tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Inch Stacey Ch. 03

One Inch Stacey Ch. 03

byAvalanche Man©

They had talked at different times concerning their relationships, and about their committed situations with their individual partners; they hadn't gotten into any detailed information or specifics.

Whereas, Stacey had dark auburn hair, slim and trim with above average looks, B cup breasts and great legs; she wasn't the head turner that either Ashley or Denise were.

Ashley was a luscious brunette with a dynamite body, definitely a full C cup, and dressed to kill most of the time. If not the looks and body she had, her attitude was she was the center of attention and loved it.

Denise, on the other hand, was a small pixie, a true blonde and her full C cup breasts looked much, much larger on her small frame. Although they had all been together before and gotten along great, this was going in a different direction than just casual friends.

Bobby was more than a bit worried about approaching this with Denise, as he was quite serious about their relationship and fully intended to make it permanent.

"Uh, Denise, we need to talk for a minute or two..." he stammered, when he got back to the apartment they shared.

"What?? What's a matter, Bobby??" asked Denise, as she sensed that he was definitely upset about something and she had no clue what it could be or what she might had done.

She was as committed as Bobby and expected him to ask "THE QUESTION" any day, even to the point she had practiced screaming "YES,YES, YES."

"Well, as you know, about once a week I have a beer or two with a group of guys I've known forever...You know...Rick and Mike and a couple of others." Bobby started out in getting to the real situation.

"O...K...A...Y," Denise replied, still not sure where this was going.

"So," he continued, "their girls have gotten into something a little different than might be considered vanilla to some people." He paused for a moment and endured her stare at him wondering where in the world he was off to.

" O..K...A...Y," she murmured, "So, what the big secret??"

"Well, er, er, Stacey and Ashley are doing nipple pumping to extend their nipples for themselves, Rick and Mike," Bobby gasped, as he had gotten it all out in one sentence, and was amazed that he had so without stuttering.

Staring at him was a total blank that went "HUH??," as she didn't have a clue if he had told her the moon was made of green cheese or what.

Seeing that he wasn't getting across, he started again, "THEY...Stacey and Ashley are doing some exercises that make their nipples longer...and we're invited to a poker party on Friday at Mike and Ashley's."

"All right," she answered, totally relieved that it wasn't anything really drastic or even minorly earth shattering to their relationship.

"I've gone without a bra lots of times as I know it turns you on, and you like me to show off some. It turns me on too, and we both enjoy what comes later. So, if that's all you want."

"Uh, well, that's not quite all of it...as their nipples are now extra sensitive, I guess, and they both go around their places topless. Anyhow, Rick suggested that you talk with Stacey about it, so that you wouldn't be uncomfortable about it."

She sat back in deep thought and after considerable musing, she looked at Bobby asked,


"Well...uh," Bobby stammered, " Give this some time and talk with Stacey tomorrow or whenever, and then we'll decide to go or not."

After a couple of deep breaths, she said, "Okay, but I'm going to call Stacey now and talk with her about it."

"Good" he exclaimed; totally relieved that he hadn't been chopped at the knees or neck, and watched her leave to call Stacey.

Twenty minutes or so later, she came back to the living room and told Bobby,

"I'm going to stop by and see...Uh, I guess really see Stacey tomorrow after work and we'll decide later about Friday night."

She jumped his body when they went to bed later that night as all these "NEW" thoughts had turned her on like nothing before, and after she climaxed about three times, then and only then did she let him get some sleep.

Coming through the door the next day, he could hear sobbing and when he saw her could tell she was completely upset. Going to her side on the sofa, he asked, "Honey, Honey, what's wrong???"

Through the sobs, she told him about her visit to see Stacey that afternoon.

"You were right..." she stuttered, " I met her at their door as she got home from work and the minute she walked through it, she took off her blouse, and you know she never wears a bra or anything under her tops."

After drying her eyes, and taking a few breaths, she continued. "Since she was so comfortable topless, after we had talked a little bit, I took my top and bra off too."

"Uh...HUH," he murmured as he was afraid to say much more.

"Well," she cried, "Her nipples are just beautiful and about a half inch long all the time, and she told me about Ashley's...and mine are just nothing compared to hers."

"Mine don't anything, but lie flat almost all the time and are almost the same color as my skin...they're just do nothing nipples!!!"

"Honey, Honey, that's not true...your nipples are great and look perfect on you...everyone's different and yours are just right," he tried to console her.

"I'm not going when they have nipples like that and mine look like nothing..." she cried and started sobbing again. "I wanna go, but not if I'm going to embarrass you and me both with do nothing nipples!!!"

STUNNED...would be the best expression of Bobby's reaction to this turn of events, as everything he expected and planned for did NOT include anything remote of the situation confronting him now.

Putting his brain in overdrive and searching for anything he had read or found on the internet or anywhere that might save or cure this, Bobby finally hollered,

"Eureka, I know what we can do to make you feel better with all this."

"WHAT, WHAT??" she cried, "I'll do anything short of Botox or surgery to make my nipples look right and pretty like that!!"

"There are these little, bitty rubber bands like an Orthodontist uses that you put around your nipples, and it would make them really stand out. And we could get some of that Henna dye that Stacey uses to change their color," he stated rather smugly at having cured the problem.

"NO, definitely N...O," she said, "I've checked on those rubber bands and you have to take them off after twenty to thirty minutes, and I've already got some of the Henna dye from Stacey when I was there."

She sat waiting for his next bright idea as she had shot down the first one, but still expected him to solve this for her.

Not missing a beat, he said, "W...e...l...l, then there is the super glue trick that movie stars use!!!!"

Slowly, like a fluorescent light coming on, she looked at him and went "Yeah, I've sorta heard about that, but it lasts about a week or so, doesn't it???"

"That's about what I've heard too," he replied, "Unless you use nail polish remover...like when you get some on your finger or whatever."

"ALL RIGHTY" she exclaimed, "That'll work...you find the super glue and I'll get started with the dye I got from Stacey."

He couldn't find any super glue anywhere in the place, so told her he was running to the store, as she was in front of the bathroom mirror busy dying her nipples a medium bright coral pink color. When he got back with several tubes of super glue, she was wandering around in just her thong and as happy as she could be.

After practicing different sizes of her nipples, they decided a little less than half inch was about right, and she pulled them out, while he super glued them to that length. She pranced around the rest of the evening constantly looking down to admire her new nipples, but wouldn't let him touch them, as she didn't want to mess them up before the glue and dye had completely dried.

The next morning he noticed that she skipped wearing a bra when getting ready for work, as she didn't put on her blouse, until they were almost going out the door. When they kissed goodbye, he mused if she gets this happy and sweet just from going without a bra... then what have I been missing.

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