tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Inch Stacey Ch. 04

One Inch Stacey Ch. 04

byAvalanche Man©

Both couples arrived at Mike and Ashley's about seven with the guys carrying an extra 12 pack of beer. Stacey and Denise hugged and admired each others see-thru tops and prominent nipples. At the door, Mike and Ashley greeted them and both were totally bare from the waist up (Mike had felt that the girls would be more comfortable with the guys bare also).

Once inside Rick, Stacey, Bobby, and Denise also took off their shirts and tops, and while the girls Ohed and Ahed over each others nipples, the guys just ogled them for all they were worth. Discussing their individual progress, the girls went off to the kitchen to prepare dips and chips for the poker game. Although Ashley had on a pleated mini skirt, Mike knew that she had nothing on under it and hoped that she wouldn't get too overt in showing all her progress for everyone to admire.

As the drinks flowed and the various games of poker were played, it was almost as if it were normal for them to play topless poker together. Except for the occasional comment about how great and comfortable it was; all the nervousness and anxiety dissolved and they all remarked how much better it was than just their previous "drab" day to day lives. Finally, getting bold, Rick proposed a toast,

"HERE'S to 2005, the Year of the Nipple!!"

"RIGHT ON...HEAR, HEAR...AND YEAR OF THE NIPPLE!!" All the others joined in with his toast.

After several hours of card playing; they all went into the small backyard, that was part of the duplex that Mike and Ashley had...all still topless and completely at ease with each other and being as they were all getting a bit soused, the guys became more laid back and the girls got a bit rowdy. Things they wouldn't have said normally, got said, and Stacey and Denise teased and wanted everyone to feel their nipples and how they had changed.

Ashley , rather loudly hollered back, " You think that's something, LOOK at this!!" With that she lifted her skirt and showed her smooth, protruding pussy to everyone.

"YOU BITCH", screamed Stacey, " YOU were going to wait until I was doing mine too!!" With that, she lifted her skirt and showed off her smooth, bare pussy to all.

Denise was confused and hurt that she was left out of the competition as she still had a light blonde bush and a thong on. She was almost in tears when Mike jumped in and said,

"OKAY, OKAY, What we'll do is have us guys check out the goodies and give you girls a vote on who has the best nipples and pussy."

This seem to quiet the girls down for a moment and after each guy had felt and admired each girl's nipples and pussy, the guys went back inside to decide whose was the best.

"MAN, what an almost cat fight that was...NOW, what in the shit do we do??" asked Rick.

"Well, what we have to do is come up with something for each one." said Mike.

"I've got it!!" exclaimed Bobby, "We'll give Ashley the best pussy award, Stacey the best nipples, and Denise the best overall breasts!!"

Downing a full beer each to kill some time and hopefully give the girls a chance to cool off, they went back out to the backyard to announce the awards.

If there had been huge trophies and checks to go with each award it wouldn't have mattered, as each girl was more than pleased with their winning whatever category the guys had chosen for them. A few more drinks and hands of cards, each couple was ready to get back to their bedrooms or wherever to get on with some serious one on one action.

Agreeing to meet at Bobby and Denise's in about two weeks, they all walked out to their cars still as topless as they had been all evening. In spite of traffic and neighbors outside, it was now natural for them to be more comfortable as topless as the day they were born.

A few days later, Mike got a call from Stacey stating that she needed to talk with him about Ashley. He almost knew this was coming, as Ashley had gotten bolder about how she dressed and showed her "new" nipples and pussy to anyone and everyone. They decided to take off work a little early, and meet at the sports bar where the guys normally met as it should be quiet and semi private in the early afternoon.

Stacey was there first, and gave Mike a big, very friendly hug that really poked her nipples into him when he came up to her at the bar. After getting a table, Stacey told him that she had discussed this with Rick before even calling him, and then she said,

"Mike, Ashley is getting to be a real problem at work...You know that I'm a Supervisor in a little different area than she works in, but I can't totally either cover for her or tell her what to do...or especially WHAT NOT to wear!!

Tuesday she came to work with that tight little sweater top that has an open weave strip right across where her nipples are...

Well, her nipples weren't just completely visible through it, but they were sticking out through it...she might as well have had no top on at all, and it almost wouldn't have been as noticeable."

"Mike, the tips of her nipples were completely out there and they keep it cold in that office...so they were more out than normal", she finished and sat sipping on her long island tea.

"Fortunately, I had a camisole in my desk, and made her go to the ladies and put it on under her sweater, or she probably would have been fired. Even then, her nipples pushed out the camisole through the holes in that sweater."

"I know, I know..." Mike replied, " She doesn't seem to think about what anyone else would think when they see her dressed like she does...

Has she talked with you about her NEW pumping club?? I came home yesterday and she had three other girls from work doing the nipple and pussy pumping with her...

This was supposed to be something for you and Rick, and now she's going like a wildfire. I've had one talk (Well, several) with her about that she has to tone down showing her nipples and pussy to just anyone and everyone, or that I'll have to get her a full time bodyguard.

We went to a flea market type thing and she wore a skimpy little sun dress and nothing else...When she leaned over her nipples would pop out the top and the back of the dress would show her pussy and ass to anyone behind us.

After she had bent over twice to look at stuff, I got us out of there as several guys were more than ready to jump her bones then and there, and kick my ass if I tried to stop them. Luckily there was a Security guard that suggested it might be better if we left.

So, I've told her she can do whatever she wants at home, but outside the front door she has to dress in whatever I approve of and behave herself. With the exception of bras or panties, she has agree to let me choose what she'll wear, so maybe we can head this off...".

Stacey nodded her head, and told Mike, "You know when I gave up bras...I was worried about how it might affect things at work, but now over half the whole department, if not the whole company doesn't wear them.

One of the top bosses called in two girls a while back and started to lecture them about their not wearing bras, and they told him they were hired without them and unless the men in the company had to wear them too...he could forget it or face a huge discrimination suit, so that was the end of that.

And, now, I feel like I've started a nipple mania fad or something. The funny thing is that I feel firmer and better without a bra, and would probably have a real difficult time if I had to wear one again.

Oh, Well, if we can get Ashley under control...that'll solve a real worry that I've had lately.

Rick and I took a trip back to my home town a while back, and as soon as we cleared the city limits sign coming back, I threw the bra I had talked him into letting me buy right out the car window as it was driving me crazy. Now, I wouldn't dream of wearing one anywhere at any time."

Blushing and giving a side glance at Mike, Stacey asked, "Uh, did you notice my nipples when I hugged you??"

Not sure where this was going, Mike replied, "Definitely Did...Very N..I...C...E...How is your pumping progressing??"

"Well" Stacey said, while looking down at the two points tenting out the front of her blouse. "I'm up or out to about three fourths of an inch so far, and although there are times I don't think I'll make it to an inch. There are other days when it seems like I'll get to an inch easily."

About this time their server came up to them and went, "Excuse me, but I couldn't help over hearing some of your conversation. Do you think that this exercise could help me too?? I'm only an A cup, but would really, really love to have great nipples like yours.

Cracking up with laughter , Stacey could hardly get out, "Well, Mike, this one for you. Another recruit for Ashley's pumping club."

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