tagGay MaleOne Man's Search Ch. 06

One Man's Search Ch. 06


Chapter 6 - Identity

Shinji was unsure of himself as he adjusted his nice black business suit on his body, "I thought we were going to a convention?" He raised an eyebrow at Reggie as he fixed the blue tie around the boy's neck.

Reggie chuckled slightly as he finished and turned towards the mirror to adjust his own red tie, "We are." Reggie looked them over one last time then led Shinji out of the bathroom and over to the entryway. Reggie leaned his back against the door to address Shinji before they departed, "Now here's your first test, Shinji," Shinji's head perked up understanding that this whole affair would determine his chances at obtaining Reggie as his Dom. He believed Reggie could provide the kind of safe domination he craved for. "I have my reasons for these rules. You may only speak when spoken to. You will not leave my side unless told otherwise by me. You will take your responses from my queues and you will not allow any other person to touch you. Do you understand?" Shinji nodded solemnly in confirmation. Reggie placed a hand around the back of Shinji's neck and gave him a soft kiss. When he pulled back, he smiled, "Ready to go have fun?" Shinji smiled brightly as his whole body seemed to perk up and he nodded furiously. Reggie turned and opened the door and allowed Shinji to walk out first.

Shinji's jaw dropped when he reached the street and Reggie nudged him to climb into the long black limousine that was awaiting them, driver holding the door open wide. Shinji forced himself to walk forward into the limo and scoot to the far side to allow Reggie to climb in behind him. As they both settled into their seats, the driver climbed in and pulled out into the city traffic.

Reggie smiled as Shinji-the-curious-kitten appeared, his eyes wide taking everything in, not wanting to miss a single detail. He was satisfied by the simple fact that he was causing Shinji's happiness; however, his nerves were starting to creep into him as they were now driving to the convention. He had many reasons to be nervous, the first being Shinji finding out the truth about him, would he still want to be with him tonight? The second reason he was nervous was because he knew he'd be meeting some of his coworkers and he knew exactly how some of them would react to the sight of Shinji, this beautiful optimum of a manga bishie boy. They would attempt to devour him. Reggie had to protect Shinji, but he had to rely on Shinji to also show devotion to him, otherwise his words were meaningless.

As they arrived the crowd was huge. Reggie spoke softly to Shinji, "Don't forget to stay close and follow behind me. I don't want you getting lost now." he smiled encouragingly as the driver opened Reggie's door and the man stepped out.

Shinji followed suit and kept close to Reggie as they were led around by what appeared to Shinji to be an event coordinator. The small Japanese woman spoke quickly and rather softly to Reggie so Shinji couldn't make out anything the woman said, not that he was paying much attention as his focus spun around him taking in all the wonderful sights of the anime convention. His eyes focused on a large banner that hung from the ceiling that announced that the Manga-ka (Manga Author), Yamashita Reiji, of his favorite story, 'The Guardian's Shadow', would be having his own Q&A panel at 11am today. Shinji's heart skipped a beat wondering if Reggie would take him to go see the Manga-ka. They moved quickly past a ton of different booths and rooms, many displaying rare figures, copies of manga's, limited edition artwork, and many more Otaku (Manga Fan) collectables.

As they came to a room Shinji smiled brightly as he realized it was the room where Yamashita-sensei would be in - Shinji looked at his watch - 5 minutes! Shinji continued to follow Reggie as he was led to sit in the far left of the very front row of chairs. Shinji was amazed at just how many people were sitting down, waiting anxiously for the reclusive author, there must have been at least 500 people cramped together in the room. As far as Shinji knew, this would be the first public appearance of the Manga-ka so that explained the huge crowd.

As they sat down in the two seats Shinji wondered, not for the first time, just what exactly Reggie did for a living that made him so much money that he could afford his expensive apartment and this special treatment at a convention he wanted to attend. That thought was pushed from his mind though as the clock hands turned to 11am and a host walked up to a podium off to the side of the table that was centered on the stage that had a banner hanging in front of it with a beautiful picture of the manga characters. The host tapped the microphone slightly, to confirm it was on and working then began to speak. Shinji watched with rapt attention.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that the famed author Yamashita Reiji-sensei, whose most famous work includes the renowned manga series, 'The Guardian's Shadow' has agreed to have an Open Question and Answers session with the audience present today as well as some e-mails sent to us this last month in anticipation of this event-" at the mention of the news the crowd roared and clapped in excitement and approval, Shinji joined them in the cheer. The narrator smiled and waited for the noise to die down and continued, "This is the first public appearance of the author who has done so well to contain his anonymity so with great appreciation and respect I would like to introduce you all to Mr. Reiji Yamashita."

Shinji leaned forward in his chair in excitement; he couldn't believe he was lucky enough to be one of the few people to actually see Mr. Yamashita in person. He jumped slightly as Reggie stood up next to him, he gave the man a curious expression and his jaw dropped as he was rendered speechless when he realized Reggie was walking up onto the stage. Reggie bowed slightly to the audience and sat down at the only chair behind the table. He leaned forward slightly with a smile and spoke into the microphone, his deep voice reverberated off the walls and surrounded the stunned Shinji.

