tagMatureOne Night at April's

One Night at April's


The following story is my April Fool's Day 2018 Contest submission. I know it is a lot shorter than most of my stories, but I really hope you like it all the same.


"Damn she's hot." I thought to myself as I watched April walk across the pool deck toward her house. I couldn't help but admire the way her hips rolled as she walked or the way her tits jiggled with each step she took. If you could call it a bathing suit, she was wearing one.

It was white and consisted of a bottom that didn't even try to cover the cheeks of her ass and the top was doing its best and failing, to control her breasts as they jiggled and bounced back and forth. Her blonde hair was tied back in a long pony tail that reached midway down her back even though it was tied high on her head. And thanks to the Miami sun, her tan, even on the last day of March was spectacular.

I was sitting in the kitchen with my best friend from high school drinking a beer and reminiscing about the old days from high school, back before he joined the Coast Guard and I went off to explore the ladies in Gainesville at the University of Florida. Darren looked at me from across the table as I gawked at his mother. shaking his head asked me if I could make it any more obvious that I was checking her out.

"Maybe? Watch this." I quipped as April opened the door and walked into the kitchen.

"Chris! Nobody told me you were coming over!" she exclaimed, beaming at me as she walked toward the table.

"It's a surprise visit. How's the hottest mom on the street doing?" I asked with a wink as I stood up to hug her.

"It looks like four years in Gainesville has given someone a lot more confidence around women. You used to blush and leave the room when I wore a bikini like this," she replied with a laugh, planting a chaste kiss on my cheek.

"Just enough to piss your son off apparently." I said as I saw Darren's face turn red with embarrassment or anger.

"He's young, he'll get over it." April purred as she ran a fingernail under my chin and smiled at Darren.

"Do you two want me to leave so you can have the place to yourself?" he asked, settling back in his chair and folding his arms over his chest.

"Nah, your mom knows I'd be like a dog chasing a car. I wouldn't be able to drive her if I caught her." I said, trying to ease the tension.

"Oh Chris! Who said you would be doing the driving?" April asked, smiling as she turned to leave the kitchen. Pausing at the door she turned and added, "Don't go anywhere boys; I'm taking the two of you out to dinner, I just need to get ready."

The Coast Guard apparently let its members use steroids because after almost four years Darren had put on close to forty pounds and none of it looked like fat. His arms looked more like cannons than guns and his chest was huge compared to mine. I suddenly remembered him breaking Dennis Carrington's nose in high school because Dennis had the misfortune of being the first of our little social group to call April a MILF.

The fight, if you want to call it that, consisted of two hits: Darren hit Dennis and Dennis hit the floor. Afterwards, the rest of us were a bit more discrete when we used that term around Darren. Now I was looking at a guy who had spent three years as a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer in Hawaii and he had the muscle mass to prove it. I decided that discretion was indeed the better part of valor and tried to brush off what I had started.

"Okay Darren, I was out of line and I apologize." I said as I sat back down.

"Yeah. Look Dude, don't hit on my mom. It pisses me off. She has enough assholes that do it where she works and I can't control that." he said with his eyes going flat.

"Mea culpa Brother. Mea culpa." I said, raising both hands in the air and sitting back down at the table.

For the next thirty minutes I asked him questions about being stationed in Hawaii for three years and I was rewarded with some spectacular stories about the women, bars, tourist attractions and stupidity of a lot of boaters in the islands. Who knew that there were idiots who would take a thirty-foot-long sailboat into a typhoon with 105 mph winds and expect it to be floating at the end of the storm?

He had just finished telling me the tale of a beach bunny with a penchant for sailors and secluded beach coves when April walked back into the kitchen. I was totally dumbstruck when she walked in. Her hair was down now and landed about six inches below the top of her perfect ass. She was wearing a navy blue sundress that barely hit midthigh, and the top of it showed enough cleavage that any infant in the area would have seen a lunch buffet. It was topped off by a pair of red four-inch stiletto heels that all but screamed "Catch me: Fuck me."

"Ready to go boys?" she asked, in what I was certain was an innocent question.

"Any time; just say when." I said, winking at her.

"Tease." she replied as Darren stood up, giving me a look that squelched any innuendo I could have responded with.

