tagLoving WivesOne Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 05

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 05


I hope that leaving my readers in what appeared to be mid-stream in part 4 wasn’t too disconcerting. Obviously there was plenty of switching back and forth in that full bed and Rose once again demonstrated her willingness to go both ways as the Campbells (one and all) fucked my lovely wife while I did the same for the female branch of their family.

It had been two weeks since we had attended the party with Paul and Ellen Campbell and their children, Lucy and Mickey, but they had been weeks filled with daily/nightly visits by the family to our home either singly, or in a male/ female combination. As delightful as it was, it left Rose and I wondering where they got their stamina. We sure weren’t complaining though. Either Paul or his son, Mickey, was giving Rose the times of her life each time they came over. My wife had become so entranced by these two men that she would visit the Campbell home any time it appeared that either one or the other of the men would be available to “entertain” her. Ellen or Lucy often joined in to clean out her well-filled pussy when the men were thoroughly drained. I didn’t have that luxury of free time, but Lucy and Ellen, as well as Rose, managed to keep me very well satisfied with frequent nocturnal visits.

So, I wasn’t surprised when the doorbell rang. Expecting either Paul or his son, Rose answered it in what had become her “at home and waiting” costume – a bustier that set her full breasts on a shelf invitingly, and high-heeled black pumps. She checked through the aperture in the doorway to insure that she wasn’t about to give a delightful view to an unexpected delivery man (in which case she would have had me open the door) and opened it hurriedly when she saw her first lover – Mac, standing on the porch with a wall to wall grin on his face.

The grin became even wider when Mac saw how she was dressed through the screen door that still prevented his entry.

“Mac!” she exclaimed, opening the screen but stepping aside to prevent being seen by the rest of the world that passed by. “What in the world are you doing ringing the doorbell? You know you’re always welcome to come in.”

Mac was stepping inside, eyes gleaming at the sight of my wife’s almost nude body so enticingly displayed. Taking a moment to admire the view, he reached to the side of the door and drew a lovely young lady into the doorway with him.

“I thought I’d better, since I didn’t know if I was interrupting something and especially since I had Patricia here, with me.”

Patricia, or Pat, as she promptly introduced herself, had a wide smile on her face as she shook Rose’ outstretched hand and allowed herself to be pulled inside before the door was closed behind them. I came to the doorway into the room after hearing his familiar voice. I stood silently, taking in the situation. Pat and Mac were standing with their back to me, although Rose could see me over Pat’s shoulder.

“I told Mac that we should have called first, but he never listens to anything I say. He’s been telling me all about you and your husband, and insisted that we come over and tell you our good news.” Holding out her hand, she displayed a sizable diamond ring on her left hand. “Mac and I are getting married.”

“That’s wonderful!” Rose said, hugging Pat. She then turned to Mac and congratulated him, with a comment about this meaning that he probably wouldn’t be coming around as often anymore “to take care of chores.”

“That’s one of the reasons that we came over,” Mac replied. “Pat and I have been talking about our relationship and she wants to continue it.”

Pat’s face went red as she realized the rashness of Mac’s protestation. “I’m a little embarrassed. Mac’s told me quite a bit, but I just had to find out if it was true.”

“What has Mac been telling you?”

“That he comes over and f-f-f-“ I could see she wasn’t comfortable using the verb, but she gamely continued “to have you. He also said that sometimes he and your husband do you together.” Her face reddened even more, if that was possible. She hung her head as though expecting a rebuke or a denial.

It was Rose’ turn to blush this time and she did it beautifully. She could see there was no way out of the situation except to admit it. “That’s right,” Rose nodded slowly as her color returned. “Mac fucks me, and I have to envy you. He’s great in bed.”

Pat’s head came up with an expression of relief and a low chuckle. “I know.”

I approached the couple from behind them, took Mac’s shoulder in my hand and turned him, offering my hand in congratulation. “How lucky can you get,” I commented. “Not only having Rose as a playmate, but now this lovely young lady too!”

