tagIncest/TabooOne Mother's Discovery

One Mother's Discovery


36 year old Donna Anderson stood outside her 18 year old son Ryan's door. Her left hand was on his door knob ready to turn it and barge into his room. She could hear his TV and knew he was in there. In her right hand, she held the bright yellow satin Victoria's Secrets bikini panties she had worn yesterday and had taken off this morning after using "Big Buddy", her vibrating dildo, to bring herself off to a messy squirting orgasm. She had been so horny and had cum so hard that she had squirted all over the matching yellow cotton gusset. Before she had thrown them in the hamper they had literally been stuck to her smooth shaved pussy.

Now they were not only stained with her juices but were dripping with big thick ropes of what was most definitely fresh semen. She had come home from work early and was getting ready to take a shower when she had lifted the top of the hamper to throw her shirt and jeans into it. Upon lifting the lid she had spied her yellow panties lying over the rim. She had remembered putting them in the hamper but she must not have made it all the way. She reached to grab them so that she could toss them in and her hand was immediately filled with wetness. She thought how odd that they were still wet from this morning's diddle. She held them up for further inspection and saw a large wet spot on the outside of the gusset. When she looked inside, the gusset was completely filed with thick white globs which could have only been male cum. The large ropy mess was clinging to the cumstain she had left in them earlier. There was so much spunk that it began to drip out as she held them up. Instinctively she held her hand up to keep the drip from hitting the floor and as soon as the thick mess hit her palm her pussy flooded with her own wetness leaking out into the blue satin briefs she was wearing now.

Since her husband had left her 2 years ago, the only males in the house were her son and his friends. None of his friends were her now and this mess was fresh. Was this his cum load? Was he using her dirty panties to relieve himself of his young pent up semen? Every now and then over the last couple of months as she was doing the laundry she had thought that she had noticed that the crotches of some of her dirty panties were stiff but being a highly sexed 36 year old, she chalked it up to her own secretions just drying in them. She had been masturbating quite regularly and most times with her panties on so she had every reason to believe that the stiffness was from her. Now she thought better.

The idea of her son stroking his cock with her dirty panties and shooting his thick warm load all over her stained gusset made her pussy leak even more of her slick juices into the already wet blue silky briefs she wore now. Donna held the slick yellow gusset closer and could smell the rich aroma of the fresh spunk clinging to her panties. It had been so long since she had smelled or tasted a man's cum that she stuck her tongue out and was about to swipe it across the sopping cum-filled gusset when stopped herself. What was she doing? This was wrong. She knew it was wrong that she was getting turned on by the idea of her son abusing her dirty panties and knew that it was wrong for him to be using her intimate clothing to relieve himself. She had to confront him about it. Since the load was obviously fresh, he must still be in the house. She threw a short satin paisley robe on over bra and panties and went to find him, still clutching the dripping yellow panties as she went.

Now outside his bedroom door, her hand still on the knob, she thought it better to knock instead of barging in. With her panty filled hand she rapped on his door.

"Just a sec," her son said. She heard some hurried rustling and the TV volume went down. Then she thought she heard the click of his door lock being disengaged then a few seconds later she heard him say "come in."

When she opened the door and stepped into his room she noticed that he had the shades pulled and it was gloomy in his room. She looked over and saw him lying in his bed under the covers with his back to her watching some show on TV.

He didn't look over at her, just said "Hey Mom, you're home early." and continued to watch his program that he seemed pretty intent on.

"Hi," she said nervously. "I need to talk to you about something. It's pretty important and I think we need to talk now." She held the yellow panties in front of her dangling them from her index finger as they swayed gently back and forth. She couldn't believe how heavy they felt. The weight of the soiled panties and knowing what weighed them down made her swollen pussy gush even more. She had to stop these horrible thoughts. The cleft between her legs was so wet she could smell her sex and hoped that Ryan could not.

"What do you want mom? I'm watching a movie. Can't it wait till.." Ryan's words caught in his throat as he rolled to look at her and saw the soiled panties she held out toward him.

