tagMind ControlOne New Message Ch. 01

One New Message Ch. 01


Candace walked into her apartment, having just got off from work. Her job was a shitty one, retail, but it paid the bills... and really, that's what mattered. At 22 years old, she was the definition of "wasted potential". She was a beautiful girl, with long golden blonde hair and a thin body; not only was Candace pretty, but she was smart too. She'd received a full scholarship to college years ago, but only made it a few semesters in before giving up and dropping out. It was too hard, she said, and not worth the effort. Candace thought she could do better on her own, without putting in all of the effort of getting a degree. But where had all of that thinking got her? A full time job selling clothing at a department store. Too proud to admit she was wrong, Candace trudged on through her life, slaving away from day to day in retail hell.

It was from that world that she'd just come in. The pretty young woman dropped her purse on the floor by the door and kicked her heels off next to it. Glad to be out of them, she walked into the kitchen and opened the freezer; too late to bother cooking anything, she just pulled a TV dinner out of the freezer and stuck it in the microwave and set the timer.

Wanting to kill the time until her dinner was ready, Candace headed over to her small computer desk and roused the machine to life. The first thing she did was check her email.

*You have 1 New Email!*

The pop-up email notification alerted her to the waiting missive in her inbox. Candace rolled her eyes as she pulled out the chair and plopped down into it.

"Gee, I'm so popular. One whole email. Probably junkmail anyway."

She clicked the little icon to open her inbox and found, instead of junk mail, a feedback email; a few weeks ago, on a whim, she'd submitted a story to website for erotic fiction. It had been published, under a different name than hers of course, and she really thought nothing of it. It had been a little experiment, she told herself, to see if she still had any of those writing skills that got her into college in the first place. Well, the story had posted and sat, more or less, unnoticed. She didn't think anybody had bothered to read it, and didn't really care either. It was done and over with, and out of her system. She'd all but forgotten it until this email came in.

"Oh God," She said, lightly biting down on her lower lip. "I totally forgot that I put my email address on that account. I never should have posted that damn story..."

Candice sighed as she clicked Open Mail, to read whatever lay inside. The message was a simple one, complete with a gif of a dancing, animated panda as the signature. Cute.

*Your story was fantastic. I enjoyed seeing your unique take on mind control. What made you write a story about that? It's such a peculiar topic, isn't it? Please respond. --CtrlAltMstr*

Candice couldn't help but chuckle at his username. How nerdy! The smell of her heating dinner was beginning to waft into the living room, and it served to remind her of just how hungry she really was after a long day of work. She pushed her chair back to stand up when the little dancing panda caught her eye. It was so cute, the way it spun in circles and wiggled its little spotted rear. She had to force herself to blink to even look away from it. Another glance was given to the kitchen, and she saw that the microwave still had a few minutes left on it. She was tempted to walk in there and wait, but a little nagging voice at the back of her mind compelled her to pull herself back to the computer. This fan had, afterall, nicely asked her for a reply. What would it hurt to write one for him? She clicked the button so that she could compose her message in return.

*Dear CrtlAltMstr. Cute username, it's really clever. To answer your question, I guess I just thought it might be fun to write something with a little kink to it. I've never read a mind control story before, so I didn't even know there was a category. Isn't that funny! Anyway, thanks for reading. It's nice to know somebody liked it. --xoxo.*

As soon as she was done, she hit the send button and pushed away from her desk so she could go check on her dinner; it required a little stirring, and another couple of minutes of heating. That's what she got for buying the cheap microwave. Candace walked back into the living room, meaning to go right past the computer and to the sofa. But a little flashing notification caught her eye.

*You Have 1 New Email!*

"Already?" She asked herself, shaking her head. Too curious to ignore it, she went back to the computer desk and sat down, clicking on the little button again.

