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One Night Four Women


Although the story you are about to read, sounds like a sailor's wet-dream, I swear is true, every word only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

In 1972, I was thirty, in the prime of my life, single and living in a beachfront penthouse in Venice, California, which I rented for $350 a month.

I was dating a half a dozen women, who knew about each other so I never had to lie or make excuses.

I had a dream job with the County Health Department, doing community organizing out of my home so my working hours were pretty much my own.

I never really considered myself a super-stud with women but I was very good at conversing with them and truly loved their company. I was nice looking in a hippie kind of way and because of my gymnastics background had a decent body.

The 60's and 70's was the perfect time to be single. No AIDS, no herpes, most women were on the pill and it was a time of sexual freedom and experimentation. My sympathies go out to the men who missed that opportunity.

One particular night, after making love to one of my girlfriends, Sandy, a dark-eyed, dark-haired beauty who was a "once is enough" lover, and feeling especially horny, still under the influence of diet pills and weed, decided to slip from her sleeping arms and go visit another girlfriend in Hollywood, Gloria.

I arrived around midnight and knocked at her door. No answer. I knocked a little louder and was suddenly confronted with a neighbor and a gun.

Gloria heard the commotion and quickly explained to the neighbor that she knew me and took me inside her apartment. Although she was a little annoyed that I hadn't called her first, she was glad to see me and in a matter of minutes we were fucking like bunnies. Gloria, the intellectual type, was a green-eyed, dark haired honey who worked for a woman's magazine. She wrote about her sexual escapades'. She would refer to me in some of her stories as her boyfriend "Chance Harrison." I guess that was because, there was a chance I would be available and a chance I would not.

After an hour and a half, she explained that she had an early morning meeting and needed to sleep. She told me I was welcome to stay but I explained I had better get home and we kissed and said goodnight.

What I had not realized while I was in Hollywood with Gloria, Stacy, (another girlfriend), who was bisexual, had come over to Janis's, another of my girlfriend's apartment, in my building to make love to her. After making love, Stacy told Janis she still needed some cock and was advised by Janis to go up to my apartment to satisfy her needs.

Janis, who had a key to my place, loaned it to Stacy, who quietly let herself into my apartment, undressed and crawled into bed with who she thought was me but soon discovered, much to her surprise, was Sandy.

"I'm sorry" she said to Sandy, "I thought you were Billy, please excuse me."

Sandy replied, in a groggy voice, "Where's Billy?"

Stacy, as she dressed and headed for the door said, "Sorry sister, I can't help you there," and beat a hasty retreat back to Janis's apartment.

I arrived back to the apartment building about thirty minutes later and was snagged by Janis and Stacy before I could reach my place. Both of these women were blond-haired, blue eyed and gorgeous. They could have passed for sisters. It was like being with twins. They invited me in and explained what had happened while I was away.

The whole situation was so funny we all started laughing and before we knew it, were naked and frolicking in Janis's bed.

For those men who have never experienced it, I can only say that lying on your back while a beautiful woman straddles your face, grinding your head into the mattress with her pussy, while she makes out with another beautiful woman riding your cock until you all explode in a three-way orgasm, is an experience beyond definition.

After recovering from our party, I decided it was time to return to Sandy, in my apartment. After all, she was the one I started out with.

As I crawled into bed, Sandy rolled over and sleepily asks me, "Where have you been?"

I told her I was restless and went for a drive and she cuddled up in my arms and went back to sleep.

As I dozed off, I couldn't help thinking to myself, "What a hell of a night!"

The next morning I was awoken by a phone call from Phyllis who wanted to know if I wanted to go with her to a nudist camp in Topanga Canyon that day.

I explained that I had had a long night but to call me in the evening.

As I looked around, I saw that Sandy had gone but left a note on the coffee table for me saying she had a nice time and some woman had stopped by looking for me but she didn't get her name and she would call me later.

The 60s and 70s were great however, the love I had then, pales in comparison to the love I have now in my sixties, with my wonderful wife Angel. Quantity cannot compare to quality.

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