"Can you explain this?" she asked. "I just found these in my hamper, young man, and they are not as I left them this morning. Did you do this to my dirty panties?" She stepped toward the bed to show him up close and heard a squeaky cough from the floor on the other side of his bed.

"Who's in here with you?" she declared. "Come out, I know you're there."

Ryan's best friend Bobby sheepishly popped his head up over the bed, "Hi, Mrs. Anderson, it me Bobby."

The 19 year old croaked from the floor.

Donna stepped around the bed to confront him and was shocked by what she saw. It also made her drenched womanhood even wetter. From the waist up Bobby was dressed in his baseball jersey and cap. From the waist down he was wearing a pair of her hot pink Vanity Fair bikinis that she had worn a few days ago, filched from the hamper, and his work boots. The sight of this incredibly sexy 19 year old boy with his shirt pushed up exposing his washboard abs wearing a pair of her dirty silky panties and sporting a mammoth erection in them turned her insides to mush. Now she knew why there had been so much cum in her yellow panties, the boys had both used them to relieve themselves and by the looks of things they were on their way to doing it again.

She turned back to her son. "Take the covers down." She said firmly. Ryan hesitated and she said it again, "take the covers down."

Ryan slowly began to push the covers down his torso. He wasn't quick enough so Donna reached out, grabbed the top of the blanket covering her son and flipped it back with one fluid motion. Her breath caught in her chest as she beheld her incredibly built handsome 18 year old wearing nothing but her white nylon Vanity Fair briefs she had worn earlier in the week. The briefs were so filmy that they were almost see-through. In fact, she could make out everything her son was packing. His erection matched Bobby's in its enormity. By the looks of things, he was much better equipped than his father had been.

As she stared openly at him, she saw his huge cock twitch inside her panties and a large dollop of precum pushed its way through the delicate material adding to the growing wet spot that was already clinging to his plum sized cock head.

Without thinking she reached out and squeezed her son's cock almost on instinct and another large drop of precum oozed through her dirty panties. All thoughts of reprimanding him left her mind and her dripping swollen pussy took over her thoughts. Her son was beautiful and his cock magnificent.

She looked toward Bobby and saw him staring open mouthed as she gently stroked her son through her panties. "Get up here next to Ryan," she said her voice thick with desire. It had been months since she had had a real cock. "Big Buddy" was okay but nothing beat a real, pulsing, thickly veined monster attached to a gorgeous man to sate her sexual hunger.

Breathing heavy as his beautiful mother stroked his steely erection through the gossamer material of her dirty panties, Ryan looked over at his friend and said though clenched teeth, "Come on dude, I'll make room" and slid his panty clad bottom over to allow Bobby to get up on the bed.

His mother never missed a stroke as Bobby slid in beside her son. Both boys were now lying side by side and Bobby's erection was leaking as much as her son's. She dropped her abused yellow panties on her son's chest and reached for Bobby's pulsing member. As she ran one of her long red manicured fingernails up from his apparently smooth shaved balls along the large vein that ran the length of his incredibly swollen cock she pushed a huge dollop of precum out of his large cock head and through the satin material of her pink panties.

With what appeared to be practiced agility, Bobby spread his legs, hooking his right leg over Ryan's left, forcing her son to spread his legs also. They obviously had been in this position many times before and she was sure she had interrupted them from it when she had knocked earlier. This looked to her like something they did on a regular basis.

She knelt on the end of the bed leaning on their entwined legs holding each of their throbbing hardness in her hands. Her palms were slick with their juices as she asked, "Do the two of you jerk off with my dirty panties often? Is this what you do when I'm not home, you naughty boys, wear my panties and fill them with your big nut? " They both looked at her as she slid her hands up and down their meaty shafts and nodded their assent simultaneously.

Then another thought struck her. "Do you ever help each other out while you're jerking in my dirty panties?" They sheepishly looked at each other and then back to her and again they nodded together. "How very naughty you two are, stroking each other off into my dirty panties. Did you help each other get off in these?" She asked as she let go of their pulsing cocks and grabbed the yellow pair of panties from her son's chest opening them up to show them the soaked gusset. Again they nodded. "Well, if you've done that, I'm sure you've probably done other stuff with each other and it's perfectly okay to experiment. Lord knows I did my share when I was younger."

