tagGroup SexOne Night on the Town

One Night on the Town


The snow was accumulating with serious attitude on my windshield as I waited on Katrina to arrive. Katrina was my oldest friend from school. She was in town over the holiday to spend time with her family. I was her last visit before she hit the road. She was driving to home to New York City to finalize her divorce. I thought that was a heck of way to spend the last days of the year. But, I have learned with Katrina, just go with the flow.

Norman Brown was crooning to me via Sirius radio, when my phone started to buzz. "OK, I know I am late!" Katrina's energy vibrated through the phone. "I am parking now. Go ahead and get us a seat and start the Cosmos rollin'!" Before I could respond, the phone went blank again. Katrina always kinda felt like a hurricane as she talked to you.

I pulled my black mink stole close around me as I hurried to the entrance of the jazz club. At that moment, I wished with everything I had that I hadn't been so vain and had settled for my trusty woolen coat that came down to my ankles. But, every time I had this particular dress on, I felt I had to give it the right background setting. Black satin and form fitting, it made my curves resemble an old fashioned cola bottle. My diamond necklace and earrings shimmered against my mocha skin, looking all the more brilliant for it. This is the only dress that I have every owned that is strapless. It always makes me feel a little bit daring and seductive.

I could see that I made the right choice for the night as the doorman held the door for me. His eyes followed my every curve as if he was undressing me right there. I looked over my shoulder at him and winked. I wanted him to know that I saw his appreciation.

"You ain't neva gonna change, are you?" A heavy bass voice wafted down to me from the stairs heading into the bar area. Moments later, 6'6 of chocolate man appeared. His smile, deep and bright, warmed me.

I blew him a kiss. "Baby, if I change, who will you have to corrupt you?" We both laughed as we embraced. Templeton Henry and I had known each other since college. We had briefly dated, only to realize that neither of us had been ready to settle down yet. I hadn't seen him since he invited a few of us over for a small dinner party a few years ago.

We pulled back to look at each other. Neither of us had changed too much from when we were kids in college. The only difference I could see in Temp was a more commanding air about him. Time had yet to age him with crow's feet and gray hairs. Still fine as wine, I could see the cogs in his head, trying to figure out if I was there with a date.

"Templeton, man! You will never guess who is here with me." I was slyly trying to guess for myself if Temp was here alone or with a date. No woman was lurking behind him in wait. And trust me, Templeton Henry was the kind you lurked for in the shadows.

Temp's slow sexy smile tempted me. It was drawing me back to memory lane of him and me intertwined in bed for hours. "Your husband? Your boyfriend?" Temp's hand slid up my back and drew me close to him so only I could hear him. "Your girlfriend?" I was enveloped by his aftershave. He smelled so good I forgot what we were talking about.

I was just about to pull him closer when I hear, "Templeton! Well, whaddya know!" Katrina burst past the door man with a swirl.

Templeton looked past me to Katrina. I saw the look in his eye and knew Katrina had decided to dress just as sexy as I had. I turned in Templeton's arms and smiled. "Your timing still sucks eggs, man! I was just drawing him into my web of seduction!"

We all laughed as Templeton dropped his arms from around me and gave Katrina a quick hug. Her peach colored lace dress looked painted on. If you weren't paying attention, with her honey complexion, she gave the impression of being naked. I could tell that Templeton approved of the dress by the way he was checking Katrina out. Her hair, always enviously long and silky, was held up by two chopstix, with a few tendrils escaping.

Templeton gave Katrina a playful swat on the behind. "You still gotta interrupt right when I am about to get me some lovin'." In college, Katrina and I were roommates. She was famous for bursting in the door right as Templeton and I were about to seriously get to the gettin'.

Katrina smiled up at him, "Hey, it's a gift."

"I am here with some colleagues, but I would very much enjoy if you ladies were to join us." Templeton offered each of us an arm. "Come on, you will have fun. And I will look like a stud."

