tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOne-Night Stand Ch. 03

One-Night Stand Ch. 03


"So we're agreed on these?" Susan Mayer asked her friends, Gabby Solis and Bree van de Kamp. The three of them were sitting at Susan's kitchen table drinking coffee, clustered around a laptop.

Gabby nodded. But Bree paused, frowning, "I'm not sure, let's have another look."

Susan pressed a button and the first photo came up. It was of Bree and Susan from their last evening out, the two Milfs being lifted up under their thighs by two guys, displaying their well open assholes, which the two studs had just been hammering. Bree looked at it, with the black stripe across her and Susan's eyes you would only recognise her if you knew who you were looking for. She didn't think those people who she wanted to keep her sex-life secret from - her Church Minister, fellow members of the PTA and her children - would be frequenting pornography sites. Well Andrew and Danielle might be, but in both cases she thought that their interest would be in man on man, not amateur Milf. So it wasn't fear of discovery that was making her pause, it was more Bree was a perfectionist and if she was going to submit photos to an amateur sex website she wanted them to be the best. "Can we have a look at the other shot?"

Susan and Gabrielle groaned, but Susan did as she was asked, clicking onto a photo taken a second earlier. Bree looked at it, trying to compare it in her mind to the previous shot. To her friends they might look the same, but in this one her asshole was a little wider, her smile a little less bright. She decided that as her eyes were blacked out viewers weren't going to concentrate on her mouth. She tapped the screen, "Can we swap? I prefer this one."

"Okay," Susan made a few more clicks and replaced the first attachment in the e-mail with its replacement. Then, before Bree could change her mind again she clicked on the second attachment. This time the redhead had been the photographer, taking the snaps as Gabrielle's face was buried between her butt-fucked friend's ass cheeks, licking the cum out of Susan's asshole. Bree was proud of the lighting for that one and the look of lust she'd got in Gabby's eyes, which was the only part of her face you could see above Susan's round butt. She did wonder whether it was the best, there was another she'd taken, from a different angle, which really showed the cum dribbling out and the tongue going in. Perhaps Susan read her mind, in any case the brunette clicked onwards before Bree could comment.

"Now this is my favourite," giggled Gabby as the final shot came up.

It was a selfie Gabby had taken of the three of them, not long after the guys had cum. The Latino housewife was holding the camera and smiling as Susan and Bree rested their heads on her shoulder, cum still covering their faces and chests, like silvery gooey tentacles. Bree remembered they'd only taken the one snap before the cum started to drip away and they had to start licking or lose it to the floor. Unlike Gabby she didn't think it was a great photo - she didn't disagree it worked well as a narrative for the night; ass-fucking, ass-eating and facial. But the symmetry was wrong, Gabby was not right in the middle of the photo and her own and Susan's heads weren't aligned so she was looking slightly to one side and Susan to the other, their smiles at different angles. She had mentioned that and had been outvoted two to one and she decided not to press for a last minute recount. Instead she smiled and lied "It's good."

"Okay, we're all agreed," said Susan. And before Bree could object again, she pressed send, e-mailing the photos to 'www.mysexymilf' to add to the thousands of amateur snaps the site already had of thirty-plus women getting fucked, including, according to Gabby, a couple of dozen of her that various boyfriends had taken over the years. "That's done," she said and shut the laptop.

Bree nodded, feeling both naughty and liberated about submitting some intimate photos of herself to the web so that thousands of guys could jack off over them. It was a feeling she'd been having a lot recently, with firstly Susan introducing her to the joys of casual sex and then her and Gabby joining Bree for a bangathon with a group of guys who Bree had already forgotten the names off. Even if externally she kept her cool, prim exterior, went to flower arranging classes with the rest of her church and baked cookies for the local scout group's fundraiser, she was turning into a slut and enjoying it. She smiled at Susan, "Are you sure you can't join us tonight?"

Susan looked torn, she enjoyed hard dick as much as Bree, but after a few seconds she ruefully shook her head, "I can't. I promised Julie I'd help her study tonight; I can't bail at short notice, she'd get suspicious."

Bree, having teenage children herself, sympathised; she too wanted to keep her role as a 'fuck anything Milf' secret from her kids. Gabby, younger than them both and a trophy wife with no children was less understanding. She gave a shrug, "You could just tell her Bree's got an emergency and you need to support her, no need to tell Julie that it's a 911 for cock."

