tagLesbian SexOne Night at the Jefferson Ch. 2

One Night at the Jefferson Ch. 2

byColleen Thomas©

When Lauren awoke for the second time, the morning's light had faded. The gentle pattering of a summer shower quietly splashed against the window. The stereo was still playing her Enigma disk and the quiet hum of the air conditioner could barely be heard. Roxanne's gentle breathing was almost inaudible.

Lauren slipped out of the bed and padded quietly to the bathroom. She wet a washrag and wiped her face and then eyed herself critically in the mirror. She looked exactly like she had the day before she decided. A smile played at her lips as she wondered if she had expected any difference.

When she returned to the room she made her way quietly to the kitchenette and started a pot of coffee brewing. Soon the warm and comforting smell of the fresh coffee filled the tiny space. She poured herself a cup and sat quietly in the chair near the bed. Roxanne was still snuggled up under the covers. All Lauren could see of her was her hair and one foot. Lauren took a sip of her coffee and considered her feelings.

The events of last night were still vividly impressed upon her mind. She was not exactly sure where to begin in sorting out how she felt. Her mind was focused on the immediate consequences. She wondered how Roxanne would react when she awoke. As much as she loved her friend she could not yet tell how she would react to situations.

Love? She wondered if that was what she felt. If she did she knew it would be a significant lifestyle change for her. She wondered if Roxanne would leave New York and come to live with her. How would she explain that to her friends and her parents? She shuddered slightly. That was something she didn't want to deal with.

"You're putting the cart before the horse girl," she said out loud. Chuckling to herself as she sipped some more of the coffee.

"Snap out of it, now you're talking to yourself," she whispered, shaking her head. She was surprised to find that one night could do this to her. The feelings she was experiencing were intense to be sure, but more so than other affairs? She wasn't sure. She was sure that if she kept dissecting herself she was going to go nuts.

She finished her coffee and stood up carefully. She walked towards the bed, almost on tiptoe. She smiled at the sleeping figure for a few seconds and then jumped on the bed with a sharp cry, landing across her smaller friend's legs and grabbing the foot that was protruding from the blankets. Before Roxanne could wake up or even assimilate anything Lauren began to tickle her.

Roxanne shrieked and tried to roll away, but she was no match for Lauren and was soon reduced to screaming giggles.

"Wake up!" Lauren said trying to make herself heard about the hysterical shrieks.

"Stoooooopppp," she screamed.

"Awake?" Lauren asked stopping for a moment.

"Yes!" Roxanne said breathlessly.

"Are you sure?" Lauren asked sweetly.

"Yes!" I `m awake! I promise!" Roxanne declared.

Lauren traced her index finger along Roxanne's instep eliciting another shriek. She released Roxanne's foot and stood up quickly. Roxanne curled up into a ball on the bed. Lauren laughed as she went to the kitchenette, picking up her mug on the way. She poured herself another cup and made one for Roxanne. She was pleased that her smaller lover was as ticklish as she had claimed. Lauren made a mental note of it for future use as a devilish grin spread across her features.

When Lauren made it back to the bed, Roxanne was propped up on the pillows. She had to smile at her smaller lover. Roxanne made such a contrast, her eyes were glued to Lauren's body, but at the same time she had the covers demurely pulled up to her neck. Lauren sat on the bed and handed Roxanne her mug.

"That was just mean," she said as she accepted the cup of coffee.

"It was just fun you mean," Lauren said smiling broadly.

"I'll get you for that," she threatened as she took a sip of her coffee.

"Get me back! I still owe you for the teasing you gave me last night!" Lauren exclaimed.

She was gratified to see Roxanne's cheeks turn a beautiful shade of red. She loved the way her friend who could be such a little minx in bed would blush at the drop of a hat. It was just one facet of her personality that Lauren found charming. She had some inklings of what Roxanne was really like from their long conversations, but she found herself really enjoying learning about her first hand.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Roxanne asked trying to change the subject.

"Well, first I am going to take you to breakfast, if I can ever get you out of the bed," she replied with a wink. Roxanne blushed even more and Lauren leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"After that shopping, and then we are going to an Anne Rice book signing, and after that to the ghost light tour," Lauren continued.

"And after that?" Roxanne asked with a mischievous grin.

