One Night


This is not a fast paced free for all. This is a slow paced, developing story. So while quickies are nice you won't find it with this one. Hope you enjoy….

Sarah Jacobs was a young woman only twenty three. The typical blonde hair, blue eye combination that most linked those jokes to. She was anything but the typical blonde. She was smart, funny, and could hold a conversation. Hell she was in a league of her own she often thought, a blonde with a brain.

She had worked for Mr. James almost a year now. Sarah had been fresh out of college when she had applied for the internship with his company. For so long she had wanted to be a writer. She had longed to tell a story and now here at the paper she was given that chance, or so she had thought.

As of yet she hadn't been given the chance to write a real story. All she had been handed this past year was fluffy stories, fillers about things no one really cared about. She was getting to the point where she thought about leaving. That wouldn't be good for her career though, she knew better than that.

Letting out a sigh she made her way into the office and found her small desk. It sat outside of Mr. James much larger plush office. She envied him, envied the ability to write what he wanted. Most thought little Sarah was just his gofer but she was learning from him. She only wanted a chance to be the writer she knew she was.

"Good morning Mr. James," she said as he walked by in his tailored suit.

"Morning Sarah, did you see the email I sent you?"

"Not yet, I just got in a few minutes ago but I'll read it then get with you about it."

"Please do, I could use your help with this one," he said walking into his office.

Well he wanted her help, perhaps this was actually the break she wanted. Turning on her computer Sarah couldn't help but wonder what the email would hold in store for her. It seemed to take forever to sign in knowing that something, some piece of information was waiting for her. Finally, she thought with an exasperated sigh as she was logged in.


I need your help with a story. It involves a club here in town. From what I've heard it is a sex club. I need to have you help me check this out. I hear many political figures frequent this establishment. I'm planning on going there Thursday evening. I'm asking for you to attend with me. I think that you would make a great reporter and this is an excellent story for you.


Sarah couldn't believe what she was reading. Her eyes reread the email several times before she could fully understand the words written there. She would be given a chance, the opportunity to shine. This was what she wanted yet some part of her was afraid. The idea of it being a story about a sex club was intimidating to her. She herself had always had what one would call normal relationships.

Sex was something she had always been led to believe happened in the bedroom once it was dark. She had dated men that she had opened herself up to and experimented a little but nothing that would prepare her for this. This would be a real test, she knew that. Also the simple fact she found her boss extremely attractive didn't help.

She sat there thinking about what would happen, what he would do while they were in the club. Obviously there would have to be some sort of relations between them. How far would Mr. James take it? Then the next question Sarah thought about was, how far did she want him to take it? She knew full well what that answer was, or at least she thought she did.

She ran her hands over her black skirt, smoothing it and drying palms. Sarah stood making sure she felt presentable enough before seeing him. She needed to be professional; this was a big break for her. Running her tongue over her lips, she began walking to his door and lightly knocking. She heard his voice tell her to enter and she smiled to herself at that sound.

"Sarah, please sit down," he said adjusting his tie.

"Thank you Mr. James. I just finished reading your email," she told him even though she knew he was already aware.

"What are you thinking young Sarah? Is this too much for you to take on? Would you rather stick to you dogs in the park stories?"

That little comment itself set her blood boiling. She wanted to be taken seriously and this wasn't going to be the way. She sat there, her mind stewing with anger. She was good, she could write. Sarah knew that, she only needed to be given the chance to actually write about a real story, not something frilly.

"I'm ready for this Mr. James. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed," she told him as she stood.

"Very good Sarah, I thought I was right about you. Thursday evening I will pick you up at your place. Be sure to wear something fitting of the club, can't have them thinking we are not who we say we are."

With that thought she left the room and went back to her desk. Her legs shook, she noticed, as she sat down. She was still steamed because of his comment. She knew he was only doing that to get under her skin, it was his way. Finally sitting she calmed herself and thought of the great possibility this would bring her. Besides that she needing to go shopping, the night would require something new. She had just the friend to help her, she thought dialing her number.

"Kelly, hey you busy tonight or tomorrow. I have to go shopping for a new outfit. Great I'll pick you up tonight."

Hanging up Sarah reread the email. She couldn't stop her eyes from lingering over the words. She also couldn't wait to let him see her in action. Sarah knew she would get her story and maybe she would have a little fun getting it. That all depended on Mr. James.

To be continued…

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