tagLoving WivesOne Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 04

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 04


Introducing Lucy and her father, Paul..

It was the day after my encounter with Mickey and Ellen Campbell before Rose started coming down from the high her own meeting with them had brought about. After a night of fantastic sex, Rose was telling me what she had learned about the Campbell clan.

“She told me that her husband, Paul, has been screwing their daughter ever since she was old enough to enjoy it and that sometimes both he and Mickey take her at the same time. That’s what Ellen says she really enjoys because it leaves Lucy so full of cum that she can spend hours eating her.

“So Ellen goes both ways?”

Rose laughed. “I thought that was pretty obvious after yesterday, but then you missed the part where she ate me out after Mickey fucked me the first time.”

“How did that come about?”

“Well, Mickey had me pretty well worn down and we were just sitting around while I built up enough energy to give him some more. He asked if he could use our phone to call home. Of course I told him that was okay. Evidently Ellen answered because the first words out of his mouth were ‘Ma, I’ve found someone just like us. You’ll have to come over and meet her.’ I almost fell through the floor. I hadn’t expected anything like that. Anyway, he went on to tell her all about having just fucked me for three hours straight. I must have turned cherry red, because when he finished telling her about us, he turned, saw my face and laughed. He told me not to worry, his mother was well aware of how many of the ladies on his paper route he fucked, but it had never been anything like this and he wanted her to meet me.”

Rose continued. “It turns out that they live only a couple of blocks from here and Ellen would be coming over to meet me. I started to get up and put on some clothes, but Mickey said not to bother. The both of them would prefer it if I stayed naked. He began telling me about his family and how all of them were into sex at least as wild as anything he had done with me. When he got to the point he was talking about sharing both his sister and his mother with his father, I had a hard time believing it and started to get a little nervous.”

“You’ve seen Ellen, so you know what a knockout she is and believe me, the way she dresses, you would never know what a sex pot she is. She could have been going to a PTA meeting the way she looked. Very conservative. Mickey and I were still naked, just as Mickey had told me. It obviously didn’t surprise her a bit. She gave me a hug, told me how glad she was to meet a friend of Mickey’s. She gave Mickey a little longer hug and then sat down on the couch just like she belonged. I must still have been beet red and began apologizing for our lack of clothing when Mickey laughed and told her that he hadn’t told me about his family’s preferred dress – none!”

“That made me feel a little better, but I was still a little taken aback by the openness and apparent comfort Ellen showed. I suggested that we have a cup of tea and talk about this. Ellen agreed and followed me into the kitchen. We were talking as I put the pot on to boil and it was so comfortable I couldn’t believe it. That moment of comfort almost ended when I felt her hands reach around me from behind and cup my tits. I almost spilled the hot water for the tea and I know she knew how tense I was at the moment. She told me to relax, that I had a beautiful body and she was just admiring it. Then she had me put the teapot down and turn around. She had lifted her own top and those lovely tits of hers were standing so high and proud. Her nipples were hard as rocks and standing straight out. I haven’t touched another woman’s tits since I was in college, but this was just to good to pass up. She pulled me close to her and I could feel my own nipples getting just as hard as hers as she kissed me. It wasn’t one of those neighborly kisses on the cheek, in fact you could take lessons from her. I felt her tongue on my lips and opened my mouth. That’s when she began french kissing me like I’ve never been kissed before. You’re good honey, but just wait until she sucks your tongue right out of your mouth!”

“I finally managed to get the tea made and we went into the living room to drink it. Even Mickey joined in, but all the time he was sipping it, he had his arm over his mother’s shoulders and was fondling her tits. I almost didn’t get to finish mine because of what he was doing to her and how it made me feel. I couldn’t resist joining them so we adjourned to the bedroom. He had just finished fucking me a second time, with Ellen sucking my tits, when you came home. You saw how nonchalant the two of them were. I couldn’t believe it.”

I would have had a hard time believing it either, but having seen the ending of a perfect day for my wife, I knew it was true. What’s more while she had been relating her adventures my own libido had been growing. We finished the afternoon with a fantastic fuck.

“The Campbells have invited us over for a get together tonight,” Rose told me when I finished working the next day. “Should we go?”

What a question. After what I had seen when I returned home had made me horny as a billy goat. I couldn’t keep my hands off Rose, and I knew that I would be equally ready to see if Ellen had the same effect on me as she had the first time. After assuring Rose that we should, I was almost expecting her next suggestion.

“I need to go shopping for some clothes,” she said. “I had to decline Mac’s invitation to have dinner with him one night because I didn’t have a thing to wear, and I don’t want to do that again. He might get the idea I don’t want to do him again.”

I didn’t mind that idea although I knew Rose’s closet was packed with clothing. I also knew that the days when she would have been satisfied with the clothing she owned had ended when she found out how much she was enjoying our current lifestyle. She had been hinting around that she needed to make some changes and I had to agree.

We’re fortunate enough to live in a city large enough to have some shops that deal in more or less erotic dress styles for the ladies. Rose had never shopped in them before, but I knew that was more what she had in mind now that she realized I had no qualms about her exhibiting her wares. So the big shopping trip was on.