Lauren sipped her coffee and looked thoughtfully over the rim at Roxanne. She had been afraid that Roxanne would wake up regretting what had passed between them last night. She was a sensitive soul and her reactions were very hard to predict. Lauren looked into her eyes and saw nothing of regret or fear, if anything the penetrating gaze looked hungry.

"And then my dear I am bringing you back to my bed and fucking your brains out," Lauren replied. She said it slowly, enunciating each word with a little extra emphasis on fucking while her eyes intently watched Roxanne for her reaction. The little redhead's eyes got wide and she colored furiously, looking down quickly. Lauren laughed happily and finished her coffee in a quick swallow.

"Come on and finish your coffee, it's almost 10:00 and we don't want to miss breakfast," Lauren said.

"I think you just like making me blush," Roxanne said as she finished her coffee.

"Yep," Lauren giggled.

"Witch," Roxanne smiled back.

"I'm a what?" Lauren asked as she launched herself forward and dug her fingers into Roxanne's ribs.

"No!" Roxanne screeched as she burst out laughing.

"I'm a what?" Lauren inquired as she continued to torture her smaller friend. Roxanne continued to wiggle and squirm trying to escape. Lauren thought quickly of what she was going to make Roxanne say to stop. She found herself rather enjoying being able to exploit her friends weakness when she wanted. So many times the little redhead had frustrated her to no end with her stubbornness. Her friend's constant downplaying of her self and derogatory comments on her own appearance had been particular bones of contention. While she was trying to decide what to make her friend say a wicked idea occurred to her.

Did she dare go through with it? It would be a lot of fun she thought, but she wasn't sure how Roxanne would react. She remembered conversations about sex and Roxanne's veiled references to her submissive nature. Lauren was by no means dominant. She had always been passive with the men she dated. Although she had occasionally wondered what it would be like to be in charge she had never seriously entertained the idea of trying.

She had Roxanne pinned and while she had been thinking she hadn't noticed that her friend had been reduced to tears. She stopped and waited for the smaller woman to regain her breath and composure. The smaller girl panting under her reminded her of the night before. Lauren suddenly and vividly remembered bringing her lover to orgasm simulating intercourse. Remembering how wonderful it had felt to be in charge and be able to make Roxanne feel that good decided to go for it.

"Say you are going to do exactly as I say for the rest of the day," Lauren said, her voice sounded husky and she realized she was getting aroused.

"What?" Roxanne managed.

Lauren didn't repeat herself but simply dug her fingers in again, she could feel the heavy boning of Roxanne's corset.

"All right!" Roxanne squealed trying again to get away.

Lauren stopped immediately. She easily rolled Roxanne over on her back and looked directly into her eyes. She tried to keep her expression blank, but she was sure her eyes would betray how unsure she was.

"You are going to do whatever I say for the rest of the day, agreed?" she said slowly.

"Sure, just stop tickling me before I pee,' Roxanne replied smiling.

"Say it," Lauren said seriously.

"It!' Roxanne said with a laugh and tried to throw Lauren off. Lauren dug her fingers in again. A few more shrieks and screams and Roxanne capitulated.

"I agree, I agree!" she wailed.

Lauren stopped again. She chose her words with great care. "I'm serious Roxy. The only way you are getting out of this bed is to promise to do what I say for the day," she said evenly. She watched her friend's face, ready to pass it off as a joke if she saw the least bit of hesitance. Roxanne smiled shyly and then threw Lauren for a loop.

"I will do exactly as you say for the rest of the day Lauren, but you didn't have to tickle me, all you had to do was ask," she said softly. She lowered her head away from Lauren's intent stare, coloring deeply.

Lauren placed her fingers on Roxanne's chin and gently lifted her face up. She stared into those deep green eyes then lowered her head and gently kissed her. Roxanne's lips parted at the first touch of Lauren's and she gently sucked Lauren's tongue into her mouth. Lauren could taste the sweetness of the coffee and that other taste she was beginning to get used too, the sweet taste of Roxanne's mouth. Their tongues began to duel and Roxanne's hands went to her back.

"None of that! We are going to miss breakfast," Lauren said as she broke the kiss. She stood up and pulled Roxanne to her feet. She looked at her lover, still dressed in her corset and nylons and almost regretted getting up.

"Later," she whispered in Roxanne's ear as she hugged her.

