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One More Project


One More Project.

Warning: The central male character in this story is cuckolded in this story. If you are among those who read "Loving Wives" stories and get angry and upset to find this is a part of the story, please stop now! It would be best for all if you just record your "0" vote and go on to another story.

Explicit descriptions of sexual encounters are minimal in this piece.


I could feel the excitement building inside of me just like it had on that very day we started the business. I had been dreaming of this day for literally years and it was finally happening!

Not without sacrifices and not without a lot of long hours and hard work, but it was happening.

John Sydenham, President and C.E.O. of Deston Corp. signed the last of several documents piled up in front of him and took from Al Beston, his "right hand man", a check for $ 8,421,622.35 which was ours after all costs and tax withholdings were taken out. He handed me the check and said, I believe with sincerity, "Thanks Ken. You have done a terrific job and I promise you my people will work hard to preserve what you have built."

We had just sold the business Ronnie and I had started even before we were married and we are now past our 23rd anniversary.

Ronnie is by far the best thing that ever happened to me. We met in college and I was dating Betty Johnston at the time, but we hung out with the same crowd so we saw each other often.

Betty was the most sexually uninhibited person I had met up till then. Although I dated and had sexual partners in high school, it was Betty who fucked me in her dorm room right after our first date and Betty who gave me my first blowjob to orgasm, then swallowed the lot, something she loved to do. She was more than a bit of an exhibitionist and loved to wear sexy clothing and go braless and occasionally pantiless. She loved to talk during sex and was, in the final analysis, a major turn on.

Me, I guess I was much the same then as now. When I took on a project, either school or business, or a relationship, I put everything I had in to it. I worked hard and gave up a lot but I found out, one evening, that Betty wasn't as dedicated as I.

That night after working late at the library, then walking back to my apartment, I saw what I thought was Betty's car parked at the very back of the lot. I went back to check and found Betty, completely naked, flat on her back on the front seat, both legs in the air with some, as yet, unidentified guy with his ass hanging out one door and his face buried in her pussy.

Like I said, she is very verbal and I remember her calling out directions. "A little higher. Yessss. Right there! Keep doing that. Yes! Yes! Yesss. I'm cumming."

I remember thinking I should have been angry or at least annoyed, but I really felt relieved. I like sex as well as anyone but I like people and interacting with them too. I think Betty was more interested in sex than anything else.

That perhaps was proven the next day when I suggested to her that we each go our separate ways and she persisted in wanting to know why. I tried to be nice about it and suggested we might each want to see other people and when she asked me who it was I was breaking off with her for, I told her what I had seen. She apologized and promised it wouldn't happen any more but I broke it off anyway and for a while after that she took to calling me on the phone while she was fucking or being eaten by someone.

I suppose it was to make me jealous but I was really amused most of the time, annoyed at the interruption occasionally and once or twice, unbeknownst to her, I remember jacking off while she described in detail what was being done to her.

Several days after it became known Betty and I were no longer a couple, Ronnie called me to ask if I was O.K.. I thought that was really nice of her and told her so, as well as assuring her I was fine. She told me if I needed anyone to talk to, just to call. I tried to remember if she was seeing anyone at the time and couldn't, so, giving myself a Saturday night away from projects and studying, I called her and asked her out for pizza and beer.

She accepted immediately and we enjoyed a pleasant evening together, but it went no further than that.

With Betty it had been easy!

Being Betty, she decided on her own to have sex right away. With Ronnie, I wasn't really sure how to proceed and actually didn't "proceed" at all. She called me the following week and asked if I'd like to join her for dinner. Like me, she had an apartment of her own and like me, she did that to be able to avoid the all too many distractions of a college dorm.

She made a simple meal of pasta and a homemade sauce with a salad and a bottle of red wine and I really enjoyed it. After dinner I noticed an assignment paper she had done and asked if I might read it. It was excellent and I remember excitedly talking about it with her for the rest of the evening. When we realized the time, it was almost 2:00 AM. We had been talking for almost 6 hours and so I decided to leave and kissed her goodnight for the first time.

