tagBDSMOne Night Milton Keynes

One Night Milton Keynes


Journal entry, 8 May.

I knocked and she opened the door.

She wore business clothes: heels, stockings, dress, and jacket.

I kissed her with urgency, short and passionate.

"I promised to fuck you as soon as I see you," I said, leading her into the hotel room.

I bent her over the bed and flicked her dress onto her back, then I yanked her crotchless pants over her hold-up stockings down to her ankles.

I cupped her pussy with my right hand, circling my fingers hard through her lips. She was satisfyingly wet.

I undid my belt, removed my jeans, and drove my hard cock into her. Holding her thighs, I fucked her, occasionally slapping her ass for good measure.

The force soon pushed her onto the bed, on all fours. I split her legs, adjusting the hight, and standing behind her, I continued to fuck her hard.

She came.

I pushed her further up the bed, and down onto her tummy. With my legs, I pushed her legs together, my dick still in her. Now, I lay on top of her, my weight pinning her down, my hands clasped over hers, our arms as if in surrender. Like this—my legs apart, hers' closed, my cock pressed and sliding between her cheeks—I fucked her until I finally pulled out to squirt lines of cum over her back, dress, and jacket.


We made love then, mere minutes after our opening sex act. Two times, with hardly a break in between. Once, missionary, and once where she straddled me, leaning over me so I could caress her breasts and then closer so I could hold her close. Our hands were all over each other, and we kissed intimately throughout, slowly, savouring the taste and feel.

During these two sensual—but urgent—sessions, we had removed most of our clothes. Only her stockings remained.


After a break where we snacked on crisps and biscuits, she lay on her back with her knees bent while I sat in front of her, lazily playing with her pussy as we talked. I pinched her lips together with thumb and forefinger, then moved up and down, jerking her clit.

It was time to introduce some kink into the evening.

I removed her stockings one by one, then asked her to sit on the edge of the bed with her hands back on the mattress.

I hunched down in front of her.

Using bondage tape, I tied her legs together just above her knees and around her ankles. Next, I raised her legs and tied them tight against her chest, wrapping tape four times around her back and under her knees.

She relaxed her arms and rolled to lie on her back. Then, by my command, she reached up, hugging herself, hands together, and I restrained her one last time around her palms.

Her cunt and asshole were open to me now, to do with as I pleased. But first, I slapped her thighs and bottom, first with my hand, then with a paddle. The spanking left a satisfying red glow.

Every so often, I ran my fingers and a feather tickler through her wet pussy, making her moan.

I used a light flogger and flicked it over both her holes. She yelped, and the sound of it was intoxicating. Next, I rolled my pinwheel over her thighs, ass, and pussy lips. She shook with pleasure.

I couldn't wait any longer. I sat before her... then I licked her asshole, swirling my tongue around the edge, shortly before licking straight up and over it. I took my time, savouring her response.

Next, I licked through her lips. She tasted of sex. Because her legs were so tight together, I had to squeeze my tongue up into her cunt to get to her clit. Soon, my fingers were in her too, massaging her g-spot while I licked.

Restrained, she could only wriggling as her pleasure built.

After licking her, I turned on my mini-wand and slid it up her slit, to rest directly on her clit. I didn't have to do much but hold her down as the vibration pushed her to repeated, deep orgasms. She literally screamed at one point. I kept on going...

And she squirted all over me, at least least six or seven times, the liquid dripping from my chest. The bed was soaked all the way through.

Finally, I withdrew the wand and cupped her pussy with my hand, applying comfortable pressure while she caught a quick breath.

But I was not done.

A few heartbeats later, I grabbed her tape-cuffed hands, thrust my cock into her cunt, and fucked her hard and fast.

Next, I rolled her to the side. Being completely restrained, she could do nothing but wait.

I lined up my glistening cock-head with her asshole and squirted lube over it. Then, I slowly eased my cock into her ass. I thrusted, slowly at first, and then harder and harder and harder...

After I had my fill, I withdrew and cleaned my dick. Then, I rolled her onto her back again and cut all the restraints off. Her limbs fell like a rag dolls'.

I raised her legs up onto her chest again, lay over her, and buried my cock deep in her pussy again. Her face was sweet agony. I could see the intensity in her eyes. It was almost too much for her too bear. Almost.

I fucked her again. Not fast, but strong, even strokes.

I believe she came again.

And I came, spending my cum over her lower belly.

I remained on top of her. We were sweating, exhausted, and laughing.

I got up to make tea.

She lay on her side and didn't move for ten minutes.


We finished the crisps and made a sizeable dent in the packet of biscuits over tea.

I read to her something I'd written and she indulged me.

Afterward, she gave me a long massage, rubbing coconut oil all over my back, bottom, and legs. She concluded this kindness by softly scratching my skin with her nails. I could have happily died in that moment.

But then she turned me over...

She took my cock in her mouth, and for the next few minutes she gave me a hand and blowjob to remember. By my instruction, she squeezed the base of my shaft, and stroked hard over my slippery head. Then she'd follow that by swallowing all of my dick and sucking it. It was perfect, and coming in her mouth was just about the best thing.

Another break followed. We held each other and kissed.

To end the evening, she straddled me again, and we took turns fucking each other. I was close to orgasm at one point when she rode me, but then she came and she couldn't thrust anymore in the moment. I held her ass with both hands and completed the job, pounding up into her until I came, my sixth and final orgasm for the night.

We showered, covered the squirt wet spot on the bed with a towel, crashed, and fell asleep while I held her.


Her alarm woke us at 6am. We kissed, immediately awake.

I had woken with a hardon and as we spooned, it soon found its way into her. It was a delicious morning quickie.

We dressed and left the room for a full English breakfast.

At 7am, my taxi arrived. We said our farewells and kissed one last time.

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