tagBDSMOne Long Dream Ch. 05

One Long Dream Ch. 05


If you haven't read chaps 1-4 this may not make a lot of sense. Would welcome your feedback. I had lots after chap 1 & 2 but nothing since. Enjoy!


She was wondering what to do with the glass, when she felt him take hold of her wrist with one hand and take the glass from her with the other. She heard him place the glass on the table then felt him take her other wrist. Before she knew what had happened he had them bound again, this time in front of her body.

He left her standing there in her blindfold, bound to the table, while he dressed, went to her handbag and removed her car and house keys. He left the handbag hanging next to her clothes on the hall stand on the same peg as her discarded knickers and bra. Slipping the keys into his pocket with his own car keys he returned to untie her ankles.

For the first time in what seemed like ages she could bring her legs together and straighten them. It was a strange feeling to be able to move her legs freely again. She began to wonder what was coming next, when he solved the problem by taking hold of a nipple and began leading her though the house. They stopped and she heard a door open, she wasn't that familiar with the house, but she had an idea that it might be the back door and judging by the fresh breeze she now felt she was pretty certain it was.

Pressure on her nipple had her moving forward again into the breeze, she tried to resist, but he simply increased the pressure of his grip on her nipple and pulled harder. She really had no choice but to follow him outside. She had no idea of the time but hoped that it was late enough to be dark, because if she remembered rightly the rear of the house faced the side street with a little, but not complete, cover from some bushes in the garden.

The door closed with a certain finality and she was led further from it into what she guessed was the carport. At least that would hide her from the street.

Clunk, clunk. She heard a car door unlocking and soon, she guessed, she was standing beside the open door. He turned her so she stood with her back towards the passenger seat and with a firm grip on both of her tits he gently lowered her into the seat.

"Legs in, cunt!."

Turning she pulled her right leg in giving a clear view of her pussy, then pulled her left leg in.

"Good girl. Now the seat belt." He said pulling the belt across her chest and adjusting her breasts so that the seat belt wouldn't obscure his view.

She heard the door close and the garage door motor burst into life.

She was worried. Where was he taking her? What would he do with her? Who would see her?

The engine came to life and purred quietly as they reversed out into the street. She felt the car turn to the right and come to a standstill. He engaged the gears and they headed off to she-knew-not-where. Once they were cruising she felt his hand on her knee pulling it to open her legs. She went with the flow and complied and when she felt his hand on her other knee she knew what he wanted.

Then his fingers were running up and down her pussy lips opening them and dipping into her still very well lubricated cunt. This attention and her blindfold meant she lost all sense of where they might be going, but when he slowed right down and turned right onto a short steep slope before stopping, she knew they had arrived at her home. She desperately hoped it was dark as the walk from the driveway to the cover of her courtyard was totally exposed. She knew when they got to the courtyard she would be relatively safe, but there was five or six metres of open space she would have to cover first.

She heard his door open and then nothing for a little while until her door opened. She felt his hand lift her leg around and place her foot on the pavement. She brought the other one around before he reached in with both hands to take a firm hold of her tits and used them to lift her painfully to a standing position beside the door, which he closed and locked before leading her to the front door.

She was so worried about being discovered by a neighbour that even the rough treatment of her tits didn't draw a sound from her, just a sharp intake of breath.

She heard him work his way through the different keys on her key ring before she finally heard the door open, when he lead her through the doorway she realised that he had had her standing quite close to the door and well protected from prying eyes, a safe enough position even if it had been broad daylight. She was at least thankful for that.

He had never been anywhere in her house before other than the entry and living room, so he had no idea where the main bedroom was, but with a firm grip on her nipple he lead her off on his journey of exploration.

He found the main bedroom upstairs and was delighted that the centrepiece was the old cast iron bed her grandfather had made, the one that she had had restored before they split up, with lots of places for tying a partner to.

She felt the edge of the bed against the back of her knees just as he pushed her backwards onto it. Then first one ankle was pulled up and out before she felt the grip of soft rope pulling it further out. The second ankle quickly followed the first in being stretched out and tied off to the bed.

