tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOne Last Great Romance Ch. 02

One Last Great Romance Ch. 02


MJ was finally asleep, a tiny adorable bundle of cuteness, with his Dad's eyes and his Mom's mouth and nose. Susan leant over and placed him in his crib, for a second she stayed absolutely still, like a bending statue. He didn't wake and Susan let out an almost silent sigh of relief; she loved him dearly, but new babies were not only needy, but needy at the most inopportune times. She had just been about slump down in front of the TV and catch up on the programmes she'd recorded when MJ started crying, a raucous wail that didn't stop until he'd been changed, fed and sung to. She sighed, she'd just have to watch them another time - Julie would be home soon and Susan wanted to look her best.

She stepped out of the baby's room and into the corridor. There were still pictures on the wall of her and Julie, now joined by MJ, but to her they seemed different. Julie no longer seemed so innocently demure, Susan now knew that the picture hanging of Julie when she was sixteen and on a church trip had been taken whilst Julie was in a sexual relationship with one of the younger Sunday School teachers. The one beside it, with a seventeen year old Julie standing with a prize for winning a State Wide Math competition had been taken a day after the teen had butt-fucked her then girlfriend in Susan's bed - without her Mom's knowledge. Julie had told her these stories and others, over the last few months, wanting to make sure her Mom knew she wasn't an innocent teen, but a young woman who was experienced in the ways of lesbian lovemaking.

Not that Susan needed Julie's to tell her that her daughter had mastered the art of great sex. It had been several months since Susan had found herself inviting Julie into her bed, only to find the teen putting the moves on her, culminating in ramming a strap-on up the pregnant Susan's butthole. Susan hadn't known such pleasure could exist, the orgasms had been mind-blowing, a tsunami of ecstasy which had switched her from being straight to lesbian in one night. If that had been the end of it Susan would have tried to push the memory from her mind, tell herself it had been a dream and that she was solely into men. But it hadn't ended that night, in fact the first thing that had happened the next morning was that Julie had begun to snuggle into her Mom, playing with her milk enlarged titties, kissing the back of her neck and whispering naughty words into her ear. The second thing she had done was take the strap-on and use it again on her Mom's asshole. The screaming orgasm that had blown Susan had proved the sexual bliss of the night before was not a fluke.

They hadn't talked about it, but both had known that the next night Julie would end up in Susan's bed and the night after that and the night after that. The teen was the most skilful lover Susan had ever had and energetic, keeping going long after others would have stopped, bringing her Mom to multiple orgasms with every session. Susan, in her more contemplative moments, had wondered if it was her hormones that was making the sex so great, after all they were making her incredibly horny, so why not as well as increasing her sex drive wouldn't they make her orgasms more intense. In fact she was so sure of this theory, that whilst resting in hospital after MJ had been born she decided that enough was enough and that she'd stop having sex with Julie. As a resolution it had lasted perhaps two weeks before one night she'd put MJ to bed and sat down on the couch next to Julie. Her daughter's perfume had been too alluring, the curves of her body too sensual, her touch too overpowering and that night ended with Susan lying face down as her daughter pounded her ass into orgasm.

Susan hadn't made herself any promises since, she knew she wouldn't keep them.

Susan sat down at her dressing table and began to apply the lip gloss, making sure it was a shade that Julie had said she liked. It wasn't just the sex that was a turn-on to Susan, though God knew that was great, it was the fact that Julie was taking control. Even with men Susan had always been a bit on the submissive side, not so much that she was a total doormat, but she did like being told where to go for an evening, what channels to watch, what to wear. In the period after her divorce and again after Mike's death Susan had felt like the proverbial fish out of water, not only having to make the decisions for herself, but also for Julie. But recently Julie had turned all this on the head; taking control of their lives, telling Susan what the Milf should wear, not asking her views on what DVD's to rent, writing the weekly shopping lists and making Susan shop for it. Susan liked it and had quickly settled into the routine of letting her daughter tell her what to do.