"Good morning everyone, I am Reiji Yamashita and I am so honored at how many people have come to see me today and am extremely grateful to all the fans across the nations who have supported and loved my works." Reggie didn't look over at Shinji once during his entire event. Shinji didn't know what to think, he never imagined that he could stumble into the life of an author he had loved since he was a kid, and even more unimaginable was that the author would want him in return.

Reggie was nervous, despite how he may have seemed as he answered the questions that were fired his way. Most were simple and about the story itself so it was much easier than he was afraid it would have been. He had to restrain himself from looking at Shinji to calm him; he didn't want to bring any unnecessary attention to the man. He worried about the impact his reveal would have on Shinji but this had been planned long before Shinji tumbled into his arms. He was worried not only of Kengo discovering who he was and try to go after Shinji again but also of the people in his life that might take a fancy to Shinji. He wanted to shield Shinji from the cruel world he had already seen, he wanted to comfort, protect and provide for him. He wasn't sure such publicity would be a good thing for the both of them.

"Yamashita-sensei, are you currently in a romantic relationship and if so who is it?" a young girl asked into one of the microphones placed in the audience.

Reggie stared at her for a second; he had been warned that the audience (whose questions wouldn't be screened like the e-mails) might ask personal questions. Shinji felt his heart skip a beat at the question. He felt fear and anxiety at the thought of how Reggie might answer, he also found himself confused, and Shinji wasn't sure exactly what he wanted to hear Reggie say. Reggie smiled at the girl and spoke into the microphone, "There is a person that I care for; however, I am not certain they feel the same way, I am hoping to find out soon though." Shinji smiled slightly to himself, only Reggie would have been able to manipulate his answer so skillfully but it helped Shinji to understand that nothing had changed on Reggie's side of things, he had always been this prominent author now it was up to Shinji to decide if he wanted the risks and rewards of staying near him.


After the hour of questions ended, and the crowd cheered for Reggie, the Japanese woman that had led them to their seats introduced herself to Shinji as Misaki and Reggie's manager. She led him over to the area where Reggie had been stationed to sign autographs which she informed him would take about another hour and that Reggie had instructed her to inform him that she would accompany Shinji if he wanted to see more of the convention. Shinji looked at Reggie wondering if this was a test of some sort, if he was really allowed to go enjoy himself without the man that had brought him. Shinji smiled with a sigh of relief as he saw Reggie look up and nod at him with a smile, giving a slight wave of his hand telling him he was free to go with Misaki.

Shinji's first stop was the booth that held all of 'The Guardian's Shadow' goodies, Shinji looked at the piles of books and hanging t-shirts on the tables and the grand display of figurines and artwork displayed on the wall behind the booth attendants. He gently picked up the book that was the newest copy of the latest volume of the manga. It matched the one he had at home, today was the actual release day. Shinji smiled at the book remembering the feeling that had gone through him at receiving the first gift he had ever received. It had been the perfect selection and showed how Reggie had actually thought about what he would want.

Misaki smiled at Shinji as she saw him looking at the manga cover. She spoke with a very heavy Japanese accent, "If there anything you want, I have been instructed by Yamashita-sensei to get for you and put on his account." Shinji was slightly stunned by the offer and set the book back down carefully. He nodded silently to the woman and moved to a different booth to continue looking around the convention. He didn't buy anything, the only manga he was really fanatic about was 'The Guardian's Shadow' and he knew now why Reggie seemed to own every piece of merchandise the series produced. It all kind of clicked and seemed obvious as he looked back. That also explained why Shinji had never been allowed in the study. Reggie hadn't wanted to reveal his secret to him; Shinji had to wonder if it was because Reggie hadn't trusted him with the information. Did Reggie really think he would betray him and reveal the truth to the public? That Reggie, the tall American black man, was actually Reiji, the reclusive and shy Japanese author? And if Reggie didn't trust him and kept such huge secrets from him, could he trust Reggie?

A well dressed man walked up to the pair of them and bowed to them. He had short styled brown hair and brown eyes that held a glint of playfulness in them, he had a permanent grin and pale skin, the man kind of reminded Shinji of a young Tom Cruise, and he was very handsome. "Good day to you Miss Tanaka. Who is this cutie you've been escorting? A new author that has come to join our ranks?" He gave Shinji a wink and a smile as he looked the man up and down, waiting for Misaki to introduce him.

Misaki blushed brighter than Shinji did as she stepped forward to bow in return and face Shinji while gesturing to the newcomer, "Mr. Nakamura, this is Lucas Clearwater. He is one of the editors of 'The Guardian's Shadow'." Misaki turned slightly to gesture to Shinji, "And this is Shinji Nakamura, he is Yamashita-sensei's new personal assistant."

The suave editor held out a hand for Shinji to shake, "Call me Luke." he smiled warmly.

Shinji placed his hand into Luke's cautiously and once there, Lucas gripped his hand firmly and pulled Shinji closer to him. Luke stared into his eyes unwavering and stated matter-of-factly, "Reggie doesn't have PA's and he never will," the look he gave Shinji was one of pure knowing, as if he knew exactly what Shinji was to Reggie.

