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One Leads To Many


My girlfriend of about three months recently moved in with me in my large apartment. We lived in a large apartment community, complete with pools, hot tubs, exercise rooms—all the amenities. She was 19 and I was 21, and the sex was incredible.

Before me, she had only slept with two guys—both long-term boyfriends. She hadn't much experience and had never had an orgasm (I fixed both of those problems). We fucked in the bed, kitchen, balcony, shower...pretty much anywhere that we felt the urge.

One afternoon I came home from a half-day at work and found her scurrying around in the bedroom. Her hair was a mess and she looked pretty flustered. I thought she was getting ready to shower because she had just worked out.

"Good day?"

"Yeah, fine...just going to jump in the shower for a bit." She left the room and went quickly to the bathroom. I followed her, wanting a bit of ass now that my work was done. She was at the sink brushing her teeth.

I pulled her panties down over her narrow hips and ran my finger across her pussy. It was wet already—I assumed that she had the same thoughts as I did. We spent the next hour fucking like mad in the shower and bed, myself shooting three times and her getting off five or six. I slept well that night.

The next couple days passed and I noticed that every time I got home, she looked like she was worn out and her hair was a mess. On Friday I came home early again because my casework was finished. I walked in on her leaving the balcony and closing the door. She looked at my and jumped; I startled her. I walked over to give her a kiss and sw something on her cheek.

It was a thick white load of cum.

"Honey...is that..." She ran to the bathroom and shut the door. I stormed in after her and demanded to know what was going on. After a few minutes of crying she managed to tell me.

"I've been bored this summer...working part-time...no classes...you were never here..."

"What the hell have you been doing?"

"Well, you remember Bear, the guy from work?" I did. He was about my size, thick shoulders and arms, strong back. He was the only black man at her restaurant.

"What the fuck..."

"He came by one day to give me a hat I left at work...we started talking. I was in my bathrobe and he kept staring at me...we started talking about our sex life and her asked if I was satisfied...I told him how big you were...seven inches...he was like, I can beat that.

"I don't know how it happened...the next thing I knew he had his shorts down and was showing me his dick...it was so dark and thick...it wasn't much longer than yours but it was as thick as my arm...I was in awe

"So I asked if I could touch it...I had to...I stroked it with my hands and felt it get hard...it was huge...so I had to suck it

If there wasone thing my girl did perfectly it was suck dick. She had probably blown 6 or seven guys in high school and was a pro.

"So I went down on him that day...and her came back the next day and I did it again...I just wanted it...he said that white girls loved to suck on black cock...he was right, honey...it was great.

I was furious, but I talked her through it and forgave her...I had a plan. Three guys I had represented in an assault case still owed me money. Three big, black guys. I called them the next day to get paid.

That night we were watching tv when the doorbell rang. I answered it and let them in. "honey, these are some guys from work."

She looked surprised. "Hi, nice to meet all of you."

"Honey, you're going to do something for me. These guys, they're going to fuck you tonight. Each one of them, each hole in your body, as much as they can handle."

Her mouth dropped. "Honey...what...no..." That was it...I told them to carry her to the bedroom and they happily did.

The first one shoved hisfat cock into her and shot a load in under a minute. She dripped as he pulled out—the hole time screaming. The next guy used the dripping cum to lube her ass and fucked it raw, cumming in a couple minutes. The third guy went at her pussy with her on top of him...while she took turns blowing the other two. By the end of the night, her pussy was filled with more cum than a group of whores, white semen dripping out all over the place. Her ass was the same way, loosened by the action and pouring out with cum. I can only imagine how much she swallowed, but there was still plenty left on her face.

She never cheated on me again, as I kicked her out the next day.

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