"Now go get dressed and don't take too long," she said as she slapped Roxanne's bare ass. The smaller woman yelped and scurried off to her room throwing Lauren a glace that was both reproachful and playful at the same time. Lauren watched her until the door was closed and then relaxed. She had not realized it but she had been so tense she had almost been holding her breath.

Her tickle attack had not been just for the devilish fun of it, although she would have launched it without any ulterior motive. She did not want her new lover to wake up and immediately have to ponder her feelings. While she cared deeply for Roxanne, she had still not solved many of the riddles of the smaller woman. In particular, Lauren had trouble deciding what her friend would react to and how she would react.

The sex had been good she admitted to herself as she brushed her teeth, but it wasn't worth loosing a friend over. Roxanne had seemed so willing and Lauren was sure she had enjoyed it. She wondered if the small redhead was pondering her feelings while she got dressed just as Lauren was.

Roxanne was a very sensitive soul and Lauren feared the implications of last night's lovemaking would upset her. As much as she cared for her friend she always had the disconcerting feeling that she was walking a very thin line. Incidents that happened online flashed through her mind as she put on her sandals. Always it was a misunderstanding, but Roxanne had a penchant for thinking in worst-case scenarios and reacting accordingly.

Lauren's musings were interrupted when Roxanne came into the room from her own. Lauren looked up and smiled at her friend shaking her head.

"I swear, you're the only one in the world who goes on vacation and dresses up the whole time," she said.

"Hush, I don't get to wear nice things much in my job, you know that," Roxanne replied as she walked over to the kitchenette and poured herself a cup of coffee.

Lauren's eyes followed her movements of their own accord. She had never looked at another woman the way she was now. Roxanne was wearing a powder blue dress that fell to just blow her knee. The skirt was flared at her hips and it had a scoop neck that revealed a good bit of her cleavage. Black stockings and moderate heels accentuated her legs. From her trim waist and the way her breasts stood out Lauren could tell she was wearing a corset underneath. She wondered if it was the same one she had worn last night or a different one.

Roxanne seemed oblivious to Lauren's appraising stare and finished her cup of coffee in a couple of large gulps. Lauren suspected there had been more than cream and sugar in it. When Roxanne turned to face her, Lauren could see her fears about Roxanne's reaction were right. Her face showed a wealth of information for someone with Lauren's intuition and empathy. Her smile was forced and her hands tapped nervously on the counter top.

Lauren considered her options, after a few moments thought she decided that she would have to do something or the day would be ruined. She advanced on Roxanne silently, her face blank. When she stopped she was standing in front of the smaller woman.

"What's wrong?" she asked quietly. Their bodies were only inches apart and Lauren became aware of the tension that was building between them. She had never experienced a relationship that provoked such a powerful emotional response. With something akin to dismay she realized she was becoming aroused. Nothing in her experience had prepared her for such overwhelming feelings.

Roxanne seemed incapable of speech. Her mouth worked but no words would come. Lauren could see that she was feeling the same things she was.

"You have been thinking again haven't you?" Lauren said, trying to get a smile from Roxanne to break the ice.

"I guess so," she replied nervously.

"Roxy, I know we are both going to have to make some adjustments. To be honest I am not sure how I am going to deal with all of the implications, but if you withdraw into yourself we are going to waste the time we have. No one in this city knows either of us so why don't we put our concerns aside and try to enjoy the day?"

"Oh Lauren!' Roxanne exclaimed as she threw her arms around Lauren's neck and hugged her fiercely.

"I do not care about what others think! I was just afraid you wouldn't like me anymore," she gushed, the relief evident in her voice.

Lauren chuckled to herself as she pulled Roxanne close and held her tightly. She shook her head as it dawned on her that Roxanne's fears and anxiety had been over her feelings and not her own. She still had a lot to learn about the enigmatic woman who had so recently become her lover.

"You silly thing," was all she could manage to say. She again wondered if what she was feeling was love. Roxanne's body was pressed against hers and she enjoyed the closeness. She gently disengaged herself from the embrace.

"Lets get going or we will miss breakfast," she said.

Roxanne smiled and nodded. Lauren was forced to laugh at the expression on her face. She looked so happy it was infectious and Lauren found herself feeling better than she had since she woke up.