The next thing she felt was a knee on either side of her head as he untied her wrists and secured them one at a time to the ends of the bed.

"Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. What a sight you are to behold, especially with that lovely cunt stretched open ready for absolutely anything. I just need a few shots to remind me of the beauty of this scene, then we might get a few actions shots in a little while."

The room was perfectly quiet so she clearly heard the shutter fire off dozens of shots in rapid succession. Then nothing. She sensed that he had left the room but couldn't imagine why. Alone, in her own dark little world, she wondered if he had left and gone home. Where could he be?

What she couldn't know was that he had gone off to collect all the phone cords and even the ADSL line as well as every key he could find in the house, putting them all into the camera bag he had brought with him.

At last she heard him return to the bedroom and gave a sigh of relief. But when she heard him going though her wardrobes she became worried all over again.

She heard a suitcase open and soft things rustling as he cleared her drawers of all her underwear except for three suspender belts that he had bought for her all that time ago and a few pairs of stockings. Next he took every pair of her flat heeled shoes, slacks, shorts and all her tops and put them in another suitcase, leaving only a couple of summer dresses that buttoned all the way up the front for her to wear. The suitcases he locked and took to the garage before putting the key in his camera bag with the others. He checked the laundry for any other clothing, but found none.

At last he returned to her room and announced, "Hi cunt, I've just rearranged your wardrobe for you and now it's time for me to have a little fun before I go home."

With that he ran his hand over her pussy before bending down to run his tongue up and down her now, beautifully bare cunt lips. She immediately felt the effects of his attention as his tongue separated her lips and began probing her cunt. The combination of his wet tongue and her lubrication meant her lips were soon spread wide for him. He used a couple of fingers to check that she was ready for him.

She couldn't believe that she could be ready for him again so quickly, but she desperately wanted to feel his cock invade her again. He didn't keep her waiting long and simply brought his cock to her waiting hole, teased her with the head for a moment or two while she tried to lift her arse off the bed and capture his prick even though she was bound firmly hand and foot.

Finally, she felt him drive the full length of his rock hard member into her quickly, forcefully, almost brutally.

"Finally, you fuck me you bastard," She screamed at him, "finally you do what you should have done all along, fuck me you bastard, fuck me! Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh..."

He kept up the pressure until she calmed a little then he pulled out of her cunt knelt by her head and said, "my turn cunt, open up!" She turned her head towards him and obeyed by opening her mouth to his cock covered in her juices. He simply rammed it home and came quickly with his cock wedged in the back of her throat.

"Yes, cunt this is your future! Eat it all, you horny fucking cunt this is all for you!"

He filled her throat completely and she felt as though he pumped masses of cum into her as she struggled to breath around his cock.

"At last," she kept thinking as his cock pumped his seed into her, "At last, thank god, I've finally given him what he really needs and got what I really need. I've never felt so complete, so totally embraced, so lucky."

He kept his cock in her mouth while his erection slowly subsided. She was so tired, that she slipped into a light sleep before he withdrew, waking only when he was free of her mouth.

Leaving her as she was, he gathered his things and prepared to go, taking his stuff out to his car. Returning to her room, he said, "thank you Sharon, I've set your alarm for 7:30. Get up, shower, do your hair, put on your cunt ball uniform and your christmas decorations. Then at 8:00 sharp go out the front door, close it and wait for me in the courtyard wearing your cunt ball uniform and your christmas decorations and nothing else. I will pick you up for the day."

"I will release one wrist now so you can then release yourself for the night. The butt plug is to stay in unless you need to crap, in which case you should remove it, wash it and then replace it after you have finished."

He bent down and kissed her full on the lips, her response was simply to open her mouth and accept him fully.

He untied her left wrist and said "have fun Sharon, see you out the front at 8.00 in the morning, bye!" As a final parting gesture he covered her with the doona that had been draped over the foot of the bed and left.

