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One Nasty Night


Her name was Jenna Malone. Adam knew she would succumb. He could see in the flash of her striking green eyes a deep erotic yearning. He was certain she would be seduced, would submit to him, and would surrender to his whims. When he saw her that day, in his bank, deep in conversation with one of the Investment Advisors, he knew he had to have her.

Tall and sleek with long auburn hair and those bright green eyes, Jenna had the bearing of a consummate professional. Chicly tailored and crisp in manner, with a warm throaty laugh. Everything about her seemed businesslike. She was poised and exuded self-control and self-confidence, the sort who managed to get her way in the world through skill and finesse and strength of will. But Adam knew women. And he could detect underneath the polished surface the soul of a wanton slut, a slut yearning to wallow in decadent and extreme pleasures, a slut longing to submit utterly to his wishes and commands.

So he contacted her, and with words alone seduced Jenna. They had not met, she had not seen him. But she was drawn to him. They had a powerful mental connection and her need to submit to this mysterious man was profound. She'd long fantasized being stripped of all control by a strong, willful man. Her current lover was sweet enough, but there was something lacking, a passion, and an erotic forcefulness, which Jenna had long desired in a man. She was not one who sought all the accouterments of submission, nor did she seek pain or humiliation. She did not need to be bound or chained or collared in order to submit. No, she needed just the command. But that command had to come from the right man.

Under the crisply polished surface, Jenna had long entertained thoughts of extreme wantonness. There was a dark, debauched side to her sexuality, which she had yearned to explore. She wanted a man to force her to confront the slut in herself, to luxuriate in all the scorching carnal delights she secretly craved. For one night, she sought to be 'owned' by such a man, to be at his disposal. And now, with Adam the opportunity had presented itself. He was what she desperately needed. He seemed a man cut in her mould, a successful professional, self confident and worldly. His telephone calls had left her body quivering shamelessly with deep arousal. He emitted a personal power that she had never encountered before and he was charismatic, deeply charismatic. It was to such a man she sought to present her deeply decadent side, to be freed of all inhibitions, to relinquish all control.

He chose an opulent hotel and booked a suite for them. He told her to present herself at the reception desk at 6-00pm on Thursday evening and a key would be waiting for her. She was to proceed to their suite. He would not be there, she knew, and she was told to await his call.

The suite was beautifully furnished and she could see Adam had been there, for the lighting had been altered for maximum erotic allure. And there were items left for her. The linen had already been turned down, the silk sheets inviting. There was a bottle of champagne on ice, waiting. And on the bed, an outfit was laid out, an array of provocative lingerie. Beside the lingerie, a note: 'This is who you are tonight Jenna,' it read, 'Undress and put on these garments.' A small shiver of anticipation coursed through her veins. What depravities she wondered, would her body be subjected to tonight by this mysterious stranger, her lover for this one night?

She stared at her reflection in the mirror as she dressed in the lingerie. Her eyes burned brightly. Who was this woman? This vixen in the provocative but sluttish outfit? God, she felt sexy as the black teddy made of sheer gossamer fabric, light as a butterfly's wings and just as delicate, clung to her skin. A small touch of lace highlighted her pussy and her breasts. The smooth shaved pussy already burning with need, the nipples already stiff with anticipation. She rolled on a pair of black nylon thigh highs with a soft lacy border and to complete the transformation she slipped on a beautifully designed and crafted pair of black high heels, -Adam had asked for her shoe size. Finally, there was a single piece of jewelry. A choker made from three strands of small white pearls. Her red fingernails trailed over the delicate beads and she shivered involuntarily. Looking at herself now, her outfit complete, she had to admit that she appeared to be quite the slut, the temptress, ready to provide a man with whatever pleasures he sought.

Already deeply aroused, Jenna could almost smell the faint scent of her own sex mingled with the alluring perfume she had applied earlier behind her ears and at the back of her knees. She walked over to the dresser where a collection of items for the evening were displayed. Wide eyed, she examined them.

"Silk scarves and toys," she said softly, shivering with anticipation. "Adam must have guessed how much of a hedonist I am." Her eyes fell on an array of vibrators and a strap-on dildo.

