tagSci-Fi & FantasyOne Life 2 Live Pt. 01

One Life 2 Live Pt. 01


Chapter 1:

Tommy Hicks was the star in just about every sport in high school. Not only was he athlete, but he was very popular with everyone in school except for the geeks, band members, gothics, and any other abnormal or anti-social groups. Tommy stood 6'2, weighted 220. Strong, good looking, and had just about every guy in school wanting to be a member of his "unit". They would always get the most beautiful and hottest girls around. Something Toby Page would love to acquire.

Toby Page was the complete opposite of Tommy Hicks. 5'3, kind of chubby and a proud member of the high school band team. All Toby's life he has been jealous or envied someone more popular then he'd ever be.

These were the final years of high school and Toby didn't want to leave without scoring with his first chick. The closest Toby has ever gotten from a kiss, was his own grandmother, whom gave him a kiss on the lips for good luck. In a disgusting, disturbing way, Toby was very arouse by his grandma's kiss and the fact that she had gigantic sagging breasts. Toby was a tit man and has always lusted after every big-breasted girl that has come his way.

One week during Science Class, Toby had to be paired up with Tommy. Tommy didn't have school smarts. The Science teacher knew that and so he paired Tommy up with the smartest kid in school, which happened to be Toby. Tommy wasn't thrilled about Toby being his science partner, but had no choice unless he didn't want to graduate in 3 months.

As they began working together, of course, Toby did most, if not all of the work, while his so-called lab partner Tommy was off in Toby's room with a lucky young lady.

On the outside, Toby felt like shit for doing all the work and he couldn't tell the teacher or both he and Tommy would fail. In the inside, Toby was ecstatic that a girl besides his sister or mother was in his room and fucking on his bed. Even if Toby wasn't the guy she was fucking.

Toby got hungry and thirsty so he headed up from the basement to the kitchen. Toby's parents weren't home and neither was his sister. Toby could hear the loud moans and groans blasting from his room. Toby got bold and headed upstairs slowly. The closer Toby got, the louder the sex was. Luckily for Toby, Tommy kept the door open a crack and Toby took a peak inside.

The lovely lady was lying on her back, legs up in the air and feet swirling all in the air, while Tommy pounded her pussy like a dog in heat. But what amazed Toby most was the enormous size of Tommy's balls. Toby had heard stories about Tommy and his genitals. Girls would gossip about Tommy's cock being as large as a horse's. And how his balls were the size of grapefruits. Toby of course, didn't really believe that a mortal man would carry such a large penis...Until he has seen Tommy's heavy cum-filled balls bouncing off the firm ass cheeks of his fucking buddy.

Toby stood there and watched the intense pounding. The girl screamed up to her lung from the pain of Tommy's cock. Pretty soon her voice started to fade away from all the screaming. She was literally gasping for breath as Tommy viciously pounded her wide open, moist cunt. The springs to Toby's small bed sounded like they were ready to collapse under the fucking.

The girl reached her climax in a silence moan. Her cum covered half of Tommy's massive cock and poured down her red, sore thighs, to soak on Toby's sheets.

"Ughhh!" moaned Tommy as he withdraw his large soaked dick from the girl's ravished pussy and blasted an enormous geyser of hot cum onto her belly and breasts.

In all of the excitement, Toby came in his pants without even jerking his small cock. He had a small wet spot in front of his crotch. Toby's face became red and he quickly rushed back down to the basement quietly.

Toby sat in the basement with embarrassment. He waited for Tommy to return to the basement, but instead heard a car pull off from his parents' driveway. Toby looked outside his basement window and saw Tommy and the girl leaving.

"Damn!" mumbled Toby.

Toby sat back down on his stool and realized that he was alone in his cold, damp basement. Then an idea hit Toby. An idea that would promise Toby the same fame and fortune like his good buddy Tommy Hicks. Toby was so pleased with his discovery; he cracked a huge smile and quickly dashed upstairs to his room.

His room smelled like hot sex. His sheets were stained with tons of cum and other body fluids. Toby took a jar off his dresser and scooped up a little bit of Tommy's cum. Toby also admired the smell of the girl who Tommy fucked on his bed. But Toby realized that he had no time to waste. He quickly headed back to his basement, where he stayed all night until the crack of dawn.

Chapter 2:

School had let out and Toby never showed up to any of his classes. Toby's 2 best friends and his only friends, Josh and Marty, were worried about him. They knew that Tommy Hicks was Toby's science partner. So they headed up to Tommy's $40000 Jeep Liberty and asked him if he had seen Toby.

