tagIncest/TabooOne Night at Daddy's Office

One Night at Daddy's Office


I'd always spent my summers working in Daddy's insurance office, at least since I turned sixteen I did. I'd type and answer phones and run errands and clean up and generally make myself useful. That was in addition to taking care of everything at home. See, Mom died when I was thirteen, and, well, it's been just me and Daddy ever since, so I had to learn pretty quick how to take care of things. It was just him and me, and he did a pretty good job of being both a mom and a dad to me.

Well, I went away to college this year and things changed a little for me. I'd dated and everything in high school, but never let the boys I was with do much. Except for Bobby. We kind of grew up together, and, well, we kind of explored. You know, we played "doctor" when we were kids and we did a little more when we got older. Anyway, I turned eighteen my senior year and I'd decided that I wasn't going to go to college a virgin, and Bobby, well he was sweet and I always knew that he'd be the one.

It was all very traditional and kind of American Pie like. We went to prom, and after to a party. And then, well, we'd gotten a motel room and Bobby and I made love and it was wonderful and exciting and sweet and special. Daddy didn't want to talk much the next day and I guess he knew what had happened, but it didn't really change things between us.

At college things changed, at least when it came to me and sex. My roommate, Bethany, was a bit further along that road than I was. About two days after we got there she showed me her toy collection – she had a couple of dildos and one of those rabbit vibrators you hear about and a back massager and a little silver egg vibrator. And she insisted we share. And, well, let's just say I learned to enjoy sex and came to the decision that sex could just be sex, and even though it was better if you were in love, like I was kind of with Bobby, it was a whole lot of fun even if you weren't.

So I came back to Daddy's office that summer with a whole different attitude about some things. And all the innocent flirting and little jokes that Mr. Addemly, Daddy's partner, used to make made me think about things that I never had before. And there was a new person there, Mr. Kennest, and he was pretty good looking and a little younger than Daddy and Mr. Addemly, who both had just turned fifty that year.

One thing we had always done in Daddy's office, every couple of weeks when we had to stay late and finish up all the accounts, was to have a pizza or something together and then play poker. It was fun, and Mr. Addemly used to tease about playing strip poker someday, and I'd blush and Daddy would tease me a little and I'd blush some more.

But this summer when it happened about two weeks after I came home from school I felt a little different. I blushed, like always, but Mr. Kennest joined in a little and I was kind of squirming because, well, you know, because I kind of liked the idea, especially if he was going to be there.

I thought about it a little during the few days after it happened, but I was a little uncomfortable with the idea. I mean, I grew up with Mr. Addemly. And Daddy hadn't seen me naked since I was a little girl and he didn't know, at least I think he didn't, that I shaved my pubic hair now and only had a little triangular patch right above but kept my labia pretty much hairless all the time now.

Still, I'd thought to myself back then, it'd never really happen so what did I have to worry about? And Bobby and I were kind of fooling around a good bit, since he'd come home from school at the same time I did.

It all changed at the end of July. Daddy had gone out of town to meet with a big client who had moved away but still did business with Daddy. Bobby's parents had dragged him off to visit his grandmother at the same time. So I was by myself and, well, sometimes masturbating just isn't enough.

We all stayed late one night to work on the accounts so everything would be up-to-date when Daddy came back. Mrs. Lemington, Daddy's secretary, had to leave early, so it was just me and Mr. Addemly and Mr. Kennest After we finished the accounts we had a pizza, and then sat around the table and got out the cards.

We played a few hands, and then Mr. Addemly made a little joke about playing strip poker. But this time, instead of blushing, I said "Why not? It's hot in here and it would be nice to be wearing fewer clothes and I bet I can beat both your butts anyway."

I was kind of bluffing, but I was also half serious, which surprised me. But once I'd said it I wasn't going to back down.

"Are you sure, Maggie?" Mr. Addemly said. "I was just teasing, you know."

I was sure. I knew Mr. Addemly and his wife were swingers – I'd seen their pictures and ad on a web site my roommate had shown me one night. I was really surprised, but right then it kind of worked into what was going on since the ad had been pretty clear about the two of them playing together and apart.

Mr. Kennest spoke up, too. "Maggie, you have to be kidding." He was divorced so I figured he was available, and probably horny.

"No, I'm not. I bet I can beat both your butts. You'll be naked and I'll be dressed and you'll feel silly for having teased me all this time."