"Oh my God," she gasped as she moved one of the black scarves to expose a long black double dildo. Her stomach fluttered at the sight of the two thick cock heads, and she felt a deep aching need between her thighs. Instinctively, she ran her fingers along the shaft and felt the solid fleshy hardness. Blood pounded in her head as she released the toy and turned her attention to a red satin box. Nestling inside were two medium sized gold oval shaped eggs attached to each other. Jenna's breathe quickened. Her pussy pulsed and moistened with building excitement as she glanced impatiently at her watch for what seemed like the hundredth time since her arrival.

The telephone rang. Its shrill tone sliced through the silence like a sharp knife and Jenna's heart pounded in her chest.

"Hello." Her voice sounded small and faint coming from a dry mouth and throat.

"Is the accommodation to your liking Jenna?" Adam's articulate voice filled her ears.

"Yes, it certainly is, thank you," she replied breathlessly.

A short silence followed. She could just detect his steady rhythmic breathing, and then he spoke; "Well, I hope you will be to my liking." Jenna shivered slightly at his tone.

"Listen closely to me, and follow my instructions. Fetch the black scarf and the red box and return to the bed with them." Her fingers trembled as she opened the lid.

"Now," he continued, "remove the Ben Wa balls and roll your tongue over them. Do it now Jenna, let me listen to your mouth sucking those balls." She let her tongue and lips slide over the hard smoothness, wetting them with her saliva.

"Sit on the bed and spread your legs, move the material covering your cunt and push them inside yourself," Adam's voice intoned authoritatively.

"Yes, they are inside, deep inside me." Jenna drew her breath in sharply as she felt the wide smooth balls slide into her hot wet tunnel.

"Good, now get up off the bed and walk to the door, unlock it and return to the bed, I am waiting."

Jenna walked to the door. The balls buried inside, clenched by her pussy muscles, clicked and rubbed against each other. They teased her tight walls while the round bases stimulated her already engorged clit. She could almost hear them clicking together as she walked and deep stabs of arousal shot through her with every step that she took. Stifling a moan she returned to the phone.

"That felt nice didn't it?"

"Oh yes it felt wonderful…" she sighed

"Take the black scarf and place it over your eyes like a blindfold. Secure it and lay back on the bed, but don't move. Do you understand that Jenna?" A cold hard sound had crept into Adam's voice.

Her heart jumped to her throat as the blackness engulfed her.

"Yes, I understand you Adam," she answered timidly.

"Now whore," he hissed softly. "You will wait for me like that. Your hungry cunt stuffed with pleasure balls. They will keep you burning and wet for me, but you will not move your legs. You will not touch yourself and you will not rotate your hips, otherwise I will not join you. I will not come and fuck you if you disobey me. Is that clear?" Adam's quiet voice resonated sharply in her ear and his reference to her as 'whore' burned into her brain.

"Yes," she whispered, struggling to breathe.

"You see," Adam continued, "you don't know where I am. I could be outside the door." He paused. The silence was deafening. "Or perhaps I will have someone else come in and watch you. In fact," he said softly, "I could even have someone come in and fuck you, but I will know if you move…"

Jenna listened, mesmerized by the sound of his powerful voice. It was eloquent and controlled and she believed him. Adam was not one to make idle threats.

The line went dead.

"Oh God," Jenna moaned softly. Her body was taut, tense. The sound of her labored breathing filled her ears. She tried to slow it, by inhaling and exhaling deeply, rhythmically but the pounding of her heart and the seeping warmth between her legs made that almost impossible for her to do. Involuntarily her eyes flashed open behind the darkness of her blindfold as she tried to focus on something other than the maddening feeling of the smooth balls inside her wet cunt. They were filling her, hugging her inner walls but wanting to pleasure her. She had already had a taste of the delights they held when they worked together, rubbing and massaging inside her tight tunnel and stimulating her sensitive clit. But as long as she was still, she could keep the sensations under control.