"No I haven't seen the little dork and I hope I don't see him either. His room smelled like burnt feet and ass. His bed is so fucking tiny, only my upper body could fit," Tommy lashed out.

Tommy's buddies in the backseat of his Liberty were laughing to tears.

"Hey baby," Tommy said softly to his girlfriend Sofia.

Of course, Sofia wasn't the girl Tommy fucked in Toby's bed. But Sofia was a girl every guy and lesbians wanted to get a piece of. Not even Tommy has fucked his own girlfriend. Hint the reason why he had extra pussy on the side.

Sofia Myers was popular with everyone, without having to have sex or do what most other girls would do to get attention. Sofia was part Venezuela and German. She had light brown eyes and long black straight hair that stopped midway down her back. Her body had an hourglass figure. Long smooth legs, nice juicy thighs, a heart-shaped ass, and of course, every tit man's favorite. A luscious pair of all natural 36DD breasts. Everyone knew they were natural because she had the most bounce in gym class and just walking down the hallway period. Of course, there were other girls with large or even larger breasts then Sofia, but what really set her apart from the others was that, she was the prettiest girl in school.

"Get away from my car chumps," yelled Tommy as Toby's friends.

Sofia got into the passenger side and Tommy speeded off, leaving a trail of dust for Marty and Josh to eat.

Suddenly, Marty got a page on his cell phone. It was from Toby. Toby asked Josh and Marty to meet him at the mall, inside J.C. Penny's in 2 hours. He had an astonishing surprise for them.

2 hours had gone by and Toby's friends arrived at the mall and headed to J.C. Penny's.

"Do you see him anywhere? He told us to meet him right here?" said Marty as he pushed his taped-famed glasses back up on his face.

"Looking for me," a deep voice said behind Marty and Josh.

"Toby?" the boys questioned as they slowly turned around and saw a 6'1, average weight looking male with messy dirty blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He even had on a muscle shirt, which showed off his strong firm arms and built body.

"No way! You can't be Toby! Toby isn't....Well. He jus isn't.... You," Josh said.

"Guys! It's me. I am Toby," confessed the hot blond hunk.

"Can't be. Toby was short, chubby, and never looked as good as you," Marty said.

"Because I'm the new Toby. You guys won't believe what I've been doing in my basement since last night," the new Toby said in his new deep manly voice.

The new Toby took his friends to a pizza shack in the mall and explained to them what he did.

"So you borrowed some of Tommy's DNA or cum and you ejected his cum into your body? That sounds sick dude," said Marty.

"I had to make some changes to his cum or DNA. Once I mixed it with a few special chemicals, it was only a matter of time before I ejected his semen into my own body and this is what happen," Toby explained.

"Awesome dude!" gasped Josh.

"Have any left for us?" Marty asked with a cheesy smile.

"You won't need any. As long as you guys hang out with me, we can score girls anytime," Toby said.

"How do you know if your good looks will even work or not?" asked Marty.

Suddenly, Miranda Brown, considered a top hottie at the high school, walked right passed Toby, Josh, and Marty. All three of them dropped their pizzas and just watched as she bounced by. And yes, bounce by meaning that her huge tits and large ass bounced as she walked.

"Can you get with that?" asked Marty.

"You bet," Toby answered. "Stay here boys and watch me."

Toby got up from his seat and walked over to where Miranda was waiting inline for some food.

Miranda Brown was either second or third best looking in the school. Especially considering she's an Africa America, she had the best bouncing booty in school to match her bouncy tits. At 18, she stood 5'3 and was petite but heavily thick in all the right places. She had plumped and wide lips, dark hair down to her shoulders, and an ass that looked like she stuffed two midgets behind her. But of course, as a tit man's object of affection, Miranda sported a whopping 34E cup that made all the boys' mouths water.

Today, Miranda wore a casual look. Dark blue tight jeans that bulged her ass out and a black tee shirt that did not hide her overwhelming bust. While other guys around the pizza shack drooled, Toby made his bold move as the new and improve Toby Page.

Chapter 3:

"Why hello there," Toby spoke to Miranda.

Miranda's face started to glow.

"Hi," Miranda responded softly.

"My name is...." hesitated Toby as he didn't want anyone to know he used to be the chubby, short kid in the high school band. "Jordan. My name is Jordan."

"Nice to meet you Jordan. Are you new here? I've never seen you around before?" Miranda questioned.

"Actually I am. I happen to be that fine young man Toby Page's cousin," Toby or Jordan gloated.

"Which Toby Page are we calling fine?" Miranda asked.

