tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Lonely Night

One Lonely Night


The evening was quiet and the wind blew gently through the trees outside Natalie's house in suburban London. Rain pattered lightly over the roof and walls of the house to make their own cadence of sounds against the wood and glass in a relaxing stream of soft sounds. Natalie was at home alone for the evening since her flatmates had gone out on the town with their respective significant others and since Natalie's own boyfriend was out of the country on business that left her to her own devices to amuse herself.

The television was on though turned down low, just to make some noise to seem as if she wasn't totally alone and Natalie's lovely slender body was draped across the chair next to the one small light in the den. She had a book in her lap and her eyes were trained intently on it as she read line after line of erotica within. Every so often she felt the urge for her fingers to wander over her flesh under her soft satin pajamas. The soft smoothly shaved flesh of her intimacy was already starting to swell and grow moist from the arrousal within as she read line and line and page after page of the book. Nattie's eyes closed as she felt herself sinking into the depths of the chair and her mind finally lost the will to fight what it was that she desired and her eyes closed while her fingers slipped under the silken material of her panties.

Natalie's eyes were jerked open as she felt rough hands on her wrists, pulling her to her feet from the chair. The book spilled from her lap and hit the floor as she felt her body roughly pressed to the wall. "Well now, what do we have here?" hissed a soft and very male voice near her ear while the man's hands moved to restrain Nattie's wrists behind her for the moment as well as stuffing something hard and uncomfortable into her mouth to stifle the scream that was threatening to erupt from her lips. The man was wearing a mask as he pulled just enough away from Natalie for her to see anything of the man while he was looking down at her slender body, trembling with a combination of fear as well as the desire that had building within her body before.

The intruder's lips curled into a smirk as he spied the dampness of Natalie's arrousal where it soaked through the crotch of her pajamas before grabbing the strings of the curtains that were just to the side and stretching Nattie's arms up to the curtain rod to start tying them together with the cord so that her body was stretched and exposed to the man for whatever he might wish to subject the young woman to. The man stepped back just enough after tying her wrists to once more inspect Natalie's heaving and struggling body before he reached out and quite simply tore open the front of her pajamas to expose her pale, full, and heaving breasts tipped with her hard pink nipples. Natalie could see the man lick his lips before he reached down to wrap her body in his arms and his lips attacked her nipples in a merciless series of licks and kisses, eager slurps, nips, nibbles, and eventually painful bites, all of which to Natalie's shame continued to feed the arrousal that was so evident between her thighs.

The only sounds in the room other than the muffled sounds of her struggles were the low pitiful whimpers, the only sounds she could manage through the ballgag as the man continued to assault and torment her nipples in the most teasing, painful, and delicious manners that she wished that she wasn't so scared so that she could actually fully enjoy the attention. Soon enough the man's hand moved to just where Natatlie knew it would go eventually, to her pajama bottoms, which were quickly torn from Natalie's body to reveal her beautifully smooth shaved sexual center and her long and well toned legs.

Natalie struggled in vain as the man's lips moved down her tummy and soon she felt the heat of his breath over her swollen labia for a moment before the man simply devoured her pussy with his lips and tongue. Her body heaved and struggled against the cords that held her wrists firmly in place over her head as she felt the man's tongue sliding deep inside her wet walls and bringing a whimpered gasp against the ballgag while she jerked each time the man's nose brushed against her throbbing and hard clit. Inside her mind she was cursing the book she had been reading to have her body so primed and sexually ready for a time when something like this would happen, to have her own body betraying her as it was now, so hot, so wet, so close to erupting from the strange man's assault.

Natalie could tell her body couldn't resist for much longer, her thighs were streaked with the dripping moisture of her pussy's juices leaking around the man's tongue as it arched and moved, fluttering against the sensitive inner flesh of her gspot. Her eyes closed as she cried out against the ballgag while her body stiffened and thrashed against the man's mouth from the intensity of her orgasm tearing through her body and her insides clenched and spasmed around the man's tongue before he pulled it free and his laugh could be heard as he wasted no time and rose up in front of her, opening his zipper to free his hard penis and before her orgasm was even over she could feel him entering her tight pussy, stuffing his thick shaft into her clenching canal as she screamed out against the gag from the stretching of herself around him while still mid orgasm.

The man reached down to wrap Natalie's legs around his waist to keep himself deep inside her before he started to roughly thrust his hips against her body, listening to the wet sounds of her moisture slurping around his cock as he had his way with her body and forced her once more toward another release, one that erupted almost as soon as he settled into a hard and fast rythem. Natalie's body rebelled against her once more at the almost immediate orgasm that soaked the man's shaft while her eyes closed tightly and the growls and grunts of the man's efforts rang in her ears while his obvious arrousal throbbed and pulsed inside her.

Short moments built together into what seemed like a mere second of hot flashes of pain, pleasure, humiliation and sexual release as Natalie's orgasms continued to flow and soak herself and the man that was tormenting and abusing her. The wet sounds grew louder along with the man's grunts and growls more intense as each of his hard thrusts brought him closer and closer to his own orgasm.

Natalie's cheeks were flaring red and bright from the embarassment of her body's rebellion as she felt one of the several orgasms toward the end of the chain at the same moment the man inside her growled deeply and thrust hard once more before she felt the heated sensation of his cock releasing a hard streaming jettison of his seed deep into her fluttering and spasming pussy and each hot stream after that as her body rocked and struggled through yet another orgasm while he fought to hold her in place to keep his streams of cum inside her body until his softening cock finally slid from inside of her and flopped out, deflated and soaked with a mix of his own cum as well as Natalie's own orgasmic flowing juices.

The man smirked from behind his mask and muttered, "you was great slut," before he closed his pants and cut the cords that were holding Natalie standing. He turned to run toward the back of the house even as Natalie's body slumped toward the floor, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as she fell and watched the man dissapear around the corner of the hall.

Natalie's body jerked upward as she opened her eyes, her book falling to the floor as she looked around, her fingers moving to her body to find she was wearing her silken pajamas. She heard the book hit the floor and close before she looked around the room and sighed in relief, "it was only a dream," she whispered to herself, sounding dissapointed though relieved at the same time as she stood up, pausing to lean down to pick up her book, and padded quietly off to her bed.

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