tagGay MaleOne Man's Search Ch. 04

One Man's Search Ch. 04


Chapter 4 - Washing Away the Pain

After Reggie watched the abuser storm off flustered, he turned and shut the door. Silently he walked over, took Shinji by the hand, and led him to the large master bathroom. It was huge, being 6'8", Reggie had scoured the city searching for an apartment with a tall enough shower to fit him and this place was perfect, it had a huge shower with a "rainfall" shower head that worked wonderfully, it also had plenty of room for two people to move about in it so it also had the added benefit of being fun to "play" in. Reggie grabbed an extra small stool, used to sit on in the shower, and placed it in the middle of the room's open area.

He gently made Shinji sit down on it and went to grab his first aid kit from under the sink, "Take your shirt off so I can clean those cuts." he spoke softly but firmly. As though it was natural, Shinji obeyed the command silently and sat awaiting his next orders. Reggie noticed the look on his guest's face and grimaced. He brought the kit over, along with some clean washcloths, and kneeled in front of him. He spoke matter-of-factly but his tone was not lacking compassion, "Either you're in a state of shock or you've entered your role as that man's Submissive," Shinji looked at him blankly, "So which is it?" Reggie took the cloth he had made warm in the sink earlier and started to clean the blood away from Shinji's face.

Shinji's eyes looked away but he didn't move his head at all as he spoke, "Forgive me, I am more at ease when I follow orders... Most of the time."

"And I take it tonight was different?" Reggie asked while continuing to clean him up.

This time Shinji's eyes met his, "He wanted me to wear that belt again... I ended up saying something unforgivable..."

A number of insults danced across Reggie's mind, most he would love to share with Shinji's partner. Ex-partner now? That idea pleased him. Reggie urged the conversation to continue, he finally had Shinji opening up to him it seemed, "And what was it you said exactly?"

Shinji frowned deeply, "I told him 'no'."

Reggie raised an eyebrow but said nothing, he turned his focus towards washing Shinji's body and when he finally took this time to assess him he frowned sadly, he had a fine, well toned body with a wonderful light tan color. His waist and hips were slight and his hands were almost womanly. His sadness came from the fact that this lovely creature was utterly abused on almost every surface, not only were there cuts and fresh bruises but the bruises around his wrist and neck were obviously not new, and Reggie was more than willing to bet he had matching ones around his ankles. The worst wound in Reggie's opinion, though, was the slight burn marks covering Shinji's toned abs from the belt he had denied. Reggie clenched his teeth, "I doubt that was a bad decision on your part..."

Shinji looked at him and followed his gaze. The boy blushed furiously and covered his abs with his hands, "I'm sorry to trouble you with my problems... When I told Kengo 'no' he... He..." Shinji shut his eyes tight as if witnessing the act all over again and lightly touched his blackened eye.

"He started to punish you." It wasn't a question. Reggie knew the type, the Doms with anger management issues, he pitied their Subs because he knew the relationship would turn into one of intimidation and fear rather than mutual trust. He had seen it happen before and it never turned out happily. Reggie brushed some of the sandy blonde hair out of Shinji's face and traced his hand down to the boys chin, again Shinji responded willingly and looked into Reggie's face, "You did the right thing by coming here, Shinji. You're safe now and I promise I won't let anyone abuse you again."

Tears ran down Shinji's face, it had been such a traumatic night for him already, "Why?" he asked, voice cracking, "Why would you protect someone like me? I am a stranger, I should mean nothing to you! Why would you risk yourself for me?"

Reggie used the thumb holding Shinji's chin and wiped the tears away as he replied simply, "Perhaps I'm just meant to be your Guardian Shadow."

Shinji stared at him for a moment then leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Reggie's neck and threw himself against his body. Shinji held the man tightly as if his very life depended on it. Reggie wrapped his arms around the boy, content in being his shield.

After a few moments, Reggie looked down at the mess of blonde hair and tan skin that clutched onto him, he shifted his body to try and untangle himself when suddenly he felt Shinji move himself up and push his lips against his own. Reggie renewed his grasp on the man in his arms and kissed him passionately, it had never felt so right before, and yet...

Reggie broke the kiss and pushed Shinji away but didn't let go of the boy. Shinji looked at him desperately and breathed heavily wanting to resume their actions. Reggie looked up at the ceiling for a moment so as not to succumb to the look that was sure to revisit him in his dreams later. Shinji spoke before he could, "Forgive me."

Reggie scrunched his nose in distaste, he recognized that phrase now for what it truly was, Shinji's Submissive auto response to any action he feared would be punishable. Reggie looked down again at Shinji's beaten face and smiled sympathetically, "There's nothing you need to be forgiven for." Reggie stared at the ceiling again knowing it would be easier to get everything he wanted to say out without losing himself in those almond eyes, "Trust me, I would LOVE to continue but you just went through, what I extremely hope was, a breakup with your Dominate partner. I just don't want to be the rebound that ends up taking advantage of you. So I have be up front with you." Reggie looked down again to brave the boy's look, "I want to know you better, I want to become closer, perhaps even claim you as a lover and my own Sub. Before that though, I'll wait for you to recover and, for now, I'll be content with being your guard," Reggie brushed more locks of hair out of Shinji's face, "If you're happy with these ideas that is..." Reggie's heart skipped a beat, he had never been so nervous before about what another person's response might be.

Shinji watched him for a moment, deep in thought and finally gave him a serious nod, "Will you protect me right now?" he asked.

Reggie smiled with relief and looked around the grand bathroom, "We're the only ones here."

Shinji snuggled himself against Reggie and laid his head against his large chest and said, "That toilet looks shifty, it could attack at any second."

Reggie chuckled deeply and wrapped his arms around Shinji's body, gently holding him, "Don't worry. You're safe."

*****AUTHOR'S NOTE*****

Kind of a slower and shorter chapter this time around, building up to get the characters to really become important to one another. Though my next chapters will be a bit longer, sadly I don't have any intentions of making extremely longer chapters in the future. I just let the chapters go till it reaches a natural stopping point or fun cliff hanger. I have not done any outlining or plotting ahead of time for any of this story, nor do I plan to. I simply write the scenes out as I picture them then read through for errors. A little insight to my process ^_^ Chapter 5 coming next week! -Tariel

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