One Life 2 Live Pt. 02


Jordan moaned heavily as the girls took turns deep-throating his large beast. While one sucked down his cock, the other sucked and fondled his balls. Jordan was ready to erupt on their pretty faces.

"Damn! I could suck his cock and balls all day and night. It has to be about 13 inches long. And look how thick the shaft is," Mona said in between sucking on his balls. "But I want to ride this motherfucker home."

"Alright. You can fuck him first. But once you cum, its my turn," Miranda explained as she jerked Jordan's saliva-soaked cock.

"Then you're gonna be waiting all night," Mona said in a sassy tone.

Mona stood up and pulled down her massive panties. Her enormous ass bulged out like she had two midgets shoved up her asshole and they spread out to her ass cheeks. Mona slowly crawled on top of Jordan and slowly lowered herself onto the long, thick piece of meat. She could only take in 8 inches for now because she wasn't loose enough.

"Oh fuck. This monster is huge!" cried Mona as she began sliding up and down Jordan's cock.

Jordan couldn't believe that he was going to lose his virgin to Miranda's chubby friend and not Miranda. But he didn't care because Mona's pussy was dripping wet and very tight. He never thought that pussy would feel so good enveloping his dick.

"Ughhh!" cried Mona as she moved one hand down to her pussy, to further open it for the rest of Jordan's dong.

Jordan's hands squeezed and mauled Mona's large ass. Mona's massive F cups dangled in front of him and he yielded for a taste of one of her nipples.

Mona was finally able to impale all of Jordan's cock inside her pussy and began riding him. Jordan kept his hands on Mona's enormous ass cheeks as he enjoyed fucking his first woman. He felt his virginity slowly being taken away with each thrust he gave Mona.

Mona's gigantic titties suffocated Jordan's chest and face. Jordan's face was smothered in one of Mona's bouncing tits and he captured her long thick nipple into his mouth and sucked on it.

"Ohhhh yesss! Fuck me! Fuck me! Suck my tits! Oh god. Ughhhh!" moaned Mona a she started bucking faster on Jordan's dick.

"Damn girl! Don't kill him or yourself," joked Miranda.

Mona's face was covered in sweat and beet red as her large ass cheeks came thundering down upon Jordan's thighs as she rode him. Jordan continued to suck, munch, and lick Mona's big tits from top to bottom, which wasn't an easy task with all the flopping and bouncing but Jordan enjoyed every moment of trying.

"Ohhhh I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Ughhhh!" cried out Mona.

Mona wrapped her arms around Jordan's head and buried him between her boulder titties as she reached her climax and released a river of cum down his thrusting prick and bouncing balls. Her pussy trembled and expanded to Jordan thrusting his cock.

Mona calmed down and rested her weaken sweaty body on top of Jordan.

"Ok girl! He hasn't cum yet which means I still have a chance to ride him," Miranda said hysterically.

Mona rolled her large body off Jordan. His cock still throbbed and glistened in Mona's cum. Miranda got on all fours on the edge of the bed.

"Fuck me from behind tiger," Miranda teased Jordan.

"With pleasure," Jordan said with a grin, as he remembered what Marty said to him about fucking her in the asshole.

With his cock still dripping in cum, Jordan plunged half of it between Miranda's plumped ass.

"OH FUCK! NOT THERE YOU ASSHOLE!" shouted Miranda.

Jordan gripped Miranda by her hips and started fucking her wildly in the ass. Miranda hung off the edge of the bed, releasing nothing but silence moans. Her mammoth mammaries flopped and slapped back and forth against the edge.

"Oh fuck! Oh god Jordan! Your dick is too big motherfucker! Why the ass damnit? Why my fucking ass?" Miranda said desperately wanting to know.

"Ughhh! I love your ass girl," Jordan moaned.

Jordan gave Miranda's big ass a few spanks and watched it rippled like an earthquake had just hit it while he thrusted harder and faster in her asshole. Only nine-inches of Jordan's beast squeezed between Miranda's soft ass cheeks and drilled her anus.

Jordan pulled Miranda further in the middle of the bed, so she could rest her upper body on the bed while he fucked her jiggling ass. Her giant breasts bulged beneath her as she endured the pain. Jordan increased Miranda's pleasure by fingering her wet cunt. He penetrated two fingers deep inside her cunt and fondled her clitoris. Miranda climax and came all over Jordan's hand. Jordan could feel Miranda's pussy juices running down his swinging balls as he pounded her ass.

Jordan fucked and squeezed Miranda's juicy brown ass for five more minutes, before he pulled out and jerked his cock over her ass.

"Aghhh!" grunted Jordan as he blew an enormous load all over Miranda's ass and up her back.

Mona came back over to the bed and rubbed Jordan's cum into her best friend's back and ass. Her ass glistened in Jordan's gooey milk and some cum dripped in between her pillow ass cheeks and drenched her sore anus.

"Oh shit!" said Jordan as he panicked. "I've got to go."

Jordan quickly threw on his clothes and jetted out of the house. He jumped into his car and headed for home. By the time he got back to his house, he transformed back into his old nerdish self. But Toby had a huge grin on his face. He was kind of confused on rather or not he actually lost his virginity since he never came inside Miranda or Mona. But he was very pleaded with tonight's event.

Toby entered his house a new man he thought. He entered the basement to find the Hicks serum all gone.

"What the? Who took the rest of my serum?" Toby asked himself.

Then he remembered leaving Marty and Josh at his house hours ago.

"Marty and Josh! They must have used the Hicks. There's no telling what they could be using it for."

"Toby!" yelled Toby's mother.

"Yes mom?"

"You have some very nice new friends who decided to take your sister and her friend out tonight," his mother said.

"Nice new friends? Oh shit! Marty and Josh! Those bastards! I have to find them," Toby said as he rushed up to his room, changed back into his normal clothes and headed out the door to find Marty and Josh...

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