tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOne Lustful Afternoon

One Lustful Afternoon


Emily's POV

I remember the first night I ever saw Mikey he looked absolutely gorgeous strumming away on his guitar with the red and blue stage lights dancing around him like he was a true Rockstar. Well that's exactly what he was although at the time I didn't know the band he was playing in was My Chemical Romance.

Linzi and I were neighbours, she was older than me with her being twenty-four and me seventeen. I used to baby-sit for Tamzin her little girl. One night she came home from her double shift at the gas station and I knew she was low on cash, struggling like hell because Tamzin's father took the easy way out and killed himself a year after she'd been born. Anyways as sort of like payment for babysitting she offered to take me to this little club and supply me with as much booze as I wanted as the guy who owned it had a soft spot for Linzi.

Linzi and I became sister-in-laws as she married Gerard, Mikey's older brother. We were always going over to see each other, going on tour together everything that families do we did, until she died leaving poor Gerard to raise Tamzin and from what I hear from Frankie (mostly) she's turning out just like Linzi.

I feel bad that we don't hang out like we used to but it's just that with my company taking off to heights I never thought possible and Mikey working hard with the "Michael James Way" foundation in New Jersey which helps keep kids off the streets and out of danger and he's always popping over spending time with them teaching the guitar and in general being a big kid. We just never really have enough time to just hang out.

I kissed my friends on the cheeks and said bye to them as Annabelle and I climbed in the back of the cab to take us back to mine. It's very rare that I drink but with our monthly girls day out I decided to let my hair down, which even in my drunken state I so know I'm going to regret it.

I've spent most of the day watching Annabelle with her glossy black hair styled in sexy waves just brushing the tops of her firm breasts and with each flick of her hair you see the fire red underneath, her milky soft skin glowing under the strobe lights of the club (yes in a club drinking like there's no tomorrow in the afternoon, it's amazing what you find in New York) swinging her hips and shaking her ass for all the guys to admire her and believe me they did along with a few girls. She doesn't have a care in the world, she tells me all her tales from the bedroom I can't help but stare open mouthed at some of the things she tells me and if I'm honest it kinda turns me on.

It wasn't until the cab pulled outside our Victorian four bedrooms home that I noticed my head on Annabelle's shoulder, my attempt to stop everything spinning uncontrollably.

Which so hasn't worked!

'Come on drunken one lets get you to that wonderful husband of yours.' She giggled grabbing my hands and almost dragging me from the cab at which my jeans fell a little lower exposing my hip bones.

'I probably shouldn't have had that last vodka.' Giggling, staggering to my unstable feet gripping Annabelle's shoulders for support, the sun glistening off the two eyebrow rings on her left and one on her right that only accentuates her "come to bed" eyes .

'I hear that.' She laughed grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the house.

In my drunken state and Annabelle being the dutiful friend helped me to my bedroom; with the room spinning I flopped down on the bed and at the same time everything started to get a little hazy around the edges.

Annabelle carefully pulled me into a sitting position inching the spaghetti straps down my arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps before she tugged the top over my small breasts exposing them to the cool whirl from the air conditioning and my nipples instantly hardened at the sight Annabelle licked her pierced lips slowly, lustfully staring straight at my tits and without warning my nipples stiffened even more. Her tongue quickly darted out making precise contact with my right nipple causing a light moan to escape my lips. Needing no more encouragement she sucked the whole nipple into her mouth, lightly grazing her teeth over and to my surprise I could feel it harden even more. Continuing her assault on my left nipple she fumbled with the button and zipper on my jeans, sliding her hand down under the waistband of my black silk panties, slowly trailing her index finger over my engorged clit circling it once as my bedroom filled with moans of pleasure, sliding her finger down partly my wet pussy lips just dipping the tip of her finger inside the hot, soaked hole and I couldn't help myself I bucked my hips forward and her finger slide all the way in to the tattoo covered knuckle.

