One-Night Stand


Bree van de Kamp took a sip of her wine and cast a brief look round the wine bar. It busy enough that individual conversations didn't carry, but not so packed that the hubbub drowned everything out. The drink wasn't the best she tasted, a little too sweet for what was supposed to be a dry white wine, but for the mid-range price it was passable. In fact it was much like the bar's clientele, neither down-market labourers in jeans and covered in tattoos nor high-rolling financiers awash with cash after closing a multi-million deal. Most of them were junior management or middle ranking public servants with a few students with good scholarships or rich parents to leaven the mix.

Her friend, Susan Mayer, leant forward, her eyes quickly scanning the nearby tables as she did so, "So, anyone take your fancy?"

Bree blushed, a number of the men were certainly attractive, but she still shook her head, "No-one."

Susan grinned, "I can tell when you are lying, Bree, I've played poker with you enough times."

"That's useful to know," said Bree dryly, "It'd explain why I always end up with more chips than I started with."

"You're changing the subject," smiled Susan, though Bree wondered if it was her friend who was the one doing that rather than admitting that Bree had a better poker face than she did.

But Susan had been right, Bree had certainly being lying about not finding any of the men sipping drinks and munching peanuts attractive, lots of them certainly were. It was just Bree, still remained a conservative Republican at heart. And a full and true daughter of liberty didn't just go out to get laid, no matter how much her friend thought she needed. Well, that wasn't true, thought Bree, or else she wouldn't have allowed Susan to talk her into this quest for cock, but she at least outwardly pretended to not be interested. She took another small sip of her drink, "I can't see anyone, is there anyone you're interested in? If not we might as well leave and try again next week, when there's more choice."

Susan's eyes darted around like a lion surveying a herd of gazelles and a hungry smile spread across her face, "Plenty, and not just for me, Bree. There's more than enough for us both."

It was the answer Bree had expected, or at least hoped for. Susan Mayer was a divorcee with a young teenage daughter; it meant her cock-hungry friend didn't have the opportunities for all the casual sex she desired -- unless she wanted to Julie the impression it was all right to have sex with lots of different men with no strings. However Julie was staying over with her Dad and Susan wouldn't want to waste the night on celibacy. In fact as soon as she had replied Susan had turned her head back to the bar and was scanning it for any men who might have an interest and weren't completely foul looking. Bree was confident in her friend's ability to pick men, at least for one-night stands if not perhaps for relationships; and if she got one she would get a second for Bree. It allowed the redhead widowed homemaker to get all the fun of a fuck without the guilt of looking, a win-win.

"What about them?" Susan nodded at a couple of guys over by the window.

Bree looked at them, they were, at most, in their very early twenties and probably younger than that, eighteen or nineteen. They were good-looking though, and with what looked like fine physiques. Bree metaphorically licked her lips with hunger, but safe in the knowledge Susan would disagree she said primly, "Aren't they a little young?"

Her friend grinned and shook her head, "No such thing as too young. If they're old enough to drink they're old enough to screw." She didn't wait for an answer from Bree, but raised her glass to the two young men. They returned the silent toast, appraising the two Milfs as they did so.

Bree automatically straightened her back, which pushed her bosoms out, exposing her cleavage. Susan smiled at her and Bree shrugged, "What? I had a little kink in my back."

"Sure, you did," said Susan in a tone that suggested she knew exactly why Bree had stretched and it wasn't to get rid of an ache in her spine. She didn't push it, instead she nudged Bree, "They're coming over."

"Hi ladies, can we join you?" the young man grinned. He and his friend were more muscular and toned closer up, the shirts they were wearing tight against their rippling bodies, "I'm Don, this is my friend Harrison."

"I'm Susan, this is my friend Bree. If you get us a couple of dry white wines you can do," said Susan.

A few moments later the two young men were sitting with the Milfs, new glasses of wine in front of them. It turned out neither man had reached twenty-one, though Don had at least reached twenty. The athleticism of their bodies was explained by both of them studying at Fairview University on Football Scholarships. To Bree's surprise, despite their youth, they managed to be entertaining and at to have a passing knowledge of art and literature, even if sometimes they interspersed some sophisticated views on Charles Dickens with their views on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Though at least the conversation on Buffy seemed to connect with Susan, who sometimes watched the Vampire Slayer with her daughter, a chore Bree managed to avoid with her children.