Alone and still bound, Sharon just lay where she was, conscious again of the intruder in her arse, but not unhappy about it. She thought she should use her free hand to untie herself, if for no other reason than that she knew she would need to pee soon, but she was reluctant to make a move; being tied kept her in the wonderful state that her ex-had left her in.

Ahh, my ex! I think that's going to change and soon if tonight was anything to go by, she thought as she went over everything that had happened, or rather everything that he had done to her, and will do to her.

Shit! I can't let him have me pierced like that though! I'll ring him and explain, she thought. I'll have to untie myself to do that though - but later. And not very much later she was sound asleep, still blindfolded, her right hand still bound to the bed along with her ankles, christmas decorations hanging from her nipples and around her neck, with the butt plug still buried in her arse.

Hours later, vaguely aware that something was happening in the background, she eventually realised that her alarm was ringing: it was 7:30 and she had slept through the entire night, nearly 11 hours, and now she realised she really needed a pee. She tried to roll off the bed but found she could not move her right arm or her legs. 'What the... damn, it wasn't a dream!'

Bloody hell, I am busting, she said to herself as she frantically tore at the knot holding her right wrist to the bed. Luckily for her, Adam had tied her with a simple knot that came apart reasonably easily, now for her ankles. First the right, then the left, done! Now to the loo! She rushed to the toilet feeling the christmas balls bouncing against her before she used both hands to steady them against her belly.

Phew not a moment too soon, she thought as she slumped on the throne. As she peed another urge hit her but she realised that wasn't going to be quite as easy. She had to get that plug out first; the balls will have to wait. Have to wait until I finish peeing. I guess I just have to pull it out, she thought reaching back to get a hold on the plug. She slowly eased it out feeling instant relief that was short lived as the pressure from inside took over. She just gave in to it.

Bloody hell, she thought again as she raced into the shower, he wants me out the front in just over 15 minutes. She frantically pulled at the knots on her nipples then realised that they were just simple slip knots, but this had taken a couple of minutes and she now had about 12 minutes, all thoughts of ringing him to explain that she didn't want the piercings were now totally lost in her panic to be ready for him.

Come to think of it she hadn't really stopped to think about anything, for some reason she just knew she had to be there for him when he arrived, she had to be ready. She picked up the butt plug carefully and threw it into the shower and dashed in herself.

A quick soap all over, rinse the hair, wash the plug thoroughly and soap it up to lubricate it, then she bent over and simply pushed it back into her distended arse with little effort. Wonder why he wants that in there? She thought as she began drying herself. But I've got to admit you get used to it quickly enough.

Bit of perfume, now where are my stockings and suspenders? She went to her underwear drawer, opened it and stopped in her track, all that was there were her suspenders and stockings, every other bit of underwear had vanished. Bloody hell! Oh, well at least I know where my stockings and suspenders are! She thought, smiling to herself, he's bloody thorough.

5 to 8, what else do I need? Oh yeah bloody christmas decorations: bathroom. She raced into the ensuite grabbed the nipple decorations and slipped one on each nipple and tied the bow around her neck. Nearly ready, blindfold; bed, yes!

She picked up the blindfold slipped the same shoes on as she had on yesterday, wrapped the tinsel she found around her head and raced to the front door christmas balls bouncing everywhere, thinking, this really is crazy, what on Earth am I doing?

Bloody hell, where are the keys? The bastard! He wants me to lock myself out, fuck! fuck! fuck! It's right on 8, she said to no one as she opened the front door. What am I supposed to do? she asked as she answered her own question by pulling the door closed behind her knowing that she was now locked out. Bastard!

The time had gone so fast that only now she realised that she was naked in front of her house in broad daylight and while her courtyard wall gave her some protection, passers by could still see the entire courtyard from some angles. She decided to minimise the risk by standing in the front corner of the courtyard where she had cover from three sides at least. This meant that she was in the sun and would be highly visible from the fourth side, but there were some bushes on that side that most pedestrians walk on the other side of. She sat down to lower her profile, pulled on the blindfold and waited.