I called her the next day and asked if she was free to meet me at the library and review a paper I was doing. She said she'd be glad to and, after a three hour session with her that afternoon, I was sure my paper was better than I could ever have done on my own. The following weekend I took her to a football game, dinner and local party.

The party was fun although Betty and, not one but two guys were with her and putting on quite a display. Betty was flashing tits and occasionally, a bare pussy. When one or the other of the guys was dancing with her they would lift the back of her skirt and put their hands on her bare ass.

It was quite a show!

I noticed Ronnie watching me as this transpired and when we left she asked me straight out how I felt about it.

Truthfully, I said, "I was more amused than anything else. I guess Betty and I were never really that tight." Then I looked at Ronnie and for reasons I'll never understand, I told her just as truthfully. "I'm a straight, red blooded male who likes sex, but given a choice of sex with Betty or an afternoon with you, even if it's spent working on a paper, enjoying your cooking or whatever, I'd take you in a heartbeat!"

Ronnie took my face in her hands and kissed me and said, "Could I interest this red blooded male, who likes sex, in coming back to my place to try some with me?"

I think kissing, for Betty, was just a part of having sex and nothing else. Kissing Ronnie, I soon found was, for me, much, much better.

Looking back on it all now, I think that Ronnie was just as uninhibited about sex as Betty. Once in the front door she turned and kissed me, her hands dropping down to cup my ass cheeks and pull my groin into hers. My erection was soon obvious to us both.

"Ummm." She moaned, "That feels so good!"

She dropped to her knees, undid my belt and zipper, pulled my jeans to my knees, yanked down my shorts and took me into her mouth. Betty, I recall, claimed to love sucking cock but I've never felt as good as I did with Ronnie!

It felt so good that I was beginning to have difficulty keeping my balance so Ronnie let my cock pop out of her mouth and I waddled to the sofa where I sat and took off my shirt while she pulled my pants, boxers and socks off. This done, she stood and removed her own clothes. It wasn't really a striptease. She just slowly removed her clothing to reveal a magnificent body. I don't think I have ever been as excited as I was then.

When she was done, she sank to her knees and resumed the blowjob, ignoring my warnings that I was about to burst and taking all I sent, into her mouth. She kept sucking until I was totally flaccid then took me by the hand to her bed where she lay on her back with her legs spread. I set myself between her legs but supported myself on my hands on each side of her. She was noticeably shocked when I kissed her, having just cum in her mouth, but she relaxed and I knew she was pleased. I then set about eating her pussy as well, or hopefully better, than she ever had, taking my time to lick all around the outside and pushing my tongue as far into her as I could before finally getting to her clit, which I sucked on relentlessly. When Ronnie came, her entire body shuddered and her moans of delight seemed to come from deep within her.

I crawled up to lay beside her and took her in my arms and held her tightly. After a few minutes, I felt a hand snake down between us and begin to stroke my newly erect cock and, once I was fully hard again, she pulled me to her and I slid in easily. We fell into a pattern that would have suggested we had been doing it for years and I felt like I was on top of the world.

I stayed in her apartment all night and we lost count of the number of times we made love.

There was no doubt in my mind and, I thank God, hers neither, . . . we were in love!

We became an item immediately. I gave up my apartment and moved into hers and we immediately began building our lives together. In fact, we actually started to build our brokerage business before we graduated and we were married 6 days after receiving our degrees.

Years later, here we were selling the business we had built together.

After the papers were signed and the check presented, Ronnie kissed me and congratulated me, but in all honesty, I could never have done it without her. She put up with my bad moods, my long absences and my lack of attention to family matters, while I worked to get this done. She followed up on the business details I so often missed and made sure all the right documentation was complete and directed appropriately. She made the confirmation calls I promised to clients and made sure they knew their financial affairs were being properly attended to.

