tagRomanceOne Last Valentine's Day

One Last Valentine's Day


Jack McKintrick was at a loss for words, something that did not happen to him often. Sara, his wife, slowly smiled at him.

"Cat got your tongue?" She teased.

He smiled back warmly. She stood in front of him wearing a stunning floor length black dress. It hugged her curves, complimenting her nicely, before pooling around the black heels she wore. She wore the diamond necklace he had given her for their first anniversary. Her golden hair, while thin, was pinned up in curls. She looked so pale, so weak, but so very beautiful to him. "You are beautiful."

"You are not half bad yourself." She replied. He wore a black and white tuxedo, a single red rose in his breast pocket was the only splash of color. His brown hair and warm chocolate eyes seemed to sparkle.

"Come," He held out his hand for her. "I have a surprise for you. For us."

Sara took his offered hand. Jack tucked her arm in his like an old fashioned movie picture, and led her through their living room and into the dining room.

Sara gasped as they entered. The room was dark, lit only by the candles Jack had placed throughout the room. Soft music played in the background. On the table stood a vase with red crimson roses. Two plates awaited them.

"I hope it's not too cliché." Jack worried.

"It's perfect." She smiled warmly up at him. At five foot two, Jack's six foot frame towered over her. It had always made her feel small and helpless, but she would never tell him that.

Jack leaned down and cupped her cheek. She turned her face to nuzzle the warm hand. He kissed her gently on the lips. A sweet and gentle, loving kiss. His tongue brushed against her lower lip. On a sigh, she allowed him to slip his warm tongue in to play with hers. He tasted of mint toothpaste. She giggled.

"What?" He pulled back, smiling at her. He loved it when she laughed.

She placed her hands around his neck. "You taste like toothpaste."

"Is that so?" He leaned down to nuzzle her neck.


A bell rang from the attached kitchen. "Ah, dinner is ready." He stood up. He led her to the table and pulled the seat out for her. Once she was settled he walked off into the kitchen to serve up the meal.


Jack watched Sara quietly in the candlelight. She wasn't eating much, he didn't figure she would. He cleared his throat, and took a sip of brown soda. There was no wine to be had at this romantic dinner.

"I'm sorry if it's not as romantic as going out for Valentines Day."

"Jack, it's perfect. Thank you." Her blue eyes smiled at him. "This spaghetti and meatballs is divine." It was slightly overcooked, but she figured he had tried, it was best not to ruin the moment.

He grimaced. "Sara, we've been married ten years, I think I can tell when your fibbing. But for the sake of having a wonderful evening I'll let it go." He grinned. "I love you."

"I love you, too. I made the dessert, too. Cookie Pie." He wiggled his eyebrows. "But first you need to eat more. Pasta will put meat on your bones." He reprimanded her. She was too damn skinny.

"Yes, Daddy." She retorted, forking a mouthful in her mouth, in good jest. Cookie Pie had been what they had opted for instead of a wedding cake. It was chilled, so it was cold and creamy, and filled with chocolate cookie crumbs. The crust was made with even more chocolate cookie crumbs. It was yummy.

Sara peered over the roses to watch Jack. His face watched her intently, the worry line in his brow firmly in place. She knew he worried about her all day and night. She knew why of course, and while she wished he wouldn't, it was also understandable. Placing her fork on the plate, she reached her hand out and rested it lightly on his.

"This is lovely, Jack. I really enjoy it."

He squeezed her hand, threading his fingers through hers. She was cold. She was always cold, but yet she refused to complain about it. With his free hand he plucked a rose from the vase.

"My lady." He offered with a flourish.

"How beautiful, kind Sir." She smiled, and took the rose, bringing it to her nose to smell its sweet sent.

"A beautiful rose for a beautiful lady." He grinned and laughed.

Sara blushed. After ten years of marriage he could still get her to blush like a schoolgirl. His laughter was infectious, she soon joined in.

"I assume you are finished with your dinner."

"Yes, thank you, Honey." She leaned across and kissed his cheek. He caught her chin when she went to lean back into her seat. He pulled her gently to him, and placed a light kiss on her lips. The kiss deepened, passion igniting, firing them to continue.

Sara opened her eyes slowly, as if she would wake up and the night be just a sweet dream. But it was not a dream. It was real. She broke the kiss, her hand automatically checking that her hair was not messed up. It was perfect.

"I'll throw the dishes in the dishwasher and blow out all these candles. You go sit on the couch and wait for me." He ordered her, not in a harsh way.

"Alright, Dear." She walked out of the room to await her "date" on the couch. She once again smiled to herself.


Jack finished the dishes and tossed the towel on the counter. He blew out all the candles he had lit, and wandered out into the living room. Sara lay on the couch, asleep it appeared. Her lips were parted slightly, her breathing deep and relaxed. He loved watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful.

Jack debated on whether he should leave her lay there for the night, or risk waking her up and tucking her in bed. He opted for taking her to bed, so that he could lay with her, too. He went over and gently scooped her up in his arms. She stirred but didn't wake. He knew she probably had worn herself out applying her makeup and getting dressed up. He had told her it was no reason to be formal, but she insisted any Valentine's date needed to be fancy.