*Dear xoxo. For a novice, your story was quite well done, I would like to see more of what you can do. Do you use an instant messenger? It might be easier to talk to you that way. Please respond. --CtrlAltMstr*

Talking in instant messenger? No way! Candace did have one, but she sure as heck wasn't about to give her username to a complete stranger; she was half tempted to just ignore the email completely, but once again, she felt compelled to at least give him a response.

*Dear CtrlAltMstr. Sorry, I don't have one. I really don't spend a lot of time online. Really, this story was a one time thing. I don't think I'll be writing anything else. Thanks for emailing. --xoxo*

And, once again, she pushed the send button. Candace couldn't help but have a slightly creepy feeling after going through the little email exchange; she really started to regret ever posting that story. She case a look into the kitchen and saw the timer nearing its end. Just as she was about to stand up, another notification popped up.

*You Have 1 New Email!*

"Really?!" She exclaimed. He'd already responded? This was getting out of hand! Vowing to just leave this one alone, Candace pushed back to stand up... but she didn't actually move out of her chair. Her eyes kept moving back to the screen, to that little notification. It was the curiosity, and it was killing her. Certainly it couldn't hurt to take a look at whatever he'd written. She just wouldn't reply this time, no matter how nicely he asked her to. She reached back to the mouse and clicked to open the email.

*Dear xoxo. Attached is a link to the messenger service that I prefer. Download and install it. I am looking forward to talking with you. --CtrlAltMstr*

Now he was telling her to download some strange program? This was absurd. Candace shook her head and moved to close the email. But, as before, the little dancing panda gif at the bottom caught her eye. She heard the microwave in the kitchen going off, sending shrill beeps through the apartment. But, for some reason, she couldn't look away from that absurd little thing, The longer she looked at it, the less annoyed she was by this guy's brazen nature. What would it hurt to talk to him for a little while, afterall? It was just the internet. Completely anonymous. She could always chat with him, log off and never talk to him again. With her eyes still fixated on the little gif, she moved to click the download button.

The program finished quickly, and prompted her to install... which she did without much hesitation. Within less than a minute, her brand new program was installed: BDSM Messenger.

"Oh god," She groaned, "What the hell did I download?"

Sitting there, waiting for her to click the log in button, was her username: SubmissiveAuthorXoXo

"Seriously? Okay, I am not...." Ugh, who was she kidding. She clicked the log in and watched as it connected. As soon as she had signed on, a new messenger window popped up, with the dancing panda as the buddy icon.

CrtlAltMstr: I'm glad to see you decided to chat with me afterall.

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: Um... yeah. I guess it couldn't hurt. LOL.

CtrlAltMstr: No, it couldn't. It's just a little chat. ;)

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: Right. What did you want to chat about I guess?

CtrlAltMstr: Your story of course. You did amazing writing the submissive, controlled role. Do you have any experience with that?

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: Gosh no!

CtrlAltMstr: Are you sure?

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: That's really none of your business! No offense. I just met you I don't really talk about this stuff with strangers.

CrtlAltMstr: It's not that big of a deal. It's just sex. It's nothing to be ashamed about. Tell me.

Candace was barely aware of the microwave still going off in the kitchen, alerting her that her food had been ready for a couple of minutes already. But, she just couldn't pull herself away from the computer. Every time she thought about walking away, that little dancing panda icon drew her back in. She just couldn't look away from it! And while she had been up in arms and defensive about his very forward questions just a minute ago, his argument did seem pretty reasonable. She didn't quite understand why she had been so uptight about it a minute ago, actually.

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: I've never done the whole mind control thing before, no. It's not real, it's just a fantasy or whatever.

CtrlAltMstr: So what have you done, then? Did you ever get off from being out of control?

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: I mean, my ex used to like it kind of rough. There were a few times he took control I guess, but it wasn't like mind control or anything.

CtrlAltMstr: Tell me about one of them. Describe it.

Candace shifted in her seat; she was getting uncomfortable with this conversation and really wished it would go in a different direction, but she found that she was completely unable to help herself from stopping.

