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One Night At A Party

byquinn rogan©

I am 34 and my wife, Mary, is 29. She's the sister of a guy I was at college with, and I first met her at his 21st birthday party. She was only sixteen then, but we hit it off right away and we soon started going out together and, just after she turned eighteen, we had sex together.

It wasn't the first time for me, but it was for her, and I'm as sure as I can be that she hasn't had anyone else but me. Or, at least, I was quite sure until six months ago...

We've been married for just less than 10 years, and we've got two kids – both boys – ages 9 and 7. Mary started teaching again when our younger son went to school when he was five, and we were able to move to a bigger house in a nice neighbourhood.

We have quite a good social life – centred mainly round the tennis club, where we both play. About once a month, there is a party in someone's house, with about the same twelve to fifteen married couples of about our own age turning up.

It's the usual thing – plenty music and drinking and dancing and a certain amount of flirting, but nothing very serious. There's certainly nothing serious as far as I'm concerned – Mary made it quite clear what she would if she caught me even kissing any of the other wives, so my activities in that direction have been restricted to a few lingeringly slow dances when the lights were turned down, with my dancing partner undoubtedly aware of my erection pressing against her, but never mentioning it!

It's not unknown, during these moments, for the girl to put her arms round the man's neck, while he cups his hands round her bottom and both Mary and I have gone that far with other partners, but that's it!

Or, at least it was, until one party late last year – just before Christmas.

It was late, and a slow record was playing for about nine or ten couples to dance to in the dimly-lit lounge. I went into the kitchen to pour myself another drink. The serving-hatch to the lounge was open, and I could see Mary dancing with Billy – a little red-haired lively guy, who certainly has an eye for women.

Mary is actually a little taller than Billy and actually had to drop her head a little on to his shoulder to dance cheek to cheek with him. Her arms were draped across his shoulders, and his hands were, inevitably, clutching her slim hips.

As I watched, I realised that his hands were doing a little more than just clutching. He was gently squeezing and stroking her bottom cheeks, and I was a bit surprised that she was letting him do that. I thought the unwritten rule was that your hands could only stay there if they didn't actually move!

I also realised that, every so often, Billy was pulling the lower half of Mary's body into him – no doubt, to let her feel his hard cock pressing against her. Their feet weren't actually moving much, at all, on the floor – they were practically immobile, just sort of swaying together.

Then one of Billy's hands moved away from Mary's hips and travelled up the front of her body. They were very tightly pressed together, but, to my astonishment, Mary eased her top half slightly away from Billy to let his hand travel upwards and close round the swelling of her left breast in her silk blouse. Then she pressed against him again, trapping his hand between their two bodies.

I glanced round the kitchen to see if anyone else had seen what I had seen, but there were just two other guys there, and they were engrossed in conversation.

I looked back through the hatch. I didn't know what to think – or what to do. I was mad – sure – at Mary's hypocrisy in laying down all these rules for me, then letting some guy grope her tits. But – and I didn't know whether it was because I'd had too much to drink – I was also turned on.

They had actually turned slightly and I could no longer see Billy's hand on Mary's breast, but the thought of him feeling it was making my mouth dry – and my cock hard! I had been feeling Mary's tits for twelve years now and, although they're nice and round and firm, I realised I'd got used to them and sort of taken them for granted. Now, for the first time, I thought about how another guy would feel, touching them, and it really aroused me.

But I couldn't stand there any longer, spying through the hatch and, on an impulse, I picked up my beer glass and went out the back door into the garden. I stood by a rose bush and took a long drink. My hands were shaking and my mind was in turmoil. I kept seeing Billy's hand reaching up and closing over Mary's breast and I kept trying to subdue the excitement the memory gave me.

I must have stayed out there about five minutes before I realised that part of the reason I was still shaking was that it was cold, and I turned to go back inside. At that moment, Billy came out the back door and cupped his hands, to light a cigarette. He looked up and saw me.

"Hi, Charlie," he said, cheerfully. "Good party, huh?" Then he saw my glass and said – "Oh, let's have some of that. It's warm work, all that dancing!"

I knew I had to say something now, or I never would.