One drink was followed by a second. And this time the conversation was accompanied by light touches and giggles. Bree didn't resist as Harrison's knee touched hers and his inner calve rubbed up against her legs, nor was Susan complaining as Don's fingers rubbed at the back of her hand and slid up her wrist as the young men joked and charmed. A little more alcohol was drunk, not enough to lead to drunkenness, or even to make the two Milfs tipsy, but it certainly loosened things up and the four of them found themselves getting friendlier.

Bree looked close into Harrison's face, he was certainly handsome, a face which could be described as chiselled if that hadn't suggested a lack of life, which the wide smile and dancing eyes said was untrue. It was a face unlined by any cares or worries, but the traces of dark stubble stopped it being seen as too boyish. Bree moved closer, almost like she was examining him, or at least trying to gaze into his eyes. Beside them Susan and Don had had their mouths clamped against each other, the older woman grappling against the twenty year old and both of them giving every indication that they were enjoying it.

I feel like I'm such a slut, thought Bree as she opened her lips and felt her tongue slide onto Harrison's. I feel like I'm such a slut and I'm going to enjoy it. The young man's hands were on her waist, holding her tightly as they made out passionately, the table wobbling as both couples accidentally banged it as they writhed in throes of desire, their chairs creaking under them. A few people raised eyebrows at the kissing couples, but not many, more than one table's occupants were exchanging saliva, the place had a reputation for it, and the only thing of slight note was the age differences. And about that neither Bree nor Susan cared, and from the slurping of the men's mouths and the wanderings of their hands Don and Harrison weren't concerned either.

"Mmmnn, that's good," moaned Bree as Harrison's mouth moved from hers and slid to her neck, kissing and licking the smooth pale flesh. One hand kept steady on her side, squeezing and gripping at the waist, the other was under the table and under her dress. It slid up her thigh, almost seeming to dare her to stop it. But only a prude would do that and Bree was out to get laid. She gave another moan, allowing Harrison to suckle at her throat and not stopping the movement of his hand further up the thigh than would be considered decent.

Susan brought her lips away from Don, smiling as she wiped a trace of saliva from them, "You two want to come home with us?"

Harrison looked at Bree, who nodded to show that the 'us' included her and she was also inviting her young man back. She had arranged with Susan that if... when... they scored she could have Julie's room rather than take her conquest back to her own house, Andrew and Danielle already had low morals without their Mom giving them an example of bringing back strange men for fucking. Harrison looked at his buddy, who gave a brief grin and then turned to the housewives, "Sure yeah, we're up for that."

"I'll call us a cab," said Bree in a businesslike tone. There was no point in wasting time.


Susan slid the driver two twenty-dollar bills, "Keep the change," she said. The drive had only been thirty dollars, but Susan thought he deserved a tip for not commenting or complaining at the two couples making out loudly in the back of his cab. Don was standing beside her, sliding his arm round her waist as she straightened. The Milf smiled as she fished in her bag for her house-keys, watching Bree and Harrison continuing the heavy slurpings and fondlings they'd begun in the bar and carried on in the taxi.

Susan was impressed by how much Bree was throwing herself into their night out. The redhead had been reluctant to even agree to a night out, especially one Susan had made clear was to find a guy to relax her with. It had taken all Susan's power of persuasion, including a threat if she didn't agree to hit the tiles with her that Susan would provide one of her world famous Lasagne dishes and stand over Bree whilst the redhead ate it all. Whether it had been the threat of food poisoning or Susan's selling of the healing powers of large chunks of dick for stressed single Mom's Bree had eventually agreed to go out with her cockaholic friend.