He carried her out of the living room and down the hallway to their bedroom, where he deposited her gently on the bed. He kicked off his dress shoes. Next came off his shirt and pants, until he was wearing nothing but his boxers.

He knew if Sara were awake she'd fuss over the dress getting wrinkled, so he quietly moved to her and began trying to figure out how she had gotten it on. He moved her forward a little, noticing a long zipper in the back of the dress. She mumbled something but didn't fully wake up.

"Shh, it's ok, I'm just getting you out of this dress." He soothed, running his hand down her back, taking the zipper with him. He peeled it down her body, stopping only to lift her bottom to slide it free. She lay snoozing in just her black lace bra and matching underwear. She was agonizingly beautiful. Her skin was so pale in comparison to the black of her undergarments.

He grabbed an old t-shirt she often wore to bed and with some difficulty pulled it on her. Once that task was done, he maneuvered her under the covers. He crawled in behind her and shut the light off. She seemed cool to his touch. He pulled her close, tucking her easily into his arms.

She made a small noise, leaning back into the delicious heat he naturally gave off. Her eyes drifted closed again and she fell asleep. Jack stroked her hair, smoothing the curls she had pinned. He idly took them out when he felt them and threw them on the bedside table.

His methodic rubbing was putting him to sleep, even though he had been painfully hard. It subsided though, and he lay there for a few minutes before joining Sara in dreamland.


A loud crashing sound startled him awake. Not knowing what it was, he sprang from the bed. He ran into the adjoined bathroom where it had come from. Sara was sitting on the floor sobbing, the mirror that was supposed to be hung on the wall shattered around her.

"Are you alright?" He knelt down brushing bits of glass from her.

"I was trying to go to the bathroom." She sobbed. "I lost my balance and my elbow went through the mirror."

Jack sighed and reached under her and scooped her up. He carried her out into the kitchen and set her gently on the counter. He could see she had a few cuts on her arm.

"I'll get some peroxide." He grimaced as he looked at the cut. He quickly fetched the bottle and some cotton balls. "This will sting." He kissed her forehead. The peroxide burned and stung, but it wasn't too bad.

Jack put a bandage over it. "There." He smiled. "Let's go back to bed." He tucked her arm in his and walked them to their room.

"Jack..." Sara hesitated, once she was back in bed.

"What is it?" Concern flashed through his eyes. "Are you feeling okay?"

She nodded unable to speak. She snuggled up against his warm chest. His heart beat was fast, but she figured it was due to the fact she'd scared him so bad. She was always finding ways to make him worry.

"Good. You just rest Honey." He kissed the top of her head. His arms wrapped protectively around her, his hands rubbing her cool skin gently.

Sara sighed. His hand felt so gentle, so light, but also very warm against her own skin. He rubbed her arm up and down, his eyes shut. The old familiar feeling of heat trickled through her. It started as a dull ache, like a scratch. She pressed her hips back into him.

Jack's eyes flew open. Had she just backed up into his groin? They hadn't had sex in a long time, the chemotherapy treatment had worn her so thin he was scared of even touching her outside of the bedroom, for she bruised very easily.

The worry returned. She had refused the treatment against every doctors orders. He had begged, pleaded for her to reconsider. She was sick, nobody wanted to essentially poison themselves to survive. He finally let it go when she couldn't even remain awake for more than twenty minutes, her body was losing its fight. He knew it was possible that this would be the last Valentine's Day they had, he had tried so desperately to make it special. She could not have stayed out on the town for long, he'd opted to transform the dining room into their special room for the dinner.

His arms grasped her tightly. This time her small moan and hips bumping him was unmistakable. He rubbed down her arm, across her hand, resting on her t-shirt covered stomach. Jack rubbed in a circle. Each time her shirt rose a small amount. He reached under and ran his hand over her flat stomach. Sara pushed into him.

"Mmm, Baby your skin is so soft tonight." He breathed in her ear, nipping the lobe lightly. His hand scooted up to her bra. He deftly pulled it up and unclipped it, releasing her C cup breasts for his hands to fondle. "So warm."

His sweet talk only added to the dull throb that was settling between her legs. When his hands firmly grasped her chest, she couldn't help herself, a small moan escaped her parted lips. She pressed harder into him, his erection resting firmly against her backside.

Jack sat up, and laid her on her back. He laid back down beside her, and leaned down to kiss her. He kissed her deeply, tongues intertwining, thrusting, mimicking the thrusting he was bumping into her hip in sync. He kissed her nose, her closed eyes, her forehead. He rained his kisses to her ears, where he paused to nip at her lobes. Moving on to her neck, he lifted her slightly to peel off her shirt and bra, leaving her only in her black lace panties.

"So beautiful." He murmured before leaning down and kissing her neck. He stuck his tongue out, licking in one pass from her neck, down between her breasts. He stopped, not wanting to lose control. This night was all about pleasing her. There would be time for him later. He slowed his breathing and soon was back in check.