Dinner was certainly different. By the time we had finished our steaks April had finished three Margaritas and was starting a forth. She had passed tipsy after the second one and was now well on the way to being drunk. I knew she was toasted when I felt her foot rub against my leg more than once during dinner.

The booth we were seated in was small and each time her foot found my leg she would shift around a bit and ask Darren an innocuous question. The first time it happened I was sure it was an accident, but by the third time I was certain it was on purpose and I felt my jeans begin to get a tad tight in the crotch. When Darren excused himself to go to the restroom April dropped all pretense and simply lifted her foot and placed it in my lap, rubbing her foot slowly across my crotch.

"Thank God! I was beginning to think I was losing my touch." she said, looking at me over the top of her glass and smiling.

"Not even close, now explain to me what is going on."

"What? A cougar can't find a cub to play with?"

"Sure she can, but why me?"

"You're adorable when you get flustered, has anyone ever told you that?" she replied with a wink.

"Once or twice."

"Let's take the party back to my house." she said, removing her foot and leaning over, presumably to put her shoe back on.

"What party?" I asked.

"This one!" she said, adding, "I've got tequila and margarita mix there, I just can't have too many more. It makes my clothes fall off."

"Can't have that." I said with a grin.

"Uh huh." she replied, downing the rest of her drink in a single swig.

Since my truck had been at the end of the driveway we had taken it to the restaurant. I unlocked the doors with the fob and held April's open for her as she climbed in the front and Darren in the backseat. At her house she had held the hem of her sundress down as she climbed in; this time it was different. As she lifted her leg to step up, she flashed quite a bit of thigh and settling down in the seat she raised her hips and lifted the skirt up giving me a perfect view of her hip and the smooth firm cheek of her ass as she buckled her seat belt. I closed the door and smiling I walked around the truck and climbed in behind the wheel.

On the way to their house April kept shifting around talking to Darren and as she did she would lift the hem of her dress up a little higher each time. By the time we pulled into the driveway I could just make out the material of her panties. When we stopped she pulled the skirt back down quickly and climbed out before I could say a word to her.

Darren stopped me on the way inside and told me thank you. When I asked why he said that when his mom got drunk there was no telling what she would do or say, and he just wanted to thank me for not hitting on her like most of his friends would have done.

"Not a problem man."

"Thanks Chris. Seriously, she is liable to say anything, her filters get turned off when she drinks tequila. Hell, at my cousin Mary's wedding last year she hit on my dad in front of my step-mom."

"No shit?"

"Yeah, that one was embarrassing. She told dad that he was the worst fuck she had ever had, and she wanted one last shot at him just to remind herself why she left him in the first place."

"No shit?" I asked again.

"No shit. I thought my grandma was going to pass out." he said, shaking his head and walking toward the house.

When we walked inside April was standing by the bar in the kitchen mixing the margaritas and liberally adding tequila to it. She had, at some point taken off her heels and was barefooted and slowly swaying back and forth to a Chris Stapleton song playing on her phone. If Darren hadn't been standing beside me I could have probably gotten laid on the kitchen table, or at the very least, the countertop.

"What are you doing Mom?" Darren asked with concern in his voice.

"Making drinks, what does it look like?" she responded, handing me a glass.

"Chris has to drive home tonight." he protested.

"Pfft. If he drinks too much he can stay in the guest room. I've had a long week and I've got my two favorite men in the world with me tonight. I want to have a few drinks and if I get too stupid I don't have to worry about getting hit on or molested by either of you. Now shut up and drink." she said, handing Darren a glass and walking into the living room still half dancing to the music.

After twenty minutes of conversation and story telling on the couch in the living room, Captain Grumpy had loosened up a bit and was drinking, not sipping on, but drinking his second margarita. Thirty minutes later he was slurring his words and had a very glassy look in his eyes. Ten minutes or so after he finished his third one he bolted to the bathroom. He came out a few minutes later and announced that he was going to bed. April got up and stumbled after him to make sure he was alright.

I sat there on the couch wondering what had just happened. Darren could hold his own, I had had more than one or two drinking bouts with him over the years and I had never seen him get this drunk, this quickly. I was still wondering what had happened when April re-appeared, walking a lot straighter than she had when she left and grinning slyly at me as she approached the couch.

"That didn't take very long." she said in a manner of fact tone.