"But Maggie..." Mr. Addemly said.

"But nothing. Deal!" I demanded.

Mr. Addemly and Mr. Kennest looked at each other, and at me.

"Ok," Mr. Kennest said. "But no-one ever says anything about this, especially to your father."

"Ok," I said.

Mr. Addemly dealt the cards for Blackjack. I got a queen and an eight. Mr. K got a seven and a five, and Mr. Addemly a ten and a four. I was feeling pretty good, so I stood on my eighteen. Mr. K took a hit, and busted with a jack. He took off his shoes and socks.

On the next hand I got a blackjack, and Mr. K got a nine and an eight. Mr. A. got a four and seven, and then a three. He took one more card and it was a nine, and he lost his shoes and socks.

We went on like that for a while, and I was pretty lucky. I lost my pumps on the fifth hand, and my hose on the sixth (Daddy ran a very formal office and Mrs. Lemington and I had to wear hose and dresses or suits and the men all had to wear coats and ties.) But I was still basically dressed, although I had teased the two men by turning around and pulling my skirt up a little and letting them see my panties before I tugged off my pantyhose.

We kept playing, and both Mr. Kennest and Mr. Addemly were in only their shirts and boxers when things started going bad for me. I'd only lost the jacket to my suit, so I was feeling pretty good about things. Boy, was I about to find out how wrong I was.

First I lost when Mr. A. drew a seven to get 21 and Mr. K had nineteen to my eighteen. I slipped off my skirt and was sitting there in my slip and blouse. Then I lost again when I bust after drawing a six and a seven. I slipped off my blouse. I was still pretty modest, since I had a full slip on, but things weren't going the way I thought they would – at least sort of.

Well, Mr. Kennest lost next, and he took off his shirt and he has a really nice chest and a nice flat stomach, at least for a man in his forties. But then I lost, and took off my slip and was just in my bra and panties. Thank god I was wearing matching ones that day – nice ones I'd just got – pale yellow with lace on the bra and lace panels on the hips of my bikini panties. Both of the men got kind of pale, but they both kept looking at me. Or at least at my breasts in my lacy yellow bra. I felt my nipples get hard. They do that all the time. It can be embarrassing. But it was a little exciting that night.

Mr. A. lost his shirt on the next hand. I was still pretty nervous. I was going to have reveal something pretty serious if I didn't keep winning.

I didn't.

When I lost the next hand I stood up slowly, took a deep breath, and reached behind me to unfasten my bra.

"Maggie, you don't have to, you know. This is far enough," Mr. Addemly said.

"No," I said. "It's all right. I lost fair and square and now you get to see my breasts. I hope you like them."

I unhooked my bra and shrugged it off. Actually, I think I have pretty nice breasts, but since the only people who had ever seen them were me, my roommate, my doctors, and a few boys, I was a little worried what two older men would think. I'm a 36B if you're really interested, and my nipples are smallish and light brown and kind of perched up high on my breasts. I wear my hair kind of long, and the tips of it just brushed over my nipples. They got even harder.

"Oh my god!" Mr. Kennest sighed.

"Goodness!" said Mr. Addemly. "You certainly have grown up, Maggie."

They were both staring pretty hard at me, and Mr. Kennest had one hand in his lap.

Now I finally blushed and quickly sat down at the table, crossing my arms in front of me. It was pretty clear that they both were getting hard, and I think Mr. Kennest was playing with himself.

The next hand was nerve racking. Mr. K. dealt. I got a nine. Mr. A got an ace. Mr. K. got a ten. He went around again. I got a three. Mr. A got a king – 21! Now it was between Mr. K and me. He turned over his card. Another ten!

"Oh, geez," I though. "This isn't good." I needed a nine. Mr. K turned over the card – another three. Fifteen! I had to take another card. An ace! Sixteen! This was getting to be too much. One more – seven, bust!

"Well gentlemen," I said, getting up slowly. "I guess I should have kept my mouth shut." I turned around and looked over my shoulder. Both men had pushed back a little from the table, and it was clear they were both erect now. Mr. Kennest's penis was even poking up a little over the waistband of his boxers. I hooked my hands in the waistband of my panties and slowly slipped them down over my butt, then down my legs to the floor. I stepped out of them, and then turned around.

