle on me now, I am ready for u to give me a hard on that won't go away until I have fucked your brains out." I sucked on him gently like a puppy does on a bitches tits and it didn't take long before I could feel his cock begin to grow and get hard in my mouth again.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slid down my body forcing my legs apart again, only this time he stopped and I could feel the head of his big cock at the entrance of my cunt. I tried to move away by pushing myself up towards the head board but he moved with me giving a good shove so his cock was pushed inside my tight hole. He gave 4 good shoves and he was all the way inside me and I could feel his hairy balls banging against the cheeks of my ass, he fucked me hard and fast and my body exploded and my cum leaked out around his cock running down the crack of my pussy and ass to make a puddle on the bed. "OH GOD" I screamed in orgasm and the realization this was going to go on all night long.

As the first signs of light began to show in the sky and I felt the last of this intruders cum shot inside me, I heard him say " You were one good fuck bitch thanks. Now I am gonna take some good pictures of you for insurance that this little party stays between you and me" and then he added "Oh and just so as you know, you were so good I think that maybe this will just be our first date." I wept knowing that from here on in this man had me where he wanted me, his sex slave for as long as he wanted.

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