"Never mind. So what is a nice girl like you, doing here all alone?" Jordan asked.

"Just trying to get my eat on before this party tonight," Miranda said.

"A party?" Jordan sarcastically said. "Do you have a date for this party?"

"Actually I was going to go with a few of my girlfriends," Miranda replied.

"Oh," said Jordan feeling a bit embarrassed.

"But if you like, anyone is invited to this party. Except for the usual odd kids that people don't hang with at school. You're welcome to come even thought nobody will know who are you. I guess this will be a good way for everyone to meet the new student I should say," Miranda said.

"I'll be there. I hope to see you there," Jordan said as he gazed into Miranda's eyes.

Miranda gazed back with a glow in her face.

"I hope so too," Miranda finally responded as being silence for a few seconds.

"Your order is ready ma'am," said a pizza shack employee.

"Well that's my order and those are my girls waiting for me over there. See you at the party later," Miranda said as he picked up her order and headed over to her friends.

Jordan, or Toby, got a good look at Miranda's friends and a few were quite busty like Miranda. Jordan returned to Marty and Josh and broke the good news to them.

"Are we allowed to go too?" Marty asked.

"I'm sorry guys. Not tonight. Only the cool kids," explained Jordan.

"So now your going to abandon us for some cheap sluts," said Marty angrily.

"No guys. I just need to prove myself before we can really have some fun. I promise that we'll all pick up girls and have a wild orgy," Jordan said with a smile.

"Cool!" said an excited Josh.

"Yeah yeah whatever," Marty responded in a sad tone.

Jordan took his two friends home and rushed home to take a quick shower. Jordan had realized that once his body had changed, there would be no way he could fit into Toby's small clothes. So Toby as Jordan, had to go buy some earlier at J.C. Penny. Toby had completely changed so much, that he re-did his old room to make it cool.

"Well Miranda. Here I come," Jordan gloated as he hoped into his new Benz and drive to the party.

Chapter 4:

Jordan arrived at the part and already a bunch of girls spoke to him and questioned him about his personal life. A few guys started to hang around him at the party. Seemingly because all the girls were flocking to him.

Toby was in heaven as Jordan. He had never been part of the popular crowd, now, he was. Toby had never seen so many hot girls in one place, except, maybe in an orgy picture of the web. Almost every girl he spoke to or hung around with was stacked with tits and voluptuous asses. He felt his cock starting to grow and knew he couldn't let the cat out of the bag, just yet. Not until he had Miranda.

Jordan walked around the party area and saw Miranda having some drinks by the pool area.

"Hey Miranda," Jordan said.

"Hey Jordan," she replied. "Nice party isn't it?"

"Oh yeah! I'm having a blast," Jordan responded.

"Wanna go somewhere and have real fun?" Miranda asked.

Jordan paused for a moment and thought about what was going to happen if he said yes.

"Yes," Jordan answered.

Miranda took hold of Jordan's hand and led upstairs to one of the many bedrooms. Miranda pushed Jordan onto the bed and crawled on top of him. This would be the first time Toby has ever had a sexual encounter of any kind.

Miranda bent down and wildly started to suck face with Jordan. This was Toby's first real kiss from a non-related girl. Miranda's tongue maneuvered in and out of Jordan's mouth. Toby had watched lots of porn, so he knew what to do. Jordan sucked on Miranda's tongue and got very excited by feeling her large, heavy breasts squished against his chest.

Miranda sat up and lifted her belly shirt over her head. Encased inside a giant black bra with heavy-duty shoulder straps, jiggled and bobbed Miranda's massive 34E cups. Her tits were so enormous, that her bra could barely hold them back any longer and the straps to her bra looked to be doing some heavy-duty overtime. Toby was excited and horny as he was about to get his first eye full of real huge breasts.

"I bet you can't wait to play with these bad boys," teased Miranda.

Jordan's eyes were wide opened as he gasped at the astonishing size of Miranda's melons. Her tits reminded him of pornstar Chaka T and they looked that big too.

Miranda undid the hooks to her bra and soon the bra cups caved in and out trembled her massive chocolate titties for Jordan's pleasure.

Inside Jordan's body, he could feel his old self as Toby, breathing hard and his body going into overload. Meanwhile on the outside, Jordan cupped and fondled the huge breasts until his heart was content. He roamed his hands over every inch of massive tit flesh and jiggled the soft pillow jugs in his hands. He captured a juicy thick nipple in his mouth and sucked for a few seconds and then alternated to the other nipple.