Adam replaced the receiver and leaned back into his soft leather chair. He could imagine Jenna wantonly stretched out on the bed like a slut on heat. No semblance of the polished groomed businesswoman remaining on the outside, but mustering all her inner resources. He guessed she would win the struggle to remain calm and poised. That damned self discipline and control of hers, would rear its head. And after some time the anxiety, the doubts would creep in as her breasts heaved with her heavy breathing and her cunt oozed with a mixture of anticipation and dread. There was always some fear when one gave up their self control, left behind the safety of what they knew and moved into unchartered territory. Adam knew that, but it was what Jenna wanted, what she needed. He had never forced himself on a woman against her will. That repelled him. Unless a woman gained as much pleasure from an encounter as he did, he was not interested. Now Jenna was something else, a tentative and controlled woman who he would turn into a wanton slut boiling over with newly discovered needs and desires.

He stretched his long legs, and adjusted the crotch of his impeccably cut Italian trousers to relieve the pressure in his groin. His dark eyes drifted fleetingly around the office, over the wood paneled walls and paintings then back to the papers on his polished mahogany desk that awaited his signature. The trappings and responsibilities of success, he though wryly as he reached for the documents and glanced at his watch. Twenty to thirty minutes he estimated, until he was done. And then Jenna was his slut for the night. His cock throbbed responsively as he imagined how burning and desperate she would be by then.

Jenna's nails dug into the sheet beneath her. The lace of the teddy was pressed against her swollen nipples and they ached. A small trickle of wetness ran down the inside of her thighs and she clenched her pussy muscles involuntarily gripping the balls tightly.

"Jesus, how much longer," she gasped as the sexual tension and congestion in her abdomen threatened to overwhelm her. With her sight removed, her sense of hearing had been heightened. Every noise, every voice or sound from outside the room alerted her, played havoc with her anguished mind and burning body. She sucked in air and held it as the soft fall of footsteps sounded on the carpeted corridor outside. She waited. Every nerve in her body tingled and strained until she heard the footsteps fade away. The air rushed from her burning lungs and she moaned softly, "Fuck this is torture."

Jenna had no sense of how long she had been waiting. It felt like forever, an eternity, the most agonizing time she had ever endured and yet her body remained aroused, alive and throbbing with sensation. Footsteps sounded again accompanied by low voices. Her ears pricked up like an animal in hiding and she strained to hear. A rivulet of sweat dripped from her forehead as they came closer and then passed the door.

"Relax, relax, breathe, control yourself," Jenna affirmed softly, trying to fight a wave of fear and panic that had suddenly crept over her body. Her vulnerability and the possibility that she was facing real danger gnawed at her. She cursed herself for her pride. Nothing was restraining her, stopping her from getting up and walking away from this agony but she knew she wouldn't. Tonight she was in love. Hopelessly, helplessly in love with the danger of the unknown. In love with the freedom of the unknown and simply, unashamedly in love with lust.

His quiet entrance into the room was almost a relief.

She held her breath expectantly at the sound of a strange hollow noise and the slight movement of air in the room. The silence was shattered by the popping echo of a champagne cork being ejected from the bottle and a sharp scream that erupted from her throat.

"Adam, is that you?" She swallowed hard. The hair at the back of her neck prickled and a shiver ran down her spine. It was him, she just knew it. Adam was finally with her, she could sense his presence. A faint scent of masculinity tinged with musk rose to stir her senses.

"Good evening Jenna. We meet at last." His voice was soft, pure velvet and it caused shockwaves of excitement to streak through her taut body. "Get off the bed please," he said quietly, "I wish to see you."

Jenna stood on shaky legs and stepped into the center of the room. The balls inside her pussy moved and teased her again. Adam sipped slowly from his glass and circled her like a predator. She felt his eyes stripping her naked, probing, examining every inch of her flesh from the curve of her neck, over her collarbones to her firm high breasts and down her belly to her pussy and legs. The rational part of her brain goaded her. What the hell was she? Some kind of sleazy whore? Yes, merely a piece of fuck meat, shamelessly on show for a stranger's inspection and his approval. A mixture of shame and indignity washed over her.

Adam refilled his glass but instead of drinking, he held the glass forward, slowly, inch by inch across the space between them, until the frosty surface was touching the tip of her breast. She could feel the nipple surging erect, stretching against the thin fabric of her lingerie and she felt a flush of shame at such an involuntary response, such a blatant betrayal of her body's desire. He pressed the glass harder against her breast, flattening the flesh. She knew it was wetting the thin fabric making the material totally transparent. Her breath caught in her throat as a jolt of pain streaked through her. The icy cold burned like a flame. Yet she stood there, unable to move, scarcely even able to breathe. Finally, what seemed like an eternity later, he took a step backward.