They made their way down the hall to the elevator. The old gentleman was at the controls and smiled as he greeted them. "Good Morning ladies, lobby?" he asked as he tipped his hat. "Please," Lauren responded smiling. ****************** The dining room in the Jefferson was in keeping with the elegance of the foyer. White, starched linen tablecloths covered the beautiful antique tables. The chairs were dark wood with red velvet upholstery. Red carpet covered most of the floor and wait staff dressed in the hotel's livery scurried back and forth with trays of food. The walls were beige with beautiful oil paintings of the river and scenes of the antebellum south carefully placed to draw the eye.

When Lauren and Roxanne arrived the dining room was already half full. There was no one manning the hostess station and a small placard on a wooden stand read "Please seat yourself". Lauren quickly looked and saw that the booths were all taken so she lead Roxanne to a small table in the back that was situated under a beautiful oil painting of a riverboat.

Lauren pulled out a chair and then turned to face Roxanne. Roxanne looked at her questioningly. Lauren arched an eyebrow and indicated the chair with an almost imperceptible nod of her head. Roxanne colored and lowered her eyes when she realized that several people were watching them curiously.

"Thank you," she murmured as she sat down.

Lauren seated her self and scanned the menu. She quickly settled on the special and put the menu down. Roxanne was still studying hers and Lauren smiled guessing that her friend was so engrossed in the menu so that she would not have to look up.

"What ya gonna get?" She asked after giving her friend a few minutes.

"Hmm? I think I am going to get the special," Roxanne replied without looking up.

"Me too," Lauren said. She waited a few moments and then grinned.

"What do you see on that menu that's so engrossing?" she asked innocently.

"What? I.. Nothing." Roxanne replied in confusion.

"You're so cute, now put the menu away and talk to me," Lauren said with a giggle.

The waitress came and Lauren ordered for both of them. When Roxanne saw that no one was paying them the least bit of attention she relaxed and soon they were chatting about their plans for the day. Lauren told Roxanne where they were going and what they were doing. Her friend never questioned it; seemingly happy to do whatever she wanted.

"This might be a lot of fun," Lauren thought to herself.

Roxanne's submissive nature intrigued her. Her own nature leaned towards the submissive side, but she had always had a yearning to try the more dominant role. She had been the aggressor with men before, but it was always an occasional thing. A kind of way to change things up and keep it exciting. She realized, looking at Roxanne, that she could try it as the "norm" if she had the wherewithal to do so. She remembered Roxanne cooing and cuming under her and decided she wanted to try.

The next question was how to proceed. She would have to handle it very delicately. She was sure that Roxanne would be easy to push into the submissive role, but she did not want their relationship to degenerate into something like that. She wanted to take a gentler approach, one that would not scare her friend or damage their relationship. She decided she could steer things in the direction she wanted a bit at a time and patience. Her first steps would be small, little things to further bring her lover into the state of mind Lauren wanted her in.

The waitress came and refilled their coffee cups. Lauren sipped hers and watched Roxanne intently. She was chatting happily about the ghost light tour and Anne Rice's signing. Lauren felt feelings she was not sure of but she knew that this person was dear to her on a level that transcended just the physical.

"Ready to go?" Lauren asked glancing at her watch.

"Sure," Roxanne replied as she finished her coffee.

Lauren took the check and paid for the meal. Once they were out of the hotel they walked along the street stopping here and there to window shop. The sun was out now and the humidity rose rapidly. They turned onto the Rue de Bienville and entered the first of the many estate and antique shops located there. The interior was dark and cool compared to the humidity they had just stepped out of. An air conditioner could be heard humming quietly in the background.

The shop was not very wide but it was very deep. The front portion was taken up with display cases. Inside these cases were an incredible assortment of jewelry, watches, silverware and other valuable knick-knacks. Deeper into the shop were antique pieces of furniture and other large items including an old-fashioned jukebox. In the very back were racks of clothes, hats, handbags and shoes.

Lauren and Roxanne browsed a while chatting and showing one another items of interest. Lauren was taken with an antique cat pendant. It was fashioned in jade with garnets for eyes and hung on antique silver chain. She passed by it several times before she just had to know how much it was. When the clerk took it out and placed it on a felt covered board for her to examine she knew she had to have it. She turned it over in her hands noticing how it felt cool to her touch and heavy. On the back was a price sticker and when she read it she nearly choked.

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