Pat turned and gave me a studied appraisal. I got one of my own. Pat was just a little over Rose’ 5’3” stature, but there was little else to differentiate the two of them. Carefully coifed red hair curled just above her shoulders. She had piercing blue eyes that I found almost hypnotic. And her smile – ah, this was her finest feature, displaying dazzling white, even teeth to match a personality that was open and candid. Firm breasts pressed against the silk blouse she wore. They appeared to be slightly smaller than Rose’, but still at least a bountiful B cup. That delightful chest tapered down to a slim waist and then swelled to hips and thighs that a man would die to be between. Her bright blue skirt looked perfectly fitted, ending just above her knees.

Mac interrupted my eye filling view of his fiancée.

“Relax, Earl!” he said with a playful punch at my shoulder, “You’ll see a lot more of her in the future.”

“I hope so!” I managed to say, causing Pat to blush once again at the unintended double entendre. I felt the heat in my own face as I realized how that sounded. “I’m sorry, Pat… “ I began to stutter, only to feel those cool fingers on my arm and a soft laughing assurance from her that no offense was taken.

“I hope you will, Earl, but that isn’t the reason that we came over – other than obviously wanting to meet you and Rose. What we really came for was to invite you to a celebratory dinner tonight.”

I looked at Rose, knowing that she expected Mickey or Paul to be over. I was surprised to see her already nodding.

“That’s perfect, but only if it’s our treat” she said with a smile. “What time and where?”

Mac started making protest sounds, but stopped as Rose stood on tiptoes and kissed him. “Shush, what do you know about how women feel at a time like this.”

When the ladies finished making their plans and the couple made preparations to leave, Pat’s smile was as radiant as Rose’. Mac and I dutifully remained silent, exchanging only a wink as the two women hugged. I had the distinct feeling that I had just lucked into one of those delightful situations where our circle would be expanded by another couple.

That night, Pat and I sat side by side in the booth of a club Rose, Mac and I had played in many nights. I felt comfortable in Pat’s presence and apparently she had gotten over any qualms she might have felt about being alone with me while her intended squired my wife around the small, dimly lit dance floor. Only the flash of Rose’ stocking clad thighs occasionally allowed me to see them among other tightly packed patrons, all of whom were as comfortable with the almost constant groping of their partners as we were.

“How did the two of you meet?” I asked Pat as we sat nursing our third drink of the night. I had hoped that the alcohol would have a liberating effect on her, and apparently it had – just to the right degree.

She chuckled. “Both of us were here at this club at the same time. I had just gotten over the divorce of my first husband – my choice, by the way. He just didn’t fit my idea of the lifestyle I wanted. His idea of sex was five minutes in the missionary position. Mac showed me that there was a lot more than that available.”

“He is good,” I admitted. “Rose loves having him do her and when both of us take her, she says she’s in heaven.”

“And that’s one of the things I really wanted to discuss with you.” Pat said softly. Doesn’t it bother you that Mac fucked her often.” She still blushed when she used the word to describe what Mac and I did with Rose. I laughed softly.

“Don’t be afraid to say ‘fuck’” I told her. “That’s exactly what we do. Mac knows that I love Rose and wouldn’t do anything to change that. That’s the beauty of this arrangement. They both get what they want, as often as they want, and I’m the one who gets the benefit of the love she exhibits after a hot session. I though we were pretty accomplished in our sexual enjoyment, but Mac has shown us that we still had a lot to learn and it’s been an enjoyable series of lessons, for me as well as for Rose. Rose might have had some experience before we were married, but between Mac and myself, we’ve given her a lot more – all very enjoyable I might add.

No, to answer your question, it doesn’t bother me. I thought at first that it might and I might become jealous if he did. Obviously that didn’t happen. I couldn’t believe how hot she was after the first time that he did her. And it’s only gotten better since”

I could almost sense the relief that Pat felt after my short explanation.

“I guess that’s what I really wanted to know,” Pat said softly. “I didn’t understand how a man could stand by and see his wife f-f-f… “

“Fucked?” I chuckled softly. “Yes, I learned that I loved it. And she learned that having two of us fucking her was even better than either one of us alone. We’ve even expanded our fun to include a family of neighbors up the street from us. They, that’s he and his son, do her quite frequently.”

I think that little admission had Pat a little concerned, especially the family part.

“How old is the son?”

I smiled. “He’s 18 and his sister is a year older.”

“You mean…..?”

“Yep, his son fucks Rose too, sometimes both at the same time.”