"What didn't take very long?" I asked, really confused by what I had just witnessed.

"I've been feeding him triples all night long."


"To get him drunk enough to pass out and leave us alone for a little while." she answered as she reached up and pulled the top of her sundress down, exposing her breasts to me.

"You intentionally got him wasted so we could do this?" I asked, dumbfounded by the thought of it.

"Yes, I did. Now, do you want to argue morality, or do you want to fuck his mom?" she asked me; sitting down on my lap and lifting both of her tits up as an offering.

A gentleman would have said "Thank you but no ma'am. You've been drinking and I shouldn't take advantage of you this way," or at least that is what we were told in our sexual harassment and assault classes at school. Fortunately for me, I'm not a gentleman and there were two absolutely spectacular examples of MILF tits ogling my eyes.

Casting chivalry and political correctness into the deepest pit of Hell, I reached out and slowly cupped them with both hands then lowered my mouth to the right one, flicking my tongue over the nipple as I slowly began to pinch the left. I heard her moan softly and then her hands were on the back of my head pulling me in closer. After a few minutes of switching back and forth between the two I lowered my left hand to her thighs and began to slowly stroke up and down, feeling her legs part as I ventured higher and higher.

She suddenly pulled away and with a look of pure lust on her face she told me that if I didn't slow down that I was going to have to bend her over the couch and do her right here and right now.

"What is the downside to that?" I asked as I continued to gently rub the inside of her left thigh.

"Missing the opportunity to play on a King size bed for an hour or two." she answered, standing up and walking toward her room.

Pausing in the hallway, she lifted her left leg and reaching under her dress she pulled her panties off and smiling at me she held them under my nose for a moment before she stuffed them in the pocket of my jeans and told me to go into her bedroom.

"I'm going to check on Darren. I'll be right there." She said as she pulled the top of her dress back up.

"Yes ma'am." I said as I slid past her in the hallway.

"Good boy." she responded, patting me on the ass as I walked past.

A few moments later she walked into the room, took one look at me sitting on the side of the bed naked and began to pout.

"I wanted to do that." she said softly, closing and locking the door behind her.

"Do what?"

"Undress you." she replied, walking to the bedside and kneeling down in front of me.

"I'm sorry." I said, groaning as her fingers wrapped around my erect cock.

"You can make it up to me one day." she whispered as she licked her lips and slowly began to work her hand up and down the shaft.

"Do you like the way this feels?" she asked.

"Yes." I replied as she increased the pace a little.

"It's nice and thick. I like that in a man's dick. It feels awesome, especially when I suck it and it is really hot when one this thick stretches out my ass. Would you like that Chris? Would you like to stick it in my ass one day?" she asked, wiggling her hips as I looked down at her.

"Yes." I moaned.

"I knew you would Baby, but not tonight. I get loud when that happens, and Darren is right next door. How about a blowjob for starters? Would you like a blowjob Chris?" she asked, raising up on her knees and looking up at me.

"Please?" I whispered.

"Anytime Sweetie. Anytime and anywhere; all you have to do is ask." she said as she lowered her head toward my cock.

"Where the fuck is that beeping sound coming from?" I thought, as I lay back groaning in anticipation.

"Chris? Chris! Honey it's time to get up!" my mom called out from the hallway.

"Huh?" I asked groggily, still wondering what was going on.

"Come on Chris, get up. It's going to be a long day!" mom said as she walked into the room. "We have your graduation party. Then we have to go over to April's house for Darren's party. The two of you started in the kindergarten together and now you're graduating high school together. It's a big day and I need help. Now get up!" she said loudly.

"Yes ma'am." I groaned, stopping myself just before I threw the sheets back and exposing the hardon I was sporting.

"Umm, mom?" I asked.


Can I have a little privacy?'

"I'm sorry! Yes. Breakfast is ready. See you in a bit." she said as she left the room

Oh well, Darren's graduation party was a pool party and maybe, if I got lucky, April would be wearing a bikini and I could...

What? You seriously expected a conclusion to this? Did you not notice when I said it was an April Fool's Day Contest submission? Really? REALLY?

As always, I hope you liked it.


PS: Don't bother asking for a second chapter, or a conclusion.

There will never be one.





{cue evil laughter}

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