He smiled, watching her squirm. She was incredibly turned on, he could smell her scent. He lowered himself back to his waiting wife, flicking out his tongue to touch the very tip of her right breast. Her back arched up, bringing it up to him. He sucked her nipple in, running his tongue over the sensitive bud. He switched to her left breast, replacing his mouth with his hand.

After a few minutes, Sara was writhing, her body on fire with passion. Jack licked her from her breasts to her belly button. He stopped to dip his hot tongue in, thrusting it in, feigning intercourse with his tongue. She wiggled under his ministrations.

Jack looked up at her and wiggled his eyebrows. He drug his tongue out of her belly button and down to her panties. He nipped at the flesh right above the band. He reached up and drug them down her legs, throwing them on the floor once her legs were free.

"Please, Jack." It was a quiet whisper.

"Your wish is my command." He winked and brought his face to her. He reached his tongue out and licked at her silky hood. She skyrocketed upwards, nearly breaking his nose in the process. He grinned and repeated it, this time pinning her hips to the bed with his hands. He thrust his tongue inside, over and over. Her moaning grew louder and louder. Her breathing came in short pants. He watched her for signs of getting tired, but she was anything but. She was alive, and she was his. This fueled him on, he sucked hard on her clit. She screamed out his name as she reached an orgasm.

"Get up here!" She panted as she came down. She clawed at his arms trying to drag him to her. She needed him so badly. Deep inside her.

Jack crawled up the bed, crawling in behind her. He didn't want to crush her. He drug his boxers off and tossed them on the floor with the rest of the clothes. His erection pressed hotly against her back. He yanked her leg up over his hip, his hands feeling for her hot center. He found it, easily slid in two fingers. He pumped them in and out of her, her moans and small thrusts made him even harder than he already was.

He used his hand to guide his nine inch member to her folds. He rubbed the head against her several times, using her own juices to make it easier to go in. He pressed the slick bulb to her lips, a small push and her warmth enveloped him. Their moans mixed as he sank to the hilt in her. He paused, though it was painful for him to do so, she hadn't had him inside her for so long he knew she would need a moment to adjust.

Sara began to rock on him. He took that as the okay, and began slowly pulling out inch by inch. Then he sank back in her fully. He repeated this several times. His hands reached around her, grabbing her breasts, one in each hand and kneading them. His mouth kissed her below her ear.

"Yeah Baby, you like that?" He blew across her ear as he slid up into her. "Harder?" He questioned. She nodded her response.

He didn't need any further prodding, he slammed into her over and over. His balls slapped against her, filling the room with the sound. It mixed with the moans they both let out. It had been so long, Jack had forgotten how wonderful his wife felt in his arms, wrapped around him. Her color had returned to her pale cheeks.

"I love you, Sara. You're so beautiful." He continued to tell her as his hips surged to her. "God, you're soaking wet."

"I love you, Jack." She reached back, turning her head back and brought her lips to his. They kissed gently, his movements slowed. He was faltering in his rhythm, he was close to cumming.

Jack reached his hand down, rubbing his wife's clitoris roughly, smashing it against his penis as he pistoned in and out of her deliciously warm, wet, cave. She screamed, her tunnel clamped down on him, in another glorifying, deep orgasm. With a few more pumps, Jack groaned, slammed deep in her and let go. He came for what seemed like eternity.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he softened and fell out of her. He rubbed her hair.

"That was wonderful, Jack." Sara kissed him again before turning back around and nestling into him. He knew he had worn her out. She fell asleep almost immediately. Her face was full of color, it was almost as if she wasn't sick at all. Jack bit himself to stop the flood of tears that threatened to spill. He could only enjoy the moment, watching her sleep peacefully in his arms.

He laid awake all night, watching her sleep. She smiled and rolled to him when she stirred. He hugged her tightly. He wished there was more he could do for her. But for tonight, and as long as he had the gift of having her in his life, he was going to hold her, love her, and most of all cherish the gift of time they had been given to be with each other.


A few days later he awoke to find Sara had passed away in her sleep peacefully. She had succumbed to the illness that had plagued her for such a long time. She had fought for as long as she could, her body giving out, but never her soul. When he had rolled to her that morning, she had a pleasant smile on her face. She looked so peaceful, he knew in his heart she was no longer hurting. She was no longer weak or sick. She was in a much better place.

Jack laid a single red rose on her grave. He had found upon her death that she hung the red rose he gave her at their Valentine's Day dinner by the window to dry out. He placed the flower gently on the ground. Tears streaming down his face.

The hole in his heart could never be replaced, but the memories from the last time he had seen her look so healthy that night, filled his heart with her warmth. He would never forget her for as long as he lived. He wiped his eyes on his sleeve. He could almost hear her reprimand him for dirtying his clothes that way. He smiled a warm smile as the tears falling, ceased.

He would never forget their very last Valentine's Day together.

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Wonder-full thank you

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