We all laughed as Katrina and I each took an arm and went with Templeton into the bar. I looked around and saw that on this night, there was a variety of parties out. Some people were there in big loud groups, competing with the music to be heard. Others were paired off, romance seemed to be in the air.

Templeton's three friends were all like him. Mid 30's, lawyers, and they all seemed to share his quick wit. It was awkward all of two seconds before Katrina and I were blending right in with them. We traded bawdy joke for joke, martini for cosmo. It was the wee hours of the morning when we realized that we were the only ones still left in the bar.

Guy, a particularly hot specimen of guy from France, stood up and announced that he had to head home. He was leaving the country in the morning and he had yet to pack. He stumbled uneasily from the table and toward the stairs of the bar. Templeton headed him off before he got to the valet. "Guy, I have a limo for the night. Why don't I give you a ride to your condo? That way you don't drive drunk."

By the time we all headed to the door, it was easy to see that none of us was in the right shape to do any driving. Templeton herded us all into his limo and took stock of who lived where. For someone inebriated, he seemed very sure of himself when he was giving his driver directions on how to take everyone home.

In the time it took Templeton to get the driving directions to the driver, Guy had decided that he wanted to be dropped off nearly last. He and Katrina hit it off so well that he wanted to keep talking with her. That suited Glen just fine. His wife had just had a baby and he was supposed to have been home hours ago. He also lived the furthest from the club.

Katrina had given up on cosmos and had started doing shots of Jagermeister with Guy halfway through the evening. So every last inhibition she had was left at that bar, still singing off key with the barkeeper. The Katrina we had was learning French phrases for "I've been a bad girl" and "Yes officer, I do need the nightstick on my ass cheeks." Her nipples, slightly shielded at best at the beginning on the evening, were sitting atop her dress, shining from being French kissed by Guy.

As Glen stumbled out with a wave, everyone moved to be able to stretch out better. I ended up on Templeton's lap, quietly nibbling on his neck. Watching Guy and Katrina make out and talk dirty to each other had started my juices bubbling again. And Templeton looked so good in his suit, smelled so good with the cologne, and it felt so good to be in his arms again. My bare feet were leaning against Brahma, Templeton's best friend. I tried to move them, but Brahma stopped me.

"Don't worry about moving them," Brahma told me with a smile. "Relax and enjoy." With that, Brahma slowly started to massage my feel. He stroked pressure points I didn't even know I had, making me moan into Templeton's neck. I wanted to tell him stop. After all, I didn't want to make things weird for Templeton and Brahma at work. Then Brahma stroked a particularly sensitive spot on my calf.

Fuck weird at work. There was no way I was asking Brahma to stop. This man was a genius with his hands. He was creating magic on my feet and calves. My legs fell apart in relaxation. I could feel Brahma working out my kinks and working his way up my legs.

Templeton adjusted me so that he could suck on my chest and breasts while he stroked my back. I could feel his strong fingers working over me, holding me close so that I couldn't escape.

I looked over my shoulder and I could see that Katrina had decided to check out Guy a little bit more. She had unzipped his pants and had his massive member out and stroking it. Her slim fingers couldn't fully grasp it. There was too much that she couldn't touch all at once. I could tell where her mind was as she licked her lips. Looking him in the eyes, she engulfed all of him into her mouth and started to hum.

Just at that moment, Brahma took my big toe into his mouth and grazed it with his teeth. I felt a hand moving aside my panties and sliding two fingers inside of me. My inner lips started to quake and contract on the fingers. I was overwhelmed by the stimulation I was getting. I was surprised as Templeton squeezed both of my considerable breasts between his hands. I thought the hand between my legs belonged to him.

I looked over at Brahma. He smiled at me, bright teeth shining in the darkness of the car, and put his hand into his mouth to lick off all my juices. Then he slid his hand back inside me, stroking me, pleasing me. His hand came up to my mouth and I licked my juices from him like a kitten.

