tagLoving WivesOne Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 08

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 08


This part sets up the potential meeting of Jay and his wife, Evelyn, with Rose and Earl, where they find out just what a wide circle of friends the few blocks surrounding them encompasses.

Paul Campbell’s car was in the driveway of Jay’s home when he returned from that half-day excursion with Rose. He smiled. Not only because he had sold the car to her, but also had learned from Rose and Earl that Earl had absolutely no objection to his coming over to screw Rose anytime he was in the neighborhood. “Just, please,” she had begged as she leaned through the window of her new car to kiss him, “give me a little time to recover. I’ve never had anything that big in me before.” The only thing Earl had demanded, after they had finalized the car deal, was that he would have the same access to Evelyn, Jay’s wife. Jay readily agreed, knowing that Evelyn had already heard from Ellen Campbell that Earl’s cum had just the right mixture of taste that she got from Ellen’s well cared for twat. He knew she wouldn’t mind getting it first hand or from Rose’ sweet pussy.

“Hi, Honey, I’m home,” he called from the living room.

“We’re back here,” he heard Evelyn respond and Jay began walking toward the master bedroom. Arriving at the doorway, he saw his wife on her back, her knees cradled in Paul Campbell’s arms, being slowly fucked. He was instantly hard once again as he saw Paul ease his cock out of Evelyn, glistening with the silvery threads of cum before it slid back into her so deeply his balls were pressed flat against her ass.

“Hi, Jay,” Paul called looking over his shoulder to see Evelyn’s husband watching him screw her. “I hope you don’t mind. Evelyn told me that you’ve been trying to get her back into the swinging life and I just thought I’d give her a sample of what she’s been missing.”

“Just one more,” Evelyn hissed to her paramour as she saw Jay shake his head. “It feels so good!”

Jay walked slowly toward the bed as Evelyn beckoned him toward the intertwined couple. He knelt on the edge and kissed her just as Paul speeded up his thrusts. There were beads of perspiration on her forehead and Jay wiped them away gently. His hand caught her breast as it bounced with the force of Paul’s driving cock. He kissed the swollen nipple, noticing the reddened flesh of that beautiful orb. Obviously Paul enjoyed them as much as he did.

He heard his wife’s breathe catch and felt her body stiffen as Paul succeeded in bringing her to the peak again. She groaned softly as he stiffened and thrust hard into her once more, driving his sperm into Evelyn’s already cum-filled cunt. Paul gasped as the thick, hot jet of semen was forced deep inside her. Jay felt her shaking as Paul continued stroking between the gripping lips, letting her down gently as the enjoyment of her climax slowly waned. Only when the tremors had almost subsided did Paul withdraw and lower his mouth to that steaming cauldron of sexual bliss, lapping the overflowing juices as though it were cream.

“Enough, enough!” Evelyn cried, pushing Paul’s head back from the still oozing source of his enjoyment. “I can’t take anymore.”

Reluctantly, Paul backed away, leaving a panting Evelyn on her back as he slowly got off the bed. He thought about staying with the couple who were kissing and holding each other tightly. Then realized that any discussion with Jay and Evelyn would be better done later.

Neither Jay nor Evelyn paid any attention to their guest as he hurriedly dressed, departing with only a blown kiss to Evelyn and a softly closed door. Jay, still dressed, hugged his wife close. The euphoria each had experienced that day acted like a sedative. Within minutes, the couple on the bed was soundly asleep, still clutching each other tightly, with contented smiles on their faces.

Jay woke first, a full bladder insisting on relief. He disengaged himself from his wife and got up carefully to prevent waking her. He looked down at her prostrate, nude body and smiled before making his way to the bathroom. On his return he stared at the vision before him. Obviously the discussions they had been having recently had yielded at least some result as shown by his wife’s slowly seeping, slightly dilated pussy, and the drying cum that matted the neatly trimmed black triangular pelt that pointed so perfectly to that opening. He wanted to eat her right then, but after considering it resolved not to until the two of them had a chance to talk. He sat down on the edge of the bed, thinking once again about their swinging experiences from years ago and the latest developments. He remembered very well how easily they had succumbed to the encouragement of their first neighbors.