Things were good, but there was one worry on the horizon. And that was Julie and college. Not getting in, Julie's grade average was so high that Universities were almost queuing up to invite her to join them. No, Susan's worry was which one and what it meant for them. She wasn't sure if this was a short-term fling, a school romance which would end with Julie going to Harvard or Yale, or whether it was a longer-term relationship and Julie would go locally so that she could return to the loving embrace of her Mom every night.

Susan looked in the mirror, she looked good, she decided. She'd put the off the discussion on what the future held long enough, tonight was the night she'd raise it. Though, she admitted to herself, that was what she had said yesterday.

Partly because the house was now deafeningly quiet, and partly because she had been listening out for it, Susan heard the sound of her front door opening. It was a sound that was lately causing her heart to flutter and her brain to initially worry that it wasn't Julie but someone else, anyone from a friend to an axe murderer would have been a disappointment in comparison. This time was, of course, no different, like most times Susan being able to probably dismiss a friend as she wasn't expecting anyone else and while an axe murderer might not be out of the question in Wisteria Lane it was unlikely they would politely unlock the door.

If there wasn't a sleeping child Susan might have ran at least to her stairs before slowly making her way down them in an attempt to be casual, her heart once again fluttering as she was greeted by the sight of her affection.

The mother and daughter exchanged a soft smile before Julie loudly whispered, "Is anyone here?"

Susan blushed. A few days ago she had neglected to let Julie know they weren't alone and had almost been caught kissing in front of Gabrielle. Afterwards Julie had informed her in no uncertain terms that it was Susan's responsibility to warn her of these things but so far Julie had taken it upon herself to check every time, which was probably a good thing as sometimes Susan could forget the little things, and the important things, at the most inconvenient of times.

Bringing herself out of her thoughts Susan returned the whisper, "Just MJ, and he's asleep."

"Good." Julie beamed, quickly moving so that she met her mother at the bottom of the stairs so she could give the older woman what was now her official greeting to her, namely pulling her Mom into her arms and kissing her.

Sometimes when Julie was in a hurry or distracted it was brief. Sometimes it was even just a kiss on the cheek, as if they were still in a normal mother/daughter relationship. Most of the time though Julie would linger, either beginning a long gentle kiss which might turn into something more heated or practically shoving her tongue down Susan's throat right from the get go.

Susan had been definitely hoping for a lingering kiss and she got it, Julie kissing her with a tenderness which made her knees go weak and her mind get cloudy. Although truth be told that was a side-effect of most of Julie's lingering kisses, especially when her daughter's tongue invaded her mouth, this time only gently caressing Susan's tongue rather than forcing it into submission. Although it was still clear who was in charge, Julie setting the tone for the kiss and Susan happily going along with it.

After a few long minutes of kissing her Mom Julie reluctantly pulled back and softly told the other woman, "Sit down on one of the chairs."

Susan obeyed without question, mostly because her mind was trying to remember what she was going to talk to Julie about. Oh, that's right...

"Mom, I wanna talk about the future." Julie said softly, sitting down on a chair facing her mother.

"Me too." Susan smiled, then worried maybe she didn't want to have this conversation given the serious look on Julie's face, but that look prompting her to mumble, "You first."

Julie smiled softly, reached over and gently took her Mom's hands with her own and softly said, "I love you Mom... I, always have. Unconditionally. But... I've wanted you for a very, very long time. And part of me wondered if fucking you a few times would get these feelings I have for you out of my system, but it just made me want you more. Like I kind of knew it would. In fact I was pretty sure it would make the crush I've always had on you turn into... well, for now let's just say I've fallen pretty hard for you."

Susan knew she shouldn't be, but she was really flattered, "Really?"

"Really." Julie confirm with a soft smile, "Now, since you can't fake cum shooting out of your cunt we both know how much you love it when I fuck you, but I'm pretty sure it's not all just physical for you either... is it?"

There was a brief pause in which Julie tried and failed to hide her nervousness while Susan felt overwhelmingly grateful that her daughter was giving her the chance to say she just wanted sex, or even back out of this whole thing. And sure, Susan knew she should be choosing the latter, that she should have put an end to this a long time ago, but she'd become far too addicted to Julie's skilful love-making to want to ever stop having sex with her daughter. The question was now - 'did Susan want more?'

