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One Night in Paris


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I need to tell someone about my experience I had in Paris this past June. Every time I think about it, I get turned on. It's one of those sexual encounters which was so good, you can't help want to keep replaying it over and over. This is a story about two people who meet coincidentally in Paris and they have an amazing night together in each other's arms.

In case you haven't listened to my previous audio recording, here is a little about me. My name is Ron, I am 42 yrs old, 6' -- 2" and last time I checked, about 240 pounds. I do try to keep in shape, getting to the gym about 3 times per week. I have brown curly-wavy hair with hazel eyes. I have received many compliments about my attractiveness, and my build.

This past June I was in Paris for a conference on antique porcelain French clocks. I have been collecting these clocks for many years and have always wanted to go to this conference which is held each year. The conference lasts three days. On the last night of the conference, which was a Tuesday night, I got back to my Hotel "Scribe" which is located at 7500 rue Scribe at around 10:30PM.

The Hotel Scribe was a great place to stay. It had undertaken a full renovation of its bedrooms in 2006, creating an Art Deco style combined with modern touches. Floors with historic themes create an atmosphere of a 19th century house. This hotel setting went along perfectly with the theme of my conference.

After the conference I was still a little charged-up from the excitement of the conference and I was not looking forward to heading back home to the states tomorrow. This was my first trip to Paris, the city of love, and here I am alone wishing I had some great sexual memory to bring back with me. But at 10:30 in the evening on my last night, I knew my chance for romance was running out quickly.

Getting out of the cab and entering the main lobby of the Scribe Hotel I looked around to see if there was anything going on which could keep my attention occupied. Being a Tuesday night, the lobby area was dead. I headed over to the Le Café Lumière, a restaurant/lounge nestled off the main lobby with a view of the main city.

The interior of the café was like stepping back in time to Paris in the 19th century. The windows along the avenue were framed with half-columns which rose to about 10 feet then sweeping overhead forming a majestic arch. The ceilings were a paneled tin, with raised ornate depictions of symbols and flowers symmetrically spaced across a checker board pattern.

The tables and bar were of a dark mahogany with very detailed wood scrolling and turning. Each table had its own 19th century oil lamp just like you would imagine for a lounge of this period.

Entering the café I couldn't believe how empty it was. There was just one older couple in there, speaking German. I did notice the bar had a great selection of alcohol so I decided to sit myself down and enjoy some fine French wine, while watching the activities of Paris at night.

The Madre de brought me the wine list and I selected a bottle of the 2000 Chateau Margaux. This bottle set me back about $ 70 Euros, but I didn't care. For my last night Paris I was going to enjoy myself; albeit alone.

I was on my second glass of the Chateau Margaux, and I must say this wine is incredible! If you are like me and you like a strong and robust Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a wine for you. Anyways, I was enjoying my second glass of wine, and beginning to feel its effects, when I noticed one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen enter the lounge.

At this point, the German speaking couple are still present, loudly bantering away about something. As she entered the café, I watched her look around, hear the Germans speaking, seeing her dismay, so I, with a couple of glasses of good French wine in me, I said; "I speak English". I then motioned to her to join me.

She smiled and then proceeded to walk over to my table. As she moved towards me I took in her beauty. She appeared to be about 30 yrs-old with long, flowing, wavy blonde hair which stopped about 3-4 inches past her shoulders. She had nice full breasts, and a walk which told me she was probably a model. She was wearing a long evening gown and it looked to me that she was returning from the Bastille Opera house which was just down the avenue a few blocks. Her evening gown was long and flowing, with straps across the shoulders and nice vee, showing a wonderful cleavage. The gown itself had a silver and black vertical pattern, each one widening as it traversed down her body, over her hips, with a bit of channeling as it terminated just above the ankles. The gown was covered in sequins, giving her entire body a very seductive shimmer with each step she took.

I could not believe she was entering alone; who could have let this beauty out by herself, looking so hot on a Paris night?

As she arrived at my table I rose and pulled her chair out for her. I could tell she was a very refined and classy lady. And if I was going to make any headway with this one, I better not blow it on the first impression. She graciously accepted my chair and sat down. The Madre de came over pouring her a glass of the Chateau Margaux.

