tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Neighbor Ch. 08

One Neighbor Ch. 08


Miss Pamela has become a real tease. She loves taunting me with her body whenever she thinks she can do it without anyone noticing. She brushes against my cock with her hand as she walks by. She pulls her top up exposing her tits to me when she can. She constantly stares at my crotch and licks her lips seductively.

Of course I have managed to stay somewhat even with her. Fucking her mouth and cumming in it when her parents were pulling into the garage, bending her over the kitchen sink and fucking her ass with her folk's just outside, I have managed a few good moves myself.

She enjoys flashing her tits at me when I am talking to her dad or mom. One time her dad and I were chatting out front on the sidewalk when she stepped out to say hi. Her dad had to step in to take a call and she leaned over to tell me Jason had fucked her in her asshole recently and that furthermore, she had given Frisky his bath again and he had really gotten hard when she washed him. Then she giggled and ran back in the house. There I stood with a hard on.

I told my wife about all of this and she told me it was my fault. "You're the one that wanted her to come out of her shell," she laughed. "This is what you get," she added with a chuckle.

I realized that Pamela had been home schooled. She had been guarded over her entire life by her over protective parents, Ralph in particular. Jason was the first and only boy she had ever dated. Aside from her dog, I was certain mine was probably the first cock she had ever seen. So I guess when she found that she liked sex, we shouldn't be surprised by her actions.

Anyway, on to the little vixen's latest move; I was in the back yard chatting over the fence with Ralph. His wife was in her usual lounge chair on the deck, reading. At my height I can see easily over the fence separating our properties. Ralph on the other hand is vertically challenged and while he can see over the fence, he is not tall enough to see close down the other side of the fence.

So we're chatting about this and that, and I of course realize that Ralph is far more interested in my wife who is wearing a bikini and getting some sun behind me on our deck.

Suddenly I notice movement below me and off to my left. I glance down and see Pamela on her hands and knees moving toward me. I turn and see my wife laughing as she sees what is happening.

"What's your wife laughing at?" Ralph paused to ask.

"Oh well I believe she is reading a comical book," I respond as Pamela is nearly to me.

"Oh, well you have to tell her to make sure she loans it to my wife when she is finished, heaven knows she could use a little humor in her life," he chuckles.

"I'll be sure and tell her," I laugh as I feel Pamela unbuckling the belt on my pants.

"I swear Gary," Ralph begins as he gazes lustfully at my wife's bikini clad body. "You have got to be the luckiest guy in town. I mean your wife is so incredibly hot in that bikini. I honestly don't know how you keep your hands off her," he began to ramble.

Sensing this could get awkward, especially since Pamela had no idea her dad had ever done anything with my wife, I tried to change or alter the topic.

"Oh I know. Say I have been meaning to ask you ah something, ah..." my mind raced to come up with something to ask him other than how he liked fucking my wife in her ass.

"Ah what is the best time of the year to trim shrubs," I stammered awkwardly as I felt my pants being pulled down.

I always go commando, so I was not wearing any underwear and my cock was now dangling freely in front of the kneeling Pamela. I could hear Debbie laughing out loud behind me and I know I must have blushed.

Ralph was a little surprised with my question, but he was determined to answer it. He was prepared to talk about anything as long as it gave him an excuse to ogle my wife in her bikini. Talking to me at the fence gave him the perfect opportunity.

I felt Pamela's hand close around my cock and she began to slowly jack me off. She paused from time to time lick the head of my cock or to take it in her mouth sucking me a little deeper each time.

I could only imagine what this looked like. Me standing at my fence talking to a guy with my pants around my ankles and a hot young girl who just happened to be the daughter of the guy I was talking to, on her knees in front of me jacking me off, with my bikini clad hot wife not thirty feet or so away giggling.

"So how is your wife sleeping these days?" Ralph blurted out as he watched my wife shifting positions on the lounge chair. He was undoubtedly hoping her bikini would slip or something so he could see more.

My mind was on Ralph's daughter who at that very moment had paused from jacking me off to suck my cock again. This time, she forced my cock into her throat and plunged forward until my balls were flattened against her chin.

"Ohhhhhh," I gasped feeling my cock in Pamela's tight throat. "Ahhhh fine..." my voice trailed off and Ralph had a puzzled look on his face at my strange response. With what his daughter was doing to my cock, I was lucky to manage to croak that out.

At that moment, all I could think about was my hard cock in Pamela's throat. She had reached around me and was pulling me forward by my ass cheeks. I felt her finger probing to zero in on my puckered asshole.