"I saw you – and Mary – in there, just now," I said, lamely, but then couldn't think how to go on. How do you challenge a guy who's been feeling up your wife? But Billy obviously read into my tone what I wasn't actually saying, and he looked a little embarrassed.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "Look, sorry about that, Charlie – I guess I – we – got a bit carried away."

To my horror, I heard myself say – "Yeah, well, that's O.K., then. As long as it's not ….."

"Oh, no!" said Billy. "No, just one of those party things – you know what it's like. A few drinks – the girl's relaxed and, well, your hands begin to wander."

I laughed, weakly. I knew I was getting this all wrong, but Billy was treating it lightly now, his momentary embarrassment gone, and I felt stupid for taking it seriously.

"Yeah," I laughed, a bit weakly. "I'll have to go back in and try it on with Sheila a bit later."

Sheila is Billy's wife. He laughed. "Be my guest!" he said. "But don't count on getting anywhere – I'm having trouble there these days, myself! Anyway," he added, taking another pull at my beer glass, "Mary's a lot better up top than Sheila. She's got really nice tits, you know, Charlie."

Once again, I was in turmoil. I couldn't believe Billy was talking so calmly about this.

"Look, Billy," I said. "I'm really not too happy about … what happened in there. I happen to think I should be the only one to touch Mary – there – and …" But Billy interrupted me.

"Oh, come on," he said. "It's not that unusual. You're not telling me you haven't fumbled inside a few bras at these parties, surely? How about Linda? Surely you've had a diddle at her floppy puppies?"

"No," I said, but my mind was reeling at Billy's comment about getting "inside a few bras" – was he saying he had felt Mary's naked breasts – her nipples? I cursed silently as I felt my cock stiffen at the thought.

"Look, Billy – maybe it would help if you told me exactly what happened," I said, instinct telling me that Billy would enjoy telling me about it and acknowledging, miserably, to myself that I really wanted to hear.

"Yeah, O.K.," he said, smiling. "Well, we were dancing a slow one – well, O.K. I asked her to dance that one, specially, because... well.. " He shrugged, and carried on.

"Anyway, I put my hands round her waist and she put her hands over my shoulders. So, I pulled her close until we were touching all the way down – you know what I mean!"

I nodded, thinking of Billy's erection pressing against Mary's stomach.

"Well, then I dropped my hands round Mary's hips and she closed her arms round my neck and put her face against mine. I squeezed her bum a little and pressed her against me and she said 'mmmm' and just sort of moved herself against me. I could feel her tits against my chest and so I started to slide a hand off her bum and up to her waist. Then I felt her ease her top half away from mine, but she kept in down below, and I knew I was O.K. for a feel up there. So I slid my hand up until I felt the swelling in her blouse. I put my hand on top of it and Mary closed up again - to try to hide what we were up to, I suppose."

He paused and lit another cigarette. My mouth was as dry as a bone as I listened to him.

"Well, I gave it a few squeezes and tried to feel her nipple through the blouse, and then she whispered to me – 'It fastens at the front'. So I moved my hand over and undid the top buttons of her blouse. Then I felt inside and found the fastening of her bra, and undid it. And then – well – I slipped my hand inside and eased under her bra-cup until her bare breast was in my hand. She said 'mmmm' again and I took her nipple between my fingers and tickled the end of it. Then the music stopped and – well, that was it."

He looked at me. "Have you really never copped a feel of a bare tit at one of these, Charlie?"

I shook my head. Actually, the revelation that, after I had stopped watching, Billy had felt my wife's naked breast and nipple, had made me practically incapable of speech.

"It's not such a big deal," he said. "I mean, I'm sorry you saw me with Mary, but that's just one of those things. To be perfectly honest, I can think of six or seven girls here to-night that I've done much the same thing with in the last year – and I'm not the only one! Tom's probably done even better than me – mind you, he hasn't felt as many tits as his wife's had men feeling hers!"

"Was that the first time – with you and Mary?" I asked suddenly. The question took Billy by surprise – and he was too surprised to lie. He shook his head.

"No, we've done that a couple of times before – but no more than that," he added, hastily.

"Has it gone further – with anybody?" I asked, and Billy chuckled.

"Are you looking for a few tips?" he said.

"No!" I replied. "It's just – well, I had no idea …"

Billy looked at me a bit strangely.