She told me her name was Jessica K, from Avignon, France. She was in Paris to do some modeling for Elle magazine. Jessica was just returning from an evening shoot. I told her a little about myself and then I moved back to learning more about her. I needed to know if she was alone, or was there someone waiting for her back at her room.

I was elated and even more turned on learning that Jessica was here on her own. As the wine and conversation flowed Jessica and I quickly found out that we had much in common when it came to matters of the heart. I was very moved by how open she was talking about her past loves and what she likes in a man. Before I knew it the wine bottle was empty and we were both looking at each other with the same idea; let's keep the wine and the sparks which were beginning to fly going!

I summoned the matre de and he brought us another bottle of same vintage. Now Jessica was becoming playful and she reached across the table and placed her hand onto my arm. Her touch was electric! It caused my heart to race and trousers to tighten. Her touch was the signal I was looking for. I knew now if I pay attention to her, and work with her, she will be mine before the night is over.

I quickly responded by placing my hand over hers and squeezing it softly. She flirted back with; "I know you have more power than that in those big powerful hands of yours!". Damn, this woman was coming onto me strongly.

I told her she was right, there is a lot more power and skill in these hands than she knows of. Jessica came back with a coy; "Skill, Ron, what kind of skill do these hands possess?" As she says this she wraps her hand around my large index finger. I figured at this point it's time to push the boundaries a little bit and see how this girl likes to be taken.

"Well Jessica, this hand, looking to my right one, can pick you up and carry you around all day if it chooses. And the other hand can hold the back of your neck letting your head lower down towards the floor". I watched closely for the reaction in her eyes; "yes that was it!: I saw the fire of passion flare up in her eyes!" "Now her cheeks are blushing a little too". My heart was beginning to pound a little more fiercely in my chest. I could feel my muscles, now start to tighten in my chest. Yes this it, I am on the hunt, and my prey wants to be taken. Viva la France!

With the reserved attitude of the French, and the quaint 19th century setting of the Scribe hotel, I decided not to pick her up right there in the lounge. I quickly moved in and said; "why don't we take this bottle of wine with us up to my room; the view of the city from there is amazing".

Jessica smiled, her eyes flashed, there was now a little blushing occurring on her upper chest; she responded in a husky whisper; "yes".

We immediately got up and left the lounge. I gave the matre de my room number on the way out. As we strode quickly to the elevator, we were both already mentally in my room ripping at each other's clothes, tearing into each other's body as quickly as we could.

As the elevator doors opened my heart began to race faster. Jessica reached down and grabbed my hand. Her palm was hot and she squeezed me tightly. I was so caught up in the moment I had to remember to push the button for my floor in order to get those damn elevator doors to close.

As the doors closed Jessica turned to me and said; "Ron, I want you. I want you so badly". I could see the fire raging in her eyes. My cock at this point was pounding in my trousers; all 9 inches of it was straining to be free.

Jessica hiked her evening gown up to her thighs as I reached down and scooped her up, she simultaneously wrapping her legs around my waist. Jessica was now eye to eye with me. We gazed into each other's eyes, seeing the passionate fury we had for each other. The animal magnetism was pulling our lips together as if by some primal force neither of us could resist.

When our lips met, bolts of electricity shot through my body as if I had been holding onto a live wire. Jessica, moaned into my mouth, her mouth opening, letting her tongue dance all over mine.

With Jessica in my arms I moved to the back wall of the elevator, pressing her against it, allowing me to move my right hand down and under her ass. Her butt felt so good, she squirmed, and clenched her legs around me more firmly. We were so completely intertwined. I could feel her breasts press against my chest with every breath Jessica took. My heart was racing within my chest.

We were so caught up in each other that we did not stop our passionate kissing when the bell to the elevator rang. It was when I heard the doors close again I realized we had reached my floor. I was caught up in the passion, I was not going to release Jessica from my grasp. Still clutching her, I turned around and carried her to the doors, pressed the door open button, and then walked out into the hallway.