Enough money had passed over the counters to make a couple of month’s mortgage payments before Rose was satisfied. But at least I had the distinct pleasure, when we returned home, to have her model them for me.

My personal favorite was a blue, strapless cocktail dress that ended just above her knees. The skirt was slit to mid thigh giving me a flash of full, firm thighs when she walked or sat down. The top was cut so low that her breasts were barely contained by the built in bodice, displaying a mouthwatering display of creamy cleavage. It darn near made us late for the gathering with the Campbells that evening.

I was a little surprised when Paul and Ellen met us at the door and led us into their dining room. I hadn’t expected much in the way of food. Fortunately, it wasn’t a full meal, but there was still so much that it behooved us to sit down at the large circular dining table to partake of the offering. And what an offering it was! Not so much the food as the beauty of the ladies of the family. Ellen glowed in an emerald green cocktail dress of her own. Wide cutouts in the bodice barely covered her own full breasts. The full and flowing bottom was cut several inches above the knee, allowing her own legs to flash in the dim lighting of the room.

I was introduced to Lucy, who could have been a carbon copy of her mother with full breasts and a curvaceous body that was enticing in a tightly fitted black cocktail dress that hugged every curve, relieved only by a slit on the side that revealed long legs.

Paul, Mickey and I were the drones of the fashion parade, wearing business suits. Paul, like his son, was a tall man, towering at least four inches above my own six feet. He also was as handsome, as his wife and daughter were beautiful, with an even tan that set his coal black hair off perfectly. He had a firm handshake and a line of patter that made you like him immediately.

We were arranged around the circular glass top table enjoying some laughs with the food before I realized that the table gave me a clear view of what was below it. Mickey had his hand in the slit of his sister’s dress so high it was almost lost in the crease made by her thighs. I could see it moving slowly up and down the length of Lucy’s thigh. She seemed to be enjoying it and her own hand was in her father’s lap, curled around his thigh where the bulge of his cock was thickening even as I watched.

“Ellen told me that between she and Mickey, you already know all the secrets of our family,” Paul said with a smile. “So there’s no real reason to be anything but what we are and to welcome you two to our home” he continued, leaning toward my wife and kissing her while he worked his own hand high up the inside of her thigh through the slit. Rose blushed slightly, knowing that I could see exactly what he was doing, but she offered no objection. “Mickey and Ellen have told me that you both don’t seem to mind the kind of lifestyle we live and I’m hoping that we’ll become good friends in the months to come.”

If I hadn’t been so entranced watching the play beneath the table going on so openly, I might have noticed Ellen’s hand closing on my own thigh at near the same time. I was a little surprised. I hadn’t expected anything like this so early in the evening. Then too, it was a matter of them being neighbors. We had known them for a long time, if only to nod and smile a greeting as we passed on the street. I turned to look at her. She was smiling broadly as she told me that she felt a little left out after the short meeting that we had the day before yesterday. I felt her hand slide higher on my thigh until it rested on my own slowly rising cock. I wondered, as I turned toward her, if she could feel the wet spot growing from the view I was getting of Paul’s hand so high on Rose’ thigh. I knew he was feeling the heat of her bare pussy. Ellen’s lips met mine as she leaned slightly toward me and closed her eyes, obviously expecting a kiss.

The touch of our lips seemed to be almost a signal for Paul to further explore my wife’s costume. He turned toward her and changed hands, sliding his right hand beneath her skirt until it was pushed up high on her hips. Rose sighed as she felt that hand close over the opening of her crotchless panty hose. His other arm had encircled her shoulders and that hand was now pushing down on the bodice of her gown, exposing her breasts. He leaned closer and took the swollen nipple of her right breast in his mouth and began sucking it. Rose’ sigh changed to a murmur of pleasure as her partner pressed hard against her engorged breast as though he wanted to inhale it.

I would have loved to have seen more, but my attention was distracted by Helen’s activities. She had pulled the tab of my zipper down and now I felt her hand searching my boxers for my swollen cock. It wasn’t hard to find, but it was hard for her to get it out due to its tumescence. With her prize firmly In her grip, she broke the kiss I had been enjoying so much and bent forward to kiss the pre-cum covered knob than circled it with her tongue. I couldn’t resist. My hips thrust up from my seat and slid my cock into her mouth. Helen showed no resistance, in fact I felt her lipstick covered lips slide almost down to my balls which she had by now extricated. What a sensation!

Helen’s hot mouth was working its way up and down my shaft as my hands found their way to her breasts. Slipping my hands into her bodice, I found both those luscious lovelies ready for my fondling grasp. I was going to use one hand to direct her bobbing head, but my attention was distracted. I looked across the table and saw Paul take Rose’ hand and lead her from the table. As I watched, he led her to a love seat in their living room. He pulled her into his lap, facing her away from him, then used the seat’s lever to tilt it to slightly less than vertical. I saw Rose’ hands working at his zipper until with a final tug she exposed his throbbing rod. Taking both hands, she lifted herself slightly and then slowly let herself down on it’s length, skewering herself on that swollen cock. Paul was now able to use both hands to fondle my wife’s breasts as she began inching her way down to his bloated balls.

