tagMatureOne Night Stand Ch. 01

One Night Stand Ch. 01


"Come on girl!! You ready Yet?" Emma my best friend yells. We are going to a night club and I have been in my room for 30 minutes trying to decide which dress I want to wear. Plus I really don't want to go but its Emma's birthday so I promised her.

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming. Just give me a second!" I reply just sitting on the bed still in my bra and underwear.

"I already gave you a second I'm coming in to help you." She says opening my bedroom door. I quickly stand up and cover my bra and underwear with the blanket. "Oh come on! You still haven't combed your hair or picked out your dress! Seriously there is no need to cover anything up. It is nothing I haven't ever seen before." She says casually as she pulls the blankets off. She is wearing a hot pink, tight, dress with one long sleeve and it goes about 6 inches under her ass. Her blonde hair is pulled up into a sexy messed up bun.

"Ugh fine." I reply walking to the bathroom to brush my dark brown hair. When I walk back into my room. Emma Is holding up a dress and has a sexy face. "Hell no! That dress is way too sexy!!" I say.

"That is exactly what you need!!" She says. "Pwease wear it for me???" she says with a pouty face. Ugh I hate it when she does that face! It is so hard to say no to!

"Fine! But only because it's your birthday!" I say walking over to her and slipping the dress on. When it is on She gives me a cat call.

"You look sexy girl!!" she says. I walk over to the full length mirror in my room. I am wearing a black strapless dress that is super tight against my body! It shows off my curves perfectly. It has a low dip in the back, cut strips on each side and goes 3 inches under my ass! I do look sexy! Now all I have to do is fix my hair.

"Thanks." I say walking back to the bathroom to curl my straight dark brown hair.

When I get done curling it, it goes right to my breasts. I walk out to Emma and her mouth is open. So I just walk past her and close it. I grab the black heels from the closet and slip them on. When I stand up I am 4 inches taller. Emma walks up behind me and spanks my ass.

"I'm so jealous of your ass!!" She says with a smirk.

"Well play with your own ass!" I say laughing.

"Are you ready to go???" Emma asks anxiously.

"Yeah but one sec I got something for you." I say reaching into my bag. I pull out this small crown and hand it to her. "Here you go birthday girl." She jumps up and down saying thank you. Then she puts it on. "Oh crap just give me some time to do my makeup. I'll be done very soon." I say rushing to the bathroom.

"Katie!!" She yells annoyed.

I put on some mascara that makes my blue eyes pop! Then I put on foundation, blush, and hot red lipstick. Then I walk back out to Emma.

"See it didn't take that long!" I say grabbing the small hand bag that matches my dress. We walk out of the house together. We are lucky because we live just down the street from the Night Club.

When we get there we show the bouncers our ID and go inside. I'm older than Emma by 2 years. She just turned 21 today so she is now able to go into the club legally. When we step inside, The music is blaring, the lights are low, the bar is lit with neon blue lights, people are grinding against each other on the dance floor, and some are making out on the sides. We walk over to the bar and sit on the stools. The bartender nods telling us he will take our orders soon. Emma and I just start talking loud enough so we can hear each other over the music.

"What are you going to get for your first alcoholic drink?" I ask.

"A couple shots of tequila. I'm gonna get drunk tonight Katie!!"

"You going to be crazy tonight?" I ask.

"Hell yeah!!" we both start laughing. The bartender comes over and takes our order.

"A couple shots of tequila for my friend please!" I shout so he can hear me. He nods and gets Emma a couple shots. She takes the shot in her hand and takes a deep breath. Then she takes it. She coughs laughing.

"That wasn't so bad!" She says.

"Yup you didn't cough your brains out!" I reply with a smile. She takes one more shot. "So how do you feel?"

"I feel great!!" she says. The bartender comes over and gives us both a glass of gin.

"It's from the two guys over there." The bartender says pointing over to the corner of the bar where there are two guys with a couple girls around them. I nod and the bartender walks away.

"What do you think? Should we drink it?" I ask Emma.

"Well of course! They seem nice." She says gulfing down the drink before I can stop her. She sets the glass down coughing.

"EMMA!! Are you really that stupid?! It isn't a shot! It was a glass!! Jeez!" I say patting her back as her coughing slows down. Then she sits back up.

"Sorry. It is fine by the way. So drink up." She says with a smile. So I take a couple of drinks. "Let's go dance!!" She says jumping off her stool and pulling me with her out to the dance floor. We start dancing together. We are surrounded by a bunch of sweaty bodies. We are dancing in a sexy way, the kind of way that gets a guy's attention. I slide my hands up and down my body. Suddenly my backside is warm and large hands are moving my hips. I continue to dance. There is a guy behind me. Which starts to turn me on.

"How did you like the drinks?" A low husky manly voice asks in my ear.

"It tasted okay." I say. When I look up I see Emma dancing with one of the guys from the corner of the bar that got us those drinks. I scoot up against him as close as I can and start to grind against him. He lets out a very sexy groan so I continue to grind my ass against him.

"Mmmm, you're a very naughty girl!" he says in my ear sliding his arms around me pulling me tighter against him. I wrap my arm around his neck pulling him closer to me. He starts to kiss my neck as I grind against him. The tension is heated between us. I can feel him getting exited. We are both breathing hard.

"I am very naughty!" I say trying so hard not to moan.

"Uhhhh come home with me... please?" he asks breathing heavily in my ear.

"Okay." I breathe out. I look up at Emma and she nods.

"When do you want to go?" I ask. He starts to nibble on my neck making me go crazy! "Uhhhh please!" I moan.

"Mmmmm. Would you like to leave now?" he asks.

"Okay." I breathe out.