Again Susan looked tempted, then she shook her head again, "No... I can't, I don't want to let Julie down. It's an important year at school."

Gabby tried one more time, "The bar we're going to go to is a college one. It'll be full of young, hunky college studs, with huge dicks who just want to fuck a cute Mom like you."

"No, no, I can't" Susan put her stern face on, "But I hope you too have fun."

"We will," smiled Bree as Gabby grinned and nodded in agreement.


It was safe to say the bar wasn't Bree's type of place. The music was loud and instead of harmonies was all twangy guitar or pounding drumbeat. The décor was a mixture of fake wood walls and signed football jerseys, stained or faded or both. And when she had gone to get a drink the barman had looked blankly as she asked for anything more sophisticated than beer until eventually she settled for a cheap, and nasty, glass of white wine.

However, standing there and looking round at the clientele she recognised the bar had advantages. She thought little of the competition, the women might have been young and they could have been cute, but they'd dressed little different from the guys in jeans and T-shirts, thinking the way to impress them was to match drink for drink until one of them collapsed insensible. They were no match for the sultry housewives in their classy dresses and high-heels. And the guys were to die for, sure there were few chubby losers with glasses or acne, but there were many more hunky, good-looking young studs with sporty physiques and sex on their mind.

"What about them?" Gabby nudged her friend and nodded towards a table with two hot looking college jocks, slamming down the beers.

Bree had noticed them before, but she also had noticed that they weren't alone. It was a shame, as she would have been perfect. "They've got a couple of friends at the bar," she answered

"Female?" asked Gabby, her eyes still fixed on the two at the table, like a hawk eyeing a rabbit.

"Male," said Bree in reply.

"Good looking?"

Bree looked along to where the two other guys had picked up four beers from the bar and were wending their way back to their friends, deciding quickly her earlier impression still held. "Yes, they're handsome, very athletic looking."

"So what's the problem?" asked Gabby.

"There's four of them..." Bree said and paused as she considered the rest of her answer.

Gabby was willing to help her thinking along, "I could handle three."

That decided Bree, "That would be greedy," she smiled, "Two each and we can swap."

Her friend smiled and nodded, following a step behind as Bree strode confidently up to the table, "Can we join you boys?" she purred seductively. Without waiting for an invite she pulled up a chair and sat down, "I'm Bree and this is my friend Gabby, we're on a ladies night out." As she spoke she stretched slightly so that her bosoms pushed at her dress and her cleavage was shown to its full advantage. Beside her Gabby was as subtle, licking her lips like a cougar already imaging the taste of its prey as she raised her glass in a silent, but sensual, toast.

The four guys looked at each other. It was the shortest of them who spoke first, and by shortest that meant he was still only a couple of inches shy of six foot. "I'm Todd." He had close cropped blonde hair and now Bree was close to him she could see a silver stud in his nose. He pointed the guy next to him, his skin the colour of a Mediterranean pirate and his face covered by a dark stubble which was not quiet a beard, "This is my roomie, Chris." Chris raised a hand in hi and Todd moved onto the next man, who was just sitting down after his trip to the bar "Mike." Mike nodded in greeting, as he pulled back his chair; like the others his hair was short, but the way it was starting to recede from his forehead suggested he'd be bald by his mid-thirties. Todd pointed to the last of the guys, a young man with bleached blonde hair, which spiked at all angles, "Liam. He and Mike are on the same soccer team as me and Chris. We're out celebrating a win."

"So did any of you score... " Gabby giggled, her gaze moving in such a way round the table to tell them they were scoring now.

"Oh yeah," Todd grinned. He understood the hidden conversation, "I think we all did."

"Oh you did," purred Bree, she seductively sipped her wine and ran a finger down the front of dress from the cleavage to her navel, like she was tracing an imaginary zip. "It's very noisy here, and a little smelly, is your place near? We could go there and carry on hearing about your scoring techniques."

"All four of us?" Chris's eyes widened slightly, before he gave a slight grunt as a sharp elbow from Mike slid into him.

"It'd be rude not to invite your friends as well," smiled Bree.

"Our dorm room is five minutes away," said Todd getting up and not bothering to finish his drink.

"Shall we?" smiled Bree and stood up as well.