Helen’s delights were causing me to have ideas about the same thing when she took one final lick down the length of my cock, looked at me and smiled, then took my hand and led me to the long couch opposite Rose and Paul. I was thinking about what Lucy and her brother might think about this when I saw them leave the table and go down a hallway that must have led to the bedrooms.

What followed was an hour of the most passionate foreplay I’ve ever experienced. Helen was a tigress and I was her food supply. She started taking my clothing off, before we were on the couch. I reciprocated, of course. Her tits were gorgeous pillars of alabaster, topped with long nipples that begged for the attention of any man who made them swell to their full 3/4 inch length. I pulled her atop me, trying to get both in my mouth, but found Helen was directing this show. She fed me one breast as she took my dick in her tiny hand and pointed it at the puffy lips of her sex. I was in heaven as I felt the helmet of my swollen rod press between those lips, slowly parting the tight opening of her vagina, then the delights of her sliding down my length until our public hairs melded. Even kneeling as she was, astride my hips, one leg on the couch, the other on the floor, it was the slowest, tightest penetration I had ever had the pleasure of feeling.

“I just knew you would feel good in me,” she said softly. “Lucy is going to love this cock in her, but not yet. I want to feel you cum in me before she gets her hands on you.”

I knew from the tight grasp her cunt muscles had on my cock and the delightful sensation of her breast filling my mouth that it wouldn’t be long before she got her wish. Even as the thought was passing through my mind, I felt the tightening of my nuts preparing to fire the first blast of hot cum into her juicy core.

I tore my attention away from Helen for a moment. Just long enough to shift my gaze to the love seat where Paul was savagely pounding his cock into my wife’s pussy. Somehow he had managed to get his pants down to his ankles and my wife’s dress over her head. The sight that greeted me was his cum filled balls bounding off Rose’ lower cunt lips as he drove his full length into her with each thrust, eliciting a gasping grunt of pleasure from Rose at each stroke that drove her beautiful ass into the cushion beneath her. Her shredded panty hose had given up the struggle and they hung in cum soaked strips below her swollen pussy lips, stretched tight by Paul’s thick, hard cock.. What looked like a steady stream of Paul and Rose’ juices were trickling down the juncture of her thighs to pool on the leather seat beneath her. I watched the shiny leather soles of her new shoes bouncing on Paul’s back with each of her lover’s strokes. Despite her being able to cross her ankles behind him, nothing was inhibiting him from driving his seed deep into her unprotected pussy.

That was all it took. My balls unloaded the massive load of cum that had been building since we arrived at the Campbells. Helen leaned forward and used her clit to stroke my cock as I filled her with long hot streams of cum. I gently chewed that nipple she had fed me until she grunted with pleasure and I knew I had managed to give her at least some of the pleasure she had given me.

“Oh, lovely,” she gasped as our breathing began slowing. “I knew you would have a big load for me” she managed to say as we lay locked in the post coital position of two lovers meant for each other’s pleasure. She turned my head from where I had been watching Rose and Paul and gave me one of the most delightful soul-searching french kisses I have ever received. It felt like she was trying to tear my tongue out of my mouth, but in the most delightful way. Only when we got our breath back did she raise her head and look me in the eye while giving me a smile that lit the room.

‘That was marvelous” I managed to say as she nodded her agreement.

“What I like most about you, other than this lovely thing you have inside me, is the fact that you looked over to see if your wife was receiving the same pleasures we were giving each other. I like that. A husband who wants to see his wife enjoy another man is not as common as most of us would wish. Do you like watching her fuck someone else?”

I admitted that I did. “We just really got started doing this with a friend of ours and I found out just how much I liked it as soon as I saw them together the first time.”

“That’s perfect,” Helen said with a chuckle, “because Paul and I are the same way.” As she spoke, she was slowly getting to her feet, barely able to catch the river of cum before it began raining down on their hardwood floors. She looked at me quizzically, as though mentally asking me a question before she put one leg on each side of my head and pulled my head into her crotch. To make it easier for me, she took two large sofa pillows and put them beneath my head until my mouth was even with her now leaking pussy. “Only one more test,” she chuckled as she lowered that lovely snatch onto my mouth. “If you eat pussy as well as you fuck, we have a real future ahead of us.”

I must have passed the test, causing Helen to shudder her way through two orgasms before she stood up and announced that it was time for all of us to adjourn to the bedroom. I watched Rose stand on shaky legs, helped by Paul. I wasn’t much more agile and took Helen’s offered hand. She turned me around by my shoulders and gave me a gentle push into the hallway I had seen Lucy and Mickey go down earlier. Paul followed, with Rose in his arms, carrying her effortlessly.

“In here” she said, opening the door to a large master bedroom, over half of which was occupied by an enormous bed, almost twice the size of our king size bed at home. In the middle of that bed, Mickey was fucking his sister. Judging from the dried cum on her belly and around her mouth, she had already gotten at least as much from his as we had from his parents. “Move over kids. We have some new playmates” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed and drawing me to her. Paul deposited Rose on the other side of the busy teen-agers.

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