And for a short while Susan had thought Bree had blown it. It was obvious that the two guys, despite being English Majors, were really only making polite conversation when talking about Dickens and Jane Eyre. Susan had managed to steer the topic onto something more to their taste, reckoning that the pair of young hunks were more likely to be lusting over Sarah Michelle Gellar than thinking deeply about dead writers. And still Bree had kept trying to bring the conversation back to classic literature, leaving Susan unsure whether her friend was just really bad at pick-ups or was deliberately trying to wreck their chances of a screw from a couple of rock-hard young athletes. Luckily, Harrison and Don's lust for pussy was as strong as Susan's lust for prick and they'd handled Bree deftly until Harrison had got a chance to shut her up by slapping his mouth on hers; a mouth that had hardly left its target since.

Opening the front door Susan walked in with me Don, pausing as she waited for Bree and Harrison to realise the door was open and break from their mouthings long enough to enter. It took them at least half a minute, leaving Susan standing like a bellhop, before there faces split and they walked in holding hands. Susan shut the door behind them, "I'll get us some more wine shall I?"

It was already chilled and by co-incidence there were four glasses sitting in the kitchen. Bree had followed her out into the kitchen, in theory to help Susan carry in the drinks in practice to check in with her friend. Susan poured the first glass, "So? You look like things are going well with Harrison."

Bree blushed a pretty pink, "I think so. I'm not going too fast am I?" she asked nervously, "I don't want to put him off by being too easy."

Not for the first time Susan wondered if Bree had entered this world through a dimensional vortex from Stepford. The brunette shook her head smiling softly as she poured a second glass, "Take it from me Bree, neither Harrison nor Don is going to worry about us being too easy. If anything would put them off its that we're not easy enough."

"Oh," Bree went slightly deeper red and flashed a quick glance into the main room where the two young men were standing talking whilst looking at the pictures Susan had on her wall, "How do you know?"

"Trust me I know," said Susan, she handed Bree the first two glasses and started to pour some wine into the third, "What did we say about thinking about tonight?"

Bree sighed, "Have some fun and get laid. I hate having fun."

"I'd never have guessed," said Susan dryly. Then she smiled, "Look go out there and relax. I can tell Harrison wants it, you'll feel a lot better if you give it him and stop worrying about what's right."

"I don't know," said Bree nervously. Without Harrison's tongue exploring her mouth the redheaded Milf seemed to be having a relapse to her conservative instincts.

And that Susan couldn't allow.

"Take a long sip of that wine," the brunette ordered. Bree raised her eyebrows quizzically for a moment, but then did as Susan said. Susan refilled the half-empty glass and then gestured with her head to the young men in the front room, oblivious to the conversation going on behind their backs, "Bree. Go in their make out with Harrison and then take him upstairs and fuck his brains out. No 'I shouldn't do this' or 'what about my reputation'. You came out tonight because you need to get screwed by a big cocked stud; so go in and get fucked.

For a second Susan thought her words had failed, it wouldn't have been the first time that her pep had the opposite effect from intended. But after a brief pause Bree nodded and putting on a sexy smile headed out to give Harrison his wine. Susan gave a sigh of relief that her friend wasn't going to ruin the evening as they headed for the last hurdles. She poured the last glass of wine and headed into give it to Don. The young man was sitting on the couch, watching Bree giggle at Harrison as the young man stroked her ass. Susan sat down, next to Don, drawing her legs up so that her dress rode up the bottom of her thighs.

"Cheers," she said and drained her drink in one; she didn't want the glass to cramp her moves.

"At you," Don raised his own glass in a quick toast and then knocked back the wine. He licked his lips, possibly from the medium range wine, but possibly a reaction to his look at Susan's cleavage. He put his glass on the table next to the couch and nodded at his friend and Bree, who had resumed their passionate make-out, "They look like they're having fun."

"They do," said Susan. She moved forward pushing her body onto the teen's. he grinned and moved his hands to her back, encouraging her forward. Susan head moved closer to his, her lips curling as she smiled, "They really look like they're having fun."

Her own mouth opened and she slid her tongue in. Don pushed back, his own tongue ramming into hers as his lips aped her movements, widening and twisting to mouth at her. His hands were sliding down her back and pulling up her dress so that her lower back was exposed and naked. As his palms moved over the flesh Susan felt her libido rising higher and faster and her kissing became more passionate and intense.

"We're going upstairs," Bree said, interrupting Susan briefly.

