One More Time Ch. 08


My loose cut offs had fallen down my legs halfway through the bedroom, and I just shook them from my feet as I walked. Jeremy must have finished peeling his off as I lit the candle on top of my dresser, since he was already naked and seductively sprawled on the bed when I turned around. Even in the relative darkness of the room, I could see the twinkling of his eyes reflected by the candlelight as he verbally teased me with "So what ya wanna do now, big boy?" He used one hand to cup his balls and the other to hold his cock straight up and wave it at me like a flag. "See anything you like maybe?"

His casual sexual demeanor was a Godsend to me at overcoming the self-restraint I had become so used to always putting myself in with Derek. With Jeremy there was no silly pube scratching code before and no bullshit and diversion after. He knew who he was, what he wanted, and was totally comfortable with all of it. I was the older one, but he was quickly becoming my teacher. Deciding to be a star pupil, I jumped on the bed, straddled his legs, grabbed both of our erect poles, and squeezed them together in my locked hands. Looking down into his bright eyes, I began to unhurriedly take full strokes on us both, before licentiously leaning over to murmur in his ear. "I think I like everything I see, Jeremy. What about you studmuffin?"

His arms encircled my waist and he pulled me down on top of his bare torso. "I like everything I see too, Brad," spilled from deep in his throat just before he mated our mouths together. It was many, many, many long minutes before we broke the kiss and caresses and hip grinding, and we only did that because the noise of our massive amounts of pre squishing together on our tummies had given us the giggles. I slid off him to the side and Jeremy folded me up in his arms. One hand began playing with his oozing bone, while fingers from the other concurrently played with my sticky happy trail when he finally observed: "Looks like we both have a full loads to get rid of...guess the big question is 'where'...any ideas?"

The look on my face must have told him that I was at a complete loss on how to answer that opening. We had never broached the topic of 'top or bottom' but Jeremy knew from our discussions that I was a virgin as far as fucking. I had watched plenty of porn and knew the mechanics, but wasn't at all confident of which position sounded most interesting at that point. I was continuing to massage his hard cock when he helped me decide.

Jeremy shoved his fingers in his mouth to get them good and wet and then moved them between my legs to tease my rosebud. The totally new feelings that the ever-so-light pressure he was applying to my taint had me arching my back quickly and pulling some very animalistic moans from my throat. Just as a finger tip slipped through my tight ring, he purred in my ear. "I go both ways, Brad, but I am really in the mood to show you how good it feels to have a hard cock inside you."

I wanted to say many things at that instant, but my only initial response was to let my sphincter contract on his probing digit and my lips to emit a long sigh of pleasure. A little more talented foreplay and I finally managed to murmur out a near-breathless, "Yes...please fuck me!" I was ready to totally trust Jeremy and my legs spread almost automatically as my ass loosened to his ongoing seduction.

My decision brought a big smile to Jeremy's face and he kissed me deeply before moving down my body with his mouth. He stopped long enough on his trip south to clean up my drooling mushroom with his tongue but never giving up on his pursuit of getting my butt used to being invaded. He had managed to work in a second finger and was in to the second digit with both...methodically sliding them back and forth slowly. Nerves I didn't know existed were on fire inside me and he upped the ante as he took both my balls in his mouth at the same time he pushed his fingers in even further. I nearly came up off the bed when he gently chewed my nuts and took several quick, deep thrusts with his buried fingers in the same motion. "Oh my fucking gawd, Jeremy," exploded from my mouth and I grabbed two handfuls of hair as he kept working me over. Suddenly both my ass was empty and so was his mouth as he wiggled himself between my legs and pushed them apart with his knees.

"You OK baby?" was all that was said.

I nodded back with a huge smiled pasted to my face and declared "Oh hell yeah! Please don't stop!"

"I wasn't planning to, Brad," was accompanied by a wickedly impish grin. "Give me that extra pillow and raise your hips," he ordered. Once it was wedged under the small of my back, he shot me a smirking leer and predicted, "You should really like this."