"I can't get over your wife's nipples," Ralph spewed as he watched Debbie who paused from reading her book and start to rub sun tan lotion on her body.

I was freaking out with the direction Ralph was going with his conversation, but with what his daughter was doing to my cock and with her middle finger finally beginning to slide into my clenching asshole, all I could manage to do was stutter and stammer in response.

"Ahhhh, well, ahhhhh I ahhhh," I managed to stammer.

"Het tits are perfect ya know," Ralph droned on as my wife was rubbing lotion all around the very tits he was enamored with. Her nipples jutted rock hard. No doubt seeing what Pamela was doing to my cock was having an effect on Debbie. She was looking directly at Pamela who still had my cock buried in her throat as her finger slid deeper into my asshole.

"I can't thank you enough for giving me the chance to see your wife naked. A guy like me would normally never have a chance with anyone as hot as your wife and well, I just don't know what else to say," Ralph blurted.

"Well fuck," I thought to myself, "believe me, you have probably said more than enough," I said to myself as I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching.

"And to feel her lips around my ah, well my penis..." he paused and sighed as he remembered his first encounter with Debbie, "That was just too much, I was surprised she swallowed my ah... You know, my cum," he added.

That was the topper. My cum spurted out of my cock into Pamela's waiting mouth. She gulped and I filled her mouth with more. I knew I had some explaining to do to Pamela but at that moment, all I could do was spasmodically jerk my hips and shiver as I pumped my thick load into her mouth.

Fortunately, Ralph's primary attention was on my wife who was rubbing lotion on the inner sides of her firm thighs. Her fingers rubbing up against her barely covered cunt as she rubbed the lotion in, she was clearly turned on by what Pamela was doing to me.

I felt my cock going limp inside Pamela's warm mouth as she continued to suck hard on it. I heard a faint moan from her and glanced down to see her hand inside her shorts fingering herself and reaching her own quiet climax as she sucked on my limp cock.

Finally she let my cock slip from her lips. She pulled her finger out of my asshole as my limp wet cock slid out of her mouth and dangled lifelessly between my legs. Pamela twisted around giving my wife a dainty wave as she licked her lips then slowly knee walked back to the gate. Moments later she came bounding out their back door.

"Hi ya Gary," she blurted as she waved and walked off the deck to where her dad and I were chatting over the fence. With all the sun tan lotion my wife had been rubbing in and around her firm body I was guessing Ralph had a hard on. I was also guessing his hard on faded pretty quickly when his daughter joined us at the fence.

"What are you two plotting now?" she laughed.

"Oh were just chatting," Ralph laughed half heartedly as he continued to stare at my wife who had by now finished applying lotion and was once again reading a book.

Pamela looked at me with her impish smile and licked her lips lustfully. She is taller than her dad so with little effort she pulled herself up and looked over the fence and downward to see my wet limp cock dangling between my legs and my pants bunched around my ankles.

"So you're not wearing sweatpants today," she laughed. "Mmmmmmm, nice," she chuckled as she looked at my wet cock. "Hey Debbie, I will be over a little later to work out ok," she yelled to my wife. "You guys enjoy your plotting," she giggled as she spun and walked back to their house.

"Ok Pamela, I'll be ready for you," my wife yelled back.

Debbie got up from the lounge chair and made a point of bending slowly to pick up her drink and book and the lotion. Her tight firm ass barely covered by the bikini was a real treat for Ralph, who I knew had a hard on now.

Later, as she promised, Pamela came over to our home. I had to tell Debbie what Pamela had overheard her dad say as she was sucking my cock.

"And you couldn't shut him up?" my wife gasped.

"Hey babe, the way she was sucking me, I could barely talk," I said.

"Oh well THAT is great, just GREAT!" Debbie said as she paced back and forth wringing her hands.

"Just calm down babe," I said. "It sure didn't seem to affect the way she was sucking my cock. I am sure she was shocked, but I am not sure she was all that surprised. I mean she can see the way her dad looks at you," I laughed.

Pamela did not waste any time beating around the bush. "Ok," she said as she walked in, "Who is going to tell me about what my dad did to Debbie," she chuckled.

"It was ALL Gary's idea," my wife blurted, blushing immediately.

"Hey now..." I barely got out before Pamela laughed and said, "Well I figured that!"

Debbie continued, "Gary got this crazy idea that your dad was ogling me in the back yard and he decided to see how far your dad would go using ME as bait," she said staring daggers at me.

"So he comes up with this crazy idea that I took one of my mega strong sleeping pills and he asks your dad to come over and feed our fish," Debbie blurted without really thinking about what she was saying.