Susan nodded quickly, "See you tomorrow" she said and then gasped as Don's mouth slid down onto her neck and began to suck and slurp at the skin just under her chin.


Bree led Harrison up the stairs, it was the first time she had gone with a man upstairs since Rex had passed away and she had never taken anyone to her bed who she had only met a few hours before. She wasn't sure it felt right, but it felt good, and just a little bit naughty and dirty. She was sure she'd have some regrets later, but not now, all she felt now was rising excitement and lust, a warm buzzing through her body as her libido began to pump chemicals through her blood stream.

She opened the door to Julie's room and switched on the light. How different it was to Danielle's with fine art on the wall not grungy half-naked boy bands, the soft toys being neatly arranged on top of the teen's drawers and the shelves having actual books on them. But there was a time to admire the orderliness of Julie's room and that wasn't when you were about to despoil the neatness of the sheets by fucking on them. Bree closed the bedroom door as Harrison came in and turned to resume her kissing of them. For a few moments they carried on, their tongues pushing and pressing against each other, darting and exploring each other's mouths, their bodies pressed together so that Bree could feel the firm muscles of the young man beneath his shirt.

Then the Milf stepped back. She slowly pulled down one strap of her dress and then the other, the thin slips of material falling down her arm. Bree paused a moment, aware of the step she was about to take. But the pause was only for a second, not long enough for Harrison to register it as more than a brief tease. She slipped the dress down, letting it fall to the floor, "Do you like what you see?" she asked,

Harrison grinned and nodded, "I sure do, Bree." The Milf could see the bulge beneath his pants moving with its own excitement as he stepped forward to grip her large, round naked titties to squeeze them. His grip was strong, pushing his fingers manfully into her plump, pale flesh. The redhead could feel her panties dampening as her juice began to flow, the cotton sticking to her quim. She reached out and began to undo the younger man's shirt, his hands dropping from her tits as she pulled the shirt down. His chest was smooth and muscular, his pecs bulging and firm as Bree's hands slid over them as she returned her mouth to his. Their lips continued to move against each other, their tongues sliding over and at each other. Bree could feel his hands slide down under the elastic of her panties, his fingers pressing into the round flesh of her buttocks. It made the cotton underwear even damper, especially as she moved closer against him and could feel his massive member moving beneath his pants.

The Milf stepped back and slid her hands under her panty elastic. She peeled the soaked cotton down her thighs, over knees and to her ankles before stepping out of them. There small clump of red hair, just enough for décor, just above her pussy, the rest was smoothly and freshly shaved. Harrison grinned, "I'm still liking what I see."

"You're going to like this even better," said Bree as she got to her knees. She reached out to Harrison undoing his belt, pulling down his zip and finally popping open the pants top button. She pulled the pants down, the boxer shorts with them down to his knees. His cock was erect in her face, ten inches on length and thick in girth. Bree quivered in lust, as Harrison kicked off his shoes. Her eyes still on the prize Bree finished pulling down his pants and shorts until Harrison stepped out of them. Her tongue slid out and licked over the large prick.

Oral wasn't something Bree had done often, a treat for Rex on his birthday or anniversary; it was something she'd had always seen as a bit taboo and disgusting, whatever her husband had said. But tonight seemed the night for moving her boundaries and doing things she never would have done before -- and blowing a guy she'd just met seemed the right thing to do.

She opened her mouth and slid her lips pink lips over his large dick. Harrison groaned in excited pleasure as the Milf's mouth moved up his shaft, he reached down to rest his hands on her shoulders, "Oh God, Bree, that's good. Suck it baby, suck my dick."

Bree's head moved back and forth, leaving glistening trails of saliva as she worked her mouth up and down. His cock pushed against her cheek and over her tongue as she came back down. He gave a groan of pleasure and gripped her shoulders; it was good to know he was enjoying it. Her head moved faster and faster, taking more dick into her mouth until it was filling the cavity and pushing at her throat, making her eyes widen and blur. Bree looked up as she sucked, she could see Harrison's eyes were closed, with a dreamy look on his face, as she watched his expression contorted and he let out another groan of pleasure; "Fuck Bree, you're such a fucking great cock sucker, fucking suck it baby, fucking suck it."

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