"Maggie, you're gorgeous," said Mr. Kennest. Mr. Addemly's eyes were fixed on my shaved pubis. I felt myself begin to get a little excited.

"Thank you," I said. "But it's only 8:30. How are we going to play now?" I had a pretty good idea, but though I'd tease them a little.

"Well, I think that's up to you," Mr. Kennest said.

"Ok," I said. "I'll tell you what. Bobby's been out of town for a few days just like Daddy, and I'm horny. So, if I win you keep stripping. If you win I'll do something nice for you. And when we're all naked, well..."

"Maggie," Mr. A said. "Do you know what you're saying?"

"Yes, I do," I replied. I leaned back in my chair, spread my legs, and ran a finger up the crevice between my labia. "I do." I wasn't real wet yet, but I pretended I was and stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked on it.

Mr. K dealt quickly now. I got twenty, he got twenty, and Mr. A bust with two eights and a six. He stood up and slipped out of his boxers. His penis wasn't all the way erect, but it showed promise.

"Yummm," I said, teasing him.

Mr. A sat down pretty quick. He was blushing now.

Mr. K dealt again. He had a king and a seven. Mr. A. had a nine and an eight. I got an ace, but then five. I took a hit. A seven. I had to take another card again. Ten. Bust!

"You can touch my breasts," I told Mr. Addemly and slid my chair over closer to him. He tentatively reached out with both hands and gently caressed them. It felt really nice, especially when he ran his thumbs over my nipples and they got hard.

"That's enough," I said after a minute or so. I pushed my chair away from his. Mr. K's boxers were all tented up with his erection and Mr. A's cock had goteen nice and hard while he was feeling me up. I felt myself getting right to the edge, right before I lubricate.

Mr. K dealt again, and this time he lost. Now we were all naked.

"Ok," I said, taking a deep breath. "This hand is for the pot. My honey pot. If one of you wins, I'll give you a blow job. If I win, the loser gets to eat me." It was pretty clear now to all of us that I was ready to have sex with them and it was going to turn into kind of a fantasy evening.

Mr. K's hands shook as he dealt the cards. He got seventeen. Mr. A got nineteen. I got eighteen.

"Hmm," I said. "I guess I'm in the middle. How do I handle this?"

I thought for a minute and then I climbed up on the table and lay down with my butt right on the edge in front of Mr. Kennest. I draped my legs over his shoulders.

"Mr. A, come over here where I can get at you," I said. He stood up and moved over so he was standing next to my face. I reached out and started stroking his cock. It was nicer than I thought at first – about seven inches long and five around – nice and thick. I leaned over and licked the tip of it.

Mr. K started licking me then, and let me tell you, he was good at it. His tongue went all over me at first – on my thighs and over my labia, and then pushing between them. He'd give me little butterfly licks and kisses, and then push his tongue into my vagina, and then lap it up over my clit, and then some butterfly licks and he'd start all over again. I was squirming. It felt really good.

While he was doing that I was giving Mr. Addemly the best blow job I knew how. I had one hand on the base of his cock and was jerking him with that, and I licked all around the tip before I sucked it into my mouth. Pretty soon I got into a rhythm, jerking him and moving my head up and down and licking him and he started groaning. I played with his balls a little with my other hand, and then I sucked him in as deep as I could – so my nose was pushed up against his pubic hair and then really slowly let him slip out of my mouth almost all the way.

"Maggie, I'm close," he said.

That made me just try harder. Mr. K was driving me nuts – he seemed to know when I was getting right up to the edge, and then he'd back off. None of the boys at school knew about doing that. He was kind of tormenting me and I figured if I get Mr. A off then I could get up and push Mr. K down and ride him and have a really good orgasm.

I felt Mr. Addemly's balls tighten up, and I sucked really hard and then he was groaning and pushing himself deep in my mouth and he came. I sucked and swallowed it all down and kept it up until he pushed me away because he was done and it was all a little too much.

"Oh, Maggie," he sighed when he was free from my grasp. "That was tremendous."

"Was it as good as her mother was?"

We all froze and looked over at the voice we heard. It was Daddy! He was standing in the door of the room. We hadn't heard him come in!

I didn't notice really at first, because I was scared, but after I got over the shock of hearing him, I noticed he was naked and was playing with himself. And geez, he was big! Longer and thicker than Mr. Addemly, and he had about as big a cock as I'd ever seen.