The first five years of their marital bliss had already begun cooling, sexually at least, as the daily requirements to establish themselves grew. They were barely in their first home before Jay found himself attracted to their neighbor’s wife, a twenties blonde with a fantastic shape who loved sunbathing in the nude. Evelyn had caught him ogling her through the gaps in the privacy fence between the two properties and given him hell. He had accepted that. After all, he had been guilty. But it had come as a complete surprise when only a couple of months after that, he had had a successful day and ended it early. He walked in on his wife while the neighbor husband’s hand was inside Evelyn’s blouse and the two were kissing like teenagers in the back of a car on lover’s lane. They had been so heavily engaged that they never noticed him in the shadows of the dining room. Evelyn had said nothing as his neighbor slipped his hand into her bra, pulled one breast out and began sucking on it like a newborn. He had said nothing, ducking back from the doorway after assuring himself that Evelyn was enjoying it as much as his neighbor was. He found himself strangely aroused as he thought of what he had seen. He returned to the garage where he had parked and waited a half-hour before coming back into the house through the front door with enough noise that he was certain he would be announcing his arrival.

That night, as he rolled off Evelyn’s belly after a thoroughly satisfying fuck, stimulated in part by what he had seen earlier in the evening, he brought the subject up

“Did it feel as good as Jordan’s mouth and hands on your tits this afternoon?” he asked casually. Evelyn’s mouth had opened in a surprised “O’ and tears began to well in her eyes as she stared at her husbands smiling face over her.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped out. “I don’t know what came over me. We haven’t done it in so long and he caught me when I was just feeling so horny.” Tears began to slide down her face as she described how their neighbor had come over to borrow some flour. Feeling the pressure of his body against hers as she faced the cabinets and reached high for the cake flour on the top shelf, she found herself in his embrace, with both hands on her breasts. She had turned, pushing his hands away, but was too slow to prevent him from grasping them once again as he kissed her passionately. At first, she explained, she had struggled to get away, but Jordan had been too strong for her and, as she felt his tongue enter her mouth, couldn’t fight her own need any longer. “He was all over me,” she told him. “I told him I would tell his wife, but he just laughed and said she knew what he had come for, and it wasn’t flour. It felt just too good to end until I managed to tell him that you could be home at any time. He stopped then, but told me that he was going to bring Jill over and the two of them were going to really make me feel good. They’re going to come over the day after tomorrow morning.”

Jay was silent, as he had considered that. He knew that between his efforts to get ahead in sales and the tension Evelyn was experiencing as she searched for a new, larger home, he hadn’t been taking care of her sexually. He had heard of swinging, of course, everyone in his generation had, and more than a few had told him of the delights that could be enjoyed by a husband and wife, or even girlfriend, swapping partners for an evening. He had found himself strangely stirred by the idea of seeing Evelyn on her back with another man’s cock in her still tight cunt, especially if it meant he would be doing the same with Jill. He had even brought up the subject to Evelyn, with no apparent interest from her – at least until now.

“Okay, no harm done,” he had told her. “But let’s explore this a little bit. We’ve been talking about this idea long enough. I don’t know what went on that made you give in to Jordan, but I really don’t mind. Like I’ve said, I’d really enjoy the sight of another man fucking you, especially if someone like Jill was available too.”

Evelyn was no longer crying. In fact she now looked interested, Jay realized. “So here’s what we are going to do.” He had outlined a plan for a party the following night.

During that evening, Jordan had fucked Evelyn and Jay had enjoyed Jill, whose well-used cunt was much looser than Evelyn’s. Jay’s endowment had been a very tight fit, but still comfortable for both Jay and Jill. The following months had been a frequent swapping match between the neighbors, ending only when Jay had taken a manager’s position in a distant city. Evelyn had joined him within a few days after locating a suitable home. They still entertained Jill or Jordan as the opportunity allowed, but the visits had become so infrequent as to be no longer as interesting. Still Jay had to admit to himself that the idea of swinging in their new city was beginning to rise as meteorically as his success as a manager and salesman. Evelyn hadn’t brought it up again, but Jay knew that there was something very intriguing in the relationship between she and their new next door neighbors, the Campbells.

That night was very enjoyable to both. Evelyn told him that it had been very easy to slip back into the role she had played with their neighbors, Jill and Jordan, before. Although she had never expected such an event to recur, Helen Campbell had shown more than a neighborly interest in her over the last few weeks until, today, the ties of restraint had broken and she found herself on her back with Ellen’s tongue stroking her clit and labia and her hands on both of Evelyn’s breasts. When Paul came over unexpectedly and saw the two of them so lovingly engaged, he had replaced Ellen when Evelyn had brought Ellen to an earth shaking climax, leaving her unable to continue. She had left to go back home and start the evening meal, satisfied for the moment, and knowing Paul would give Evelyn reason to remain close to the new neighbors.