Before planting his face under my balls, he used his hands to split my cheeks and I felt his tongue rake across my exposed man twat. My nut sac was resting on Jeremy's nose as he showered attention with his lips and tongue to my begging pucker. When his tongue entered my chute the first time, I almost came right then. I grabbed my legs and held them wide for him to have as much access as he wanted as he ate me out. My moaning grew louder and louder the more he prepped me for what I now knew I wanted more than anything else...him inside me! Jeremy finally realized that my trembling body couldn't take much more and mercifully pulled back. He sat up on his knees and grinned at me. I looked back at him and trapped his waist with my legs, locking my ankles behind him. From somewhere inside me an unknown voice let go with: "You had best be ready to fuck my ass off, buddy!"

The wide smile on Jeremy's face preceded his snuggling up to my quivering crotch. As he nuzzled his erection against my ass split, he softly asked, "You sure about this, Brad?"

He had me so excited that "Hell yes I am sure dammit!" was all I could come back with. I used my leg lock to pull him tighter to me and let my pleading eyes give the rest of the consent he wanted. I knew he was large and that this would probably hurt some being my first time, but I was having no second thoughts. Plus, with the way he had already been at making sure to give me pleasure, I knew that he would do everything he could to not cause pain. I looked up at him, dug my nails into his shoulders, and gave him a single command: "Take me!"

Jeremy first used his hand to mop up a palm full of my leaked out pre, and then began to rub it on my entry way. While he moistened me up, he jerked his own dick some and slathered it down with his own slime before poising it at my twitching hole. I shuddered with anticipation as I felt him rub it up and down and back and forth. Finally, the tip was pressed firmly to my flower and with the most tender of care, Jeremy began to open me up with the head of his throbbing cock. I inhaled deeply as he penetrated through the outer ring and was biting my bottom lip as the first inch of his sword claimed its prize. Instead of going further, he let me just get used to my cherry being popped and let it lay there just inside me as he leaned over and smothered my face with his. The more we kissed and caressed each other, the more I got used to the intrusion, and the more he was able to slowly slip in. By the time he had more than half his thick tool in me, he had also began to take slow thrusts back and forth....each forward one going just a little bit farther as my resistance lessened. His hips were unhurriedly rocking and he was chewing on my tongue when out of the blue, he pinched both my nipples at the same time and I felt him shift quickly and his balls lodged against my cheeks. My eyes teared a little from suddenly having all eight thick inches in me, but the euphoria that came with it was worth it. I freed my tongue from him and moaned, "OH! FUCK! YES!"

Jeremy had stopped moving; letting me once again get used to having new territory opened up. He was fully in me and just stared down once more questioning, "You OK baby?"

I responded with a tight squeeze of my ass muscles, a big grin, and the sarcastic question back to him of: "What part of 'Oh fuck yes' didn't you understand Jeremy?" I accented my statement with a push back of my hips in an attempt to take the very last quarter inch of him. The combination of his balls jammed to my ass, my butt stuffed like the proverbial Thanksgiving turkey, and the erotic feeling of his dense pubic hair brushing against my balls made me roll my eyes in ecstasy. "Oh yeah...I am more than OK stud...just show me what else you have now," was the challenge I issued along with a thrust back into him of my hips.

"Well then..." Jeremy started as he propped himself up above me and began to slowly take short humps, "...let's get serious then." He wrapped his hand around my shaft and started tugging at me as he increased his tempo. It wasn't long before the only sounds in the room were grunts, groans, moans, and the spanks of his balls against my butt cheeks.

To give him some incentive, I latched my hands to his wrists and met his bucking with my own. I knew that between all the preparatory foreplay, his hand working me, and the fact that he was nailing my hot button on most every plunge, that I wouldn't last long. Just as I felt the unmistakable tingle in my nuts, Jeremy turned wild and began thumping into me with heightened enthusiasm. His hips began working as fast as his hand and I unsuccessfully tried to mentally strangle my orgasm, but instead began spitting out more cum than I ever had before. By the time my sixth or seventh rope had splattered the both of us, Jeremy snapped his head back, pulled out of me, and cried out "I'm cumming too, Brad," as he finished off in his hand and dumped what seemed like a gallon of spooge across my body. I was still shuddering and excreting large dribbles of my own, when his balls finally ceased emptying. There was a look of extreme satisfaction was on both our faces as he collapsed on top of me and immediately filled my mouth with tongue. It was at least five minutes before we stopped making out and sliding around in the mess we had made of each other.