Hearing his mother talk about experimenting with other girls made Ryan's cock harder than he could have imagined it could ever get. With his mother holding the yellow panties above his face and hearing her say it was alright that they played with each other, he rolled toward Bobby and in front of her reached out and began to stroke his friend's rock hard cock through his mother's pink panties. Bobby also reached for Ryan's cock and began to pump his friend through the now transparent white briefs he wore. Both boys were leaking profusely as they stroked each other, soaking Donna's dirty panties even more.

Bobby squeezed Ryan's cock hard and a large pearl of precum pushed its way through the soaked satin and rested like a diamond on the tip of his cock. Bobby scooped the gem off with his index finger, held it to his lips and ran it around his lips like he was applying gloss.

Donna, watching this incredibly sexy display the two boys were putting on for her, shucked her robe off, leaned in over Bobby, held his face in her hand and licked her son's precum from his luscious full lips ending in an extreme soulful kiss that made Bobby's toes curl. She then moved to her son, sticking her tongue in his mouth allowing him to taste himself on her mouth. Then she took the gusset of the yellow Victoria's Secrets panties and pushed them, mess and all, into Bobby's mouth, which he sucked at greedily.

"So I see you two have tasted each other before," she said as she watched Bobby suck every bit of her and their cum off of the drenched panties. When he had thoroughly cleaned them of the clingy mess he handed them back to her to show her what a good job he had done of getting every little bit of their mingled cum from them. She kissed him again tasting them and her on his lips and tongue.

Her pussy was so wet that it was literally dripping down her thighs. She could feel her slickness as she pressed her thighs together making her clit throb and squeezed more of her female lubricant into her blue briefs. She turned her body and straddled her sons face placing a wet thigh on either side of his head. She slowly lowered her steaming wet panty crotch to his grateful nose and mouth.

Ryan couldn't wait and grabbed his mother's panty covered ass and pulled her down on to his waiting face. As his nose came in contact with her pussy juice drenched gusset, her aroma was intoxicating and his cock visibly throbbed in the panties he was wearing. He sucked and licked at his mother's pantied pussy savoring the juices that flowed freely through the gusset and down her thighs. He licked every bit of juice from her and continued to nibble at her swollen clit through her naughty panties. Bobby leaned up as she lay atop her son, reached behind her and spread her smooth pussy lips open forcing the wet gusset into her swollen lips. This made her engorged clit push out through her panties and Ryan immediately went to work on it, sucking and flicking it with his tongue. Bobby leaned in and began to suck on her wet panties as well flicking his tongue over her tight rosebud causing her to shiver and wet her panties even more.

Both boys were feeding on her like they hadn't eaten in weeks and she could feel herself starting to climb toward ecstasy. She was so swollen and so sensitive that her son's fevered nibbling on her clit and Bobby's ravenous tonguing of her asshole was sending her over the edge. With one final shiver, Donna pushed down hard on her sons face and came with such force that she almost crushed her sons head between her quivering thighs. She came so hard that her smooth little pussy squirted out a tremendous dose of her sweet juices through her sopping panties completely covering her son's face which was pushed so far up her that she could feel his nose pushing into her slick opening. Bobby was tongue fucking her grasping asshole through her panties and as she came back to earth she felt him slide down and begin to lick her juices from Ryan upturned face. By the time she had gotten herself turned around to look at them they were soulfully sucking her juices from each other's tongue. This turned her on even more to see them greedily sucking at one another's darting tongues, kissing each other like lover's who could not get enough.

She wasn't done. She needed to feel one of them inside her. But, she had plans for her son. She wanted, no needed, to taste her son's frothy cum as it shot out of his overly swollen balls. He was so excited now that his precum flowed freely from his turgid cock, dripping down the front of her abused panties. It had been a long time since she had delighted in tasting a man's seed as it shot from his swollen cock head into her mouth and slid down her throat to her waiting belly. She wanted to taste Ryan desperately.