All the while she kept tongue sparring with mine, as I carried her down the hall to my room. When I reached my door, I hefted Jessica higher onto me, enabling me to reach into my pocket and get my room key. I slipped the key into the lock, turned the handle and got us both into the room.

I had left the bed stand light on; its light now casting a romantic glow over the room. Once I made it to the bed, I slowly lowered her and I onto it. Jessica placed one of her fingers against my lips and motioned me to give her a little space between us. She sat up and motioned me to unzip the back of the gown so she could slip it off.

I was so hot and hard, with my heart pounding in my throat, my hands were trembling. I couldn't remember how long it had been when I had been so completely turned, on and wanting to take a woman. There was something about this Jessica I had only met a couple hours before, which made my blood boil.

Slipping out of her evening gown , Jessica sat on the bed with her satin bra and panties. She was so beautiful I wanted to make sure this night in Paris will be one we both will never forget. I quickly took off all of my clothes, while she sat there propped up on her arms watching her "Paris Package" undress for her.

Once done, I momentarily stood there, allowing her to take in all of me. I followed her eyes as they moved from my face, down across my chest, my stomach and stopping now at my fully erect and thick 9" cock. I could see her slight reaction when she saw my manhood. I could see that she hadn't been with a man before who was this large.

Jessica's eyes then quickly shot up to mine. Her look telling me; "go slow with that big thing, OK?" I simply smiled knowing how much I was going to enjoy making love to this woman until she told me she couldn't take anymore.

As I stood there at the edge of bed she made her way over to me on all fours. Watching her crawl across the bed on her hands and knees, reminded me of a lioness who had chosen its alpha-male lion to mate with. She came to within an inch of the head of my cock and stopped. I couldn't help myself but lean forward, trying to get the head of it up to those sensuous lips of hers. She pulled back as I moved forward. I couldn't stand it. Animal instincts were taking over. I had to have this woman, the time for teasing and taunting was over.

I quickly reached over her back and grabbed her by her hips and spun her around so that now Jessica's ass was up against my cock. She tried to pull away, but I just held her hips more tightly, sliding my cock all over her butt. Jessica was a little nervous, she had never been fucked by such a large cock. And she knew that I had been pushed a little too far and now she was at my mercy; knowing I was going to fuck her the way I wanted to.

I took my left hand and wrapped it tightly around in her hair, while I took my right hand and spread her legs. Her sexy butt, with her pussy covered with those satin, silky panties just made my cock want her all the more.

Grabbing my cock now I began to tap against her pussy through the silken panties. Each time I did this Jessica screeched with delight. After doing this for about a minute she was going crazy. I knew she needed to be fucked. Jessica lifted her head and turned it to me, looking right into my eyes and said; "Ron, I need you to fuck me right now!"

At that moment I reached over and yanked those panties aside. Her nice clean shaven pussy, was now right there in front of me for the taking. I took the head of my cock and rubbed up it up and down her glistening slit. She squealed with delight each time I did this. She was coming unglued with desire. My cock Was now covered in her sweet pussy juice. The scent of her womanhood was Rising up into my nostrils. I had to have this woman right now.

With that I placed the head of my cock against her pussy and shoved it in to my balls. Jessica screamed "Oh God Ron you are so big! Please go slowly at first with me.....please....please!".

Her pussy was tightly wrapped around my cock, I could feel, as I plunged into her, how deep her other lovers had been in her. It felt so good and erotic as I pushed into depths of her pussy where no one had been before.

I released my left hand from Jessica's hair and now placed both hands on her hips holding her completely impaled on my cock. Her pussy was already pulsating, and oozing its sweet juices all over me. I slowly, and gently pulled my cock back out until just the head of it was in her. I wiggled her hips around and then slammed my cock back into her, feeling my balls slap against her pussy.

Jessica screeched and let out a guttural moan from deep within her body. She knew what was going to happen next. I again pulled partway out, this time not quite as far, I then quickly shoved my cock almost all the way in, but then I abruptly stopped. I then pushed myself all the way in and shook her hips letting her feel more clearly how deep I was buried in her little cunt.