Templeton's hand joined Brahma's in pleasuring me. I couldn't tell whose fingers were where inside of me. I didn't care. I didn't want it to end. I wanted more. I started to grind against them, rushing to the explosion I knew was there. Templeton started to ravish my mouth with his, muffling my moans of pleasure.

Brahma was whispering to me about how hot my juices were, running down his hand. He was telling me how he wanted to slid his dick inside me so that I could coat it with my cum.

I could hear Katrina squealing in joy as Guy was taking her. I couldn't see her, but the sound of Guy's nut sack spanking her ass was erotic. I wanted to watch, but Templeton was relentless with the kisses. From what I could hear from Guy's direction, Katrina was playing with her pussy as he continued to pummel her.

Brahma stopped fingering me so that he could pull out his own monster. He wrapped my feet around his dick like it was a hand and started to fuck them. He must have had a lot of precum, because my feet were slick and sliding easily. I could feel him shaking and twitching as he stroked himself with my feet.

The limo came to a halt as Guy shouted out that he was cumming. The driver looked non-plussed as he held the door open and announced that we were at Brahma's home. Templeton straightened his tie and told the driver to help out Guy and Katrina if they wanted. They were instructed to wait there as Templeton and I had something to finish in the house before we were leaving.

It was good that it was 4 o'clock in the morning and no one was out in Brahma's quiet little suburb as he exited the car, dick still hanging out. I didn't bother to adjust my dress, my ass exposed as well, as my breasts. The only one who looked composed was Templeton. His tie was back in place, not even rumbled from tousling in the back of the limo.

As soon as we walked in the door, Brahma shed his clothes. I had never seen a guy from Pakistan naked before. His dick was dark with a sexy pink tip. The hair surrounding it was straight and silky, drawing me in. As I dropped to my knees to suck him into my mouth, Templeton unzipped my dress.

I felt Temp pushing and pulling my head as I sucked Brahma into my throat. He was so thick that I could feel my lips stretching around him. With one hand, I stroked his balls. I could feel that they had tightened up tight into his body. With my other hand, I stroked his firm ass cheeks, letting my finger slide into his crack. With a grunt, he spewed into my throat, giving me his load so fast that I had no choice but to swallow it all.

Templeton let go of my head so that he could undress. Brahma pulled me up and kissed me deeply, sharing his cum with me. Then he lead me into a bedroom that was over-powered by a huge round bed. Brahma laid down and settled me on top of him, so that I was riding his face. I sat straight up and ground my pussy all over his face. I didn't know if he could breathe. I didn't care. I just wanted him to make me cum and swallow all my cum.

Templeton strolled into the room, stroking himself and watching us. I always loved how his dark body rippled with intensity whenever he really was turned on. I could see the sparks coming off his as he advanced toward us, muscles twitching. He climbed on the bed, legs spread apart, and fed me his dick. Unlike Brahma, I couldn't fit all of his dick into my mouth. I had to use my hands to accommodate the parts of his dick that I could not fit into my mouth. This was all made harder by the fact that Brahma was sucking my clit and fucking my pussy with his fingers with skill unmatched by mere mortals.

Templeton patted my head and took his dick back. I tried to go with it. I wanted to keep sucking it. But Brahma held me firm. I couldn't do anything but enjoy the assault on my pussy. Templeton went behind me and pushed me forward, so that I was once again sucking on Brahma's dick. Brahma moaned in pleasure, making my clit vibrate happily.

Templeton's member stretched out my pussy to the limits. I had to stop breathing until he was all the way in and had slide in and out a few times. Instead of letting me adjust, Templeton started moving my hips back toward him, fucking me deep. I tried to stop sucking Brahma until I was adjusted, but Templeton was having none of that. He grabbed my hair and forced my face back down to Brahma. That turned me on so much that I could feel my pussy start to drip, in spite of the fact that Templeton was almost splitting me open.

Brahma sucked, Templeton fucked. Both of them gave me all they had. Templeton started holding my ass cheeks open as he went in deeper. I felt dirty as Templeton spit in my asshole. Brahma reached up and stuck two fingers into my ass. I was helpless to do anything but cum over and over again.