She pushed Bobby on to his back and pulled his panties over exposing his beautiful cock for the first time to her greedy eyes. It stuck straight up from his loins throbbing and weaving about as it matched the beating of his heart. She reached out and gave it a few good tugs making sure it was nice and hard. She really didn't have to at this point because when she grabbed it, it was so hard she was afraid it might break. He too was leaking out precum at a steady pace.

With her son watching her, she lifted her leg and straddled Bobby's prone body. She pushed his steel like cock against his smooth belly and lowered her still panty covered pussy against his throbbing member catching his gigantic erection between the folds of her swollen labia. She slid back and forth rubbing her soaked panties along his swollen cock causing it to spit more precum onto his perfect stomach. When she looked over at her son the disappointment on his face was evident because he wasn't the one under her but she knew how to change that. As she was straddling Bobby she pulled her son closer to them and then made him straddle Bobby's upturned face. Bobby moaned as Ryan lowered his full pantied balls into his mouth. Ryan let out his own moan as Donna leaned forward and began to lick and suck her son's big cock through her abused white silk panties as Bobby worked Ryan's nuts with his slathering tongue.

Donna pulled Ryan's panties down exposing the swollen head and shaft leaving his bloated nut sack covered by the silken material of her white panties. His precum was so thick and abundant that it dripped down his shaft and along his pantied balls right into Bobby's sucking mouth. The more precum that drenched his balls the more Bobby worked to get it all.

Donna grasped her son's hot cock and popped the head into her waiting mouth. It was delicious. It filled her mouth completely as she pushed forward on it forcing more and more of it down her welcoming throat. Ryan looked down and groaned as he watched all nine inches of his turgidness disappear into his mother's throat. Her nose pressed against his stomach and then she slowly backed off pushing her tongue along the large swollen vein as she did so extracting more, sweet precum from his sack. She swallowed hungrily and knew that his nut was going to be absolutely delicious. She couldn't wait to feel it splash against the roof of her mouth as it headed toward her belly to slack her every growing hunger for fresh sperm.

With one hand she slow stroked her son's cock as she nibbled gently on his leaking cock slit and with the other hand she reached back, pulled her soaking panties to one side and slid Bobby's nine inches directly into her grasping asshole which he had readied for this invasion while working her rosebud over earlier. Her husband had tried to fuck her ass several times during their marriage but had never been successful. She had never really wanted it then. But now, she needed it badly, she wanted it in her ass. As soon as the head of Bobby's cock popped past her clenching sphincter, she pushed down hard and enveloped his monster with her slickened asshole in one deep plunge.

The pleasure was exquisite as her guts clutched at the incredibly hard piece of boy cock that now filled her most intimate of spots. No one had ever been in her asshole until now and she felt as if it belonged there. No pain at all just incredible intense pleasure.

As she rocked her stretched hole on Bobby's hardened member she began to double her efforts on her son's cock which was lodged wonderfully in her throat. She could tell that each boy was very close to losing his nut and the thought of being filled with hot stinging cum in both ends made her work that much harder for the prize that awaited her.

Bobby was going to town on her son's nuts and she was now letting Ryan use her mouth as if it were her wet, dripping pussy. He held her head with both hands and slowly and intensely pumped his big fat cock in and out of her gaping mouth. He would pull all the way out to just the tip and then push it back in until her nose was crushed against his glorious abs. Likewise, Bobby was holding onto her pantied ass and long stroking his cock slowly in and out of her tortured asshole. He was matching Ryan stroke for stroke and was lifting her almost completely off of his assjuice slicked cock and then slowly pushing it back in until her stretched hole was grasping for his tightened nut sack.

Donna could feel both boys' cocks expanding in her mouth and greedy asshole. Bobby was now holding Ryan's panty covered balls completely in his mouth and she could see his tongue working them over swirling around and around helping them give up the gift that Donna wanted so much to taste. Donna looked up at her son and saw that he was staring directly at her. She held his gaze as he pushed his humongous fuck stick into her abused throat and held it there.

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