"Well, a couple of times it has – gone a bit further, I mean. Last New Year, I managed to finger Nicola's pussy while we were dancing – inside her panties. Man, that was good, but she was pretty drunk and she's kept away from me since. And I've slipped a finger inside Linda once or twice."

"What about Sheila?" I said. "Don't you worry about someone feeling her up?"

"Not really," he said. "I don't actually know, for sure, that anyone has, but I wouldn't be surprised. She dances as close as any of the other girls and some of the guys are bound to have tried. As a matter of fact, it turns me on a little, thinking about some guy getting a hard-on with Sheila's tits in his hands. Tell you what – if you get anywhere with her, tell me about it!"

"So, do the guys talk about it, then?" I pressed, curious.

"Yeah," Billy said. "Only, they only talk about the times with girls whose husbands aren't around at the time they're talking – if you know what I mean!"

"So what do they say about Mary, then?" I had to ask – and Billy knew I was going to.

"Man," he said. "I don't know. You know what guys are like – you don't know who you can believe! I'll tell you this – they all want a feel of her tits."

"Do any of them say they've – had one – a feel, I mean?"

"Yeah – one or two, but, like I say, they may be just dreamin'"

"But what have you heard?" I insisted.

"Well, Tom has – and I know 'cause I seen him."


"Last summer – at the beach barbecue. Me and him chased Mary and Beverley into the trees and, well, we horsed around a little and eventually got their tops off and ….. "

At this point I interrupted him.

"Listen," I said. "Let's go and get ourselves another beer and sit down at that table over there. I want you to tell me exactly what happened."

He looked a bit dubious, but he came with me back into the house and we picked up a couple of cans and settled down in a dark corner at the bottom of the garden. The night had turned milder and it wasn't the cold that was making me tremble now – it was anticipation! I wanted every last detail of how Tom and Billy had uncovered my wife's breasts – and what else?

"Listen," said Billy, as we settled down opposite each other at the rustic wooden table. "I'm sorry if I upset you, Charlie. You're a good mate, and …. "

"Hey, it's OK, man," I said. "I'm not mad. I just want to know – what happened."

Billy looked up into my eyes and I thought I detected a flash of understanding. I dropped my eyes and took a mouthful of beer.

"Well," Billy said. "It was quite late on, and the four of us were just sharing a few beers and talking. We were a little away from the rest of you – up at the top of the beach, near the trees. Well, I said something a bit cheeky to Beverley and she flipped her can at me and some beer came out and hit me on the face. I jumped up and she must have thought I was coming for her, cause she ran away, laughing, towards the trees. Well, I chased her and the other two – Tom and Mary – chased after us."

"We were all pretty drunk – I remember we were staggering a bit. Beverley didn't run too far. She eventually collapsed on the sand, laughing, and I just fell down beside her. I must admit it crossed my mind that something might happen if I fell down beside her – or on top of her! Well, anyway, I don't remember too clearly how it happened, but the next thing I knew I was sitting on her stomach and she was on her back, looking up at me."

"Well, I grabbed her hands and forced them back behind her head, then leant forward and kissed her on the mouth. She didn't resist. She stopped struggling and returned my kiss and, after a few seconds, I moved my hands and put them on her tits and squeezed them through her t-shirt. She lifted her hands up and put them round my neck, so I thought – why not?"

"So I slipped my hands under her t-shirt and felt them through her bra and, when she still didn't resist, I pushed her bra up over them and – well, there they were, in my hands! I hadn't felt Beverley's tits before and they felt real nice – big and soft, with little hard nipples. Her nipples were really hard."

"Well, now I wanted to see them, so I took my mouth away from hers so that I could have a look. But, before I lifted her t-shirt, I turned round to see where Tom and Mary were. They were standing just behind my right shoulder – Mary in front, with Tom behind. He had his arms round her and his hands were on her tits – her breasts – on top of her t-shirt, with her hands on top of his. She was leaning back into him and squeezing his hands as they squeezed her tits."

My breathing stopped as my mind's eye pictured Mary – my Mary - standing in front of big quiet Tom, his hands fondling and caressing her breasts. Billy went on.

"I turned back to Beverley and lifted her t-shirt up to her shoulders so I could see her bare tits – and she put her hands up and started touching them – you know, fondling them and teasing her nipples. She had her eyes shut, and she was moaning quietly. I put my own hands down and started touching her nipples, too, then turned to see what Tom was doing."