Templeton started fucking me harder as I shook on his dick. I was screaming, "Please fuck me harder! Deeper!" and he complied immediately. Brahma started to jerk under me and before I knew it, his cum was all over my nipples.

With a huge growl and one last amazing pump, Templeton filled me up with his seed. I was a limp doll shaking on his dick, unable to stop cumming. Templeton pulled me up off Brahma when he had stopped shooting into me. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing me deeply. "Damn girl, I missed your ass." Templeton chuckled.

Brahma got up and kissed my pussy. "It was my pleasure to serve you. I hope it will not be my last." And with that, he was off to clean up in the bathroom.

I was about to ask about cleaning up myself with Templeton stopped me. "Stand right there. Don't move," he told me. When he came back in, he was fully dressed. My things were draped across his arm casually.

"Temp, baby, " I smiled up at him. "I need to get dressed at least so we can get Guy and Katrina where they need to be."

Templeton smiled down at me. "Then let's go. But you won't be getting dressed. The fun is just beginning."

Brahma came back into the room, freshly showered and looking exhausted. Templeton motioned him over and told him to feel free to get one more lick before we left. Instead of licking my pussy like I expected, Brahma bent me over and started to lick my asshole. He started really getting into it and Templeton stopped him. "Another time, my friend. Another time."

When I slid back into the limo, sans clothing, I saw that Katrina, Guy and the driver had been quite busy themselves. Katrina's pussy was dripping cum down her legs. Both she and the driver were sucking on Guy's huge dick. She had the head down her throat while the driver was sucking on his balls and fingering his asshole.

Templeton smiled and told the driver that we were ready to drop off Guy at his home. Guy was so tired that he fell asleep as soon as the driver's hand came out of his asshole. He was snoring quietly before the driver got out of the back.

Templeton instructed me to lay back with my legs open. Katrina looked over and licked her lips. Templeton looked at her response and told her not to be shy. I needed to be cleaned out so that he could fill me up again. Katrina started to lick my pussy like a cat licks cream. Her delicate tongue softly explored when the men had so brutally fucked me just moments ago. I thought I was done for the night, but with Katrina on her knees in front of me pleasuring me, I knew there was room for more.

Templeton sat across from me, watching Katrina eat my pussy, cum still dripping out of her. Templeton gave instructions from time to time on how Katrina should do me. At one point, he told her to start playing with my nipples. Instead, she started to caress my thighs. With a hard slap on her pussy lips, Templeton whispered very low, "Bitch, I said her nipples. Don't make me punish you."

Katrina moaned in pleasure and immediately started to caress my nipples. Her moaning was just what it took for me to start squirting cum into her mouth uncontrollably. When I stopped shaking, Katrina looked over her shoulders and stuck her tongue out at Templeton. "See, Temp, you aren't the only one who can make her cum hard."

Before I could tell what was going on Templeton had unzipped his pants and started to fuck Katrina in the ass hard. His strokes were punctuated by words. "Don't. Tell. Me. What. You. Can. Do. Bitch. This. Is. My. Party." He started to spank her and yank on her hair. It looked so painful to me. But instead of being turned off, Katrina seemed to go into overdrive. She started fucking him back harder, pumping her ass around his dick. And then she started to eat me again, this time like a mad woman. All of a sudden, I was pulled down so that she could fuck my ass with her tongue as he fucked her.

Guy woke up just long enough to cum on Katrina's back and he fell back asleep until we got to his house. Katrina walked him to his door. After the nasty night we had just all had, I was surprised to see her tenderly kiss him goodbye with the promise that they would get together again right after the new year.

Katrina balled up in a corner and slept as Templeton took us back to our cars. She still had to get on the road and get to her destination.

Templeton and I cuddled and talked over the evening as we headed back. By the time we got to the cars, we knew that our relationship was ready to take another try.

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