“And you…..?” she said almost incredulously.

“Sure. I fuck the wife and daughter both.” I took Pat’s hand in mine and looked into her eyes. “There’s nothing wrong with that. If you decide that you want to get into this lifestyle Rose and I stumbled into, you’ll find out there are lots of couples out there who exchange mates for the enjoyment of everyone concerned. Our friends have told us that they are part of a group of ten couples who pretty much limit their sex to those in the group. A few have children, but none are exposed to what they all do until they are at least out of high school.”

Pat blew a long breath of air from pursed lips. She obviously hadn’t known about this before. “I had always wondered,” she managed to say, then continued. “You see stories about things like this, but I’ve never known anyone who did it – at least until I met Mac.”

“Well, don’t be too concerned about it. You and Mac have to make your own decisions and I’m not sure whether Rose has mentioned our new friends to him or not. He may not even be interested, but if it comes up, you’ve got to be absolutely honest with him about your own feelings. I certainly have no objection to his continuing with Rose, but that’s also between the two of you.”

“He’s already told me that he would continue to see Rose,” she said, glancing across the room to where Mac and Rose were just ending the third set of dances together. “That was right up front before we started going together. I have to admit that I wasn’t too sure about it until he fucked me – then I knew from what he told me that if he was going to do it, I wanted in too.”

Rose and I danced together for the next half hour, while Pat and Mac did their own thing apart from us.

“Well?” I asked, knowing full well that Rose had been anxious to tell me all about our friends.

“They’re a perfect match as far as I can see. Mac tells me that she’s as happy about this situation as he is. Apparently her ex was a real piss ant and not at all interested in giving her any pleasure. He would insist she suck him off, but wouldn’t do a thing for her. She had never had her pussy eaten until Mac did on their first real date. Now he says she can’t get enough of it. When Mac told her how you go after me when he’s finished fucking, she was ready to fuck you sight unseen.”

“Gee, I hope he didn’t exaggerate.” I said with obvious false modesty.

“You know darned good and well he didn’t,” she said giving me an elbow shot. “Ellen and Lucy have both told me that the feeling of your tongue in their pussy sets them on fire just like it does me. I just hope they will like Mac as much as I do.”

“Well, from what I’ve seen, I’m sure he will take good care of them. And I can just imagine how that long schlong of Paul’s will swell when he sees Pat. And I know that Mickey is going to really enjoy her cock sucking talents.”

“She’s pretty good at that?”

“Mac says the only one better is me,” she said proudly “and that’s just because I’ve got more practice.”

By the time we finished the next dance it was nearing the end of the evening. The four of us sat discussing what we had learned of each other, finishing a final highball. As we talked I felt a warm hand close over my thigh, then slowly edge up to the head of my already swollen cock. Since I was at the end of the seating, I knew it had to be Pat, who was seated next to me. I looked at her, smiled and slid my own hand into the slit of the mandarin style dress she wore. She returned my smile, motioning with her head toward Mac and Rose as she spread her legs in welcome. It was difficult to see because of the circular table, but I did see a lot of movement in the gathered folds of Rose’ dress. She noticed me looking at her and gave me that same glassy-eyed look she gets when she is on the edge of orgasm. Mac’s other hand was over Rose shoulder, resting on her breast. The nipple was standing high and proud directly beneath his stroking fingers.

What followed was as close to high school type petting as we could do in public. I managed to work my hand high enough on Pat’s thigh that I could cup the satiny V between her thighs. She raised herself slightly and that allowed me to insert my fingers beneath the material for a touch of a very slippery set of vaginal lips. She sighed softly as two of my fingers wormed their way deep inside that warm muff leaving my thumb free to stroke that swollen little man beneath the clitoral hood. She gasped as my dry thumb made contact, but then slid down in her seat to force my fingers deeper. I withdrew my fingers just enough to wet my thumb with that copious flow of her juices and returned them as deeply into her core as I could while making gentle contact with her now swollen clit.