To her, it was an eternity before he arrived, but it was really only about five minutes. He pulled up in her driveway and came into the courtyard and went to the front door, which was much more visible from the street. "Hi cunt! Well done. Game on and in session. Now stop hiding over there and get your sweet little arse over here."

She hesitated just a fraction, but it didn't go unnoticed. "Was that a little hesitation cunt? Didn't you learn anything yesterday? That'll be twenty strokes later," he said good-humouredly. When she was standing in front of him, he took her in his arms and hugged her warmly, "Good morning my lovely little cunt. My you feel fucking good," he told her as he ran his hands all over her back, arse (to check she had the plug in) and finally over her pussy, "And you're already excited I see, fantastic."

"Stay here, while I get you a dress for the day. Oh and while you're waiting, stand with your knees shoulder width apart and with your hands clasped behind your head. That's it, that's called the waiting position and whenever you are not tied up you will wait in this position, understand?"

She nodded. "Excellent," he said letting himself in with her key "I'll be back soon."

A minute or two later he reappeared holding a dress that she had had when they were together. He had loved it then because of its elegance and because it had buttons all the way down the front so it offered excellent access and it gaped beautifully in front every time she bent forward.

Now he simply closed and locked the door, took her right nipple in one hand and led her with her hands still clasped behind her head over to his car. Taking his time to maxmise her exposure, he unlocked her door and once again helped her to sit by lowering her by her tits, then waited and watched intently as she swung first one leg, then the other into the vehicle. Sharon had no idea that there hadn't been anybody passing by and was deeply relived to be able to drop into the relative protection of his car.

Closing her door, he climbed in and they were soon on their way to his place for breakfast.

Breakfast that morning was a lavish affair. Sourdough toast that he baked himself, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, mushrooms and tomato and strong coffee. They ate al fresco on the private terrace out from his dining room. He had led her out and invited her to sit at the glass-topped table he had cleaned meticulously overnight and offered her an orange juice and fresh green jasmine tea while he put the rest of the meal together.

She appreciated the tea, it was the first hot drink she had had since she arrived at his house the afternoon before, but she felt decidedly exposed sitting naked in the gentle morning sun. She might have been naked but she was certainly feeling fully alive through every nerve in her body. She had seen the courtyard once or twice before so she tried to visualise her surroundings, wondering which way she was facing, but with the blindfold on she was still a little disoriented, nevertheless she thought from the noises she had heard that she was probably facing the door.

The tea was good. Hot, strong and fragrant, it buoyed her knowing that he had remembered her preference for green tea in the morning and orange juice.

She heard him open the sliding door and place something on the table, then she heard the slight ring of plates being placed on the glass surface then suddenly she was sitting in bright sunshine.

"Breakfast, Sharon," he said as he removed her blindfold, "hope its to your liking."

She struggled to adjust to the brightness as he her handed a pair of sunglasses, "Here, these might help a little Sharon."

'Sharon? Did he call me Sharon?'

She looked at him puzzled.

"It's OK Sharon, we're in interval for breakfast. Eat up!"

"Ah," she started, pointing to her mouth with a quizzical look on her face, he nodded.

"Ah, am I allowed to talk in the intervals?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied, "I said that when I laid out the rules last night, not sure why though."

"Me neither, it's a dangerous move, I might say something we both will regret. And while it's nice to be able to speak, I would really prefer there were no more intervals until we get this whole game over with. I don't want an opportunity to fuck it up again."

"OK then, by common consent, consider the rules changed, so that there will be no intervals when we play the game. So that makes this the last interval in this game and naturally the last interval ever. Got it?"

She nodded her agreement.

"But," he said, "before I declare game on again I've got to say that I am loving it Sharon, and I believe you really are determined aren't you?"

She nodded again.

"All right then, this last interval will last until I call you cunt again, which might be very soon so if I were you I wouldn't speak too much more or your breakfast will get cold. Would you prefer decaf coffee or will the real thing do?"

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