The other three guys moved so quick that two of them sent their chairs tipping backwards and Liam hit the table with his knee so that the four newly bought beers spilt all over it.

It wasn't a five minute walk, more like ten. But Bree didn't mind, the night was warm enough to be pleasant, cool enough not to be overbearing, the guys were attentive and if their humour wasn't exactly to Bree's taste - well she wasn't planning to end up marrying any of them.

Chris opened the door to the room and the six of them trooped in. It was a typical college boy's room, the type Bree had avoided when she was eighteen and a prim virgin. Now, a fortysomething widow and a slut it had a certain naïve charm, with two computer desks covered in half-scrawled pieces of paper and creased text-books, posters of half-naked babes and bands she'd never heard of on the walls and the quilts crumpled on unmade beds. She walked into the middle of the room, pausing for Gabby as the Latino gave Chris a sultry smile and waited for him to close the door behind them.

Bree smiled, she and Gabby were in the centre of the room and the centre of attention, all four guys eyeing them like hungry wolves. The redhead turned to her friend, "I'm hot, are you?"

"Very," smiled Gabby.

To the amazement and gratification of the four college kids the two women lent in and kissed. It didn't surprise Bree, Gabby had suggested earlier that the way to rev up the engines of their one night stands was to start with a lesbian floor show. Bree had been keen to agree, after all compared to Gabby she was still an amateur at picking up studs for no-strings sex and getting them as hard as a rock as quickly as possible. But, she also had to admit, that her lesbian make-out session with Susan when they'd last picked up some guys had been an exciting turn on and Bree wanted to decide whether that was a one-off or whether other women could be as pleasurable as Susan had been. Her mouth opened and pressed against Gabby's, their lips moving in synchronicity, their hands wandering up each other's back. So far, so good, thought Bree.

After a few moments she broke the kiss, moving her head back to see Gabby's smile. She flicked a quick glance over at the four guys, they were sitting on one of the beds, all in a row, entranced by the floor show happening in front of them. And it was going to get better. "Shall I get this off?" said Bree, her hands slipping to the straps holding her friend's dress up.

"Yes," giggled Gabby, "It's getting in the way."

Bree's fingers sprung the clips, pulling the straps free and letting the dress fall. "Fuck," gasped one of the guys in shocked awe as Gabby slid her dress down to her waist. She wasn't wearing a bra and her olive boobs bounced and jiggled as she reached out to Bree's straps and returned the favour.

Bree put her hands on her sides and brought the dress halfway down her body. Her titties were paler than her friends, but bigger and juicier, they waved and juddered as she leant forward, her mouth opening as it closed upon Gabby's. She could hear the guys' oaths of surprise and wonder as the two housewives kissed passionately, their tits rubbing and brushing as their arms enveloped the other. They continued for a few minutes, sliding their tongues at each other, pursing and pressing their lips, making munching moves as they mouthed at each other.

"I think these are still getting in the way," said Gabby, taking a step back from Bree.

"Me too," Bree replied with a smile.

The guys gasped, their jaws almost literally falling to their knees as both housewives shimmied out of their dresses, dropping them to the floor leaving themselves clad only in very tiny panties and high-heels. Bree giggled and turned to the young men, "I'm thinking you like what you see," she said.

"Shit, fuck yeah," grunted Chris, the others nodding in agreement, but Bree had already turned back to Gabby, lip-locking with the Latino and pressing her nearly nude body against her friend's.

She continued for a few moments, revving the college boys further; kissing Gabby was enjoyable, the younger woman's lips were soft and wet and luscious and her body was slender and sensual and warm. But enjoyable though the lesbian make-out session was it wasn't why either her or Gabby were out. She broke the kiss and turned back to the guys, "You want us to take off our panties?" Gabby's fingers slipped under the elastic, like she was hinting how easy it would be to remove them.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah," the four young men nodded with enthusiasm.

Bree grinned, "We'll show you ours when you show us yours."

"Strip boys," added Gabby.

The young men stood up and started to get undressed, but neither housewife was looking as they resumed kissing at each other, rubbing and massaging them bodies at each other like they were one person. The girl on girl make-out may have only been a starter, but it was one both women wanted to finish tasting.

"We're ready," said Mike.