"Turn around and run your hands over your ass."

The command was soft but it jerked her to immediate action. She spun her lithe body around slowly and seductively caressed her firm round globes while Adam appraised her. His eyes glinted hard, but he liked what he saw. Gone was the polished business woman image that demanded respect. Here was the hot look of Jenna, slut and sex goddess in one. She had a tight body and good posture and there was still a lot of pride, despite her situation. Yes, she was one of those women who carried herself well in and out of her clothes, he thought as he drained his glass, leisurely feasting his eyes on her.

"Is it wet?"

"Is what wet?" The cheeky response was out before she could stop it. His scrutiny and the interminable torturing silence had unnerved her. She had never felt quite so exposed ever before and she hated the powerlessness of feeling this vulnerable. Yet it struck a chord within her deepest desire.

"Listen bitch," he spat, "you know why you are here tonight, why you chose not to leave but to expose your whore side to a stranger, don't you?"

"Yes," she whispered, a small smile playing across her lips. He was not going to take any shit from her and that realization made her strangely content.

"Then stop pretending to be a coy lady. We both know what you are." His voice had taken on a cold hard edge. "Now tell me if your fuck holes are wet?"

"Yes Adam," she replied demurely.

He moved towards her in two swift steps. She braced herself, feeling the heat coming from his body. He hooked his finger in the flimsy lace covering her pussy and ripped it, exposing her wet cunt to the air. Jenna gasped loudly at the ferocity of his movements. His hand moved over her wet mound and gripped it hard while his other hand tore the lace covering her breasts.

"Yeah, that's better," he said ripping aside the thin lacy string between her ass cheeks and abruptly pushing a finger roughly inside her anus. Now not only do you have a whore's wet cunt and ass but you also look like a fuckslut."

Her breath quickened at his touch. His fingers were practiced, she could tell immediately from the way he probed her ass. She burned with raw desire. His words, his presence and the way he just knew what she needed excited her.

"Now bitch introduce me to your cunt."

That was easy for Jenna. She wanted his full attention and she now had it. There was no turning back. Positioning herself at the very edge of the bed facing the direction of his voice, she spread her legs wide. She pulled them up and bent them at the knees with her heels hooked on either side. She felt like a cheap whore, obscenely displaying her blood engorged labia to him, but she wanted him to see her arousal. The juice pooled and oozed between her folds. Her finger brushed the exposed hood of her clit and she groaned, "This is my cunt Adam. It's wet and I have been told very tight."

Adam watched closely as she clenched and relaxed her pussy muscles. He saw the balls gripped by her cunt lips move teasingly in and out a few millimeters as she flexed her muscles.

"A nice tight cunt with good muscle control, I like that, slut. And tonight we will see how much it can take. Now, push those balls out without touching yourself. Do it!"

Jenna gripped the bed and arched her back. She inhaled deeply and clenched her pussy muscles as tightly as she could. The balls were slippery and wet but lodged firmly between her lips. She exhaled slowly and bore down, relaxing her cunt muscles and expelled the balls with a hard push and a grunt.

Adam carried the champagne bottle and his glass over towards her. He took a long drink and moved on to the bed, pressing his mouth and lips to hers. Her arms reached out to embrace his warm body and she was surprised to find that he was still fully clothed. The champagne dribbled from his mouth over her lips and down her chin onto her chest. He followed the trail of the sweet bubbly liquid, letting his tongue lick it from her succulent flesh until he reached her breasts. His hands cupped them feeling their texture, evaluating their firmness and then his fingertip traced a path up to the nipple.

"Exquisite," he whispered.

She groaned deeply at his gentle ministrations and he stopped abruptly. Reaching for her swollen nipples he twisted both in rough quick movements and moved his mouth to bite each breast in turn. His teeth alternated between the nipples and the firm mounds. She cried out and tears welled up in her eyes behind the blindfold. Her sensitive tender breasts had never been treated in such a rough harsh manner before, yet she felt a deep hot glow somewhere in the depths of her pussy.

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