"Well Phil, it's been a long time," Mr. Addemly replied, quietly. He seemed to be handling being caught with his dick in his partner's daughter's mouth pretty well. "But, as best I remember, she's every bit as good as Anne was."

I was kind of shocked. Mommy had sucked off Mr. Addemly? Daddy had never told me anything about that. I guess he wouldn't have, but still, it's kind of a surprise to find out your parents fooled around with their business partners.

"She looks and is acting so much like her mother did at that age, I just wondered," Daddy said. He walked over to the table and looked at me, all naked and stretched out. My legs were still over Mr. Kennest's shoulders, and he'd stopped licking me, but I was still dripping wet and really horny.

"I always wondered about you and sex," he said, looking at me. His penis was still hard and sticking out. "I knew you and Bobby fooled around some, and I guess you and he lost your virginity together that night at the prom. But something tells me you learned more than history and calculus at college this year."

"Daddy.." I stammered. I hated Mr. K right then. Even when Daddy was talking to me he was running his fingers up an down me and even pushing inside me. I was so horny, and there were these three men all around the table, and I was propped up on my elbows a little, but they were all still staring at me, and they weren't making a lot of eye contact. I felt a little dribble of moisture slip out of me and run down towards my butt.

"You look so much like your mother," Daddy repeated. He moved over towards me and Mr. K got up and moved out of Daddy's way. He stood right in front of me and picked up my legs. "It's ok, sweetie. She loved both of us, and she enjoyed sex immensely, and we always hoped you would too. That's why I never said much about you and Bobby, but I made sure Dr. Jensen knew it was ok to put you on the pill."

Dr. Jensen was my gynecologist. Mommy had taken me to see her not long after I got my first period, and Daddy had made sure I went to her regularly, too. When I was sixteen she suggested I go on the pill, just in case, since I told her that Bobby and I fooled around a little bit.

"So much like your mother," he said, stepping a little closer to me. I was so damn horny. All I could do was look at the big cock of his. But he was my Daddy.

He let the tip of his cock brush against me and it was all over. I didn't care if he was my Daddy, I wanted that big cock in me, and in me right now. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him toward me. His cock slipped up over my pussy and his balls nestled against my butt. Oh god it felt so good.

"I love you Maggie," Daddy said. And then he pulled back a little, grabbed himself and slipped his big cock into my soaking wet pussy.

I've always loved that first moment when a cock slides into me and stretches me open and fills me up. It feels so good. And Daddy's was the biggest cock I'd ever had and it stretched me wider open and went in deeper than anyone had ever before.

I pushed my hips up against Daddy and he pushed in even deeper and then we just started fucking like we'd been doing it forever. Daddy just kept pounding into me, faster and faster, and I pushed my hips against him and squeezed down around him. It was wonderful – I'd never felt so good during sex, ever. And Mr. A and Mr. K were standing there watching us and it was so dirty and exciting and felt so wonderful.

Then Daddy reached down between us and started playing with my clit. He pinched it a little and rubbed around and around and I just about blacked out it felt so good.

"Come for me Maggie, come for me," he whispered, pounding into me and rubbing my clit and making me see stars.

The orgasm just slammed into me. Sometimes I feel it building and building, kind of like when Mr. K was licking me, but this one just jumped up and slammed into me and all of a sudden I was spasming around Daddy's big, thick cock and pushing up against him and screaming and yelling and pounding the table because it felt so good.

"Oh, fuck, yes," I heard Daddy say, and then he was pushing even harder against me and I felt him coming inside me and filling me with his hot sperm and I kind of blacked out it felt so good. Daddy just kept pushing himself into me and it took a while for both of us to calm down.

"Just like your mother," he said to me as he slipped out of me. "Just like your mother."

I kind of came back to my senses then and realized that Mr. A. and Mr. K were still there and they both were tugging on themselves. And I got horny all over again. The best orgasm I ever had, I'm barely done with it, and I want more cock. I got up off the table.

"Well, you two look like you enjoyed watching that," I said to them.

"It was very exciting," Mr. K said. He just couldn't take his eyes off my boobs.

"You are very lovely, and even more so in the throes of orgasm," Mr. A. said. He always talked like that – kind of formal, but you knew he wasn't trying to be snobby.

"Well," I said, "I'm still horny and you won the card game, so I think I need to take care of you, too."

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