In spite of the long hours and stress and strain, in the beginning years at least, I was horny most of the time and no matter how late I arrived home from the office or one of my frequent business trips, I would often wake her, fuck like a mink until I came, then I snuggled up and had her hold me while I fell asleep. I doubt I could have managed the stress without her!

She never turned me down.

I remember that my first thought, on receiving the check, was making a list of all the things that Ronnie wanted and getting them all for her!

Even without the list, I knew what was going to be first.

In one of the rare times she accompanied me on a trip, we had recently been at a farm just outside Lexington where I was doing some investment work for the owner. While I was meeting with him, Ronnie was given a tour of the farm and had fallen in love with a horse they had indicated they would be selling. Ronnie and I used to ride before I got too busy and I knew we would be starting again soon, when this deal closed.

To surprise her I had asked the owner to keep the horse for me until I was ready.

Now I was ready!

After a brief celebration, I told Ronnie that there was one more loose end to be tied up and that I would have to be away for just two more days.

I was unprepared for her reaction.

Once the business was sold and we would be free to do as we pleased, she was expecting me to stay home and to spend the time with her. She was upset that I was going away for two more days but her upset changed to anger as her real fears came to light. She began to claim that this was just the beginning of a whole new project and that there would be two more days and then two more and so on. I, of course, denied it and even considered telling her where I was really going but didn't, deciding that the surprise would be worth it.

That next morning when I left, Ronnie was still very visibly upset and angry. I had initially planned to drive there and pick up the horse and drive back but after all these years of minding the nickels and dimes, I decided to splurge and hastily arranged for air transport which turned out to be easier than I had expected. As a result, I would be back with the horse by mid-afternoon the next day and not two days later as I had told Ronnie.

That night I called Ronnie but, when she picked up, she immediately told me she was not in the mood. This was more upset and anger than I could remember seeing in her ever before and, for the third or fourth time, I considered telling her about the horse, but decided I had gone this far. A little more wouldn't hurt.

Famous last words!

Early the next afternoon, upon arrival back in Savannah, I called home on my cell but got no answer. I waited for the horse to be unloaded from the plane then did the 80 minute drive to our ranch. Ronnie was not home.

I called our daughter who was living in Atlanta with her fiancé to say hello and to ask if she knew where her mother was. She said she had been talking with her Mom and that she said she was going into town to do some shopping then was going to dinner with an old friend who had just come in to town. I felt some relief that she probably hadn't taken off on me. She was very angry at me being away and, perhaps a bit late, I began to be really concerned.

I told Mandy about the horse and she was as excited as me and wished she could be there to see me give it to her Mom. I suggested she and Wayne come for the weekend and I would put the horse in the field barn where her Mom was unlikely to see it. I could give it to her then in front of the kids.

I had Sam, our ranch manager and "Jack of all Trades", take the horse to the field barn, then went in to the house to clean up.

It was still early evening, so I drove into the city to our office where Peggy, my "girl Friday", was still clearing out the last of the files with her husband Don. Like Ronnie and I, Peggy and Don were ready to retire too and were working to clean up the last of the mess so they could get away on a weekend celebration. After they were done, I called the house on my cell phone to see if Ronnie was back and found the call forwarded to her cell. When I got her answering machine, I hung up, then called Sam, thinking Ronnie might be there and still be angry.

Sam said she wasn't there so I ended up going to the Marriott for a drink with Peggy and Don. After a couple of beers, we said goodnight and I headed out of the hotel and, while passing through the lobby, got the shock of my life. A couple got off the elevator just down from me and the woman was Ronnie.

She was dressed in one of my favorite outfits, a short black cocktail dress she wears with no bra and, when we were younger, sometimes no panties. Her hair was messed and her dress was rumpled as if put on in a hurry. She and Stan Caven didn't see me as they rushed out the door.

The emotional hurt was physically painful. My chest felt like someone had wrapped something around it and was pulling it ever tighter. I felt momentarily faint and just then Peggy and Don caught up with me. The look on their faces made it obvious they had seen what I saw.

