tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOne Night in Waterdeep Ch. 01

One Night in Waterdeep Ch. 01


"Now it's my turn to have my way with you, my dear Nathan. Lie down on the bed, face down, hands under your head, darling," she purred, "Just enjoy the moment."

She then moved to kneel between his spread legs, taking some massage oil, pouring it onto the palm of her hand and when it was nice and warm, spread her palms out across from his neck to the end of his shoulders, along his arms to his elbows. A nice firm soothing rub, working her way back to the middle of his neck, her thumbs working their way up his neck, fingers on the outside of his neck, kneading up and down.

Pouring more massage oil into her hands, she warmed it up before spreading it down the middle of his back. Her thumbs worked their way down his spine with fingers splayed, kneading his skin along the way. She then moved to the sides of his chest, thumbs and fingers working along his sides, up and down, up and down. Then in a circular motion, Callia worked her thumbs and fingers at the sides of his waist, down his hips, making their way across to the middle of Nathan's back.

Dribbling oil on the base of his back, her palms move over his ass, first one cheek, then the other. Teasing him lightly, she poured some oil onto his cheek- making him buck a little because of the coolness against his skin- but not for long as her hands spread the oil out, her thumbs working down his finely shaped ass and down the backs of his thighs, warming him all over. Moving up and down, over and around the outside of his thighs, thumbs lightly brushing the apex of his legs, Nathan bucked with the sensation as he let out a moan.

She scooted down a little lower between his legs and poured some oil down the lower parts of his legs. She massaged him, working her thumbs and fingers into his tense muscles, around the backs of his knees, along his calves and then making her way up, kneading in circular motions, back past his ass to his back, all the way back up to his shoulders.

Callia rolled him over and his engorged cock sprang into view. "Mmmm...look what we have here," she teased.

Nathan shifted his hands to rest behind his head and left out another throaty moan. "Callia...," he groaned heavily.

Ignoring his plea, she poured oil across his chest, and watched as he squirmed at the coolness of the oil against his heated flesh. She rubbed the oil in a circular motion across his chest, moving over his hardened nipples, rolling her fingers around, pulling gently, then smoothing her palm over them, feeling them rigid against her palms.

More oil followed around his stomach your skin. Hands move around in circular motions, making my way across his stomach, down his hips, along the top of his thighs to the outer edges, down past his knees to his shins. Then she worked her way back up to his thighs and ultimately to his pulsating cock.

Trickling some oil around the base of his cock, she massaged it around the base, and work her way up the length. Finger tips lightly feathering over the head, Callia stroked him, taking a little pre-cum and mixing it with the oils. Callia continued her teasing, stroking him lightly but firmly. Pushing his cock back, her hands make their way to his balls, her thumbs firmly massaging them. She could feel his cock is getting harder, so warm and smooth to the touch.

Groaning, he bucked his hips, wanting more. Cradling him in her hands, she pushed his cock back gently and moved down to kiss its length along the underside. She worked her way from the base to the top - slowly - making her way to the top and rolling her tongue around the outside of the head, lightly flicking her tongue across the slit, and planting a tender kiss on the head - Mmmm.

Moving her mouth down over the top, her tongue down one side, warm, moist and gliding down his length. She grazed her teeth lightly down the outside of his cock. Nathan bucked, begging her to take more. Her hands slid up and down, up and down his length. With her mouth and hands moving in unison, meeting each other at the centre, fingers at the same time working around his balls, kneading them.

Nathan growled, no longer able to withstand this teasing torture. He snaked his fingers out, grasping for her. Running his fingers through her hair, around her ears and along her jaw, he pulled her mouth off his cock. He not-so-gently pushed her backwards, turning her over and making her kneel on all fours in front of him.

On all fours with her ass sticking up in the air, Callia unleashed a heady groan as Nathan's fingers move along her slit, feeling it oh so wet. Moving down, he spread her pussy lips, licking from one hole to the other with a slow, broad tongue leaving her shivering. Then little tongue flicks over her ass and then back to her clit while pushing one finger, then two, into her slick pussy. Callia let out a squeal.

Squirming, she let out another groan of desire, needing release. Nathan gripped his cock as he moved in behind her. With a chuckle, he spread her pussy lips and smoothed his head up and down her slit. "How does it feel to be teased, my sweet?" Nathan asked.

Instead of pushing inside her, he pulled away, slipping one then two then three fingers inside her. Callia cried out, her breath reduced to quick, gasping pants. "Please......,"she sighed.

He pumped his fingers into her, feeling them slicken with her juices. "Please, what?" Nathan asked as he laid a teasing slap on her thigh.

Callia groaned, her body shaking. Then she let out a feral scream as his grazed over her sweet spot, and her juices gushed out to coat his fingers.

"Yes, that's my girl," he crooned. "Cum for me." His fingers were now slamming into her, working on her sweet spot, coaxing her into an orgasmic frenzy. As orgasm after orgasm rocked her body, she slumped to the bed. "I'm not done with you," he whispered.

Pulling her hips back up, he guided his rock hard cock to the entrance of her slippery slit. With one quick flick of his hips, he pushed himself into her all the way to the hilt. He met little resistance as he began to increase the speed and depth of his thrusts. Deep and slow, then shallow and swift, he changed his movements as his hands gripped her hips. All Callia could do was scream in pleasure.

Then one of his hands slipped to her clit to stroke it. He noticed the feel of her hips pushing back into him as she begged for release, begged for more. Nathan's own groans join in with those of Callia's as he diddled her swollen clit. He could feel his balls tighten even more and knew his own orgasm was close at hand. Yet he had to make her cum once more before he allowed himself his own release. He knew hers would bring his.

Nathan grabbed the headboard for better leverage and raised himself. He gripped her hip with one hand, spreading her wider to accommodate his harder thrusts, almost brutal in their intensity. Harder and harder, Nathan thrust as deep as he could, grazing her sweet spot over and over again. It was too much for Callia to withstand. With a scream, she came to a body-shaking, heart-stopping, earth-shattering climax. The spasms within her cum slicked pussy set off Nathan's own orgasm and he let out a mighty groan. He pounded into her as pump after pump of cum poured out into her. With one final grunt, he slipped himself out of her and grasped for air.

He rolled to his back, his heart still pounding in his chest. Callia slumped to the bed, groaning as her body shook. Moments passed while they recovered their breaths.

Knowing how sensitive he was after sex, Callia chuckled and moved her hand to his cock, sticky from both of their juices. Nathan whimpered and groaned. "Callia...,"

Moving down his body, she licked around the head of his semi-flaccid cock before dropping to lick along the length, cleaning up some of their spent juices. He pulled her back up and pinned her back on the bed, moving his mouth to her parted lips, planting upon her passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around him, relishing in the glow of their spent passions. With a blissful sigh, he laid his head against her ample chest, his tongue flicking at her hardened nipple, while his hand roaming over her lithe body.

"I love you, my sweetness," he murmured before closing his eyes and slipping into a peaceful sleep. Callia chuckled and joined him, knowing full well they needed the rest. For she knew their passions for each other would reignite once they awoke.

To Be Continued...

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