Seated as I was, I could see over Pat’s heaving bosom that Mac was making excellent progress with Rose. One hand, which had disappeared beneath the folds of Rose’ bodice, was working her breast with the slow squeezes that he knew she preferred. He had obviously found the cleverly hidden snaps which allowed a man access to her breasts from either side, while the folds hid much of the movement they allowed, which might otherwise be obvious. I mentally thanked Ellen for her recent shopping excursion with Rose during which Rose was introduced to dressmakers who specialized in clothing for the ladies with more erotic tastes than more expected. Even as I watched, I saw Rose’ body stiffen and her eyes close as Mac’s other hand obviously found the trigger to her orgasms.

Pat must have felt Rose’ shuddering body just at the perfect time to trigger her own delight. Through her dress she pressed my hand tighter to her crotch and gasped with pleasure as she released more of those delightful juices to my now more rapidly moving fingers. She was still obviously enjoying the slow decline of her orgasm when she turned her head and whispered in my ear, “Let’s get out of here.”

Mac and I had a hasty conference over our partner’s forms and agreed that it would be better to take the ladies to a less open spot. I suggested our house. He readily agreed. There was an even more brief exchange of eye contact between our partners before they too nodded in agreement. It took only the work of a moment for the girls to adjust their clothing and slide out of the dimly lit booth. Pat took my arm with a smile for Mac. Mac returned the smile with a nod and pulled Rose closer to him, his arm encircling her waist as they followed us outside. There was no apparent problem of who would accompany whom and the ladies allowed us to hand them into our cars.

The drive home was made even more pleasant by Pat’s talented tongue. As soon as we were seated she leaned toward me, pulled my head around and kissed me soundly. Our tongues wrestled for domination, but both of us won as I felt her hand gently squeezing my cock and my hand found her small but firm breasts.

“I enjoyed that,” she finally said when both of us were able to break the lip lock. Giving my cock another gentle squeeze, she added “And I’m going to enjoy this even more.” We had just managed to get out of the parking lot before she pulled the zipper tab of my trousers down all the way and I felt her cool hand encircle my rampant cock. “Beautiful,” she said before scooting her body closer to the door allowing her to put her head in my lap and extricate my swollen rod. I couldn’t think of a more correct comment as I felt her warm lips close over the head and her tongue circle the blood suffused knob, drawing my pre-cum into her mouth. I don’t know if she heard my moan of delight as I was transferred to heaven in the heat of her mouth.

I almost lost it several times in the short minutes it took to reach our house, but somehow I managed to hold on despite Pat’s magnificent talents. When we were safely in the garage, Pat gave my dick a gentle pat and she opened her door.

“Let’s get inside,” she suggested. “I’m so hot I can’t wait.”

We barely made it through the kitchen door before Mac and Rose pulled up behind our car. There was a short delay before we heard them coming through the kitchen. Neither of us slowed down as we passed through the dining room, the living room and into the hallway leading to our bedrooms. Since I was leading, I pulled Pat into the first bedroom we came to. She offered no objection as I picked her up and laid her gently on the queen size bed that had seen much action since Mac, Paul and Mickey had found the delights of Rose’ body in it. It was still prepared for what we had anticipated would be another night of delights with Paul and Mickey, Ellen and Lucy, so there was no delay. Pat lay quietly, watching, as I hastily doffed my clothes, barely having time to put them neatly on the recliner near to the bed.

My socks followed as I sat down on the side of the bed, nearest Pat who still watched with a sexy smile. I began unfastening the wooden frogs that held the top of her dress together. She stretched her arms over her head and lifted her body so I could take it from her, putting it atop my own clothing.

I lay down beside her and unfastened her bra as we kissed and closed the distance between each other to zero. Pat’s breasts were marvelous. Not too small and not too big, perfectly sized for the mouth of a man who delights in sucking the warm flesh of a lady so exquisitely put together. As I grazed on those firm mounds with the slightly darkened elongated nipples, she pulled my head closer and held it tightly to her breast I felt her other hand go down the length of my trunk and close on my cock once again as I used my own to pry the almost transparent panties from her hips as she lifted them and I was able to push them further down. She lifted her legs and took them off, giggling as she pointed out the wetness that extended well beyond the crotch and telling me that’s what I had caused. I smiled at the remark, assuring her that I intended to do a lot more than leave a wet spot in her panties. She started to remove her thigh high hosiery before I stopped her by telling her how delightful it felt to a man to be between those nylon clad lengths.

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