If she was honest with herself, it was the easiest decision Susan had ever made; even if she could have probably done a better job of answering it.

"No. I mean yes! I mean... it's not all just physical for me... I, I want more." Susan stammered, exchanging a gentle smile with her daughter before asking her, "So... does this mean we're, you know, secret girlfriends?"

"No." Julie said simply before explaining, "I don't want to date you in secret. I don't want to hide that were a couple. I don't want to pretend I'm not fucking your hot ass every single night."

"But Julie, I... we can't come out." Susan quickly protested, "I, I mean, I... I don't think anyone would care if I was gay, or if you were, but-"

"They wouldn't accept a mother/daughter couple, I know. Which is why I want you to come away with me." Julie said, pausing for a few seconds before continuing, "I have my pick of colleges so we can pretty much go anywhere. Pack up everything and then you, me and MJ can start a new life together. A life where no one knows we're related so it won't be too scandalous if I kiss you in public. I mean sure, we'd be in a lesbian relationship with an age gap so there would be some talk, but nothing we couldn't handle. And even if it's rough at first it's better than staying here and getting ridiculed and shunned. Because I know you're close with a few of your friends here, but do you honestly think they'd understand? That they'd be willing to accept our relationship? That they could even fathom just how much I love you?"

Julie hadn't meant to let those three little words slip out, but it was hard. Truthfully she wanted to scream that she was in love with her mother from the rooftops ever since the first night she'd fucked this ravishing woman, hence why she was dead set on leaving with her.

"Besides..." Julie said, finally continuing after a pause, "I know you love your friends but bad stuff seems to be happening around here all the time so it might be nice to raise MJ somewhere a little safer. Like maybe a war zone."

That thankfully got a little laugh out of her Mom, although it quickly faded as old memories started to resurface. She hated herself for it, but it was what Julie had been counting on.

"And... and I think it would be really good for you." Julie said softly, "I think you could do with a fresh start. This house is filled with too many memories. Of Dad. Of Mike. Of me just being your kid. But we can leave that all here... or at least as much as we can, and... just be together. That's what I want. More than anything."

Those last words seemed to echo throughout the room as it fell into deafening silence, Julie unable to stop thinking about them.

She had rehearsed this conversation so many times, had thought about it non-stop since she and her Mom had first started having sex, and had promised to remain strong. Not demand anything as it was important to give her Mom enough leeway so she was making the choice for herself as the last thing Julie wanted to do was force her mother into something she wasn't ready for. But she still fully intended on making her case and then sticking to her guns. Not compromising. Because she couldn't afford to compromise.

This was her future. What she had been planning of and thinking about for her entire existence. Nothing, not even regular mind blowing sex with the most amazing woman she'd ever known, should jeopardise that.

And yet Julie found herself adding after about a minute, "I mean, there's no rush. You can totally think about this for a few days or something if you want. And... and if you really don't think you could leave we could try the long distance thing..."

What the hell was she doing, Julie thought. She was totally caving even though the positives of moving far outweighed the negatives. However while in every other aspect of their lives Julie found it so easy and natural to stay calm and confident this one time she was finding herself so nervous she was threatening to become a wreck. Not because she was afraid of commitment, but because she was afraid her Mom would say no.

Coming so close to truly having this woman only to lose her had become unbearable for Julie, which was why she reluctantly added, "And... and the local schools aren't that bad..."

"No Julie, I can't ask you to do that for me." Susan quickly blurted out. Then Julie gave her this really serious look and as usual the first thing that came to Susan's mind stumbled out of her mouth, "My friends... I..."

The hurt look on Julie's face immediately had Susan regretting her words but her daughter was quick to cut her off, "You could still keep in touch with them. Call every night, or every other night, and visit. Them I mean, because then coming to us may be tricky, but... which would you rather, a long-distance relationship with them, or a long-distance relationship with me?"