Pamela is listening intently and I know she realizes at this point that this is almost exactly the way she was introduced to me, including the strong sleeping pills.

My wife in her eagerness to throw me under the bus has not yet realized that Pamela will certainly put two and two together and come up with four.

"So I am supposed to be super sound asleep and practically naked when your dad comes to feed our fish. Well of course when your dad sees me practically naked on the sofa he looks closer and the next thing I know he is sticking his finger in my vagina," she bellows.

"And then," she continues, "he is holding his penis and jacking off over my open mouth and then he sticks it in my mouth and shoots his stuff in," she gasps almost out of breath from the rapid fire oratory about her encounter with Pamela's dad.

Pamela continues to listen intently with her mouth dropping open in disbelief when Debbie spewed out that her dad shot his cum in her mouth.

"Did you swallow?" Pamela inquired.

"Well ah, I had to," Debbie replied somewhat surprised at Pamela's question.

Suddenly Pamela burst out laughing. "I really didn't think my dad was so horny," she laughed. "But then with your body I can certainly understand how he would be. Especially if, like you said, you were practically naked," she chuckled.

"You know that all sounds a lot like what happened to me when I came over to feed your sisters dogs," she chuckled as she looked at Debbie.

My wife turned beet red as she suddenly realized the extent of detail she had gone into regarding Pamela's dad. "Oh ah well... Ah well I ah," Debbie stammered as she blushed brightly.

I shook my head but kept my mouth shut. Pamela obviously knew full well by now that both her dad and she had been set up in an experiment my wife and I had concocted.

"Look," Pamela said with a grin, "I know my dad was smitten with you. I mean why do you think all of our shrubbery looks so neatly trimmed in our back yard? Every time you came out on your deck or your back yard, my dad would suddenly get the urge to trim his shrubs," She laughed.

"I don't think mom has ever caught on, but it was obvious to me," she chuckled. "There are a few gaps in the fencing on your side where you can see into your yard and those shrubs are literally works of art," she laughed out loud.

"Since you're telling her so much, you might as well tell her about the last time too," I laughed.

"GARY!" Debbie blurted turning a deeper shade of red.

"The last time," Pamela said inquisitively eyeing my blushing wife.

"Ya, when he butt fucked her," I chuckled.

"GAAARYYYYY!" Debbie whined looking downward.

"Oh WOW," Pamela gasped. "I certainly didn't think my dad had that in him," she laughed as she looked at my wife.

"THAT was Gary's idea too!" Debbie blurted suddenly. "It was ALL his idea," she added emphatically. "He comes up with these crazy ideas that always seem to involve me sucking some guy off or ending up with one or more penis's shoved in my butt or who knows what!" she declared sternly while shaking her head.

"Well at least I know my dad is getting satisfied because I don't think mom is much into it these days. I never hear anything from their bedroom and dad always seems to stay up later than mom," Pamela said as she chuckled. "I suppose you have all this on video?" she asked.

"What do you think?" I laughed.

"I am not sure I would want to see my dad naked, but it would be funny to watch him fucking Debbie in her ass," she chuckled.

"Just let me know and we can have a screening," I chuckled.

"So I figure you have me too when I was feeding the dogs?" she giggled.

"One of my favorites," I laughed.

"Were you soundly asleep as I was told you would be or had you even taken the sleeping pills?" Pamela asked as she tilted her head and raised an eyebrow.

"And miss what you were going to do to me, not a chance, I was wide awake," I laughed as she swatted at me giggling.

"Oh you men are impossible," Pamela chuckled as she shook her head. "How did you know I would do anything?" she asked.

"We... Well actually I didn't. That was what we were curious about," I said.

"Hey you were the one curious," Debbie blurted.

"Ya, but it was your idea to try our scheme with Pamela," I replied.

"But it was YOUR little scheme," Debbie said blushing. "I ah ah, well since I had to do it with her dad it was only fair you had to do it with Pamela," Debbie stammered, turning redder.

"I was surprised when you had such a difficult time when I came in your mouth that first time though, I thought you were going to throw up," I said to Pamela.

"Well your cum was a whole lot thicker than I expected, I thought it would be a thinner consistency, you know more watery like ah..." she paused and blushed brightly. "Well it was thicker than I expected," she added.

"Video's, I want video's," I laughed.

"Oh I know, I know, you nasty nasty man," she giggled turning redder still.

As the two of them went downstairs to work out, I had to chuckle to myself. Now that the proverbial cat was out of the bag and Pamela knew what her dad had done to my wife, who knows what might happen next.

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