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: It's nothing big or whatever. He came over to my apartment and he was in the mood, and I really wasn't yet. I wanted to do some other stuff, and not just jump right to sex. I went into the kitchen and he followed me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck. I told him to cut it out, and I knew what he was up to, but he pressed himself against my back and I could feel how hard his cock was. It was jammed right against my ass. I tried to get him to stop, but he started rubbing me through my pants. I stopped fighting it after a few minutes and he bent me over the kitchen counter and fucked me from behind. I remember that he pulled out at the last second and came all over my back. I had to take a shower after that. LOL

CtrlAltMstr: That sounds pretty sexy, Submissive. It got you really horny being out of control like that, didn't it?

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: Um, I don't know, CtrlAltMstr! LOL

CtrlAltMstr: Please, just call me Master.

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: Um, okay Master.

CtrlAltMstr: That's a good girl. See, you do so well with obeying. Are you sure that you don't get off on being controlled?

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: LOL Not really.

CtrlAltMstr: I don't know. ;) I bet obeying commands like that makes you incredibly wet and horny. It makes you want to touch yourself. Am I wrong?

It took Candace a minute to reply back to him, and she hoped that her silence wasn't damning. As soon as his messages came through to her, she realized just how wet she really was. But she didn't attribute it to actually obeying his commands. No, it was from thinking about the hot fucking her ex had gave her. That was it. She had unzipped her jeans and tugged them down to her ankles; her right hand slipped inside of her panties, fingers gently rubbing up and down her mound.

CtrlAltMstr: Are you there? You're not 'distracted' are you?

Candace realized that the minute had bled into several; she'd been sitting there rubbing herself, staring blankly at the last few messages that he had sent.

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: Um, sorry. No! I had to get my dinner out of the microwave.

CtrlAltMstr: Really? Are you lying? Remember how good it feels to obey, Submissive. Remember how wet and horny it gets you when you are out of control. Now tell me the truth.

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: UGG! No, I didn't get my food out of the microwave.

CtrlAltMstr: What were you doing, then?

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: I don't want to say... It's embarrassing!

CtrlAltMstr: Remember how good it will feel to obey, Submissive. Tell me what you were doing.

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: I was rubbing my pussy, Master.

Oh, the waves of pleasure that flooded through her body as she gave in to his command; Candace had taken her hand out of her panties to reply to him, but as soon as the message was sent she shoved it back in there. Fingers slid easily inside of her tight, hot cunt and were coated with her juices; she brought them back out and they slid up her slit, toward her clit. She began to rub that heavily.

CtrlAltMstr: Good girl, Submissive. Obeying feels good, doesn't it? But you lied to me about what you were doing. Good submissive girls don't lie. I think you need to be punished.

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: I'm sorry Master! I was just embarrassed.

CtrlAltMstr: It doesn't matter. You need to learn a lesson. Good submissive sluts obey, no matter how embarrassed they are. Embarrassment only makes them hotter and hornier. You're a submissive slut. Don't you want to be a good girl and learn your lesson?

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: Yes, Master. What do I need to do?

CtrlAltMstr: Do you have a web cam?

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: Yes Master.

*CtrlAltMstr has invited you to a video chat session! Accept/Decline*

Candice's wet fingers quickly clicked the accept button. There was now a video box attached to the instant message, showing her sitting in her chair staring at the screen. Her partner's box, though, was dark. She could see nothing of him.

CtrlAltMstr: Very good. You're very pretty, Submissive. Do you know that?

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.

CtrlAltMstr: But, Submissive, a good submissive slut doesn't wear clothing when she's at home.

SubmissiveAuthorXoXo: I'm sorry Master! I didn't know!

There was no reservation left in Candace; CtrlAltMstr's commands had been too direct, quickly wearing down her mental and moral resistance. She was like a blank slate, absorbing commands and reacting immediately. Candace quickly lifted her hands to her shirt, making fast work of unbuttoning the top and tossing it onto the floor. Her bra and panties quickly followed, until she was sitting down nude in front of the webcam. She could see her small, B cup tits easily on the screen; looking at her perky breasts with their rock hard nipples made her pussy even wetter. Oh how slutty she looked, sitting naked and obeying this stranger. She could just cum right there.