Susan smiled softly. Really, when she thought about it, there was no contest. Because sure, she would have let Julie go and live her own life as any mother should, but now their relationship had changed the idea of not seeing her everyday was so much more painful than it had been. And certainly more painful than not seeing her dear friends everyday. However she loved them so much, and despite everything loved her home here so much, that the idea of leaving was not one Susan was jumping for joy at and she never would be. It would always be a bittersweet decision, but in her heart Susan knew she was making the right one.

Of course all the silence had obviously made Julie very nervous, Susan being awoken from her thoughts first by a gentle squeeze to her hand and then by her daughter softly speaking, "I, I think we can be happy. I know I'd do whatever it takes to make you happy."

"I believe you." Susan smiled, "That's why I'm coming with you."

Julie beamed possibly the widest smile Susan had ever seen, wrapped her up in a tight hug and softly squealed, "Oh Mom!"

Susan smiled and hugged her daughter back, the embrace oddly reminding Susan of previous celebrations like when Julie had one a spelling bee or scored a goal in soccer (which had only happened once or twice). The difference was now they were celebrating their relationship moving to a level Susan could never have imagined a few months ago, and would certainly have never imagined being so happy about it.

After just enjoying the hug for a few long moments Susan softly asked, "So... what do we tell MJ?"

Unable to wipe the smile off her face, which was now perhaps permanently on there, Julie pulled back and explained, "We'll tell him that we're his parents. When he's older we can tell him about Mike, if you want, but we make sure he never finds out that I'm his stepsister. As far as he's concerned I'll be his Mom, and you'll be his Mommy. Obviously that means I'll have to start calling you Susan when he's around and when we're in public, but in private you can still be my Mommy slut."

While Susan blushed at the term it also sent a tingle throughout her body which made her immediately want to beg Julie to take her right there on the table. But, as much she hated herself for asking, Susan had one final question, "What if... you know..."

"It doesn't work out between us?" Julie helpfully finished for her, "Well, I guess we have a year or so to switch back to our normal roles. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen, but if it does you could move back here with MJ if you want and I could simply be his sister. Honestly I'd rather be his Mom... but no matter what, I swear I'm going to be there to help raise him. I mean, he's going to need one responsible adult in his life, isn't he?"

Susan laughed and then with a smile said, "I think you'd make a great Mom."

Julie smiled, allowing silence to fall between them for a little while before she said, "There is one more thing... but first, I want you to do something for me."

"Anything." Susan said earnestly.

A wicked smile crossed Julie's face as she lent forwards ever so slightly, "I want you to bend over the table."

"Ok." Susan said softly, a much stronger tingle running through her as she was pretty sure mother-daughter playtime had just begun.

That Julie closed the kitchen blinds were a good indication of this, something they never used to do before Julie started regularly bending Susan over the kitchen table for a nice hard butt fucking. And over the sink, and riding Julie while her daughter sat on the sofa or one of the kitchen chairs, or even just on the floor.

Susan was awoken from her thoughts of all the ways that her daughter had fucked her all over their home when Julie came up behind her and squeezed her butt. It was far from the first time, however the difference was Julie lingered on groping Susan's butt while her jeans were still on. This was highly unusual as normally Julie couldn't wait to tear her clothes off. Plus normally when Julie told Susan to bend over it meant that the teen was about to rush off to her room to grab one of her nice big strap-ons so she could brutalise her mother's butt hole until it was a gaping mess.

"You've got a real cute butt Mom." Julie murmured, waking her mother from her thoughts, "Have I ever told you that?"

This caused Susan to smirk, "You may have mentioned it."

One of the many new things Susan had learned about Julie was that her little girl was definitely a butt girl. It seemed so obvious now Susan couldn't believe she missed it. Then again she had no idea her little girl was a lesbian either, so she really hadn't been on the ball as far as knowing her daughter's sexual preferences. Of course now Julie openly checked out girl's butts in front of her, talked about girl's butts and yes, was very complementary about Susan's butt. Plus Julie had openly admitted to being a butt girl, and with the exception of those two weeks after giving birth Susan had been taking daily butt fucking from her daughter, so the evidence was pretty conclusive.

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