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One Night


Last night I met a guy in a bar. I m a straight male, okay, so ive been slightly curious in my teens, but im straight! One night me and this guy got chatting in a bar after work and he was definitely hitting on me. But the worst part of all this was that I was totally loving it.

I couldn't resist his charm, his rugged yet perfect look. His defined jaw and gorgeous cheekbones, he was the kind of man you'd see in a designer perfume advert. I was actually getting aroused by him. As the bar shut he asked me what I was planning for the rest of the night, I knew exactly what he was trying to do. I told him that I was just gonna go back to my place, but I didn't want to go alone, and that I had some more beers in the fridge. The look I gave him indicated to him that he was allowed to come back with me. We got in a taxi, I couldn't believe what I was doing, it was so wrong, but felt so right! As soon as we got into my flat, the topic of conversation moved straight onto sex. I told him I was straight and that I'd never been with a guy, well as in had sex, id kissed a mate, and sucked him off when we were 16 but that's a different story! He was telling me that he'd never been with a girl, and that he loves just loves fucking men. Normally I would feel uncomfortable about a gay man talking to me like this, but I was getting more and more turned on.

I noticed he had finished his beer, I got up to get him a new one, little did I realise that I had a hard on, and an obvious one at that! He was like woah, what do we have here then? I was so embarrassed, I wanted to fool around and try something new with this guy, but I was so shy about it. Rather than making it awkward, he just smiled and said, I have that effect on some straight men, thankfully! I was so horny for him, I wanted to tell him!

A few beers later and the conversation became slightly more interesting. So why were you so hard back then? He asked me. I was stuck, I didn't know what to say, so the alcohol did it for me, because I want to try some new things. The look on his face was amazing, he looked like Christmas had come early! And I think it was about to come early for me too! He slowly unbuttoned his jeans, looking at me the whole time, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The biggest dick I had ever seen flopped out of his pants, not even hard and it was easily 8 inches! He began to stroke it, slowly, I was so hard I had to get my dick out and begin to stoke along with him. Before we knew it we were both naked, sat next to each other slowly strumming our hard dicks.

I suddenly felt his hand grab my dick and softly begin to pump it, up and down the shaft, it felt amazing! He knew just how to touch me, caressing my balls and strking my dick in such a seductive way! I felt a delicate lick across the throbbing head of my dick as he began to lower his mouth over my dick! Straight away he swallowed my whole shaft right to the base, it was incredible! It was like he knew just how I liked my blowjobs! After a good 20 minutes, he looked up at me ad went, your turn. He stood up, I couldn't believe it, I was greeted with a monster staring right at me, easily 12 inches and as thick as a deodorant can! I struggled to fit the tiniest bit in my mouth, but it tasted so good! But all I could think about was that thing in my tight ass! I wanted it so bad! After sucking on his humongous balls for a bit I looked up at him with the most pleading look, begging him to take my anal virginity. He looked at me, smiling, of course!

He got me on all fours and began to lube up my sweet tight man pussy with his tongue. He slowly inserted a finger in my hole, it felt so good. After being finger fucked for a while he turned to me, you're ready, he said. He had my sit on top of his thick and meaty man pole, allowing me to slowly slide down, it hurt so much but was so good at the same time. Eventually, I managed to achieve the whole 12 inches from tip to base! I was in a state of pure ecstasy! I let him fuck me so hard, making my whole body quiver with excitement! After being pounded for what felt like a life time of bliss, I shot the biggest load all over my stomach! Soon after he announced he was going to cum, he pulled out of my stretched ass and sprayed his thick man juice all over my face and mouth! I tried to taste almost every drop that I could! He stood up, licked some of his seed from my face and then walked off to get some more beer... I was left covered in cum, bewildered as to what had just happened. I will never be forgetting that day for as long as I live!

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