Jordan feverishly slurped and sucked Miranda's big breasts. Every time he released a nipple from his mouth, it came out to a loud pop sound and covered in his saliva. The tit Jordan didn't suck, he fondled with both of his hands. Miranda's tits were too massive to hold with one hand. Jordan just loved the overflowing and fluffy feel of Miranda's hooters.

Toby never thought sucking huge tits could be this good as he munched on her jugs and licked and sucked her cleavage. Jordan wanted to blow his load right there, but he wanted to test drive some of Miranda's other parts...

Chapter 5:

Jordan nearly suffocated in Miranda's overflowing soft cleavage as he squeezed her round melons around his head and licked away at the salty sweat in her cleavage.

"OH! Oh my!" gasped Miranda as she felt something huge poking at her from the bottom.

Miranda had to forcefully remove Jordan's head from between her big tits to be able to unzip his jeans.

Jordan kicked off his shoes as Miranda pulled his jeans down to his ankles.

"Oh my my my!" Miranda said. "Looks like Bush has been looking in the wrong place for the Weapon of Massive Destruction. This is one huge missile you're carrying in your pants."

Jordan smiled when Miranda said that and she pulled his boxers down to this thighs and his big cock sprang loose like a jack in the box.

Miranda softly caressed the big white cock in her soft smooth hands. She trailed her fingers up and down the hard, pulsing staff of Jordan's cock.

Jordan returned his hands to fondling and mauling Miranda's huge pillows. He pressed her big wet nipples into her tits and watched them spring back out to life. Miranda positioned herself on Jordan's side so he could suck on her big tits while she sucked on his cock.

Jordan stuffed his mouth with as much tit flesh as he could. He licked and sucked her juicy mounds until every inch of them glistened in his saliva.

"Oh lord! Ahhhh Jordan! Hmmmm baby! Suck my titties!" cried out Miranda as she jerked Jordan's massive organ.

Being able to suck Miranda's breasts, and having her jerk his impressive new package, was just overwhelming for Jordan.

"Oh don't cum yet sugar," begged Miranda as she moved between Jordan's legs, forcing her big tit to drop out of Jordan's slobbery mouth and clammy hands.

Miranda began licking Jordan's big dick up and down. She started swirling her tongue at the base of his cock. His gigantic balls bulged against Miranda's chin and she slowly drilled her chin into his heavy nutsack.

"God your balls are so fucking big!" moaned Miranda as she cupped the plum sized balls in her hands and jiggled them.

"Ohhhhhh! Please don't do that. Ooooohhhhh!" groaned and begged Jordan.

"How about I do this," replied Miranda as she immediately tried to swallow Jordan's cock whole.

About 3 or 4 inches of his prick stayed out of her stuffed mouth. Miranda sucked and blew Jordan's cock until her face turned blue. She released the cock drenched in her saliva. This was the first time that Toby has ever had anyone beside himself, touch his cock and even suck on it. The closes Toby has ever gotten to a blowjob, was when he accidentally had the vacuum cleaner up close to his crotch and the tentacle from the vacuum sucked up his crotch through his jeans. Now his dreams were coming true as this beautiful African princess, with massive breasts, sucked and slurped his cock.

Miranda bobbed her mouth furiously up and down Jordan's large member. Miranda's tits were so enormous, that they spread across his thighs and never left while she bobbed her mouth on his cock. Her hard nipples pressed down into his skin and Jordan loved every minute of it.

The sounds of Miranda sucking and moaning filled the entire bedroom.

"Oh god Miranda! You're breasts. That mouth. Hmmm god!" groaned Jordan as Miranda squished Jordan's saliva-glistened shaft between her fleshy orbs, while she sucked and nibbled the cockhead.

Miranda released the cockhead from her large lips and spit down on his prick. She jerked his cock between her heavy tits.

"I want you to explore on my big brown tits Jordan. Please explode for me," moaned Miranda.

Miranda didn't have to tell Jordan twice. Not even once. Jordan had already known that he couldn't last very long as she rapidly jerked his big dick between her melons. The warm, pillowy and smooth texture of her breasts were enough to make Jordan's cock erupt like a geyser in Yellow Stone Park.

"Ughhhhh!" cried Jordan as his first spurt blew all over her face.

This second hot blast exploded between her tits. The smaller dribbles leaked out of his cock and flooded Miranda's hands and cleavage.

"Oh god child! That was huge!" Miranda said as she sat up and had her face and tits drenched in cum.

Jordan was out and weakens by his cumming. Miranda had gotten up out of bed and entered the bathroom nearby to clean up.

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