"Mary still had her hands over her breasts, but Tom had the back of her t-shirt up and he was obviously unclipping her bra, then his hands slid round the front again and I could see their shape under Mary's t-shirt as they slipped over her tits."

"Actually, I was a bit jealous, then – sorry, Charlie! – because I hadn't ever seen Mary's tits and, given the choice, I'd rather see hers than Beverley's any day. But, anyway, I needn't have worried, because Tom didn't hang about feeling her tits under her shirt – he pulled her t-shirt and bra right over her head, so she was naked from the waist up."

I couldn't help it. "Mary?" I exclaimed. "Mary was?"

Billy grinned. "Yep," he said. "Standing there – tits full out – with Tom fondling these big brown nipples. You should've seen it, Charlie – you'd have been proud of her."

My cock was painfully erect as I visualised the scene. It was hard to credit. I had no idea that Mary could be so – brazen. Allowing her naked breasts to be exposed like that – but there was no doubt in my mind that Billy was telling the truth.

"What happened then?" I practically croaked.

"Well," Billy continued. "I followed Tom's example. I stripped Beverley above the waist and then got her to her feet. I kissed her and felt her tits for a bit, but then I managed a swap, so that I got a turn with Mary and Tom had Bev."

At that, for some reason, I felt angry at Billy for manipulating things so that he got his turn to feel my wife's tits, but I said nothing.

Billy hesitated for a moment, then went on – "She enjoys having her nipples kissed, doesn't she, Charlie?"

"Oh, Jesus," I said. "Does she not?" Anger momentarily gone, I visualised Billy bending down and taking Mary's engorged nipple into his mouth – I saw her head fall back in ecstasy and heard her low moan of pleasure. Would Billy have known that this was the moment to slip a hand between her thighs and slide a finger between her slippery, engorged vaginal lips?

"Now, don't get me wrong," said Billy. "She didn't let either of us inside her panties but, well, when I felt her reaction to my mouth on her nipple, I put a hand down between her legs and I could feel the dampness on her beach shorts. She didn't stop me pushing my fingers against her shorts but, when I tried to slip them inside, she put her hand down and stopped me."

"Did she touch … you?" I managed to ask, not knowing what I wanted his answer to be.

Billy shook his head.

"No," he said. "As a matter of fact, that was the end of it. Tony came looking for Beverley and we had about two seconds to sort ourselves out and pretend to be just horsing around. I don't think Tony was fooled, though – did he never say anything to you about it?"

"No," I said, truthfully.

We lapsed into silence for a few seconds, then Billy said – "You know what I said about getting turned on by some guy feeling Sheila's tits on the quiet?"

"Yeah," I said, wondering what he was leading up to.

"Well, I guess you're a little the same, aren't you, Charlie?"

"No way!" I denied, hotly, but he held up his hand.

"Hey!" he said. "It's cool – I was just going to say – well, next time you and Mary get it on, you think about it, and see if it turns you on, then."

"What for?" I asked, genuinely puzzled.

He laughed, a little sheepishly.

"Well, listen," he said, "but this is only between you and me, right?"

"Right," I said.

"Well, one night, while I was, you know, feeling up Sheila's tits, in bed, I said something to her about other guys trying to cop a feel, and she started telling me about one time when three guys at her school cornered her in a cloakroom and stripped her to the waist and played with her tits. She was squealing and protesting, but there was no-one else around and two of them held her while the other one pulled off her top clothes, then they all had a feel of her tits."

"Well, until then I had been the model husband – you know, pretending my wife never had a sex life before me – but this story really gave me a hard-on and, after that, well, I kept at her to tell me about more things that had happened – and I found it really turned me on!"

"But the real big surprise was when I found out that the biggest turn-on was her telling me about things that have happened since we've been together – that was even better! Me knowing that some guy I knew had felt her up, and he didn't know that I knew! I don't know why it is but I tell you, Charlie, hearing about that gives me a bigger blast than anything – even copping a feel myself!"

By now, I was really uncomfortable. I was trying to imagine Mary telling me about how Billy and Tom had played with her exposed tits last summer – and my cock was like a piece of iron!

"You enjoyed me telling you about me and Mary, didn't you, Charlie?" said Billy, levelly.

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