CtrlAltMstr: That's so much better. You have very lovely tits. Play with them while we talk. You won't need to respond for a while. ;)

There was no hesitance in her actions. She reached up and began to lightly squeeze her small tits; her fingers gently kneaded the flesh while her thumbs ran teasingly over her nipples. She moaned softly, with half-lidded eyes.

CtrlAltMstr: Such a good girl. Look how much better you feel for obeying. You were born to obey. Obeying is what you do best. You are a pretty, submissive slut. You are a fuck toy. You exist only for pleasure. It is all you are good at. Nod if you understand.

Candace nodded once, acknowledging her understanding as she continued to play with herself.

CtrlAltMstr: You will check in with me every day on here. You will obey me every day. You will be my long distance toy. Do you understand?

Again, Candace nodded. She lightly pinched her nipples, as her wet cunt began to form a puddle of juices between her thighs, on the surface of her computer chair.

CtrlAltMstr: For your punishment, submissive, I think it would be appropriate if you got something from your kitchen. Stop masturbating and go fetch a wooden stirring spoon from your kitchen. Remember to crawl. Submissive fuck pets don't walk when they are in private, ever. You won't be walking around your apartment any more, will you?

Candace shook her head softly, and quickly went to obey. She slipped from her chair and crawled, hands and knees, into the kitchen. She had to stand up on her knees to open the drawer containing what Master wanted. The spoon was 8 inches long, with a slender handle and over sized head. Instinct told her to put the handle between her teeth so that she could crawl back to her computer. Once she appeared in camera again, she got another message.

CtrlAltMstr: Good girl. Here is your punishment. Push your chair back far enough that I can see your pussy on the camera. I then want you to spread your legs for me and start spanking that wet little cunt of yours. Maybe then you will learn not to lie to your Master. Do you understand?

Candace nodded and hurried to obey. She slipped out of the chair again and to her hands and knees; she put the spoon on the surface of the chair, resting in the massive wet spot that her pussy had created, and began to move the chair without standing up. Once she was in position, she picked the spoon back up and got back into her chair. Her legs spread obscenely wide, showcasing her extremely wet, shaved pussy. There was no hesitation as she brought the thick portion of the wooden spoon down against her uncovered cunt. The slap was loud, and moist because of her juices. She cried out loud, a mixture between a moan and a whimper. She did it again, as hard as before. Tears began to sting her eyes.

CtrlAltMstr: Keep going, pet. I will tell you when you've had enough.

And she obeyed, continually bringing the spoon down strike her exposed pussy. Each strike caused a moan of pleasure and pain; further obeying fueled her lust, making her wetter with every stroke. After ten strikes, her mount was red and puffy, swollen from the spanking that she was giving herself.

CtrlAltMstr: Okay, pet. This is the last swat. I think you've learned your lesson now. As you spank yourself this last time, I want you to orgasm for me. I want you to have the strongest, most wet orgasm that you've ever had for your master.

Candace was beyond even nodding; she was blushing so much that it spread from her cheeks down to the tops of her breasts. Being on display as she was, obeying, brought her so close to cumming. When the spoon struck her puffy pussy that one last time her back arched and she yelled out a loud moan. She felt the orgasm strike her hard, and the spoon slipped from her numb fingers. Her pussy erupted, beginning to squirt cum for the first time in her life. It gushed from her, spraying the chair under her, both of her thighs and the wood floor of the apartment. She squirted for a full minute before finally stopping, her head lolled back against the chair. When she came back to her senses, she looked at the computer screen.

CtrlAltMstr: Good girl, you have obeyed well. Don't forget what I've told you. I will check on you later for more lessons. Do not turn off your camera. I will be very displeased if I come back to see you are not streaming. Goodnight, my pet.

*CtrlAltMstr Has Disconnected*

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