He takes my hand and walks me out of the door. It is sunset. He walks me over to his car. It is a black sports car. He opens the passenger door for me so I get in. He closes the door and gets in the driver's side. Then he starts to drive. I look at his crotch and He is obviously still turned on and so am I! We are still breathing a little heavily. We come to a stop at a large house. It looks like a rich person lives here! He gets out and opens my door for me. I get out quickly and close the door. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him roughly. He kisses me back lifting me up so I wrap my legs around his waist. He continues to kiss me as he walks to the front door. He uses one hand to dig in his pocket for the house keys then he fumbles with trying to open the door. The door is opened so he walks me inside still kissing me like crazy. We get to the living room and he pushes me against the wall and starts to kiss down my neck. Then he starts to kiss my lips again. I start to unbutton his black dress shirt.

"I love kissing you! Your lips feel amazing!!" He breathes. I am having trouble with the last button so I just rip it open and his abbs are amazing!!

"Uhhhh god your sexy!!" I moan.

"You're the sexy one." he says kissing my neck. His shirt is finally off. He starts to unzip my dress.

"Go to the couch." I say stopping him. He sits on the couch and I straddle his lap. He pulls my dress up and I grind against him as he unzips the side of my dress. We are both breathing heavily. As he pulls the top of my dress down. I am wearing a red bra with black lace and a matching thong. My dress is now around my waist and his shirt is off. He is very hard underneath me. I try to unzip his pants but he stops me so I groan. He stands up and lays me on the couch then takes my dress off and tosses it to the floor. He hovers over my body and it's like I can't even move. He is close to me. We are just looking at each other in the eyes. I don't know how but I am so turned on by this! He slowly leans down and starts to kiss me. Then he moves to my neck then down to my breasts. He lifts me off the couch a little so that he can take off my bra. As soon as my bra is off, he slips his mouth over one of my breasts and his hand over the other one.

"Uhhhhhh!!" I moan as he plays with my breasts. Then he starts to kiss his way down futher. "Uhhh. No please. It isn't fair! Uhh." I say squirming.

"Mmmm. What isn't fair."

"Y-you still have your p-pants on." He laughs, stands up, lifts me up into his arms, and takes me upstairs. We get into a bedroom and he sets me down on the bed. He starts walking toward me but I get on the ground and place my hands on the button of his dark jeans. His breath hitches as I undo his jeans and slowly pull them down. I am looking at him the whole time. He steps out of his pants and his boner is huge!! I pull his boxers down and oh my god!! It is about 7 inches and an inch thick! Wow he really is sexy!! I wrap my hand around his cock as I slip my mouth over it. He lets out a groan. I start sucking it hard and fast! Then he puts his hands on my head and thrusts deep into my mouth. He starts getting faster and faster. I can feel him getting closer. Suddenly he explodes deep into my mouth and I swallow everything. He pulls out of my mouth and gets on his knees.

"I'm so sorry love! Are you okay? I got carried away." He says sadly. I place my hand on his jaw.

"I'm fine. You taste amazing!!" I reply standing up. He picks me up and lays me on the bed then pulls my thong off. Then he gets on his knees but I stop him. "Please! Please fuck me!" I plead. He smiles and straddles my body. He leans down and starts to kiss me. Then I feel the tip of his cock nudging my core.

"Uhhhh please don't tease me."

"Mmmmm but you'r so sexy its hard not to."

"Please." I beg. He slowly enters me. "Uhhhhhh." He starts going in and out slowly. "Please."

"Mmmm Please what?"


"You tell me what you want me to do or else I won't do it."

"Fuck me harder, faster, deeper! Please!"

"God that is sexy!" he says starting to fuck me faster, harder and deeper.

"Uhhhhh. Yeah!"

"I-I think I'm gonna cum!!"

"I-I'm cumming!!" I yell.

"UHHHHHHHHHH!!" he yells releasing his load into me and collapsing on me. His body is covering mine. We are both panting. He pulls out of me making us both moan. He lays beside me. Somehow we end up falling asleep together.

When I wake up I realize that I am still in this guy's house and his arm is over me. It is the middle of the night. So I slip out from under his arm very carefully I have to find my clothes I stand up and look back at him. He is so sexy asleep and awake! I find my bra and underwear on the floor next to the bed. I grab them and put them on then I run downstairs and grab my dress off of the floor next to the couch. I put my dress on and open the front door and realize that I have no idea how I am going to get home or where I am. I close the door, take off my dress hurry upstairs take of my bra and underwear and slip back into his arm. Then I fall back asleep.

I wake up and a bright light fills the room. The guy is asleep next to me. I turn around to watch him sleep... I'm weird I know. Mr. Sexy is my new nickname for him! Mr. Sexy's eyes start to open. As soon as he sees me he smiles.

"Good morning!!" he says with his arm still draped over me.

"Good morning ummm can you take me home?" As soon as I say that his smile disappears. Oh please don't tell me he wants more than just sex!! I pull the covers up over my breasts. He straddles over me and leans in but I cover his mouth with my hand. "I really need to get home!!" he pulls away sadly and gets out of bed butt naked!! Then he gets dressed. "Can you please hand me my bra and underwear please?" I ask. He hands me my bra and underwear and I put them on under the covers then get out of bed. I walk past him out the bedroom door and downstairs. I grab my dress and put it on. Then he gets down there with a black dress shirt unbuttoned and he is zipping up his pants and putting his belt on. He has sex hair. I sit on the arm of the couch and he walks over to me looking me in the eyes. He gets closer and closer then he leans over and his face is so close to mine. I end up falling backwards landing on the couch. He smirks and helps me up. Then we walk out to his car and he drives me home.

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