Bree broke her kiss, licking her lips clean of Gabby's saliva and turned to the young men. They were standing in a row, like they were on parade, each of them naked as the day they were born and with their cocks sticking out in front of them like tank cannons. Bree's tongue licked her lips again, this time to dampen them as they seemed suddenly dry with lust. Her and Gabby's suspicions had been correct, all four men had the physiques of young Gods, with firm six-pack stomachs, muscles rippling, legs like firm tree trunks and with not a cock below eight inches on one of them. Bree glanced at Gabby, her friend looked as impressed as she was. "A deal's a deal," giggled the Latino and spun away so that her back was to the guys.

Bree did the same and bent over as she lowered her panties to her ankles, letting the studs feast their eyes on her round Milf buttocks. She straightened up and stepped out of her panties, twirling round so that they could now see her snatch, freshly shaven apart from a small trimmed landing strip to show that she was a natural redhead. "Fucking hell," muttered Chris his hand automatically moving to his nine incher and beginning to stroke it.

"You don't need to do that, let me and Gabby take over," purred Bree. She walked the few feet over to them, her high-heels -the only thing she was still wearing - clinking on the wooden floor. Beside her Gabby sashayed over with the same purpose in mind. Bree smiled and took Chris's hand from his cock, reaching down and stroking his tanned dick, "Unless you mind..." she smiled and left the rest unsaid.

"N...No...not at all," stammered Chris, his words turning into a gasp as Bree got down on her haunches and opened her mouth to slide her lips over his dick. She moved slowly down it, not wanting to strain her jaw by taking too much too early. He didn't seem to mind, groaning in pleasure even as she sucked at the top. Slowly she moved further, rolling her lips further down the engorged organ and bringing it deeper into her mouth.

"Fuck, shit," at the opposite end of the line Mike groaned in pleasure as Gabby's mouth moved down his dick, slurping hungrily at it. The Latino's hand was gripping Todd beside, him stroking and holding the dick, keeping it hard and erect; his eyes were open in amazed pleasure, a purr coming from his lips like he was a cat beside the fire.

Not wanting to leave Liam out Bree reached up and took his dick. It was wide and thick and her hand wouldn't fully close round it. Slowly, she tugged at it, feeling the skin glide over the gland beneath, the blood pulsing and pumping making it vibrate against her hand. Her mouth moved deeper down the Mediterranean dick of Chris, her ruby red lips a contrast to his tanned brown dong. The young man grunted and groaned again, "Shit, Bree, fuck this is some blow-job. Fuck you're much hotter than any dumb cheerleader."

Much sluttier as well, thought Bree, no self-respecting cheerleader would join with her friend in servicing four guys - or perhaps they would, but not as skilfully as she and Gabby would. She didn't reply, just smiled up at him as she popped his dick out of her mouth and moved over to Liam's, the bleached blonde hunk groaning as her mouth slid down his member, "Fuck, suck my dick."

Bree did so, moving her head up and down his hard prong as her hand reached for Chris's cock, her finger sliding round the hard manhood, still slick with her saliva. From the corner of her eye she could see Gabby had also swapped, her head bobbing up and down Todd's cock, making him moan like he was both in heaven and surprised to be there. The Latino's hand worked at Mike as she sucked his friend, her fingers expertly stroking and tantalising the young man's huge prick.

"Shit. Urrhh. Fuck. Oh my God, fuck, fuck," Liam shuddered as Bree took him further into her mouth, her tongue beating a tattoo on his tool as she guided it into the soft wetness of her inner cheek. "Fuck, my God, fuck, shit. This is great."

Bree knew it was, she knew she was giving great head. But she also knew she didn't want him to cum just yet, that would be such a waste. She brought her head up and smiled at Gabby, "Shall we swap places?"

Her friend nodded, "Yes, let's get a taste of them all."

The two women quickly switched positions, so that Gabby was stroking Liam, keeping him interested as her mouth slid down Chris's tanned cock. Bree meanwhile was taking Mike in her mouth, mixing her spit with that of her friend on his huge penis, her hand stroking and playing with Todd's dick, her fingers wrapping round it, unable to close. All four of guys grunted and moaned, panting in excitement as the housewives used all their feminine wiles, none of them complaining as mature lips pressed at their cocks and the women's hands jerked at their dicks. After a few minutes Bree switched again, this time taking Todd into her mouth as she stroked at Mike, the young man grunting in excitement as she sucked him in, pushing and rolling her lips over his pumping prick.

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