We had cuddled up together and spent 15 or 20 minutes making small talk while relishing the after glow. Jeremy had complimented me several times about my first plunge into full blown sex, and I had assured him that his own performance had been also stellar. Even though I felt totally complete finally and knew I would sleep well, Jeremy had other ideas as he leaned over and kissed me again. As his lips separated from mine he whispered, "Let me get you ready for round two then," and in one swift motion bent over, took my flaccid cock in his mouth, and worked it until it was stone hard again. Looking straight into my eyes with the largest of horny grins on his face, he crawled up on top of me and planted his butt crease on my new erection. He was fully boned again also and after a few wiggles and squirms on me while he teasingly stroked his shaft, he laid out the game plan with "It's been months since I got packed good and I wanna ride this bad boy."

I grasped his waist with both hands and bumped my hips up into him. "Well, you have me where you need me then, cowboy...bust this bronco," I replied looking up to his shining eyes with an evil grin of my own. After he lubed up with a handful of spit, I instinctively held my cock up for him and watched as he raised up and then lowered himself down on it. I was a little surprised at how easily I slipped into him. But I was more surprised at the unique feeling of having his ass muscles grip on me and moaned as his butt ate its way down my shaft.

"Oh yeah stud buddy...feels so good," slithered from his lips as his nuts settled themselves into my man bush. He leaned back on his hands and shook his impaled ass on my tool a couple of times, staring lustfully at me the whole time. Then he sat back up and began a combined dance with his rump bouncing slowly and his hand yanking his cock. When his motions intensified, so did his verbalizations. "You've got a perfect cock to fuck, Brad. Yeah baby...push it up in me more...yeah...that's it stud...feed my tight ass."

I was now entirely into it and joined in the trash talk with "You like taking my rod do ya? Then work that man meat of yours while I fill your hot butt." My fingers dug into his waist as I pumped my hips up into Jeremy's down thrusts. His happy whimpers said that I was doing it right and he began pulling on himself even faster. "Blow that big load all over me you hot motherfucker," came from somewhere deep inside me at the same time I felt my cum damn give way. I rammed up into Jeremy's cavern one last time as he let loose with a war hoop of a yell and sprayed all over my chest and face. My body went rigid at the same instant as I drowned his magic spot with a fresh full load. Jeremy was still bopping on my shaft as he bent forward across me and sucked my tongue out of my mouth. His spigot kept spewing on both our bodies as he took the last few humps on me. Then he gave me yet another lesson as he kept up the kisses while letting my cock stay deep in him until it went soft. We were both totally spent and barely were able to move into a cuddle position after our second set of mattress gymnastics.

Even in the dark, Jeremy made me noticeably blush when he said, "Gawd are you one hot fuck, Brad."

"Probably has something to do with a partner that knows how to motivate me," I offered back with a smile.

"Nah buddy...I knew from the way you were last night at giving head, that you understand that getting pleasure and returning pleasure is what the hottest sex is all about. Whoever the dumb fuck you were involved with before was...well...he missed out big time. I only wish I wanted a full time boyfriend right now 'cause I would be all over you constantly if I did."

We both went silent after that exchange. It was the first time I had thought of Derek the whole night, and a there was a noticeable tug a my heart from the memories of what might have been. The barely subtle 'no boyfriend wanted' caveat from Jeremy stuck in my mind also as we wrapped together to find some much needed sleep. My mind fought against my closed eye lids as I did my best to not fantasize about either one of them as any more than a couple of suck and fuck buddies. One was in the past and one came with a unknown; if any; future.

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