Still in shock I went back to the bar where Peggy did her best to try to convince me it wasn't what it looked like, but without success. After fruitless attempts to convince me, Peggy who, years ago had made sure I knew she was available (that was long before Don), asked me to promise not to do anything rash. That was going to be hard because Stan Caven had tried this with Ronnie before and as far as I know never got anywhere.

Maybe I was wrong!

After being assured that I was O.K. and not too drunk to drive and that I would not do anything rash, Peggy and Don let me leave for home.

My mind was a jumble of emotions. I couldn't stop the tears. I ranged from storming into the house and throwing Ronnie out, to apologizing for all the years of neglect and begging on my knees for her to stay and not leave me. In the final analysis I knew I couldn't live with someone who would carry on an affair. Depending on what this relationship with Stan Cavan was, my marriage may be over now!

Ronnie's car was in the drive when I got there. If it was an affair it wasn't much of one. It was still only 9:00PM.

I have relied on Peggy's advice before and decided to do it again and I made up my mind to say nothing for the time being but I knew I would be giving her a chance to tell me what was going on. If she didn't, our marriage would end.

"What are you doing here?" were her first words, obviously startled when I walked in to our bedroom. She was shocked and had, what I knew to be guilt, written all over her face.

I did my best to smile and said, "I know it hasn't looked like it for a while, but I live here."

She had undressed and was wearing an old cotton nightgown and was obviously getting ready for bed. She said, "I'm sorry I said it like that. I'm glad you're home but I'm still pissed that you're into something again so soon. I'm tired and I have a bit of a headache. I'll see you in the morning."

I wanted to ask if she fucked Stan while she had a headache but managed to keep control. Instead I said, "I'm going downstairs for a nightcap. By the way, I was talking with Mandy earlier. She and Wayne are going to come down for the weekend."

Her eyes showed brief panic but she brought it quickly under control and asked, "When did you talk to Mandy?"

I realized she had told Mandy she was dining with an old friend who happened to be in town and I guess she was hoping Mandy hadn't mentioned it.

"Earlier today." I answered, not adding anything else.

Over two glasses of brandy I managed to get some control.

If she was going to leave me, she either would have done it by now or it would be doing it soon. I had neglected her a great deal thinking that closing this deal was the most important thing and missing what really was most important. I probably had this coming. I would grin and bear it and say nothing and, if things were that serious between them, we would go our separate ways. I would be seriously hurt but I would survive.

Hell, I was seriously hurting now!

If she trusted me enough to tell me she had made a bad decision, if that's what it was, I would try to work it out with her. If she didn't tell me by the end of the weekend, I'm afraid it would mean I would have to ask her to leave the ranch.

Conversation over breakfast was strained. I assume Ronnie was counting on me thinking she was still pissed at me for going away so soon after we closed the deal. After we cleaned up the breakfast dishes I went out to see Sam and make further arrangements for the horse. I had decided that Ronnie would have to make up her own mind about staying or going, but I needed her to know I wanted her to stay and try to rebuild a relationship, so I said, "I'm sorry about going away Babe. I really am and I would not have done it if it wasn't important."

For a moment she looked like she was going to cry but she stifled it, smiled and said, "I'm still annoyed but I'll get over it. I have to go into town later, do you need anything?"

"I need my wife to stay with me and not go to town to fuck Stan." was what I was thinking, but I said "No. Thanks." and I left knowing that, if that was where she was going, it would be all over today.

I decided that as soon as I finished with Sam I would drive into town myself and check at the Marriott where Stan seemed to be staying.

Sam was telling me about changes to the stable that he was planning in order to accommodate the new horse, but I couldn't concentrate. We were in the barn when the phone rang. Sam was just walking out the door and thinking that Ronnie had gone into town, I picked up the phone just as Ronnie did.

"Hello." I heard her say.

"Hi Ronnie. I thought I would call before your husband gets home. I'm hoping you've changed your mind." the caller, Stan Caven, said.

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