Shinji pulled away and bowed silently to the man, and then he turned quickly to return to Reggie's side. It finally started to sink into him that Reggie was famous, or at least he would be after this day. Thousands would know his face and that meant Reggie wouldn't have the privacy Shinji had experienced up to that point. That also meant that if he stayed by Reggie's side then he too would end up in the public eye, whether he wished it or not. Sure he might get introduced as Reggie's assistant but if anyone went digging they were sure to discover that he was living with the man. He could ruin Reggie by staying with him. Perhaps then... He should just leave Reggie if that would be the best thing...


Reggie glanced around for any sign of where Shinji or Misaki had wandered off to. He stayed close to the book signing area, knowing that Misaki was supposed to bring Shinji back here when the signing was over, and she was already late. Worry threatened to invade Reggie's mind. Perhaps he shouldn't have let Shinji go, he was sure to attract some attention and Reggie knew a few people that were in attendance that were sure to fancy him. Reggie stood still, fighting the urge to pace, waiting. Shinji's face came into view and Reggie moved forward quickly to stand in front of him, he tried to keep the relief and worry out of his voice. He was anxious to know what Shinji thought about the secret he had been keeping from him this whole time. "Are you enjoying the convention?" he asked with a friendly tone. Shinji nodded silently and Reggie's brow furrowed slightly when he realized Shinji seemed to be deep in thought. He didn't want to interrupt his focus but he also wanted to help. "Is there more that you would like to see or would you prefer to go back home?" he asked quietly so no one would overhear them.

Shinji looked up at Reggie and opened his mouth to answer when he ended up letting out a little 'oomph' sound as the weight of Luke's arm landed across the Asian's shoulders. "Reiji! My star author! How are you doing? I loved your Q&A and it looks like the audience was thrilled at your appearance despite our doubts. Shinji here was just telling me all about the two of you and the new relationship that has bloomed right under my nose without you even telling me!" the man scoffed as if his feelings had been grievously wounded. Shinji looked at Luke in horror, his jaw dropping as he couldn't believe the lies the man hanging on him spoke.

Reggie glared at Luke's touching of Shinji, then raised an eyebrow and said with a light tone as if he didn't believe a word that left the man's tongue "Is that so now?"

Luke smiled brightly and placed his free hand over Shinji's chest, "Yup! He was telling me how you are starting to train him properly and that he wishes you would teach him much more!" he leaned forward slightly as if conspiring with Reggie, "If you want I'd be more than willing to give him a few pointers on how to be a good bottom. It'd be just like old times."

Reggie's eyes narrowed and the humor left his face, "If you think that Mr. Nakamura and I have that kind of a relationship, Mr. Clearwater," Reggie leaned forward to meet Luke's eyes even though Reggie towered over the man, "Then you should know better then to even look at something that belongs to me, let alone touch it." The air of menace surrounding Reggie was enough to make Luke falter and release his grasp on Shinji.

He took a step back and regained his smirk after a moment, "Heh, I see. Well Reiji, let me know if you get tired of your new toy." Luke turned to Shinji, handing him a business card from his jacket suit pocket, "And you let me know if you ever want to have some fun." He winked one last time at Shinji before disappearing back into the crowd.

Shinji turned to look at Reggie with stunned shock on his face. His mouth was still opened as he tried to find words to fill it, "I... He... I didn't..."

Reggie set a hand on Shinji's shoulder to reassure him, "Don't worry about Lucas... He's a playboy if there ever was one. He loves to watch people's reactions so don't let him rile you up." Reggie smiled kindly at Shinji which greatly relaxed the man. Reggie reached forward and took the business card out of Shinji's hand and put it into his own jacket pocket, a silent sign that Shinji really didn't need to spend a second thought about Lucas.

Shinji blushed slightly and looked away, his previous thoughts came back to him and he wasn't sure where to begin. He had a hundred questions to ask Reggie. Some of his curiosities were small, others were big, and some he didn't even want to comprehend, but they still nagged him nevertheless. He opened his mouth and for a moment nothing seemed to come out. Finally, Shinji asked with a sort of embarrassed and hurt tone about him and without looking at the man, "So what do I even call you? Is it Reggie or Reiji, Mr. Yamashita or Yamashita-sensei?"

Reggie's smile faded as he thought about the question for a moment and then he lifted a hand to Shinji's chin, a familiar gesture between them now, and Shinji looked into the green eyes as Reggie spoke firmly, "If you wish to return home and accept me, then you shall call me 'Master'."

*****AUTHOR'S NOTES*****

Well I hope you all enjoyed this Chapter as well as the introduction of two new characters! I'm also hoping to get positive feedback about the new chapter length I'm hoping to accomplish now. Don't forget to check out my blog for the most up-to-date information and look forward to my submission next week! Planning to start a little donation pool for readers to unlock some side stories I've been working on as a little bonus to those who support my writing addiction :) Might even add some things like special scenario scenes or character information or art unlocks as motivation to help support. We'll see how it goes! Can't wait to hear your feedback! <3 you all!

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