Feeling her pussy convulse all over me, smelling the sweet scent of her now hungry cunt was causing me to tremble all over. God, this woman felt so good impaled on me. And to think, just a couple of hours ago I was in the lounge enjoying a bottle of Chateau Margaux by myself. What a difference a couple of hours can make.

With that realization, I became even more focused that I am going to enjoy fucking this woman all night long. For tomorrow morning at 11AM I am going to be on a plane back to the states, doing what I have always done.

Holding Jessica's ass against my pelvis, with my cock buried to the hilt, I drew it out again and then quickly slammed it all the way back in. Again she squealed, but this time there was more pleasure in her voice rather than pain. "Ahhh, she is getting a little used to this big cock."

Holding her hips, I began to fuck her with a series of short and long thrusts, mixing it up so as to not let her begin to anticipate what I am going to do next. With every thrust Jessica began to moan more and more loudly. I could hear and feel the orgasm building within her. Her pussy was literally twitching and squeezing me uncontrollably.

After fucking her this way for about 15 minutes I could tell she was really wanting to cum. It first began with little comments such as "Oh Ron please" and after a few more minutes Jessica was begging me; "Oh Ron please let me cum; I need to come so badly".

My cock was growing harder and my balls were now beginning to tighten. I wanted to cum in Jessica's cunt. But first I wanted to feel her come all over my cock. Damn, her pussy felt so good, stroking and squeezing just so on each thrust.

At this point she was thrusting back onto me, trying desperately to get enough rhythm in order to let her orgasm erupt. Her wanton desire to come all over me was driving me nuts. With a little surprise I quickly changed from keeping her guessing by varying my thrusts each time, to very long and hard thrusts into her begging little cunt. I just grabbed her hips tightly and began to fuck her pussy hard. With each thrust I could feel my balls now slapping against her. Within a few seconds I was now pounding away at Jessica's cunt, feeling my orgasm begin to rise within me.

As She got closer, Jessica yelled out to me; Of God yes Ron, fuck me, fuck me, of yes, fuck my cunt hard! And with that Jessica's pussy convulsed all over my cock. I could feel her juices oozing down the side of my shaft and running down her legs. Her entire body was shaking uncontrollably.

This was too much for me to handle. My balls tightened, my cock swelled, my body shook and I let out an AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I was coming too just as Jessica was beginning to come down from her orgasm.

My hands continued to hold her hips. My breathing was deep and moderate. I was feeling a little dizzy. Wow, that was awesome. After a few minutes, and allowing my swollen cock to subside, she and I moved up and onto the bed together, with me lying behind her holding her close, basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

After about 10 minutes, and allowing each of us to catch our breath, Jessica turns to me and says' "Ron, I need to take a closer look at that thing you got between your legs which made me come so hard". I just smiled and rolled over onto my back and closed my eyes.

Jessica slowly began moving down my body. As she did, she made little kisses on me, while letting her beautiful blonde hair dangle and tickle me along the way. Her kisses were so loving and gentle; I began to feel the affection she had for me.

When she reached my cock she wrapped her petite hand around it lifting it up off of my thigh; holding it gently and lovingly. Her pussy juices had a made a thick glazing all over it. Jessica slowly took her hand and began to slough off her cum from my cock. I was little surprised when she then lifted her hand to her mouth to taste her sweet succulent juice. She commented to me; "Wow Ron, I really came all over you!

Her voice right now was much more relaxed and curious. As she held me, she slowly began to lightly kiss my cock head. Her delicate and sensual lips felt so good! And while she did this her hair was softly tickling my wet balls, causing me to become hard again.

As I grew and expanded in her hand, Jessica looked up at me and said; "Ron, looks like your getting ready for me all over again". I told her it felt so good and how I loved her hair tickling my balls.

Jessica opened her mouth wide and placed the head of my cock in her mouth. She moaned as she did this, sending vibrations down my shaft. Her other hand reached down and cupped my balls. As she did this I became fully erect very quickly, further expanding and growing into her small mouth.

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