'Fuck you're so wet.' Annabelle purred and the vibrations sent a wonderful sensation through my nipple and I cried out bucking my hips to meet the little constricted thrusts of her finger, 'we're gonna have to loose these.' She smiled abruptly taking her finger back and eagerly tugging my jeans and panties off in one fluid motion.

The cold air felt wonderful against my burning womanhood but not as wonderful as Annabelle's tongue plunging without warning straight into my hole, out and then straight back in. Feeling the familiar sensation building in my thighs and stomach I gripped the bed sheets arching my back, practically screaming as my orgasm began to rise and her tongue expertly plunged as deep as she could...

Mikey's POV

Sat quietly on the leather chair in the corner of the bedroom watching our next door neighbour, Annabelle thrusting her tongue in and out of my wife....

I couldn't believe it, she actually pulled it off.

This morning whilst Emily was blowing her hair out Annabelle and I had a very interesting chat about fantasies, I've never felt like I could openly talk to Emily about my lust to see her and another woman together whilst I watch. She's too shy and innocent or that's what I thought. I mentioned it in passing to Annabelle (who I know from talks with Frankie that she's open to try anything once and well hot as fuck) and she smirked and winked at me before whispering "I love a challenge" and with that my beautiful wife of six years came bounding down the stairs and I could tell by the way her perfect breasts moved she wasn't wearing a bra.

Having lost my jeans and boxers my throbbing erection is proudly standing without restraint, Annabelle kissed Emily hard on the mouth snaking her tongue hungrily into her as she gently inserted one finger and then another moving in deep thrusts whilst her thumb circled clit and she reached up pinching her nipples slowly sending her overboard. Her orgasmic screams filled the room and pre-cum oozed out of my cock, Annabelle turned her head slightly still thrusting her fingers into Emily as she rode out her orgasm, licked her lips and inclined her head in an unspoken invitation.

Annabelle shucked out of her skinny jeans and red corset top revealing her treble clef tattoo on her left shoulder and her broken heart that has been inked into three pieces at the bottom of her back as she gracefully bends over to remove her soaking panties. Laying down next to Emily squeezing her breasts Annabelle licked from the base of my cock all the way to the tip, licking the entire mound of pre-cum off the tip before licking the entire shaft again right down to the base I expected her to lick her way back up but she instead licked my balls before sucking both of them into her mouth. She had shown Emily and me once how she could fit her fist into her mouth but I never really appreciated it until now. She sucked them and held them as if warming her jaw up ready to take my ten and a half inch cock, pinching Emily's nipples her beautiful brown eyes glazed with lust and alcohol. Expecting to have to coax her into our threesome now she know I'm here but to my surprise just as Annabelle slipped the whole head of my cock in her mouth working her hand slowly up and down swallowing more and more of me, Emily slipped off the bed resting her back against the side and with the loud moan that vibrated down my shaft I'm guessing she returning Annabelle's favour. Keeping the same steady rhythm I hit the back of her throat and before I could blink her lips were clamped around the base of my cock before she started slipping me in and out effortlessly palming my balls at the same time.

It wasn't long before Emily's hot, moist pussy was clamped around my cock riding it, moaning around Annabelle's tongue that was exploring her mouth as mine was thrusting in and out of Annabelle's soaking wet pussy. Her thighs began to tighten around my head, my fingers quickly dipping in knuckle deep and then back out as her lips tightened around my fingers her moans mingled with Emily's as her orgasm was building unable to hold back much longer I started thrusting hard and fast into Emily hitting her cervix as my fingers matched my hip thrusts my tongue seemed to have a mind of it's own and found Annabelle's tight black hole plunging in just as hers and Emily's orgasms hit feeling hot juices spilling over my fingers and into my palm and also showering my cock it was too much and with one final deep thrust my cum came shooting out of me, unloading five long blasts of hot cum straight into my beautiful wife as her pussy kept on milking me riding out her orgasm....

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