“He was very good,” she told Jay as they slowly recovered from the delightful aftermath of their own lovemaking that evening.

Jay was holding her close, smoothing her perspiration damp hair as he kissed her. “I had forgotten how beautiful you look when someone is screwing you,” he said softly.

“And here I thought it was just so you could have a fresh fuck yourself,” she chuckled mischievously. She looked up at her husband’s face and turned momentarily serious. “Are you sure you don’t mind Paul fucking me?”

“Not at all,” Jay told her softly, “nor anyone else you want to do. I thought we had settled that idea a couple of years ago with Jill and Jordan. I want you to enjoy yourself because each time you do what we have together is even better. I can’t explain it, any more than I could when we started this, but all I know is that I love you even more for the fact that you were willing to do this for me.”

“It doesn’t make you jealous?” she continued.

“I thought it might, especially when I saw Jordan groping you the first time it happened, but the more I saw and the more you told me, the hotter it made me. I was as hard as a rock, but I also wanted to see how it would affect you. If you recall we darn near screwed each other to death when you told me how he had gotten to you.”

Evelyn chuckled deep in her throat as she recalled how, even after fucking Jill that first time, Jay had spent the remainder of the night fucking her through Jordan’s cum and how intense her orgasms had been. Jordan had been a good lover, especially good for those days when Jay wasn’t available to take care of her needs of the moment. Jill had set her on the path of girl/girl sex and she found that to be almost as relaxing as having Jordan’s hard dick buried to the hilt in her, especially when Jay and Jill cooperated in bringing her to the peak of pleasure. It hadn’t been hard to slip into a frequent enjoyment of their talents together, nor to resume the pleasure when she met their neighbors, the Campbells. She still didn’t know much about them other than the fact that either or both of them could bring her to the pinnacle of orgasm almost too soon, but she also knew that she wanted to find out more about this intriguing couple and their family.

“So, you wouldn’t be averse to sinking your cock in Ellen, while Paul dicked me?” she asked, already knowing the answer. She hadn’t missed the glazed look in her husband’s eyes on those occasions when he had seen Ellen Campbell or her daughter, Lucy, in their back yard sunning themselves in the scanty bikinis both seemed to favor.

“Oh, I think I could put up with it,” Jay chuckled, “and they seem to be pretty well connected around here, don’t’ they?”

“They certainly seem to be,” Evelyn giggled. “She spent most of our time together telling me who was screwing who and how good they were. She even admitted that she and her daughter sometimes do one of her daughter’s boyfriends together when they need a little more than she can get herself, but she says that’s a little less frequent now that she’s met Rose and her husband. Still it sounds interesting. I can just imagine what it would feel like to have some teenager screw me until he was exhausted.”

Jay playfully swatted his wife on her bare ass for that comment. “Are you saying you don’t think I can do it long enough for you?”

“Unh unh” she shook her head, “but it might be fun! And how about you? Can you imagine yourself buried in some of that hot teen poon?”

“Not for me, thanks. I much prefer my ladies to be older and more experienced, like that Rose I fucked this morning. Man! She really knows how to use that hot pussy of hers!”

“I’m amazed she could take it,” Evelyn said, referring to her husband’s oversized tool.

“Oh, she could take it all right,” Jay answered, with a smile as he remembered how long it had taken to get his dick into Rose’ cunt completely. “It just took a little longer than with you.”

“Are you saying my pussy is too loose?” Evelyn asked, already knowing Jay’s usual response.

“Of course not. Any woman capable of having a baby knows that that lovely box can shrink and dilate as necessary to take care of what any man could provide. Besides, you know how I love to eat you after someone has filled your pussy with a load of cum. It’s as good as getting my rocks off in another woman besides the beauty of seeing you climax as he fucks you.”

Evelyn hugged her husband, knowing exactly what he had described was the truth. “In that case,” she whispered, “I think we should see about this couple, Rose and Earl.”

What do you think, folks? Should we see how far Jay and Evelyn go in integrating the rest of their neighbors into their own love life. If you do, in the next part we see the group come together in an orgy of sexual delights. Hail, hail, the gang’s all here!

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